Uh here we are here we are what’s up luke.

What is going on? What’s up welcome to the cafe, you know what time is excited uh to just have another great day another great morning, but now we get to have a great conversation and a cup of coffee.

You know girlfriend jake bishop.
How are you doing i’m glad to see you guys, you know where else he might be watch this real quick, go ahead and grab that grab that screen.

Let’s move that over now he’s over there oh he’s over this way and then again now he’s back over there all right, so hello, we’re about folks we’re excited good morning.
It is tuesday morning it is the first of the month, wake up wake up: hello, .
You know what i’m saying guys.

What’s the beautiful part about the beginning of the month, it’s fresh beginnings, but folks, i hope you’re carrying that momentum from last month.
I hope that you’re rolling into this next month ready to rock, because i know i’m ready to rock i’m ready for this podcast rocking ready for my store to rock i’m ready for my life to rock how about you jake? What’s going on brother man sam here we uh, we got some big goals to hit this month and uh we’re just going to continue to grow.

That’s the big thing man! That’s it guys.

He is part he is part of a really good.
Auto group.
That’s been around for decades and decades and decades it’s a it’s.

A family business that’s been been transferred from bob hook down to his two sons.
Now they’re both doing some amazing things, you got david and you got bobby jr right.
I don’t mean to call him bob yeah.

I don’t know if he goes by that, but but i do i like them – both they’re, both really great fantastic, local guys that are doing some amazing stuff and they’re trying to grow right now and we’ll talk about more of that later.
But this show’s all about mr jake bishop thanks man thanks, i’m excited to be here guys.
This is awesome, enjoy the video we’ll be right: back: , [ Applause, ], so [ Applause, ], , ah , so [, Music ]! Oh, that stuff gets me always pumped up every morning when i listen to that song.

That’s that’s it! That’s the one! So i wake up to this.
It’s like my alarm clock, music.
I wake up as soon as i guess.

It’s just a smile.
All right, there’s like a cup of coffee, just sitting there right at my table every morning, the whole back to the future.
Uh thing gets going on where it’s like a booby trap, yeah and then all of a sudden the drip starts happening.

[, Music ], i mean that’s what happens really in the backseat? No, it’s not! No! It’s not, but i wish it didn’t matter.
Be awesome.
We’ll set that up soon, so guys we are it’s it’s a great morning.

We are we’re going into a new month.
This year has been a bananas year.

You know some people might look at this year as a as a tragic year a year that they can’t wait to be over a year that they can’t.

They just want to put away and just forget about well folks, i’m on the complete opposite end of that spectrum um.
I know it’s been crazy and i know that there’s been some really wild stuff going on in this world.
But when i talk about my bubble – and i talk about my world, what i talk about the things i have control over, there have been nothing, but some beautiful things happening.

Um mentality is a huge part of everything in my life.
I believe that, what’s between your ears will get you so much further than you could ever imagine so this year could have been me putting myself.
You know, oh man, this is not what i was hoping it was going to be and all that, but you know it’s been everything and beyond you know, there’s been some amazing stuff to happen.

You know just like.
I know that for jake some amazing stuff happened.
He just got done buying himself a house up in oldham county folks right oldham county is a beautiful area.

It’s one of the fastest growing areas that and the market values there just skyrocketing.
So he bought at the right time and he’s and he’s doing the right thing he’s moving to a great place for his kids to have good education.
Moldon county is known for their education too.

So great job man.
Congratulations to you! I know that you’re real excited.
I know you’re busy trying to get your house all set up.

Your current, your older house set up for sale.

That’s right.
I know that’s always fun, but it’ll go quick man.

I’ve been seeing these homes in louisville selling like this, so you’re definitely going to do.

You’re going to get that out there you’re going to probably get every dollar you want and you’re going to be.

Moving into your new house.

Have you officially closed on the new house already uh, not exactly no, i mean we.
We have a unique type of loan that just came out not too long ago from a public called a contingency loan which is like similar to a bridge loan um, but i mean in order for that to happen.
Two things have to happen in order for us to finish the closing uh but yeah they’ve, given us the money so that we can purchase that home.

Oh yeah, good uh yeah, like i just got ta, basically sell your house that you’re currently in and do that’s right you’ll.
Do that really quick and a lot faster than you think man, i’m excited for you, so guys we’re excited this morning.
I know lou’s uh lou’s got a lot of stuff going on in his life.

He’s had some couple kids kind of leave the house so he’s kind of sad and but he’s having some fun right.

Now, he’s he’s doing some.
He is actually turning one of the bedrooms into his youngest daughter’s palace room, basically she’s already a princess.

My sister moved out, so it’s like and little sister could not wait to start moving her stuff in there yeah, no doubt and uh.
So we’re gon na have some fun working on that.
But folks before we go into building uh on the biggest room in the world, which is the room for improvement, no doubt let me start doing that before we start focusing on the key things that jake brings to the cafe and brings to the car industry before We start focusing on what it takes for us all to keep rowing.

We are going to apply three f’s because we got a whole new solution area inside of the cafe with us, so we are going to forgive focus and fly together.
So, let’s get ready to rock and roll everybody.
Jake join us.

