Good day branded artisan for shop, smart autos and president of champion strategies here to give you the people who follow shop, smart autos, some insight on what’s going on with you, the consumer when it comes to your automotive needs and also retail needs in general, especially during This pandemic, so we at shopsmart autos.

We are going on with market research with some of the more well-known e-commerce sites and just from our initial work, with them pre-pandemic to current studies or current pandemic.

We’re watching start changes on how consumers are shopping online.

Take note that this applies to marketing messages, uk design, core branding messages, follow-up communications and really without heating.

How customers behavior is changing during this carina coronavirus pandemic.

All we’re letting you know, is that many of the brands that you like maybe making some mistakes and here’s.

Why we’re noticing that pandemic shopping, behaviors change online? Naturally, the first step around the globe.

Quarantine measures vary widely, and even here in the united states, each county each state have their own laws about how retail shopping is supposed to go.
So what does this mean? For you, the consumer, looking at one of your favorite brands, well, they need to being the person that wants you to come into their world and purchase, something they need to optimize their websites.
If you search frequently and you’re running into some roadblocks and not a streamless way of going from viewing to purchasing something’s wrong or something’s out of date, they need to change who they’re working with, because you, the consumer, is saying we’re quickly going to go to somewhere Else to get a better experience online than this, so that’s the first thing we’ve noticed.

The second thing is that customers are reading marketing emails, even though marketing emails tend to have a pretty low click-through rate once again from scene to purchase, but people are generally subscribing to these emails and the person company organization on the other side are pretty much not Handling them right, not saying that they’re ignoring them, but they don’t have the right personnel or maybe need to hire more personnel to keep up with the responses of the emails, because many things like promotions, they automatically just go out.
But if nobody is diagnosing this, when it comes back in a timely fashion, then you the consumer once again are going to go out.

So we found some things that companies need to really be looking for.

Uh, don’t send more than one email marketing campaign a week to somebody limit the number of products that you’re putting in front of them tailor your message but make sure it’s well done and coupons are great.

But once again we need to get your attention and somebody needs to respond once you get the consumer’s attention so and then the last thing during this pandemic, we’re finding out that deals or free shipping are really the way to go.

You the consumer, like them.

Now we’re talking about the world economy, because the whole world’s been impacted by this pandemic and consumers has lost income or reduced income that they have to accept barely trying to make things meet.

So now, more than ever good ideas from organizations to put on their landing pages, so you can see them to promote something to sell.
Something is really needed.

That’s what you’re asking for so quantitative research can give any organization a way of how to attract you more because you are the consumer, and these are just some of the things that we’ve noticed that you said that makes you feel good once again, brad and artisan’s Spokesperson for shop, smart autos, and so if you pick something up, that’s great, we’ll catch you next time and as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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