I don’t know.
What’s going on with our mics this morning, we’re gon na try to go through this struggle of life, but it’s okay.
I appreciate everybody for being here, charles higgins.

Hopefully you can hear me.
We got mr brian norris.
We got a few other people, i’m not sure who you are.

It says linkedin user yeah.
I don’t know how.
Yes, i can hear the introduction, so i’m not sure sometimes sometimes linkedin there.

So can you hear us now tell us in the comments? I’m pretty sure they can, i think um, but if you guys can’t hear us, please do let us know um, but there’s a lot of times right there.

It says there you go boom, whoever that user is.
I know you’re on linkedin, but i don’t know who you are.

That’s really weird.
That’s not popping up.
We do appreciate you for jumping in you guys have a great morning so we’re excited.

We have some stuff that we’re going to talk about this morning.
That’s that’s! Going to be, you know about the future.
We’re going to this show is not going to be too long.

We actually are running a little bit late.
Yes, that’s, okay, and then we still have meetings with the yes, we got a couple meetings today.
Today we actually planned on uh hosting a little bit of the show on the road as we’re gon na go visit, some friends uh just to give give them some gifts, give them some congratulations.

We were gon na pull a dress.
Yes, we were going to pull the charles again charles higgins, to go, run around and run and go run and buy some people’s spots, but we’re going to do a driving with charles episode of our own by ourselves.
Without charles.

We just need to take a day off during the week next week and just same day.
Dude, let’s go, do it yeah and we could just do a little around the world of kentucky type thing.

There’s a couple people in kentucky i’d like to go visit.

So a lot of people it’d be really neat to be able to point out here.
There’s jay king.
We can hear you yes, yes, awesome! Well, so real quick, let’s just go ahead and say what it is that we were saying earlier.

This is lu ramirez.
The car guy – and this is fredo narcissus up right here.

He is also known as super dad around these parts right here.

It’s awesome uh that we get the chance to say good morning to all you super dads.
All you super moms, all you super humans that are out there solutionaries that are rising up.
We got a lot of exciting things that we want to talk about, but of course we want to make sure that we say thank you so much to our incredible sponsors that we teamed up with that are bringing you this message of hope.

This light and this fun filled adventure of solving transportation problems by brewing solutions and uh being people that upshift and uplift the industry.
So we want to make sure that we thank exogloss friend, terry torlein is an incredible individual that is always making sure uh to to.
Let people know one that they’re appreciated, but also help them with their appearances.

Yes, just like excellence, it is it’s all about the appearance.

Folks perception is so key, so just like your vehicles, you want to make them looking good.
It feels good to drive a good looking car matter of fact, you own the car longer when it looks good right, you’re, more proud of the car.

It’s the kind of car you could pass down to your family members and your car, because it has exo make sure you reach out to terry terry’s, going to be on our show soon.
I’m looking forward to having him on here, it’s going to be exciting.
I’ve been friends with terry for a while now, so it’s neat to see um a partnership in business also, so it’s going to be a lot of fun and then, of course, oh yeah, i’m at the dealership, we’re gon na have to put them on the big We’re gon na have to get them a bigger logo, they’re, not big enough, so yeah.

That is right.
There bam hello dealerships.
These guys right here right here.

These people, amazing, you got liz, you got rich and, of course, you got their uh erica that are down there doing some amazing stuff and they’re they’re.
Just now, starting to grow they’re getting ready to open up i’ve, seen i’ve actually checked out a few of their posts, they’re getting ready to open up an office building.

You got rich right now.

Traveling, helping dealers signing up dealers doing everything he can to help his business grow matter.
Of fact, the best decision they made was being part of the car guy coffee.
That’s right, yeah, the cafe the whole night, so i’m excited about having them part of the family.

Um they, i really am – we’ve been talking with them for about half a year now and to be able to finally connect and be able to put all our stars lined up and just say: let’s make it happen, we’re going to make it happen.
This is just the beginning of everything: we’re going to be doing new stuff we’re going to be putting some new graphics.