Yes, we wipe over the weight of unforgiveness focus on where we’re going and fly to heights.
We’ve only dreamed one.
Two three forgive focus fly, keep going here.

We go it’s time for a fog liner.
Well, it is time for a fine liner, but before we do, i want to throw a quick shout out to our sponsor think ad group.
Folks, if you don’t know anything about think ad group go to their website, www dot think ad group dot com.

They have all your digital needs for the automotive world, check them out.
They’ll help you get your leads they’ll help you do your follow.

Ups they’ll do so many things, that’ll blow your mind and the mention not just that not will their product do well, but those people and you’re going to love people to be connected you’re going to be connected with the right people so make sure you check them Out once again, www.

com get yourself.
That’s right, let’s prove so all right.

We’re going to jump into this five liner.
Are you ready jake? Let’s go man, i’m excited all right, so this five liners designed to bring out a little bit about you people they, you know who may know you they’ve seen your show live at 805.

They may have seen all these things, but they don’t sometimes they just don’t know how you got to where you’re at what gets you there and what drives you right.

So those are what our questions are designed to do.

So my first question: i’m going to hit you with the first question that i love to ask everybody when i ask them the first question: everybody has their purpose.
Everybody has their reason they get out of bed and they work hard, they’re.

A reason why they’re trying to be more every single day right, that’s right, that’s their! Why everybody has one.
What is your, why man, i’m gon na kind of roll, this back just a little bit but um, you know at first my.
Why was to uh make my family proud? My dad owns a car dealership in my hometown and the first thing that i did was start with him after i graduated college, i was going to do something completely different and then i ended up just back in the family business and i was really blessed to Be starting that with my dad uh he’s been in the business for yeah 42 years now.

Well, sorry, no 48 years, i apologize 1972.
So then, after that had happened after i’d moved to a bigger dealership called kenny kent chevrolet in evansville, it was a focus to uh, i guess provide for my family and then you know probably a couple about a couple years ago.

My son was born so my.
Why has shifted to not just making my family proud, but also providing for my wife and my son? So that’s that’s a great answer and that’s it’s very.
I use that a lot for myself when it comes to uh motivation.

My family, i mean when you have a child, and you know it gets deep.
You know you’re talking about making your family proud, you’re doing all these things, and you know it’s absolutely a good purpose and a good.
Why um that’s what lou and i we like to call that our legacy, you know with your child.

You know you’re trying to do these things you’re trying to grow.
You want your family, your child, to see that too.
You want to see your child see that if you put the right work in the right mentality that you can have amazing things in your life that you’re not just limited to a nine-to-five job that pays hourly, you can do so much there’s it’s unlimited right.

So that’s the legacy you’re trying to leave and you’re gon na find that you know how old are you, children, jake, uh jude will be two in december.

Oh my god.
That’s so awesome bro.

I missed that year’s 16.
His youngest is 17.
So it’s like it’s crazy so and he has four and he so he’s getting that empty nest syndrome he’s starting to hurt him.

I could tell but he’s also very blessed – and he knows that he’s very lucky – to have children that are doing some amazing things with their lives and they’re growing.
That’s his legacy and you’re gon na see that over the next 10 you know 15 plus years you’re going to start to realize how much more legacy is important to you.

How you want your kids to and then you’re going to step up even more as a man, and i love that and that’s what that? That’s, why it’s such a good? Why you know a lot of people will have different wives or slightly different why’s out there, but i think a lot of it bases right back down to their family.

Having family is key.
It was for me before i had my child.
I was a rolling rock that went anywhere.

I just did whatever i could do and i didn’t really have a major purpose in life.
I just didn’t see the drive then instantly as soon as the day i heard i was having a child completely changed me made me, go yo, it’s not just me anymore.

It’s it’s me my child and and the mother of my child.

You know i have to provide and make sure that they understand that i care and that i’m there for them and that i also then it became deeper.

Then i was like okay now i want to start to make sure that my son grows up to be a good young man.
I also want him to see that there’s so much more potential than just what i’m doing.

I don’t want him to see me slacking.
I want him to come to work with me and be like my dad works, his butt off my dad does.
What he’s supposed to do? You know that’s the kind of stuff you’re going to start to see and you’re going to do, and you already do that and that’s why we have you on the show: jake you’re you’re, definitely an awesome human being to deal with um.

So great answer on that.
I know i’ve been expanded on that quite a bit, but kicking into that uh.
The whole flow of making sure that you, like you, said you, you said you shifted right, your.

Why shifted and that’s something? That’s a that’s a heart posture that that completely adjusts for us, where we begin to start wanting to see the impact that somebody else has right and starting to lean into what it is that we do to help be an example or to help be a leader.
In that actually occurring inside of their life, so if you want to live out your dream or you want your son to live out your dream, the best example that he’s ever going to have right is dad.
That’s right.

It’s going to be the most influential person ever.
You are superman, that’s right and then eventually they find out that you don’t necessarily have super powers, but even when you get older, there’s still those times you’ll be like man dad you’re a genius like that’s called dad.
That’s dad strength and dad mind.

