Hi brandon artisan president of champion strategies and also spokesperson for shop, smart autos, where we give you the consumers, all the latest, that’s going on in the automotive industry, also retail itself, especially during this covet situation.

So, let’s get right to it.
For today we want to talk about what retailers need to do to engage you, the guests, through social media, while social distancing guidelines remain in place, people have become really reliant on digital tools and resources, just to feel connected to feel human.
If you will so social media does play a big part of their world, especially if their home 18, 19, probably 24 hours a day if people are bringing them things.

So if your business does not already have a social media presence, now is the time to use these platforms to broaden your brand awareness foster.
Some connections earn some customer trust and provide up-to-date information for smooth online shopping services or any type of ownership journey.

So with that said, here’s just a few things to think about be engaged, and what do i mean by that? Have you ever had a conversation with someone who only talked about themselves? Yeah, i think, we’ve all been there now, don’t be that voice on social.

Think beyond that uh, i need to find out some marketing information.
How many postings do you do per week delivering comparable levels of interaction services? So you, the consumer, can see what i’m doing on my showroom inside my brick and mortar now, facebook posts are seemingly three to five times more, where customers are engaging.

They connect through social media and earn customers trust, while maintaining a safe physical distance for new content.

We strive to diversify and post topic situations, so, if you think about it, in this digital space, we snap a 360 degree photo of a vehicle’s interior.

That sounds good.

How about connecting that with the walk around video now we’ve taken it to another level.
How about showcasing a customer talking at home about a delivery that just happened from the digital space, where they did not come into the dealership at all? How about hosting live q, a sessions with guests that are sitting in your service area? For example? We need to start leveraging more instagram facebook stories.

The reason being 62 percent of people said that they have become more interested in brand or product awareness.

After seeing some stories report, user-generated content, like check-ins mentions for posted content.

Engagement isn’t complete when the asset is uploaded.

You need to monitor the activity and consider taking small steps to control the conversation by removing negative comments like positive comments and addresses to certain situations that happened at the dealership.

Some engagements are behind the scene, so if we check our inbox and direct messages according to facebook, 55 percent of people feel more confident sending a message to a business.
Then an email so be ready to receive that and finally keep your demographic relevant by following your enthusiastic community partners, your friends, your family, ask your team members to follow your dealership channel, be sure to tag everyone when the dealership is uploading, something like pictures.
The more you make your content about your audience about your consumers and their interests, the more they will remain with you be informative when you do put up something from the manufacturer or from the community or from a previous person who purchased.

All of these things are great, so people can see actually what’s going on as you deliver a vehicle online use social to spread the word about your digital, especially if it’s safe, seamless and it has real value.

I let people know that everything can be done on a secured line when it comes to exchanging personal information for the fni scheduling, pickups and reserving rides cabin the vehicle come to the guests without coming in.

All of these things need to be in your forefront as you’re telling your story, how we take care of our guests without getting near them for sales and for service, so i would always have some tips of the day for maintenance.

I would also have some things about the manufacturer staff involvement.
If you’re doing some things in the community and always your partnerships, they need to be there the more authentic that you can show your guests that you’re dealing with the community themselves.
People feel good at.

After all about that, 85 percent of customers trust online reviews much more than personal recommendations.

I’ll say that again, 85 of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
So with that said, let’s find a way to get what we can from this digital space.

Also, how about being social, bring social media to the forefront of your digital marketing strategy? If you wear multiple hats at your organization, consider enlisting a dedicated provider to really execute your campaigns.

You provide the analysis, but when we do these things, we show our guests that we really care.
We are present.

We are relevant.
You can see us so i’ll, let you and your organization think about it.
If you’re a consumer watching this, maybe you need to let your favorite retail automobile person know that they’re not on facebook, enough they’re, not on instagram enough they’re, not in those areas where you and your friends are, and i guarantee you they will find a way of Getting there why social media is the thing of the future and dealerships are different, no different than human beings, but if i’m a small, medium business, maybe social media isn’t at the top of my food chain right now, i’m just trying to survive, but in survival.

If they’re told that this is how you attract us, this is how you sustain us.
Buy this social media, then maybe that retailer that you’d like to deal with so much will wake up.
So once again, brad and artisan president of champion strategies and also spokesperson for shopsmart altos.

If you got something out of it, that’s great.
We will see you next time and remember, as always in party you go out and make it a champion.

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