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Welcome back auto dealers, Jill Nicolini here with auto dealer news, your main source for all the latest in the automotive dealer world and will be speaking with industry leaders to provide you with the Newest trends, technology, marketing and sales strategies that will help your dealership or automotive group grow and thrive in this great industry, and I want to be auto dealer news without our resident expert, CEO of dealers, source group and Universal marketing solutions, automotive sales, trainer and business entrepreneur With over 15 years of producing outstanding results in the automotive retail industry, of course we’re talking about our automotive guru for cheap fellow.

How are you doing today, routine good Jill? How are you tonight plant a so great to be here again with you and I’m very excited? We have a few wonderful guests introduce now, don’t we do appreciate it? Thank you for doing the show live.
Alright, so patron tell us.
I know you are of a GM over at the Brooklyn Mitsubishi and you’ve been there for how many years now I’ve been with the company about seven years now: okay, we just took over Brooklyn about seven years seven months ago.

Yes, so very excited we’re doing a lot of things right now.
You know we’re changing.
Basically, we change the culture.

The whole culture of the dealership has changed, and you know I’m all about people process, product rights, you believe in the process.
You believe in the product.
You’re gon na sell anything you do at anything that you do.

Would you agree rich absolutely so, and the good thing about patron is that he’s really turned the place around.
He increased his reviews.
Tremendously he’s got tremendous process sales process leadership.

He has turned his dealership.
I’ve been watching this dealership for quite some time.
As you know, I’m really close to Bobby yes and he’s the deal of principle and I’ve done deals with Bobby and bringing in our patron has really turned this place completely around Wow.

That’s on dealer, rater, correct, correct! Get all of the reviews from and from when I just looked before online they’re, all pretty positive.
Yes, I mean you, listen like Richie said the owner got to be on board right and that’s one thing that I love about Bobby and and Andy.
You know they’re.

They get it, you know most of the time these owners, they micromanage, and you know it’s about trust in the process and trust in the GM.
It’s gon na do the right thing for the store and you know I have people that obviously that I look up to and you know my process have worked and you know it’s it’s a trial and error right.
So we try it if it doesn’t work.

We change it again, so we don’t change the goal, but we change the process and at the end of the day it’s about you know working with your team right, you only as good as your team.

So if they like you and you bring nothing but positive to the store, the numbers are gon na show right numbers them in line and that’s what it’s about so what type of leadership styles and techniques do you all use at the dealership? That puts you out there and makes you number one like you are now I mean listen, I’m more positive right and there’s always a way to find a way to deal.
There’s a lot of managers out there.

There are negative, you know, they’re.
There don’t find a way, I always say, listen.
Try it try a different way, different approach right, go this way, go that way, get the tío done and the customer give it a different face.

Give it to another salesman.
You know what I’m saying.
Sometimes a Salesman doesn’t click with the customer and you’d be surprised.

The next.
You know a few minutes later they’re selling in the car.
Why? Because they use a different approach and that’s what I’m about I’m about different approach, changing the style, changing the system and what works and customer service is very important to me and obviously, if is important from the top and like Bobby, embraced the changes all right.

Everybody trickles down everybody’s gon na you know, get get get on board with it right and that’s what I have we have done in Brooklyn and we have worked and we’re gon na have a record month, and we have you know three three cards here in the Card challenge next month, so we’re very excited about that and open throwing.
I’m pretty sure that he has turned his inventory, because when a dealership hits these kinds of numbers, they have to turn their inventory and he’s doing a great job on life he’s doing a great job on so Commedia and he’s showing the inventory.

That only means to me as a professional that he’s turning his inventory.

I guarantee you his average day of inventory has really dropped, probably down to a hundred and twenty or even 60 days, because he is doing really good.
I don’t know, write down the store, but I’m sure he’s turning the inventory he’s, probably taking all deals at all times and he’s just right now putting a lot of different processes in place to turn the store like this.
It’s not one thing that does it in a dealership is turning.

Your inventory leadership reveals it’s a lot of different things and I watched the inventory online and I see it getting turned a lot.
So I know that there’s a lot of different things that are going on right now that he’s doing key thing.

He is managing his inventory right, managing his sales department right and now he’s got Stan shear doing content in their video content and Stan shares.

One of the best guys I’ve seen with content, whether it’s written or video whatever it is, he is really good at it.
Yeah, let’s introduce us tenshi right now, of course he’s joining us via Skype.

Can you see us and hear us? How are you? Yes? Thanks Robert well, thank you all right, Richie, so introduce your friend to us.
Shear is one of the best guys I’ve seen at a very young age.
Stan shear became a speaker for Greater New York, peeler Association.

