So , hey! What’s up, everybody hope you guys enjoyed that little intro video.

I am so sorry.
I don’t know what happened.
I lost like my connection, but i’m back freelance subprime hero and it is tuesday it’s the first of the month.

It’s the beginning of the month.
It’s the beginning of the last month of the year 2020 is almost gone folks, wow man, so i’m gon na go around doing my little showroom.
Talk see how the month’s going and uh obviously i’ll, do my little walk.

But let me get out here: do some jiving with the turkeys out here.

You know what i’m saying: let’s see got code meister over here, cody, hey how’s it going what’s going on you ready for the first of the month.

Wait! It’s already here.

I know you’re ready to get this month going man.

I wish you the best.
I know that you’re ready to rock and roll.

I appreciate you last month.
I know that you didn’t hit the goal, but i know that you were working towards it, but you did a lot of training last month with some.
You know, obviously with our new people, and i appreciate that i love the attitude, though it’s the biggest thing man, you have a great attitude lately and whatever i could do to help.

Let me know brother all right, keep rocking enjoy the last hour or so we have left to work today.
Try to get you something my homie, oh, oh then i got hello, hey people.
We got the father uh-huh, mr he’s back to work.

Papa bear papa berry g.
There you go, we got stephanie over here, stephanie had a great weekend coming up starting her new month.
You guys ready for it.

We are very ready.
It’s all right, you know, forgive focus fly.
This is the month to do it.

Let’s crush the rest of this year, let’s finish 2020 with the exclamation point, so we can go into 2021 rolling.
You know what i mean so i’m excited.
I appreciate you, i’m glad to have you back adrian and steph, i’m glad to have you part of the team yep happy to be here.

Yeah people.
Look at this great team over here appreciate it.
Thank you very much good people.

Oh patrick’s, already gone man.
I don’t even get to say hi to patrick i’m so used to talking to patrick he’s, not here [, Laughter ] but anyway.
So you know we do have like a short staff.

We actually um we’re a couple of people shorter than we used to be when it came to our staff, but that’s okay, we are, we got it.
We got some people out there getting ready to come in, we had to get rid of some dead weight and it was really good people really.
I mean i still i care about the people, it’s just they weren’t putting in their part of the business.

You know you have to you, have to pull your weight and, if you’re not pulling your weight, then kind of like.
What’s the point of everything, what’s the point of of coming here, i don’t know i wouldn’t put in these hours this much work, this much dedication.

This much i mean the crap you take when you’re doing this job right it you it needs to be worth it.

You know you have to be able to make some kind of income now, if you can make better income working at nine to five monday through friday.
Why would you stay here? You know unless you’re really really trying, but if you’re not doing it and it’s taking you six months to get past eight units a month, even with all the tutelage and help and mentoring that you can get from all the guys that we have.

That means that you’re not putting in the work and it’s it’s it’s the way it is.

You know and nothing wrong with that.
I love those people they’re great people, just because people can’t sell cars doesn’t mean that they’re bad people, it just means they just got to find something that they’re going to be successful in just not this, and i know there’ll be never the nfl.
So folks inventory little light.

We sold a lot of cars last week and a half of the month, so i’m kind of light on inventory.
I do got some suvs up back in the front row.

You can see it by the by dixie highway um.

We do got a lot of mid-sized vehicles here.
You can see um, you know, mid-size, like corollas focuses um sentras ultima’s.
We just got in a 2020 ultimate sr, the blue one.

I don’t know where it’s at it is.
Oh it’s over here.
No, that’s not it! It is beautiful and man, i know that’s gon na sell quick, it’s probably the nicest ultimate we’ve had on our lot.

We do sell a lot of nissans, but um yeah and then you can see paul damos is his h2 he’s had that thing for years still looks brand new, it’s crazy.
He loves that thing.
He he rarely drives it.

So he likes to drive at this time of year, the most so but yeah um great team, great stuff.
We got look at gary young over here, mr gary.
How are you doing today, yeah you’re out here all the time in this fresh mascara? Earlier i had this hat on and i was cold and i got like triple layers and stuff.

I was like walking through the to the priceless and all i was like man.
I saw you out here.
I was like yeah like it’s.

No big deal he’s a polar bear guys.
So you ready for this month.
Man i’m trying to be yeah yeah trying.