In the background you see like behind us right in our picture, you see the car guy coffee little thing going around a little picture.
We have we’re going to be doing all kinds of cool stuff.
You guys are going to start seeing a lot of new stuff and uh, and it’s going to be unique.

I think we’re going to see some changes that are going to be really good for the future.
So what do you think is next, like next sale, what speaking of the next sale next sale, jason garrison man, what an app folks, if you guys don’t know anything about the next cell lap reach out to me or luke, we’re happy to sit down and actually Walk you through how to use it.
Um we’ve been very fortunate enough to sit down with jason jason’s.

Give trusted us enough to tell us about his uh.
His company explain to us how these app this app works he’s even given us access to his app.
So we’re able to look at it, use it and share with people um it’s it’s such a cool thing.

I mean i’m telling you if you’re a salesperson and you’re trying to do prospecting, but you’re also trying to make sure that your relationship is uh kind of glued together with the presence of media inside of all of your customers.
Hands an excel app is something that’s going to make sure to help.
You get your next sale while also properly keeping your follow-up intact with the customers that you have it’s just the tool that you need, along with the dealership toolkit along with exo-gloss, along with our partners at elite, fi partners.

All of these are tools that you need to put inside of this big engine.
That is your business to help you be successful and they are all one 100 cgc approved, but we could not.

We could not do what it is that we’re doing unless we thought properly and we want to be encouraged to get you all to reach out to the think ad group.
That’s right and folks before you do anything, you have to think that’s right.
You know what i mean and it’s so true episode.

I love that and what one thing i love about, the think ad group is that they are pioneers in what they’re doing they they they’re the kind of company that doesn’t really brag about what they do.

They just do that makes sense.
You know they have the thirsty thursday think tank that they do every thursday night.

It’s a absolutely free platform for any of you guys out there.

Some of you guys have been getting hot on this new app out there right.
It’s called hoops yeah clubhouse i’ve been on it for the last 48 hours.

I’ve already.
I’ve actually learned some stuff already that quick.

This thing is going to be powerful.

This, you know, i know glenn and a bunch of other people, michael cerrell, i mean i can name a list of amazing car people that are on every morning now.
The last two mornings are doing this breakfast of champions.
What a cool name! I love it and i love what they’re doing and it’s just information it’s a way to get your day going and if you guys are not on that yet go to the website or go to it’s only a right.

Now, it’s not an android app.
It’s only available on ios platforms or you can do it online and sign up, so you can go onto a website.
You can log in get you get you in there, because you’re going to have to ask to join and then somebody’s going to have to nominate you to join it’s kind of neat, because it’s like a club.

So, but if you, if you know people in there i.
e lou ramirez the car guy or fred lennon arts, the subject hero, we know people in there too.
If you come on there, just let me know you jumped on and i’ll try to get you in as fast as possible.

We’ll show you around, you need to start learning about this app now yeah i mean i was able to jump in and have a one-on-one with les brown yesterday and have him speak and confess great things over our future and uh.
The things that we’re doing.
I was right there listen to it, i’m excited about.

I was like what yeah lou gets on there he’s like hey yeah.
I just wanted to formally invite you.
You know car guy, coffee, podcast and the guy’s like he’s like yeah and he’s like yeah, we’ll make it happen, but then he just straightly hit blue with you know.

You know: you’re you’re, you have it inside you, it’s obviously your path.
It’s it’s your mission.
That’s what you’re supposed to be doing? That’s why it’s you’re passionate about it.

I heard all i mean it.
Wasn’t those exact words, i’m saying, though, but to that tune.
If that makes sense like he was just throwing some love at lou and lou literally just dropped and asked him hey.

Would you please come on our show now? Please would you would you come on our show, we’d love to have you on the car got coffee at least connected.
We would love to have les brown on here.

Who wouldn’t talk about hope? Oh i’ve actually been slowly connecting with les brown.

That’s what was so funny you did that i was like, oh, my goodness.
I’ve actually recently connected with les brown too, so absolutely season.
Two is going to be bananas, but we’ve given an incredible plug for that’s that’s why, for that one! That’s why season two is going to be so different than season one.