I am so impressed about Stan shear, be a very young age Stan.
How old were you back, then? 29? It was 29 years old.
He is an amazing guy.

Everything Stan shear has put his mind to.
He has accomplished, he’s always been really really good with content.
He has helped me with content a lot years ago and Stan’s really really good at this, so Stan.

Why don’t you go over what the process that you going over there and you’re working with patron really really good.
You two guys are really amazing together, I’m so impressed.
I appreciate that so what we do is I have a business partner.

We basically took my company dealer training and we merged it hard enough with a company out of New York called automotive.
That, though, there are auto, lad, builders make it short and we do marketing.
We did some marketing for other dealerships last year and then we kind of regrouped our thoughts at first we were offering too many services.

We realize there’s a lot of guys out there doing about the same thing, so we decided to basically simplify it and we keep it really simple.

We come to the store right now we’re in his store.
Once a week we phone contact everything from the cars to video testimonials to sales people introducing themselves right.

Yesterday we were in there.
We were filming everything in the body shop.
We actually filmed and took pictures of how a vehicle is getting prepped and painted in the body shop.

There were really nice, probably $ 100,000 or more expensive body shop room where that stuff gets done, and we take all this content.
And then my partner comes back to his home office and he basically puts together different videos, they’ll put out anywhere from 5 to 10 videos during the week and what we’ll do is we’ll promote them.
On Instagram Facebook we get Wadley done for the dealership.

We get press releases done for the dealership like right now.
This dealership is about to be doing a event for the Eclipse cross launch and basically we’re going to be helping promote that we’re doing the press release that should be released by tomorrow.
For that dealership.

For an event, that’s going to happen in just about two weeks we just get involved and then, whenever the dealership does what they do, which is be very social.
We help boost those posts, for instance, aside from what we do for the dealership.
This is a very social dealership.

It’s not like many dealerships that you know experienced, they actually get really involved and they actually do a lot of their own social media.
We just help them boost it up, so to speak.
So that’s pretty much.

What we do well Stan, I have a question for you, so basically you’re saying nowadays, of course, with the age of technology, that social media is one of the most important tools to help a dealership, of course, like Brooklyn to be she really succeed.
So you urge all dealerships to get involved and put their self out there and promote themselves like what type of you know, inventory, leasing or people coming in, because they are seeing you on social media and commenting about that so you’re, definitely drawing in the customer.
Yes, basically, what it is is that you know and and what I love about Stan is like you give you give him you give them a script right, you say, give him an idea and he takes it a run right and yeah.

Of course, listen.
The Facebook right now it’s if it’s not is like the only you if you’re not on Facebook, you pretty much might be out of business, so bottom line.
You know and we’re using that platform to expose the dealership, and you got to put yourself out there.

Most people are not willing to do the still the things that we do.
You know we do videos about a cat that we have in the dealership.
You know, and we get gets a lot, don’t get like behind the scenes.

We all want to get a sneak.
Peek – and you got a guy like Stan that understands that and picks you know like I’ll, take a picture of the cat or I’ll put it on my personal page and he’ll go and make a video out of it.
It’s just.

We start getting content on it.
So that’s really what it’s about, and I think that has done a lot for us at the dealership to kind of expose the dealership where we are right now and that’s what we’re getting a lot of content from it on Facebook and Stan also mentioned the Mitsubishi.
Outlander, would you mind enlightening me here.

I hear this is the biggest thing for 2018.
Well, yes, the P HEV came out, which is pretty much it’s a hybrid, it’s a three mode, they’re number one in Europe right now they launched it over here they got a lot incentives, almost seven thousand dollars from the government just to get the vehicle.
We have.

The Eclipse it’s back right, they just bought it in a form of a truck, and it is a very stylin looking vehicle they comparing it to the Lexus NX, very, very high tech stuff that Mitsubishi that’s gon na put this back on the map woman.
To be she just what the name, Eclipse kind of like suits and fits with it as well and Stan gets that and that’s why I think me and him work so great that ideas that I give him.
He takes it and run and I’m like I’m wow, you know because this guys have the technology he’s been a car guy.

He closes deals.
He gets some the dealership and I think that’s important.
You know you need to have that backing so and to have that experience in order to relate to a dealership.

You know nothing, nothing about to say about anybody else, but you got this big guy selling you these ideas, but they never been a car guy.
So how can you understand me if I started as a salesperson 15 years ago, yeah and I’m saying so.
I think that that’s a lot part of my success and our success right, like I said, you’re as good as your team, the owner, embrace it everybody embrace it.