That’s right! That’s right! That’s right! So that’s an incredible! Why that’s uh, i mean again a very, very common thread that many people start to shift and it’s because of the natural desire that we have to be uh to be blessing.
Each other right we’re not designed to be isolated and on our own, and we are designed to be fruitful and multiply and as we do, that our legacy starts to tell the story of the seeds that we sown years and years before these uh terrible twos.
That people say that they are, they are just amazing times, you’ll miss them later.

You wish you still had terrible tubes and how to communicate with somebody that doesn’t understand the same way that you understand the doubts right and that’s not at all yeah.
That’s the actual beauty of this business.

The car business is that there is a a communication that has to occur with somebody that knows really nothing about what happens on the back side of the screen right and all that they know about is the car that they get the money they spend for it, And then how to operate it, which is usually where we want them to stay, but there is so many intricate parts into this business.

So as we do that, and you are a legacy car guy right, there is a legacy that has brought you guys.
We we don’t come from a car guy family right, you are a legacy car guy that has a grown up understanding.
It grown up, learning it and now has grown up to master it to where you are pouring it out to other people.

So question number two: we are going to ask you about what is it that you enjoy most about this business, that we call the car business good? Well, i mean first and foremost, it’s always about the customers, i’m very customer-centric.
Even yesterday i was i was underneath.
The car helping get underglow out of a camaro per request for for a customer that i promised i was going to do.

I mean when you’re going to do something, i’m going to do it.
You know so um very much about the customers um.

It’s never really been as much about the money i mean.

I know as terrible as that sounds, but i find joy in in helping my customers get into automobiles.

So that’s that’s good.
I mean that’s a great motivation right.

It’s that simple.
I mean it’s it’s as simple as that.
Folks, if you have something that you’re passionate about he’s passionate about helping people getting automobiles he’s passionate about automobiles, you know he’s like we’re talking about earlier.

It’s that legacy thing his father now it’s on him and he feels that he has that passion inside him.
He knows what it’s about.
He also understands the benefits of doing that for the client and what it does for the client there’s a lot of times like you know like he said you know he goes in he’ll, do whatever he the clients ask, because he promised those things when you can Deliver on your promises over and over and over, you may not see quick value from that, but eventually those people will always remember.

You they’ll always tell people about you, they’re always going to do this you’re going to eventually get residuals from all that kind of stuff, and it’s just residuals are lifetime guys.
You can’t expect residuals to happen overnight.

You got to have that.

The work you put in today, you may not see the effects of it for a year.
That’s when it starts to come in.
It starts to pour in folks the more time you put in this business.

The more stuff just starts to just land in your lap, but it becomes that becomes hard work.
Doing the right thing.
When your client asks you to do little things, you remember the little things.

Don’t forget the little things always deliver.
What you promise always deliver.
Your promises, because the moment you miss one little uh, promise that you don’t deliver.

It becomes a habit, and it’s this big to them.
It’s so huge.
The smallest little thing is so huge to a customer, and i get it.

They spend tens of thousands of dollars with us guys.
You forgot my key.
I want my key.

You know what i mean, there’s so many little things right folks, you don’t understand how i bent over backwards to try to do everything that i could to try to help you out it’s one floor mat the car doesn’t have any more books made in it.
You know what i mean.
Is this a used car? It doesn’t have those little tiny things that if you say you’re going to deliver for your customer, deliver them um, even if it costs you a little bit.

You know what i mean: it’s it’s, it’s so important that you do so jake.
You know real quick.
I want to throw out some of these.

We’ve got some guests that jump down here.
I know this is a live one.
We got mike on here.

What’s up mike, he says my man jake bishop, we got nick bait, saying nick bates hilarious.
Oh there, it is car guy and you got great dan reardon it’s monday and you look like you already played this.
It’s not monday.

It’s tuesday brother, we put it 70 hours, it’s only the second day of the week.
You know we do thousands of hours a week come on all right.

You look fine, you know jake like and i’m sure you probably you, probably know dan, i’m guessing jake jake.

You know i’ll tell you i’ll take it.

I mean a unique last few days getting the house ready, so yeah, no brother.
I know you’ve been busy.

No, but that’s his thing guys.
Did you see that little thing he had on his head? That is his swag style.
You know what i mean: everybody has their own little thing you know, jake from state farm will have his khakis in his red shirt, jake bishop from from uh bob hook, chevrolet’s got his sweatband on and he likes to do that and it i.

I think that it’s cool it shows that you’re on a mission.
In a sense, i kind of feel that man almost very rambo-ish rambo.
You know what i’m talking about survivor mentality right there.

That’s it! That’s survivor, that’s exactly what it looks like the survivor mentality and that’s exactly the kind of mentality that you have to have.
You have to always look for ways and be adjusting things and always look for little little tidbits on how to make your life a little bit better.

You know and that’s the thing about the survivor show they’re always doing things on that show it’s crazy! That’s a wild show, i haven’t watched it in a few seasons, but there was a time when it first came out.

I was like wow.
This is crazy.
I’d like to get on this show that’d be kind of, but i’m glad i’m not honest.

There’s a lot of drama, that’s one of the sides.
I don’t want to be part of, looks like i’ve been in a battle yet jake, yeah, tuesday, you’re right dan, says tuesday.
He did correct himself dan.

