What’s going on, everyone fell in our subprime hero.

This week’s whiteboard quote of the week for the first week of december 2020.

Forgive focus fly, so you can keep growing lou ramirez.
You all know who he is my partner.

My podcast co-host my business partner, one of my best friends in the whole world and one of the greatest people that i know he’s got one of the hugest hearts and all he does is care about people.
So this quote really hits home with us.

It’s a big deal matter of fact: it’s our mantra at the car guy coffee, forgive is all about forgiving everything that you’ve ever done in the past.

All your problems, all the failures, all your tribulations that you’ve been through it doesn’t matter, even the people that have given you trouble.

Forgive them all, forgive everything, because in order for you to keep going, you have to forgive forgiveness is one of the biggest things that we have out there.
It’s what you have complete control over so make sure you forgive that’s the number one thing once you’re able to forgive now: you’re ready to focus on what you want all the things that you’re trying to do your goals, your accomplishments, whatever it is.

The next girl that you want to date, the next guy that you want to date, does not matter.
That’s what you focus on you focus on what you want and once you’re able to focus you’re going to start flying and you’re flying you’re flying and nothing can hold you down.
None of that unforgiveness is weighing you down on your shoulders.

None of that so make sure that you forgive focus flies.
So what so, you can keep growing lou.
I love you bro great quote my man.

He says at the beginning of every one of our shows, i say with them, but this is that’s his thing.
Man – and i appreciate it’s our thing, but that’s his quote, and i appreciate him and i appreciate everybody for jumping on here.

You guys have a wonderful holiday season, but don’t forget to forgive focus flying you know, forget, focus fly in keep growing, keep growing.

I’m fellain artists subprime here – and this is the first week of december’s whiteboard quote the week for 2020.
You’ll have a great one, we’ll see: y’all .

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