It comes from the top and you see the rest of them just on it.
You know getting the reviews get into videos and listen.

We don’t have the high tech stuff right, we’re just doing it we’re just putting ourselves out there.

You know the the the the quality might not be as good, but people like that stuff.
You know you see TV right now, TV right now, it’s Facebook live like that’s what TV is now, so you know you got to get ahead of it and I like to be ahead of it.
Just like Stan he’s always um he’s.

We always you know, sharing ideas, and I think it’s gon na be a great year in the car business, and especially for us.
You know, God willing it’s it’s gon na, be a good one, and one thing I want to point out is that Mitsubishi is very affordable, you’re talking to an old owner in 2002, Mitsubishi, that’s right, and that car had over 300,000 miles going back and forth among Out to the city for many years, yes, so I am a firm believer in Mitsubishi and that’s the one thing I love to hear, and then people see you because it is affordable.
It’s a great product, yes, but it’s also affordable, which i think is very important to people out there.

It’s believing in a product like I said to you right, you can sell anything at the end of the day.
You’re selling yourself you’re selling the dealership, but if you believe in the product you’re gon na do well – and you know, people can relate that energy, I’m all about energy, positive energy, you know, and – and you posited to these guys, you know that Hitler stuff, I’m not Down with that, you know you got to motivate them and guide them viciously, guiding most of them.
I’ve been through it and I was a salesperson and you know I used to have managers that used to be very negative and I didn’t want to be that kind of manager.

So I like to be positive and find a way.

Listen there’s plenty of dealerships out there, but customers are just looking for a better experience right and my thing is: I’m gon na give you the best experience buying a car because they already coming in with their guards up, so I’m gon na make it painless possible And as easy as possible, and how do you do that just curious? So the the salespeople greet you when you walk in the door, yes meet and greet smile, you know off from coffee all the time all the time.
So you know those are the little things that actually go a long way because you go to a business right and you know you follow up.

You’ve got to be strong right because listen, there’s plenty of dealership.
Like I said to you, the difference is how you’re gon na treat them and after they leave right, so we’re all about customer service making that customer happy before they leave.
They want to make sure that they’re they’re a hundred percent satisfied – and I think, that’s part of our success and the other thing that you guys are really successful is, and you know, Stan cher he’s got tremendous enthusiasm, that’s what really carries a lot and you bring Tremendous enthusiasm – and you know one of the things that you see a dealership is when a dealership is on the spiral up there on the spiral up, there’s nothing that can stop them.

Momentum, yeah right when a dealership is on the spiral down there on the spiral down area and, what’s then shear I’ve seen him do a lot? Is he brings dealerships to that spiral up right and how he does that he’s amazing is because of that enthusiasm that he brings right, that social media hype yeah that enthusiasm, that both of you guys and now, seeing both of you guys working together and I’ve been Watching a lot of life, you have tremendous enthusiasm and you guys feed off each other wow.
That’s amazing how you guys are working that your dealership right now it’s on tremendous spiral and yeah because of that energy and that enthusiasm I got ta ask Stan: where do you get that enthusiasm from and that energy I’ve always pretty much been a happy person? I’m very goal-oriented and I have a lot of things I need to accomplish, and I always said I’m on the way up and I think the fact that I have to be on that way up is what makes me so enthusiastic.

I don’t let anybody fog my mind down with negativity I used to and it just took years of patience.

Learning focus is getting experienced and then just I guess, a little bit of ego.
We all have it and I just get enthusiastic about it and I just try to make the best of every situation right, especially nowadays.
You know there’s so much negativity out there right now and it’s just about exposing yourself right.

So if you’re gon na be selling sell yourself number one all right, that’s ABC always be closing.
So you know that’s my thing.
So I’m always telling myself the dealership and you have to care for the dealership and you have to act like you own, the dealership, because that’s what’s gon na make the difference you’re gon na care.

You know you see garbage pick it up.
You see little things like that.
I have Nick pick for it.

You know what I mean, so I think in the rest of the sales staff sees it.
You know everybody else is on board with it and why not? Right, like you said we win the upswing.
So we’re gon na keep continue this momentum that we have.

So you know it’s just mental.
You know you put your head.
It’s a mindset, a mindset right so you’re gon na do 10 cars today, yeah we’re gon na 10 cars, so we’re gon.

Na finish, our record one today is the end of the month, but you know I was honored.
You guys brought us on board and you went live, which I appreciate that you know my pleasure.

Yes, we’re big on live.

You know that so social media is where’s.
That and – and you know, some people are just not doing nothing with it.
You know, you know what I’m saying we just using that platform and it’s a lot cheaper, guys.