You are right.
I appreciate you for coming on and watching.
I was just messing with you by the way it was bad hair day for me, dan there you go so yeah, so you know we’re having fun work.

You know great question great answer.
I’m going to get to question number three: three! You know we all have you know i’m gon na i’m.
I think i might even be able to guess this answer.

I’m gon na.
Let you answer it though we all have a major influence in this business.

Somebody who’s really helped us get to the next level, or maybe somebody that you’ve seen that you’re like man.

I want to emulate and be a lot like this guy’s doing it right, and i want to somehow do what he’s doing to get to where i’m at who would that person be for you who’s that guy that made you help you get to the next level.

In the car business man, can i give you three? Oh you can give me as many as you want my friend all right cool, i mean first one would be my dad um.

I wouldn’t be doing this um i mean he’s, provided a great life for for me and my sisters and my mom um.

He put me through college.
Put my sisters through college wow.
Um gave us all the opportunities in the world to be just a good human.

Being at the end of the day, um, the next one would be my old boss at kenny kent and his name is chris byerly uh, shout out to him and he’s one that i’ve always been customer centric and and that’s one that i was always trying to Strive to be for the longest time uh and then the last one would be mike higdon he’s the one that inspired david to do.

The 800 club and uh he’s the co-host on on my show.
So yeah shout out to him shout out to mike higdon.

Now i’ve heard that name and what’s funny is you know i don’t know mike personally, but i’ve definitely heard his name around the block.
You know i’m all the way down in hardin county which we’re we’re basically rivals, not rivals, but we’re dead, we’re competitive stores right.
So when it comes we’re, not new, but we definitely sell in the same and share each other’s market, but which is a huge market folks markets out there for everybody, even though we’re competition, i don’t think of any of the dealers competition, i think of them as People that i can look at and see how i can improve right, there’s always room for improvement everywhere.

So lulu talked about earlier.
It’s the biggest room in the world.
Every store has room for improvement.

Everybody has room for improvement, there’s not a person in this world period.
Hands down, it doesn’t have room for improvement, so the thing about the the competition side of it is is that it’s fun to me it’s more fun.
I don’t look at it as like.

I got ta beat them, i look at it as, like man they’re doing extremely well.

How are they doing that and how do i get better? How do i get better because they’re present right, you know and that’s and that’s my mentality.
I think that’s what’s helped lou and i be successful in this business – is that we’re we love, sharing love with other dealers, we’re actually friends with a lot of dealers in this area and obviously, with this podcast, we become friends with dealers across the nation, which is Even more beautiful things, you can really share and learn a lot of stuff from different ideas and techniques and different, like programs that they’re all using and to mention the 800 club, which is glenn lendy’s um thing that he’s got going on right now, you’re you’re.

I believe that you guys jumping into the 800 club, is probably the best thing you guys could have done at that moment.

No problem, there’s no doubt in my mind, um, i see the difference.
I know what glenn’s about.

I know that what what he can bring to a dealership like y’all’s dealership, you know you guys saw what he was doing in paris.
He was dominating the whole freaking state and if not more than that, right so being able to bring a little piece of that into your store.

You know with david and i love it and i think it’s great and i’m excited to see what you guys are going to be like next year around this time.

It’s going to be really cool and um and to see you jake man, j, jake’s, a unique guy, a unique guy guys jake is a car, a car guy out there moving whips, but he’s trying to do even more he’s trying to bring his community in he’s.
Trying to do some stuff, so he started this.

This show with he was talking about his co-host um and you know with mike, and you actually have three people on your show: yeah yeah, the other one is my service manager, brian cook.

There you go shout out to brian cook and it’s a heck of a show, guys i’ve watched about six or seven different episodes of it.

You guys have definitely um.
I could see the i could see the energy level changing.

I could see that you guys are trying to bring more to the show, which is exactly what you need to do with everything in life.
You know, you know if you do the same thing over and over you’re, not getting the results you want.
You got to do something different right and what’s been really nice to see you guys, i see you’re bringing more energy to it.

You’re trying to have more fun, you bring.
I love the intro.
It’s really cool way to bring back bring the bob hook, um feel to it, show the history – and i love that my favorite part and, to be honest with you, the whole video is and it’s not because it’s the end, but at the very end you show Bob hook he’s sitting there and you have to sign up right yeah.

I love that shot.
That is such a cool shot.
You know, and i know that’s history shot.

You know and that’s really cool and i know that’s sentimental to both his kids.
You know so to him for them to see that, for you guys to put that out there and have a video that looks like that.

That’s great honor to your dealership and i think that that video puts it there.

You know so i think you guys are doing a great job.
So that being said, and the reason why i bring it up because i’m curious man, what made you guys say: hey it’s time for us to do a video like it’s time for us to put out a show for the community, because this is what it’s for.
It’s very local community, it’s very it’s not just for car guys, it’s literally for the people who are buying cars in the area for people who want vehicles who are just interested who just like vehicles, it’s a great show for that.

So explain why you brought that.
Why you guys came up with the show and what you did well um, so so after many many days and months of watching glenn lundy’s show at 5 30 in the morning mike mike had been inspired to want to do something.