So you don’t you don’t want to try.
You want to do dude.
You could do you’re a doo, doo, doo, doo, you’re, the that’s right, so yeah gary’s, the man man.

I appreciate you, gary you’re, you’re, uh, you’re, definitely a great part of the team.

I i think that you uh need to realize how you need to feel more.
How great of a part of a team you are, so man just keep being here? Man you’re here! I appreciate you bro.

Yes, sir man, you know life is good.
Life is grand folks, you know it’s it’s cold outside, so i’m gon na go back in.
But you know it’s just about what you put in.

You know.
It’s about that attitude like i was talking about.

It is the end of the year.

It’s the last month.
You got 30 well, i got 30 days left to crush the rest this year and go for it.
Not only we’re going to do it here at the store, but we’re going to do it with park.

Car coffee podcast we’re going to do it with the car guy.
Cafe we’re going to ham on that too, so be ready for that be ready for the holiday seasons.
Make sure folks and i’ve been talking about a lot it’s the season for given make sure that you give as much as you can giving isn’t just money, like i mentioned before it’s about helping people it’s about finding help for people just because you don’t have money.

Doesn’t mean you can’t connect people with the right people right, you may need somebody needs this.
You might know somebody who can help them.
Let people know who need help.

That is a lot of it too.
That’s called being a human being.
That’s called doing what the right thing, so i encourage that encourage you to love your team.

Go out there if you, if you’re a leader out there and you have a team, make sure they know.
This is a great time of year.
There’s a lot of people.

This time of year that get depressed because they don’t they’re, you know their goals, weren’t hit they’re, you know they’re, reflecting on the year, so they may not be.
But it’s okay, you got to remember.
They need to forgive all that it doesn’t matter it’s over.

You can’t change the past.
The only thing you can do is right now the future is still unwritten.
It’s about what you’re doing right now that will make the future so make sure that you let your team know that it’s okay! I don’t really mind what you did.

It doesn’t matter what you did last month, what you did yesterday.
Let’s start right now, let’s start going ham at this moment, you do everything you can, and i got your back you.
Let them know that.

Make sure that your team members know that you’re there to carry them through that you’re the beacon of light that they need it’s the only way to be is the only way i know how to be folks.

I encourage you to be that way.
Also make sure you do that and all you guys out there selling cars like candy bars and having fun man.

Let us know about it as us lou, and i we’re talking about the cafe right now.
We want people to be acknowledged for their accomplishments.

If you’re a social media king, let us know, if you know somebody who is, let us know we want to reach out to them.

I want to send them a bag of coffee to congratulate them on a wonderful year.

I’d like to do that.
You know here soon i like to be able to do that.

Maybe every quarter throw out some free coffee people as rewards um, but that being said, don’t forget tonight lou and i we we didn’t, do our early brew this morning, we’re doing it a late brew tonight at 11.

30 p.
It might be a little earlier, but 11 30 p.

Eastern standard time lou and i are going late brew – got a lot of stuff that we’re going to announce.
We got a lot of great things going on.
We got a giveaway we’re going to do tonight.

We’re also going to talk about the charity that we want to be part of this year to be able to help with the uh with foster kids and help them get a christmas of their dreams, so make sure you guys tune into that tonight.
I would appreciate it if you guys could come in there and then once again, it’s the season for giving and when we have these foster kids that we’re going to be trying to find help.
For i would appreciate any help.

100 of the proceeds will go towards them.

Nothing towards us, no kind of you know money to for operations.
None of that 100 of anything that gets donated will go towards these foster kids that need some presence.

I need somebody to show them that they actually care.

They’re, all in a lot of these kids are in bad situations.

You know sometimes it’s just that one person that change their whole life that one that one gift, or that one token of appreciation to somebody that can make them realize, there’s more to life than the stuff they’re going through.

If you’ve ever been a foster kid or been around foster kids, you guys know what i’m talking about.

There’s it’s hit or miss.
I mean a lot of times: it’s not good for them.

So, let’s me, i want to make it the best for them.
I know lou and i we’re going to talk about some more tonight, so make sure you guys peep that out.
I appreciate you, i’m fred lanarks the supreme hero, i’m here at budget car sales in radcliffe kentucky, and we are the dealer for the people and that’s who i am i’m a person for the people right.

You should be the same way.
We all should be that we should all be for the people subprime hero or not be for the people.

You all have a great one, i’ll see you all tomorrow, frillin arts, let’s brew, .

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