Okay, then, Google, Google, but it’s very expensive – so to do this stuff that I have to do to get the exposure.
I have to pay like ten times that on Google, so why not use it on Facebook, I love Facebook.
You know I’m always on Facebook, so why? Not speaking of that momentum with you at the dealership tell us how it’s actually helped business to grow over at Brooklyn Mitsubishi, because I think you have some news to announce about the other choir.

Yes, we’re in we’re in the process as rumors out there, that you know we’re crying Kia and yeah we.
Why not you know they? They they approached us and listen.
My owners vision it’s bigger than mine right and I think that we feed off each other.

All right, so his dreams are bigger than mine.
I like to be in his dreams and you don’t change and I think that positive Stan shares the same dreams.
You know we go on nadh and we want to go and learn and we want to master these things because we want to be ahead of everybody.

You know we all have the same 24 hours right.
So I’m up at 5:00 in the morning yeah the sin.
I’m watching videos I’m reading stuff what’s coming out, so anybody can do it.

That’s the difference right.
So I want to be ahead.
Stand you know we’re going to na da we’re excited.

We want to learn all the new products coming out.
So when I get back I’m gon na, have it all ready, I’m gon na master it so, but I want to share that what everybody else you know we’re doing this show we try to do my show.
I got my own website coming up and I’m gon na be doing things like you do, links and and and things like that that people are doing it the Facebook thing we want to share it with everybody, because you know what it’s working for me.

It can work for everybody else, correct and, and just try you know, what’s we’re second half and you’re gon na sell more cars.
You know, I know we will we’re gon na have a record month today.
You know on the shortest month of the year.

So, and next month we have a bigger challenge, just three hundred cars and that’s gon na be a year of years.
This is crazy, but that’s really what it is about.
It’s it’s about passion, I’m passionate about the business just like Stan.

Just like you, you’ve been a longtime and it’s about hitting those goals.
You know we have monthly goals, daily goals, weekly goals and we try to hit those numbers every single day.
So if you didn’t get to it, okay, we’ll get them tomorrow.

You know what I mean if we tweak it a little bit and we’re making a lot of changes.
You know it’s about changing the culture in the dealership and I change the entire culture of the dealership.
So I think that’s a big part of it and where it’s going, but it has to come from the top, so the owners on board everybody’s on board, you say: change the culture and I’ve looked at it and I’ve analyzed it cuz you’ve impressed me a lot.

You’ve changed the culture because of your leadership.
Skills is really really so great that I’ve noticed I’ve seen you online I’ve.
Seen that day, you are in life.

Over an hour, I saw a few sales people, and I see your motivational how you talk to them and all that it’s really your leadership skills are really really good, and that makes it happen absolutely, and it’s not what you say: it’s how you say it or You have great communication skills yeah with your team, and I’ve been watching that for a while.
How you do it and it’s really really an unbelievable skill that you possess right and that’s really talent and skill and development, and that’s the delivery of your content by other patron content and that’s key to get that spiral going up.
Of course I mean listen.

I don’t want to say that I know it all right and I always say this, but I got it down to a science.
The understand I’m saying that works for me.

That doesn’t mean that you know yes we’re in Brooklyn and we sell in cars and of course I want my guys to do better right.

It’s always you always want to grow, and that’s the thing you don’t want to stay stale.
You know there’s always opportunity to come to you like me, and Stan there’s a lot of opportunities coming up to us right now that people just cause out of nowhere hey.
I want you to be on my show.

I want you to do this.
I want to do that.
Why not? That was the whole reason of putting ourselves out there and the thing with the guys is that if you, if you guide them, if you motivate them, they’re gon na do good for you.

If they love you they’ll do anything for you, you know and my owners.
I love these guys.
These guys get it.

They understand me they get me.
You know I can get a little.
You know sometimes, but they know at the end of the day it’s business right, there’s business and it’s personal, and you got to be able to to balance that, and I think that I I master that so where I keep it business and is also personal.

You know so I’m at the same time and stanols does the same thing so yeah it reviews are important.
You know I’m doing um, I’m doing actually a webinar tomorrow and I go live on the webinars, because I want to share what everybody else you know all these things are coming to me.
I want to share what everybody that is in the automotive that want to do different.

You know I saw, I went to a training last week actually and they had the old cute-cute test, whatever they call it with the with nine dots and everybody got it wrong, and this was like all right.
It’s it talks about going outside the box and that’s what I’m about that’s.

What Stan is about thinking outside the box that cookie cutter stuff.