But we started watching a show that subaru, steve and anthony v do you’re all the way out in virginia beach and um.

We decided you know what, if they can do it, we can do it um our first few videos weren’t, really good.
It was just me and mike, and we were just trying to provide valuable content for for the people that were watching.
You know we might have three or four views at one time and we’d get all bummed out about it, but at the end of the day we we wanted to put some good in the world and uh.

I know that we were doing that and then, after a few months, uh brian our service manager joined in well.
He actually just was a guest on our show, and then we we decided that he wanted to continue to do it.

So he asked us he’s like man.

Can i just be on the show permanently and i’m like yeah man? Of course you can.
I mean he provides a good value because you know he’s going to be customer service centric and he’s going to have.
You know good ideas and service, so so sometimes we’ll be talking about service some other times we’ll be talking about sales, because there’s all kinds of questions that that one consumer might ask you know something into the car.

Business and we’d want to be able to answer those questions for them and be as transparent as possible.
I love the answer.
It’s a great answer.

You know why i love the answers because it’s real, that’s not just some made up.
You know, hey we’re.
You know something that sounds good.

That’s it’s it’s facts and i love that you guys did that because you’re right, i i’ve seen subarus, do uh steve’s, show and all that man they do.
They do a great job.
You know they have coffee time, which you know when we started doing ours.

I was like oh man.
I hope it doesn’t make them feel like we’re trying to compete with them because we’re not, i don’t think, there’s any.
I love i love everyone’s show.

I love watching everyone, so i love glenn.
Lundy is a huge inspiration.
Just like you know, he’s one of the reasons why i started the show.

Obviously um you know with his show it’s.
How could you not get inspired by a guy like that? You know people like him.
There’s el patron up up north that i’m hugely inspired by there’s.

There’s guys that are local.
You know you you’re doing some stuff, that’s inspiring me! I love watching y’all show because it’s it gives me ideas.
You know, there’s always so many things that we can do in this world, so having you on the show is really nice man, i’m glad that that you reached out so because you know just so.

You guys know jake reached out to me what a couple months ago jake was that what it was you reached out yeah, we just did it.
We just did a little talking, just comparing notes and just seeing what’s going on and he’s that’s what i love about.
Jake jake was just trying to grow so jake’s like hey, you know, i see what you guys are doing.

I love it.
Can you give me some tips and i you know the only tip i can give.

You is just keep doing what you’re doing and keep growing and eventually you’re going to see everything that you want when you believe in something, and you truly have passion for it.
Those things become things, but you have to keep your eye on it and never forget about a lot of people will start to do stuff.

Two three weeks later and i’m sure you’ve seen it jake people have started, shows out there.

Podcast live videos, they start doing them and then also they disappear.

That’s right and they’re.
Having slight success, i mean it’s not like they were doing bad.

You know you mentioned.
Oh, we maybe only get four viewers.

I’ve never been a big viewer guy.

I don’t really care about my viewers, it’s cool, to have a lot of viewers, but i know that eventually the views will come and i know that people will watch it and they’ll see the value in it.
Just like your show, it’s like our show.
It’s like glenn lundy’s show all kinds of people shows up.

There’s a lot of value in these shows.
There’s a lot of love in these shows, and the most important thing is that you’re consistent, you know me and lou talk about that.
We actually have a neat program that we’re starting and it’s it’s basically how we did what we did.

It’s a 10-step program and it’s called it’s in the consistent method.
The consistent method and each letter of consistent is an acronym.
You know it’s like, so it breaks it down for you, those 10 steps, because consistent is 10 letters right service, so everything’s an acronym yeah.

We are we’re both prior military, so we kind of have this acronym thing going on so, but so that being said, it’s just it’s something that we’re doing and we’re going to probably we’re going to be, throwing that out there here really soon to help people get To the next level um, but that being said, um lou.
I just want to add to that a little bit because um and it’s the same as with us and the same with you and many other people or dealerships um.
Your legacy is going to be something that builds over time, seed, time and harvest right.

So the word says: do not despise the day of small beginnings.
Do not despise small beginnings, do not get upset because it’s still small right if we, if we got upset that that our children were born so tiny and frail, and we didn’t know what to do with them.
You don’t just chuck them out because they didn’t grow up as this big giant person that has is fully formed right.

We we get things in seed form and seeds are tiny, yes and, and faith sometimes, is something that’s tiny, but it just takes a little bit of it in order to move mountains right so anytime that somebody does run into a situation where you’re, oh you’re, making You’re, making something you’re putting it out there, you may not get a lot of traction on it, but it’s okay! It’s there! Now you can build on it.
Most people don’t ever get to see the foundation of the house.

You never get to see that, but it’s at a level that is is beneath the site of the eye, but it is what’s holding up everything that is, that is built on top of it, and it is so crucial that so much time does go into building That up and that you can’t get upset uh when you don’t see the growth that you’re exp that you’re wanting to see, because i i mean i i completely get where people’s heart gets.

Is that you see something that nobody else really sees.
Yet you see something bigger that hasn’t been seen yet.
Does that make sense? You know you’re seeing and you’ve got a vision and you got a hope and you got a dream.

