So what’s up luke what you got next well speaking of being successful, uh, a key piece of any of any success story is that it has some sort of a great legacy right and so uh there’s a great legacy that has become uh now.
Richie bello um, of course, from his family.
I’m sure your family, you know, looks at you.

It very much celebrates who it is that you are, but there’s been key people uh that have influenced you over the years uh.
Who is it that has been one of the key people that have been a pivotal, a pivotal, pivotal, pivotal person inside of your entire career? Who would you funnel it down to saying if i didn’t really meet this person? I wouldn’t have made this shift into this side of the business okay, so my father was a big influencer.
Oh well, yeah, okay, my father was very big with me.

That being said, he means a lot to me, he’s 91 years old uh and i’m blessed that he’s alive and i used to work with my father at 13 or 14 years old.

My father means the world to me.
My father is my best friend and my father.

The other influence i had in the business.
His name is dr john monarch.
Okay, i met him through the nicholson group from there he went to reynolds and reynolds.

I followed him everywhere and we went together are a pokemon company, so he was a very big mentor.
He is a psychologist.

He’s a professional trainer and a professional coach uh he’s much older than me now, but he was my mentor.

My other mentor was stephen polk.

Okay at the poll company, those were guys – and i was very young – i was the youngest guy there.
I was part of a team that everybody was like 15 20 years older than me.

You know – and i was the kid so still a kid richie stewart was born by mentor.
You know i was 24 25.
You know when i met dr john monarchic, so yeah that was important to me because he’s a type of guy because he’s a psychologist and if you look him up, he no matter what situation comes to him.

He converts it into the positive outlook all right.
He no no matter what you can have a training session and he can be in a workshop where only four people showed up.

He would say that’s great, because now the audience is limited and i can work with two people and really get them up to speed.

Um, that’s the type of guy he is, he never gets.
You know he’s like that.
You know so he was a big influence on me and my father was a super influencer on me.

You know so that was really important to me.
Yes, man.
I love how you honored your father, like that, i’m sure he was an amazing person.

He is an amazing person.
Now you said what is your father’s name, his father uh? My father’s name is ronaldo bellow, oh love, it great name, good, strong name.
I love it.

So um well in 91 years old until meeting richie, but is the name around the town amongst the cubans pretty important guy.

You know what i mean just saying.
You know most people probably know um but uh.

It’s uh it’s interesting to see how culture has uh brought just the waves of people into what it is that we’re doing today.
You know what i mean: yes, you’re, a great great legacy um, but that’s that’s such a great honor uh, because you know who knows what it is that your father had to go through just to uh, get you uh to a place where you can launch off Into life, the way that that you are able to you know what a great blessing you’re your father’s legacy.
You know and he’s definitely you know, i know he lives to you.

Just like i know my i live through my son.
Sometimes you know it’s my legacy.
I know that you know when he gets older.

I’m i’m gon na pass all the knowledge i can to him so that he can be the best person that he can be right same thing with your father, you look up to him.
He’s like a superhero, my father for me was a superhero.
You know, and i know my son looks at me like that too.

So that’s awesome.
I love that answer.
I love that you brought your father in there and so that leads me to my last question.

The last question of the night, for me, question number five, so i know that through your life, you’ve had a lot of great things.
You’ve touched a lot of people, people have touched you and you know you you’ve been blessed.

The question that i’m going to ask you is what has been the greatest reward, and the reward could be a multitude of things, but rewards are something that are a little bit better than like an accoladed sets.
You know what i mean, what is the greatest reward? You’ve ever had from everything that you’ve done in your life.

The reward is to watch something grow, oh, like somebody that i’m helping out actually blow up and become bigger than anything.

That’s the reward that i get right.
I get.
That really is the biggest reward that i could ever see.

Somebody growing to all kinds of levels that started out that i knew when they started out and they were really like nowhere and watch them learn the knowledge watch them, learn.
Wisdom right and watch them grow and become doing the right thing by themselves by their family and be successful.

That’s what i like watching! That’s that’s a great great great answer.

It’s a fruit bearer right there, a seed sewing fruit bearer that comes from my heart.
I feel the very i feel very similar to that.
You know somebody asked me that question it’s watching people that i’ve that i’ve had a chance to mentor, be friends with watch them grow and become something you know it’s it’s something special about that see them become.

Like you said more than they thought they ever could be, you know and then realize that even then they could do more.
You know, so it’s it’s a beautiful thing to see happen.
It’s you know watching my little brother watching my my employees that i’ve worked with um co-workers.