We don’t like that stuff.
We like we like to freestyle and do it our way and obviously it’s working for us right.
It can work for everybody else out there, but you just got to put yourself out there and actually take the chance and the worst thing you’re gon na do is you’re gon na sell a lot of cars.

I can tell you that right now.

Does that Stan a question in regards to the market? I know I know we’re talking about Facebook, also talking Instagram Twitter, what seems to be the biggest social media platform that you use, which one is most successful and then also what’s the difference with the paid and organic social media.
So we don’t do too much painting a paid social media.

We do more organic.
What we do is we’ll we’ll post something on Instagram, and I have a software that I used to post from a desktop to Instagram and then what we’ll do is we’ll turn around it will post later on on Facebook.
What we’ll usually focus on is we’ll focus on the real stuff, we’ll focus on the cars and we’ll try to focus on the more expensive, the more upscale cars, the cars that people are always going to want to watch as opposed to no the lower end cars.

What we’ll do is then well sometimes boost the visibility for those nicer cars, a store like Brooklyn Mitsubishi.
They sell a lot of real high-end cars like they have Audi r8.

They do a lot of infinities.

I think, when the one Saturday, he did seven infinities alone, we’ll focus on the trend of what’s going on in the store and we’ll promote that and that’ll get more eyeballs, then the other thing that happens is when your partner with the dealership, that is very social.
Like Brooklyn Mitsubishi, they have a really good culture which we talked about.
They use that culture and they feed that in with their social media, and then it just helps us do what we do a lot better because they’re onboard what we’re doing there.

You know.
So there are time.
Sorry there are times when people actually dealerships do not are not fully onboard.

So then you try to do all the right thing for them on social media and it doesn’t happen and there’s a lot of juices out there that don’t just post random links and random content that has nothing to do with the cars for us.
Our goal obviously is to sell cars because we’re car people, so we focus on posting everything about the dealership and anything that we post.

That has nothing to do with the dealership, whether it be OEM, whether it be some, you know, tips or motivational stuff.

Well, what usually we do is well usually feed that, through the dealerships website and every post that we do is meant to drive traffic to the website and all just want to bring up.

You mentioned, of course, the camaraderie of your in order to help, of course, get your inventory moving and, of course, it’s so important to the customer and speaking of like networking Ricci Bello.
Would you mind just telling us so what’s happening? May 9th you have a big.

I have a big cigar night.
It’s a cigar, buffet the websites getting done right now with a nice venue for dealers and Elle patrols.
Gon na be a speaker stand shares gon na, be a speaker and Ralph Peggy is gon na, be a speaker.

Where is it? It’s right at the beach club: okay, what’s up in Raleigh crunk on comer, right, okay, and it’s for dealers, we’re inviting all automotive dealers and Jill.

It should be fun, so we’re inviting all our dealerships and I’ll stand.
Chair he’s inviting his dealerships and I’ll patrol my hopefully you’ll, bring Bobby out there too.

Why not? Why not listen! It’s about networking like you said right! So if we can help one person sell more cars, hey it’s gon na come back as far as ten times.
Full and that’s what we’re about you know, that’s what me and Stan are about and Bobby.
You know, I’m happy for Bobby he’s, one of the good guys and and like I said to you guys before it’s it’s all matter of getting the owner on board.

So to all owners out there if they are watching trust, you GM a little bit more, you know there’s a lot of good ones out there, just trust a little bit more.
You know that they know the process.
You got to trust the process.

Everybody wants.
It done yesterday, you know but and that’s instant gratification, but if you, if you work it and if you save it, um it’s gon na work and it’s gon na do good for you Richie.
Where can we get more information? How can do is get both to come to the event Richie Bello dot-com, there’s a link there to sign up, and our stench is gon na, be talking about the social media marketing this video content, it’s gon na be instantiate a great speaker, amazing, this guy speaking, I’ve seen him spent a number of times well guys.

I want to thank you all for chatting with us today and, of course, will be many more of these and our auto dealer news and again unfortunates all the time we have right now for News, but until next time auto dealers don’t forget, I’m your host Julie, Collini we want to thank, of course, a Richie Bello here at retrieval of TV and Rudy and Stan you guys are fantastic.
We really appreciate you on the show and again we’ll see you right here next time: I’m Ritchie Bello TV, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , [, Music ] , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , [, Music ] , , , , , audio my ear.
I’m done.

I hear the music it’s too loud.
Thank you you’re on alright.
Should we start from the top? How are y’all doing I’m Jill Nicolini, another installment of auto dealer news right here, your best source for all.