I know exactly nobody’s seen it but you’ve seen it.
I see it and you take the steps to get there and eventually, when you do get there, you’re like this is what i’ve been waiting for.
This is what i’ve been looking for and that’s when the time of the small beginnings becomes so valuable, because you remember those thoughts of man i almost didn’t keep going.

I almost didn’t take that next up, i almost uh quit on my goal.
I almost quit on myself right and in those times where it does get frustrating that’s where it actually creates that friction that heat that makes that diamond.

That makes that thing that is valuable.

That energy is over.
It’s just energy right.
It is some kind of face.

Take compacted energy because if you just jumped right out and there there was no sacrifice, there was no blood, sweat tears.
There was no frustration.
There was no friction, then it almost makes the the trophy.

It almost makes the victory not quite as delicious, not quite as enjoyable, not quite as um, just just loved on because of the pain or the frustration that you found yourself breaking through getting past.
And then you got to the end arms up in the air, because you know the victory.
You know you know the victory that it took.

So speaking of victories, hmm we’re gon na get sleep.
You got there lou, because that’s how he does it hit your chest.
One time for me, jake speaking of victories.

What would you say inside of your career thus far? I love it.
Your greatest victory or reward has been a deep question.

I did um it was last february.

I did a corvette museum delivery.
I thought that was really unique.

I never thought that i would do that.

That is really cool and it it was an amazing experience.

Um anybody that’s coming in to to make a make a build for a corvette.

That’s one thing that i’m always going to recommend is a museum delivery.
It’s it’s! 9.
The experience is worth way more money than that and i think from a customer-centric standpoint.

I i think that that is something super important is to elevate the experience.
I know we’re so fortunate to live within like two hours, especially i live like within an hour right.
You live like like a little over a little over an hour, but like almost two hours away, you’re a little further now that you’re in oldham county but the.

But the thing is: is that that experience for, let’s say, you’re a chevy dealer in california? How often do you get to do that? You know, so you have that opportunity here to go.
Do that the customer, when they’re buying corvette they’re, corvette fans, trust me, you take them to the museum.
You deliver the vehicle there.

Oh, my gosh they’re going to come back and buy the next corvette from you they’re going to come back and want that same experience again because the cool thing you know, if you guys have never had a chance to go to bowling green and check out the Corvette museum there’s some history in that thing: there’s some really cool stuff.
Just a couple years ago they had that sinkhole come in and take this and drop some cards in there is value.
I mean priceless.

Cars fell into the earth, it’s crazy out of nowhere.
You know, but that’s that’s right here in our backyard and we’re very fortunate to have that in our backyard.
A lot of people don’t know that corvettes are made right here in kentucky bluegrass state.

What’s up, and i love that you know, and so that’s really neat.
We even have fords getting built.
Four trucks are getting built right up in louisville kentucky guys, so we you know not to bring up ford brand with the chevy guy, but no it’s cool yeah, you know, what’s saying, is welcome around all right.

Let’s see we got, we got angie.
Oh look.
I love this.

I just want to read a couple comments.
Real quick mike, oh mike, says jake pushes me to be better wow.
That’s that makes you that’s got to feel good to see.

Somebody just put that down.
That’s that’s real.
I love when someone tells me something like that.

That’s all i want to do is just help.
People be better, that’s the thing i’m best at now.
You got angie.

Oh she says good morning, then we got jake, saying hey angie and thanks mike of course that’s right and then look at, and this is your word she writes word.
I love it.
That’s what i’m talking about.

I was gon na throw this at you guys, but i feel like the best things that i’ll have done in the car.
Business haven’t even happened yet so uh, oh man, continue to grow, you’re still a puppy buddy.
I’ve been doing this for almost eight years and yeah you’re still a pup, but eight years is definitely at that level.

Where you you’ve earned some respect by then you know you’ve you’ve put the time in you’ve, you’ve seen enough people, you’ve shaken enough hands and made enough deliveries and you’ve made it eight years in this business.

You know what’s going to do because you’ve seen a thing: okay, exactly so man, no! No! It’s! It’s that’s exactly right and you’re in you’re right! You! You have a lot more to look forward to in this business and we do too.
You know, that’s how i look at it.

You know we have some, you know our greatest rewards.
We can say this now, but you ask us again in five years it could be a whole different story.

You can ask us again in five years where we think we’re going to be it’s going to be a whole different story, and i think your your story is just beginning jake.

I think that you have a lot of amazing things.
Going look at that four questions.
Already, no i’ll take another one i’ll be glad to take another one.

Come on.
You have five questions, so real quick since we already busted out the spotlight and we are live in the morning.
Getting your first brew of car guy coffee, everybody.

Let’s go ahead and get with this individual right here.
Mr jake does put out some great content to try to encourage people inside of his market um, whether they’re they’re people that are actually looking for a car or their other car guys and car gals like us.

That are just looking for a smile or just to have a good time right to kind of break up the monotony of the day.

