What’s up everyone, man, 11.30.2020.

It’s the last day of the month! It is over i’m about to close shop down right now.
This month is done, i’m ready to forgive this month, so i can focus on december and fly through the next year.

Man, i hope you guys all are ready for december december’s a great month.

There’s a holidays going on we’re going to be seeing family you’re going to be talking to family you’re, going to be giving gifts, getting gifts, you’re going to be sharing you’re going to be loving, but the most important thing.

Folks, it’s about giving this time of year, and i hope you guys give as much as you can i’m going to try to give out as much information during these shows and tomorrow morning, during our our broadcast, we’re doing tomorrow we’re going to announce that we’re doing A giveaway we’re doing a um, a charity that we want to get involved in for orphan kids, get them a nice christmas right.

So we’re going to do that, but man, my team’s, already gone.
They just left.
So i’m only really one person left here.

So i’m kind of here by myself right now, so i just wanted to do a quick little desk talk, so i can send out love for november.
You know.
2020 has been a unique year and i think that all you guys know what i’m talking about.

I don’t think anybody can say that it wasn’t a unique year.
Um the whole world will say it’s a unique year, but you know it’s getting ready to end.
You know we have one month left officially and a lot of us are like man.

I want this year to end.
You know, i tell you the older, i get the less.
I want time to go.

I want time to go by slower and i really want to enjoy every moment to the fullest.
You know, and so i’m kind of sad.
The year’s ending you know, even with all the stuff that’s happening, i’m sad.

That 2020 is ending it’s one less year that that’s that’s part of my life.

That’s gone now and what a great year it was.
There was a lot of trials and tribulations, but there was a lot of victories this year.

There’s a lot of fun this year.
There was a lot of growth going on this year, not just with me personally, but with my team with my family with my friends.

Everyone i’m seeing across the world there’s so many things that have changed so many things.

We have a new president, that’s going to be in the office.

All kinds of things are changing.
What a great crazy year, um so folks be ready for december.

It’s the last month, so if you really really value time, make sure that you take advantage of every one of these moments that you have coming up over the next 31 days.
Man, we’re 25 days away from christmas, we’re 31 days from a new year.
Take advantage of those moments.

Make sure that you love make sure that you share make sure that you’re growing every single day that you wake up, make sure that you’re looking for the next thing, that’s going to help you make sure you are you folks be the freaking light out there.
There’s nothing better than being the light, be a light for somebody in your life, be the light for somebody.
That’s not in your life, these videos that i do they’re for anybody.

I hope that it does lift you up.
I hope that you may not know who i am, but you see this video and you realize that life is full of light and there’s people out there that are sharing that light.
You need to share the same thing and folks, it’s really important.

You know, love your life love the people in your life, love, giving love, thankfulness, love, gratefulness, love everything when you love and you pour that love out you’re going to get so much of it back.

Don’t worry about getting it back because you’re going to get so much of it, it doesn’t matter if you’re giving giving giving you’re going to get a lot of it.
I know it.

I am first-hand witness of it.
I see it every single day of my life, i’m so fortunate to be part of that nathaniel banks.
Thank you so much my friend what is going on man.

I i appreciate you for jumping on in man.
What you got going on nathaniel right now is amazing.
Stuff, i love watching your growth too.

This is what i mean this year.
There’s so many things and i’ve seen growth everywhere.
Folks, it’s everywhere be thankful for this year enjoy every moment do not waste those moments.

Share those moments with people have fun.
Do those things you know i know i am i’m going to keep growing i’m going to keep doing my thing, i’m going to sign off here in a second i’m going to go home, i’m going to enjoy my time with my wife put up our last christmas Tree our disney tree and then we’re done with all our christmas stuff.
I’m excited i’ll post some pictures here later on tonight, but thank you guys so much for jump joining in, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly on your future, so you can keep growing because there’s light everywhere.

Folks grab onto that light hold on to that light.
Man share it around.
I appreciate you lou lou.

My man hope you enjoyed your day with your mom loves to moms.
You know what i’m saying so man and i’ll see you tonight at 10, 30, lu and then again tomorrow morning, but lou and i got a cool important call tonight.
But tomorrow morning, 8, 30 eastern standard time, car guy coffee, early brew, cgc early brew.

We’re going to be oh, my phone just dropped, but we’re going to be bringing some great information come join us come watch, it share love like do it all do what you want to do, but the most important thing is to keep growing like i said guys, I appreciate you: don’t stop, won’t stop whoa.
Let’s brew.
Take care.

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