What’s going on in the automotive dealer world we’ll be speaking with leaders in the automotive industry to catch you up on all the newest trends, the technology, marketing and sales strategies that will help your dealership or automotive group be very successful and grow.
Now, of course, we’re here at our automotive guru, CEO of dealers, source group and Universal marketing solutions, automotive sales, trainer and business entrepreneur with over 15 years of producing outstanding results in the automotive retail industry.
And yes, I’m talking about our resident expert himself.

Richie, mellow and applause how you doing today, Richie good? How are you Joe good to be back and I’m loving? This live feed we have here.
Yes, I do fantastic he’s got a lower that audio in here, because he has some reverb happening in our studio.
I’ll make it louder go away.

So, let’s talk today we’re bringing in a very special guest.
Oh Dale, tells a very special guest.
Hmm Dale is our master, closer society and he’s building, and the thing that I like about him he’s always helping out people that want to get better that want to learn how to close more deals and he’s in a lot of different industries, not just the automotive Industry: okay, welcome to the show he’s joining us the estate, how you doing hey guys! How are you doing great to see you Richie? Thank you so much for having me on here Dale.

How are you today I’m doing great brother and how are you doing good? So I wanted to talk to you a little bit about you because I’m so impressed – and you know I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I’m always sharing your stuff and I’ve learned a lot from your content, and I appreciate I always want to Go to your life, but somehow I miss it, but when I don’t I watch it and I learned a lot you one of the things with you is: you want to build the bass to close the society and I’m really impressed with that.
Why don’t you tell us a little bit about that? So I founded master closer society about three years ago, and I remember when I was 18 years old.
I had my first sales job and I went on that first appointment and it was it was outside sales, and I went on that first appointment and I remember how terrified I was whenever I knocked that first door and went in on that appointment and I did Not want to be there, and I made a promise to myself then that if I could ever be in a position to help other salespeople avoid that scenario, I was going to learn whatever it took in order to help them avoid that scenario that I experienced.

So that’s one of the things that inspired me three decades to go ago to to begin master, poser society.
That’s really really interesting, and the other thing that I’ve learned a lot from you is how you do this rooftop pitch to the roofers.
Tell us a little bit about that, okay, so so I have multiple programs right now in order to help people from different industries.

One of the prime targets or one of my primary demographics is the roofing.
It’s a storm restoration industry and I do have an all-day workshop.
It’s a program, it’s called pitch the roof and that’s an all-day workshop where I actually go out to each client’s office on location and I do the live event.

We do that nationwide across the United States.
So if you are in their storm restoration industry, I definitely can hook you up now.
I also have an extensive background in auto repair, so I have a very unique service that I offer the auto repair industry.

I actually do sales training for auto repair service.
I know it’s a very unique niche and I’m excellent at it.
So those of you that have service departments, I can increase your sales.

I did have.
I had one year that was a thousand percent increase in sales.
A 1,000 percent increase in the service department and the following year was eight hundred percent increase in the service department.

So my passion is helping the service repair industry policy.
You do fix operations.
Yes, absolutely so, I’m in South Florida near Miami ok, and we like I said we were nationwide, so I go on-site Skype with them to do the training or you’re actually physically there in person, I’m physically there in person, we make it happen, and the thing is, I always here’s my rule of thumb.

I want to not only over promise and over deliver like I know, we’ve heard the term before under-promise over-deliver, but why not push ourselves to find our true potential and let’s / promise and over deliver? Let’s do both.
Let’s separate ourselves from from what others consider to be our competitors see, we should all I feel like.
We should always be focused on what our true potential is.

What are we truly capable of when we dig deep down inside of who we are and what we’re made of? Let’s find our true potential and focus on separating ourselves from second place.
Let’s focus on on increasing the gap between second place.

Okay, any insight, any tricks and how you do this I mean, for example, in the auto repair industry.

You are faced with many choices out there there’s many of those repair shops, let’s say, for example, where we are so we’ll set that one auto shop repair shop ahead of the other.

What’s a certain technique that you come in and what I can bring to that? Okay, so the first thing we want to do is you the Golden Rule and selling I’ll just go ahead and give you a few gold nuggets that you can actually benefit from today.

The number one rule in selling is always agree and that that word always is pretty powerful, because even when it’s uncomfortable, we still need to be agreeable.

The moment the the one moment that we step out of agreement from that prospect from that perspective, client is the moment that the deal is actually off.

So we always have to live by.
That rule is always be agreeable and what mean by that is not necessarily always let the customer beat you up.

What I really mean is expressed to the customer that you see it their way right, because I promise you the best way to defuse a scenario is to simply agree with them.

You can’t argue with somebody that agrees with you now.
Here’s a really good one for you I’ll put this together.