Uh, let your mind expand, have some fun get a couple giggles, so let’s go ahead and address a negative and unveil a positive and let him go ahead and drop a little jump box in here of encouragement for poor guys and car gals that are watching the Show so jake? What could you say right now, while we have the opportunity to let people uh know something that could give a little juice to their battery, give a little jump start to what may have a couple dead cells in it? What can you help revive today or deposit into the audience that is uh here brewing solutions with you, man, okay um? So i was listening to a ted talk this morning.

Actually um and one quote that i had gotten.
I was trying to listen back to it.

Multiple times so i could try to throw this one at you, guys uh, but confidence is what what keeps you going when you fail.

So i think that that, if you’re going to do anything, you need to have a little bit more confidence.

I think that helps.

I love it, that’s it! Oh that’s going to be a special group.
Folks, let me go and it’s it’s so true, and what he’s saying here folks here there you go what he’s saying here about confidence.
It’s key confidence bleeds over in so many um facets of life.

You know having confidence, it’s it’s contagious for once, or people around you will get more confident when you’re confident you know you ever walked in a room and everybody looks nervous.
You’re, like immediately nervous you’re, like oh, my god, what’s going on right so, but when you walk in a room and everybody has their chest up, they’re standing tall, they feel proud.
You start to either one wonder: why is everybody like what am i like? The only one that doesn’t feel amazing or two man, i feel just amazing – at these people, i’m building up that energy confidence lou and i we have one of our favorite sayings.

I’m sure you know either it is contagiously confident and it’s contagious when you pass that on, like as a sales pro, you have to be confident with your clients, you have to sit there and talk to them and not give them the well.
I think um this car is really cool, but i don’t really know a lot about.
No, you have to be like boom.

Let’s go hey, i’m excited, you know you guys.
It makes a customer go along with you because they want to deal with people who are professionals, professionals.
Now it’s cool you can get away with that new guy stuff.

When you’re new, you know, hey i’m new here, some people, you know customers are like six years.
Yes, bro, so you know, but you know when you’re, when you’ve been doing it, and you have that confidence, your clients, they feel that confidence, they they the man they they buy cars from you, a lot easier.
It’s smoother, they don’t they don’t negotiate, because they know that your pencil is real.

When you look at them with hey this, is it uh? You know to not mention just your clients, though you’re talking about your management.
Imagine being a salesperson.
You walk up you’re like hey, i’m ready for this pencil, i’m ready for the you know.

This is going to happen.

You’re selling your manager’s lit up because he’s like oh, this is going to happen.

You’ve got this down.

We know you got this, that you bleed that confidence there, then you know and it keeps going.
Then you come home and you’re with your family and you’re.
With your kid and you’re, with your wife, when you’re going somewhere and you’re making decisions, you have to have confidence in yourself too.

You know, and – and i’m not trying to make this a you know like a like a a dating thing, but when you are a confident man, women love it.
Oh yeah insecurities and doing all these things don’t get me wrong, even confident people.
Folks, just like optimistic people, we all have moments of unconfidence.

We all have moments of being a little bit like i don’t know, but we get over it a lot quicker because we do have extra confidence.
Things like you know what i’ve done stuff like this i’ve made it through it.
I could do it again right, so confidence comes, but you know you built a good confidence jake.

I actually love your confidence you’re doing some stuff.
Your energy is really good you’re, trying to do some great stuff for your community you’re, trying to help your dealership grow.

You’re trying to help the people around you grow it’s a great thing.

It’s unselfish, that’s the thing.
Unselfish acts you’re doing things not hoping for anything in return, but here’s a beautiful point about life when you do enough good out there and you keep throwing it out there, you’re gon na, get it back tenfold.
Bro, that’s right and you know maybe not monetarily, because people always think.

Oh, my it’s not about the money.
You know money is going to come.

Money is lightweight easy to carry easy to make.
I promise you, you can always make more.
That’s the thing is precious, so use your time right.

Do the right thing help people do everything you’re supposed to do send out great stuff into this universe.

Smile at people open a door for people when you have a client go the extra mile for them make sure that car is ready for delivery, make sure that they have all the stuff that they know even that they know how to open a gas cap that They know that this one doesn’t have a gas cap or whatever it is.

How many i have you know it’s unbelievable.

Some of the stuff people will miss on a delivery.

Um will miss on during their features and benefits.
There’s so many little things that people forget to do that clients really need to know it’s the stuff that you don’t think are a big deal like setting up people’s bluetooth.

Doing all these little things that make a customer happy.
You know that’s just starting! That’s just at the salesman level, there’s so many things in life that you can keep going with.
You know, jake.

You have a huge future, bro yeah! Thank you man.
You know i’m honored, that you came on the show this morning, i’m honored that you reached out to us that we’ve been become friends and we’ve been able to talk and communicate, and i’m looking forward to having more conversations with you, i’m looking forward to all of Us sitting down and having you know, sitting down having a drink together.
One day, you know it’d be really neat.

I definitely look forward to it.
Yo can i share something with you guys, real quick.
I wanted to expand a little bit more on the i would.

I would love to and i was going to solely talk about the community thing so um, let’s see here last week at the beginning of the week i had a young man at work, asked me for some gas money and i was like you know what that’s Fine i’ll give you some gas money, and this is a smaller story to the bigger story, but um then later that night i was at the gas station myself, which is right next door to bob hook.

