whoo y’all know what time it is.

Yes, quick through time.
What’s going on everybody frelin arts subprime hero today is 1.

It’s already five days into the first month of the year that your life is going to begin folks.
It’s so important, you get it going because time goes by fast.

Take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it.
So today my quick tip my quick brew for you.

It’s about relationships over revenue, folks that is so important.

It’s always better to put people in front of your profits.
Revenue is behind your relationships every single time, because when you build relationships the revenue will come in when you build up your people, the profits will come in.

That is what’s more important, make sure you guys do that, make sure that you sit there and you build those relationships.
You know i have relationships that i build every single day, not just with the clients that we’re selling cars to, but my sales people are vendors.
You know to me even with the podcast i have right now, the think ad group.

I love them, love them so much our very first sponsor those are that’s a relationship folks.
We do.
We have revenue we make together, but it is a relationship.

I also want to thank think i want to thank thank with a i want to thank elite, fi partners.
Elite fi partners is another one of those things.
That is a relationship we put that over our revenue every single time.

I love them.
Elite fi partners, www.

Of course, we also have some new partnerships, new relationships that i’ve built you got dealership, toolkit god.
I love dealership, toolkit folks, dealership two kit is doing some amazing stuff out there.

You guys need to reach out to them too make sure you build up the people around you, your team, your friends, your family, everybody that you know that you need to build up around you.
That is what the relationships are all about.
You know, then, we have exo glass and exo glass by the way dealership toolkit right there.

Exogloss is killing the thing right now: exo bloss.
Now you can reach out to tory uh terry torlein.
I love them another relationship over revenue.

These people are just here to grow together, we’re sitting here, building relationships, trying to be the best version of ourselves, making our companies the best version that they can be.

Of course, like i mentioned, lead fi right.
Every single one of these companies to include next cell app are 100 cgc approved.

Folks hope you guys enjoyed that.
I’m not going to stay on here much longer, but just remember when you’re doing things and you’re growing the most important thing you do before profits is your people.
If you want to build true revenue with your company, you got to have relationships built first, always do those things.

First, make those your priority, and i promise you you go way further than you ever believe.
I’m freelancing subprime hero, and this was today’s quick tip for you, quick brew relationships over revenue.

That’s it! You all have a great one.

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