Just for you guys, in order for a prospect to make a decision to do business with you, they need three things from you.

They need three things.
The first thing they need is faith in you as the individual a lot of times.

We think hey, I’m just the salesperson or I’m just the service manager right, but they need faith in you.
So we have to step our game up as the professional.
We are the authority in what we’re doing.

We are the expert and the customer needs to be able to have faith in us, so the first thing they have to do is have faith in us.
The second thing they have to have faith in is in the company: it’s the company’s ability to deliver on what you say they can deliver on and then.
Finally, the third thing is faith in your processes: faith in your system, the system of how you do it and though it’s real easy guys.

The way you can actually help them have faith in all three is to just show them show them.
Here’s here’s what I can do for you, here’s what you’re going to experience in our company and here’s, how we’re going to do it go ahead and predict the future predict their wonderful experience, while they’re in while you’re face to face are on the phone with them.
Go ahead and predict how easy they’re experienced, how pleasurable that experience is going to be with you dealt like one of the things that I first went and saw your life was, you said, salespeople are not born they’re made a while ago, and that’s when I started Following you, because I happen to agree with that and that’s what you promote and that’s what the first life that I saw, could you tell us a little bit about that training process that you have absolutely the look.

The way that I designed my material and here’s another service that I offered this is actually the one that I have.
I know it might look a little have a little bit of a shadow there, but it’s a one-year training program where I actually come to your your location one day a month and we train all day.
For that one day, the master closer live is where I come in, and I teach every salesperson, regardless of what level they’re at the criteria is designed to to help even the beginner level, all the way through the people that have been doing this for four generations And I guarantee you I’ll get results, so it is designed to help everyone in that industry, regardless of what level they’re at but yeah, Richie you’re, exactly right, salespeople or master closures are created.

You’re not born a closure, the only people that say that are the people that don’t like to close, and they don’t want to take the responsibility to to create that for themselves, so they just simply brush it off by saying hey.
I wasn’t born that way.
I can’t help it so I truly believe that that it is a learnable skill for sure.

Well, there’s a thing that they say I was born with the gift of gab.
They say right and to be a salesperson or a closing.
You got to be born with the gift of listening, because I believe it’s more listening than talking.

Would you agree with that statement? Absolutely absolutely the gift of gab is not really again right.
That’s what you talk yourself out of deals, one of the qualities of a master closer one of the characteristics is actually the ability to express what you need to express in as few words as possible.
Not only are you going to avoid talking them out of the deal, but you’re also going to collapse.

Timeframes, which is another characteristic of a master closer, is the ability to produce while collapsing time frames.
So we need to do or – and we need to do more faster.
I have a good friend of Mines and one of my partners he’s got a atm that he does business-wise, and this guy is really amazing cuz.

He doesn’t speak two words, but he can close anybody and he really closes deals in this.
He sells routes, you know when he’s got a tremendous skill of listening doesn’t speak too much and I have been eatin him all the time he don’t speak at all.
I mean for me to get two words out of him, it’s hard, so we left.

I laugh and I look at him and I just laugh at him right when I mentioned his name things Dominic he’s he’s made a big impact on my life and Dominic’s is very interesting character.
He doesn’t speak that much, but man that guy can close, he listens and listens and listens, and just the other day he went and closed a lot of deals he’s amazing with this business he started, and I was some really really amazing luck cause he really deserve It he’s really an amazing guy.
You know it’s really amazing how listening and I’ve learned that from him a lot how listening this guy closes 90 % of the prospects yeah.

So I’m really glad you brought that up Richie one of the magical questions that I always teach my service departments and I’ll go ahead and give you that today, to just over deliver and right, I’m gon na go ahead and give you another gold nugget, the the Magical questions that you want to ask as a service adviser the the magical questions is very simple.
You simply want to say: hey, that’s a really nice vehicle.
Has it been a great vehicle for you and then let them answer because they’re going to tell you exactly what you need to hear they’re either going to say no, I hate that vehicle, I’m about to get rid of it or they’re gon na say.

Yes, I love that vehicle, I’m going to drive it forever.
Well guys, if we’re in the repair business, which one of those answers is going to better armed us for developing the recommendations for their service and not only that.
But you want to get a feel for it, like you can tell by by asking the right questions.

Are they somebody that that’s the kind of person that does want to take care of their vehicle, the service and the maintenance when it’s due? If we ask the right questions on the front end, we can properly stage how we’re gon na present the repair.
So the work order, that’s really interesting, because the fix operations is really really important.
What drives the industry really drives it? The parts department? You know why? Because parts is what sells absolutely right and the fix operation is key key in the automotive industry.