Chevrolet and a gentleman walked up to me and he’s like hey, can you can you give me some gas? I need to get up to toledo um, i don’t have any money on me and it just.
It was whatever kind of a story, but at the end of the day i was like you know what, let’s just give him, what he needs um, so i pumped more gas for him.

So so that day i was more like the gas man than i was.
The salesman yes um, but i feel like after i’d done those two things and just put some.
I guess some extra good into the world by helping people you did um, it really changed.

Just the week itself um.
I turned uh okay month into a much better than i would have expected month to finish strong and i think that it started with the giving oh it always does.

My friend i love that story.
Folks, did you hear that now it’s, it seems small what he just said, but yet it’s huge and he’s still not even seeing all the effects of it that’s and he may never see some of the effects of it, those people that he helped.
For example, the guy at the gas station that trying to get to toledo that guy right there he’ll probably never see again, he’ll – probably never see if this guy did anything but promise you that one act of kindness when this guy that he sent up to toledo When he has an opportunity to help somebody he’s going to do it, that’s right! That’s what those things are supposed to do.

That’s that’s the stuff! That’s the legacy that you’re leaving! That’s the that’s the good that you put into the universe you know what’s funny is that you may never see it, but you know he may 10 years from now that might come full circle.
Somehow some way that they’re going to touch somebody else that person’s going to touch this person, this person who’s, hurt this person and then it’s going to come to jake again and then he’s and then he’s going to get something that he needed from all that without Even knowing it, it all started with the time that he went to a guy and gave him gas the guy he’s working with he’s talking about.
You know the guy needs some gas money, somebody, your co-worker.

He did that that dude, i promise you that’s something’s gon na, come about that, whether it’s now, whether it’s 10 years from now, there’s something that’s going to come about that, the more you give the more you’re going to get.
I don’t mean to make it sound.
Like you need to get anything because you don’t don’t ever expect anything back, that’s the crate, but you don’t get it back like so crazy.

How his month finished strong and he’s probably right.
It changed his attitude.
It freed them up.

The universe said: let’s line these stars up for him now this guy’s doing the right stuff he’s constantly doing it right and then now, let’s shoot him with these.

This beautiful beam of light that he deserves and let him glow – and you know, you’re glowing right now.
Man, i could see it in you.

You’re excited in life.
You’re excited.
You got your new home you’re, getting ready to sell your other home.

You, you know you, you have a beautiful family.
You know business is doing good for you, it’s starting to come up.
You got your show and your show’s doing i mean dude.

I love it like i said it’s it’s getting better and better and better i’m looking forward to watching the you know next few episodes and seeing how that goes.

I hope that one day maybe lou and i could just pop in and just sit down with you guys like what’s up guys man, i think we could do that.
If we’re going to be using this thing, i think we could do it.

We definitely can.
You know – and i definitely would like i said i’m going to have to i – don’t normally walk into other people’s dealers just because i feel like that’s etiquette, you don’t really do that.
It’s kind of it’s weird.

You know, i’m sure if you know that you know when it’s when you’re doing this stuff, you don’t want to offend nobody by walking in their store and doing all this weird stuff.
But i would really like to come up there and just you know say: what’s up to you guys, man, i i love what you have going on there you’re you’re.
Obviously, your your environment, there’s great or you wouldn’t be there, and i could tell because you’ve, given a lot of praise to people that are in good positions there that are giving you love right back.

I’m watching these comments from people that you work with your work group and how much they care about you and how they’re, following this and they’re, watching it and man.
I appreciate all the comments guys you know, kindness is key.
You’re right, brian kindness is always cute.

Be kind rewind, you know what i’m saying: we’re old enough to understand what that means, but no man, it’s it’s absolutely amazing.
What you’re doing out there and he’s right? It’s it’s the little things that you do you don’t real.
What you’re doing is what’s going to help you get to where you need to get and a lot of people don’t realize that it’s always the little things you know so man.

That was that’s a great story.
That’s a great way to go with it.
So it’s a great jump box and to uh make sure that you all leave with a good to-go cup and take chris with you.

You have jake, that’s really breaking down uh, just a couple key pieces of who it is that he is.
If you want to know more about who it is that he is or what it is that he does go check him out, go listen to his show.
Uh go go reach out to him.

I’m sure that he’s going to be available for anybody that reaches out has a question, wants some help if you’re a chevy guy – and you want just a little bit of help understanding.
Maybe the ins and outs of that of that chevy business or what’s working best practices so on and so forth.
I know that he’s going to be able to sow those seeds into you so that you can grow just like he put a little bit of gas inside of somebody’s tank so that they can have the confidence to get where it is that they’re going.

I’m sure that he’s going to be more than the solutionary that he is to pour that into you um.
But i i challenge you all some with something that glenn has deposited to us um and it’s it’s just connecting a couple words together and that’s your competence and your confidence.
Your competence will increase your confidence.

So your talent, your people that you deal with, are looking for certainty, especially right now, especially right now.
You understand that one of the biggest words inside of marketing that they make sure that everybody’s trying to key in on is the word certainty with all the uncertainty going on right.

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