You know guys like lou, you know just seeing all this stuff happen, you you know even richie.
You know in our short time, we’ve we’ve been friends for months now.
You know, and it’s it’s been cool to watch you go through what you’re going through right now.

I know i missed you.
You were gone for a little while, but i know you’ve been super busy, we’ll talk about that a little bit after this when we get back from our break, but we’re going to definitely talk about, what’s been, you’ve been doing and why you’ve been gone for a Little bit so i’m excited to talk about that great answer, though man, that’s, i mean hit the hook again car guys car guys, if you’re not actually feeling this brew right now.

Well, you need to sip a little bit more rewind i’ll, listen again uh, because uh richie’s talking about some some real serious things.

That is really how things take root inside of your life when you begin to shift your focus and want to see the growth in other people, i promise you.
You will begin to learn at an exponential rate, because you learn the when the key for learning is to start teaching.

It start teaching what you learn and you get better at it right what happens to the to the kid inside of just about any other.

Any martial art class, eventually one rank, begins to leave the other ranks behind right behind them and step up and show them what absolutely right.

So, if that’s what has to happen inside of any other scenario in the car business, what the veterans are going to show the new guys, how to you know, handle this? How to do the balloons? How do you know how to put the keys here? How to do that, there’s going to be a succession that happens there, but you make sure to want to see the growth of other people and that has made you a master teacher, a yoda.
You know a jedi inside of this business because you’ve been seeing other people uh learn how to use their uh lightsaber.

You know what i mean: you’ve taught them the way they love it and they’re growing, and that’s uh that you can see that in you and you know we we actually seek to be uh, those that you can look to and say hey.
I i actually did show them that i pointed those guys in in this direction and look at you know, look at the success that they had.
There’s many great connections that we’ve been able to talk to uh because we’ve had the great chance to know you richie and we honor that, and thank you for that.

Folks he’s not just talking it’s not just a car guy.
It sounds like he’s from strong island.
You know with the deep one of the deepest new york accents these accents you’ve ever heard, but he’s connected all right he’s connected.

He doesn’t just sound like you know.
He knows like the biggest thing that really i share everybody’s post.
I don’t know if you my wall doesn’t have baby any very few things about me shared and shared shit right.

Do you know the reason why people should start sharing? First, the content and the knowledge, but the most important thing that person that posted something positive might be having a bad day and he’s going out of his way to help somebody you might make somebody’s day by sharing their content.
I’ma tell you it does that it does it for me, it’s hard it’s hard to have all this living around this negative world to write something positive and nobody shares anything because they’re scared or if i share then they’re gon na get my friends who cares.
You know that’s why i share everybody.

I share anybody out there, that’s positive content, that’s doing real life or something my wall is not full of my content.
If you look at it, i hardly post anything.
I mean very red white.

I go on social media.
I share share, share shit yeah, you do because that’s what i might be making somebody stay.
I mean you, don’t know what somebody nobody knows where anybody is, what kind of situation they’re having and they’re out there posting and making their live to, try to keep their mind occupied.

They really tremendous effort, tremendous effort, why not a lot of courage takes a lot of courage.
You know i can take it from me and lou and you also you know how much courage it takes to put a live video out there.
You know it’s it’s it’s! It’s it’s scary at first, you know, but it’s so when they do that, you want to honor that you know, and i totally agree.

You know.
I’ve had a great opportunity.
You know, with this whole cove situation, to have extra time to be able to look at live videos, and you know, and a lot of people were doing these really amazing, like unity, things and getting together to just try to learn and grow, and i was so Into getting in part of that i wanted to, i wanted to.

Let them know that i honor it.
I wanted to share it.
I want to let people know, hey, come check, it out, come check it out, and that built a community.

It built a community and a network that to me is invaluable and you know richie you’re, one of those people that we had in that path.
You know and i’m so glad that our past crossed, i think our paths were supposed to cross.

Obviously, you know, i think it’s, i think it’s a great thing, i’m very i’m very happy you’re here folks.

We just did our five liner with richie bello.

What what? What when we get back from this break, we’re going to hit you with the fresh new fish? Get you some so richie is going to be with us since getting some fresh news car guys.

This is lou ramirez, the car guy.

This is fred lawrence’s sub prime hero, and we have been brewing solutions on the car guy, coffee podcast with richie bello.

Yes, sir, we will be right back.
Let’s brew, , you .

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