Car sell right what really sells a service because it’s residual and residual and what really sells is parts I mean really parts.
It’s amazing and that’s what the OEMs are promoting cuz parts are constant, is wear and tear all the time.
You know right, that’s what drives our industry.

You know.
Yes, selling cars drives our industry because without the cars out on the road, we can’t fix them, but really that that department, the fix operations, it’s amazing and a lot of people don’t understand that yep you’re exactly right.

One of the things that I also do is whenever I present an invoice or a repair order to a prospect.

I always recommend you do it this way, you go ahead and prepare.
This is just another gold nugget guys.
I can’t help it the another thing that you want to do in the service department.

Is you want to always prepare three potential work orders? You want to prepare three different estimates.
If you will – and what you want to do is the first one that you prepare needs to be the fully loaded recommendation, no don’t hold anything back, make one.
That’s fully loaded.

Now always be ethical, don’t get I’m not I’m not saying to do anything unethical by any means, but anything that needs that vehicle might need anything that that the is do for based on mileage or manufacturer recommendations, fully load up that estimate, and then you want to Reverse engineer, so you want to build the fully loaded one and then reverse engineer to make it a smaller estimate and then even back out more stuff to make a really small like bare-bones minimum.
So that way, when you’re presenting to the client, they have to reach Moises to choose for him who doesn’t like three choices.
In that scenario, you have good better best and it works like a charm in this business in the auto repair industry, it works perfectly, and I don’t it’s very rare – that I actually see the service department consistently presenting three proposals to the owner of the vehicle yeah.

I just had that recently when I got my car repaired, he actually gave me upfront proposal from the service department.
Saying hey look your tire.
The front left is a four the thickness, but now the back one’s a seven front, one’s an eight, and so you know we do recommend, but you don’t have to by the way your battery life.

Well, it’s about sixty-five percent, so they put everything up front and then I made my decision saying: okay, I’ll replace that tire, but I felt very informed.
I felt knowledgeable and I know next time I could do the battery, but this time I’ll do the tire right and you’re not you’re, certainly not wasting your time when you’re the one writing the estimate when you’re the one writing the estimate.
All you do is save it in the notes, right.

You say it in the customer history.
So when they do come back you you already know what you had written up and recommended last time that they haven’t done yet so you’re really saving yourself more work.
You’re saving yourself work in the future as well, for that particular customer, one of the biggest thing Dale and our businesses out of my marketplace.

There’s a lot of leases right, so the penetration on leases out here, as a matter of fact, there’s one store that has out of my marketplace a 91 % of lease.
So what happens is with the maintenance package and all this there h/h row is pretty pretty light.
Now, let me ask you a question about upselling: do you have a training program that you can help a dealership increase the hours for our? Oh, absolutely, you know I’m so glad you asked that question I did develop.

There is one of the courses in the master closer lab that I teach each time that I that I do a workshop on site.
We cover 10 different courses.
Every time I go there.

It’s 10 new sales courses for that industry, and one of the courses that we teach is how to upsell not only how to double your average invoice ro, but how to triple it.
I’m st.
extremely good and proficient at presenting the upsell the right way and again we have to stay ethical.

We want to use everything to our advantage, because the truth of the matter is we’re all here to make money.
It’s not a business if we’re not making money, but we do need to stay ethical and I teach how to ethically double or triple your ro averages.
So it’s not a problem; it’s definitely something that we cover in one of the courses, great yeah, I’m part of a master closing Society.

Obviously it’s very important to network and keep in touch with people.
I just want to mention quickly about where to bellos a cigar event: that’s coming up May 9th, which would help dealers obviously meet other dealers, and it wouldn’t mind just elaborating on that.

We have three speakers.
We have Stan shear, mm-hmm I’ll patrol and okay.
I invited Dale, I don’t know if he could come he’s down in Florida during The Good Wife.

Why would you honor? No? He can come at me, but I did invite him.
I invited Ken walls, so I look forward.
Maybe they’ll come out or Ken walls.

Let’s see what happens Rao’s from Vegas and he’s coming down all right, so we’ll take it from there and can get more information on Ritchie, Bello, dot-com and there’s a link there perfect.

Well, unfortunately, that’s all we have time for right now for this installment of auto dealer news.
We want to thank you Dale, so much for joining us via Skype, really appreciate your insight and all those golden nuggets we’re gon na take in our back pocket.

Yeah enjoy those right.
So, Thank You, Dale and, of course Thank You, Richie and we’ll see you soon right here again on Ritchie Bello TV.
Thank You Dale.

Thank you.
Thanks guys

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