We we’ve realized that the guest is the guest and sharing our guests ideas and their thoughts is what’s making our show right.
That is the whole purpose of to be able to share ideas, be able to reach out and get people involved and to educate and for us to learn at the same time.
Now, that’s why i want to break it down to three different episodes a week, because if you break it down to three episodes a week now, we’ve got three different guests every week.

That’s why we got ta break it down into shorter episodes like we were doing.

These hour hour and a half two hours five hours, most of you be honest.
You haven’t been able to hang out for all no, and i even saw it.

I know this by somebody yesterday that said they it was a matter of fact melissa.

She went she went and shared one of the posts that had michael offmathen, who saw that mike.
It was great.

She shared my three of our posts yesterday.

Thank you, melissa, um, but they were on there and boom boom boom.
All the time.

I see a comment that says man.
I was gon na watch this, but it was an hour long.
So i passed, he goes.

You know honest criticism, so i replied back and said.

I appreciate that if you go to our website you’ll see these episodes broke down in 30 minutes segments.
He said thank you and i gave my website so i’m sure he went there and that was kind of the piece of our first criticism.

To begin with is that we just keep yakking do we, i don’t think we do that, and – and you know what, when you’re, having a good conversation with a cup of coffee and a friend um it time does get away from you so uh.

We do respect your time and we do thank you for every ounce of it that you give brewing solutions with us.
We’re so thankful for that.

But we are going to be so much more intentional on packing it down into espresso shots.
So we’re going to do these 30-minute episodes 45-minute episodes that are smaller shots.
You know.

I think that the five-liner is impossible to get that 30 minutes.
We could, but then it wouldn’t be it wouldn’t be.
It would be fun to be like.

So i think i’m gon na try to break it down to 45 minutes we’re gon na limit it.
I’m gon na probably put a timer in front of us, so we can know when we ask questions how much time we have left and all that stuff um we’re gon na we’re getting better we’re trying to make this a better experience for you.
Folks, a better experience for everybody out there.

This way that when we re-share these information, that the information isn’t sitting there just wasting, because there’s so much good stuff like these hour-long episodes that we put out those hour-long episodes of so much information in that hour.
It’s hard for us to break down anything smaller, so we’re going to do it.
So, instead of doing these long interviews that are multi multitude of things, what we could do now is we can break it down into three different sections and we can.

The thing is, one person doesn’t have to be interviewed all in one day or we could.

We can still do our our five liner and do all these things, but they would have to be broke down into later.
You know so the five liner, the fresh news, the jump box, there’s gon na, be things so we’re gon na break it down to three episodes a week which gives you guys three shows now and there might be more if for some reason right and if, for Some reason we get an opportunity to do this full time there will be more there’ll, probably be five episodes a week, folks, maybe six, and that it’s just that’s.

This is the evolution.
This is the growth of the car guy coffee.
This is because of you folks, out there, and i appreciate every one of y’all, because because of your encouragement, because of you all viewership because of y’all’s like just just sharing love with us, it’s helped us encourage us to become better.

It’s helped us encourage us to make season two bigger and better than season.
One was we’re looking forward to season two, i’m looking forward to season three four: five: six, seven, all those seasons and they’re all gon na come we’re not going anywhere.
Folks, we put our foot down in there.

We put it in concrete we’re ready to roll we’re ready to do this car business with you guys we’re ready to grow with you guys so make sure that you’re ready to go so damn.
You know how to keep growing right, yeah man, you know, what’s up, you all know how to keep going so before we get into the subject matter of this particular episode.
Unfortunately, we can’t be on that too long, but we want to make sure that you do.

The three f’s so that we can keep growing on three everybody join us one.
Two three forgive focus fly and keep growing, keep growing man we’re a little late on that.
But that’s okay, folks see so one thing i wanted to get to you know we had to go through our sponsors.

Our sponsors are amazing and, as you can tell we’re becoming it’s becoming more broad and i love it because every one of these sponsors all love each other too.
They all have a different element that helps make the process come together inside of your business, and i think that i’m going to be able to, but i also think that there’s companies like elite, fi and exogloss that could connect together, which i believe is happening anyway, That being said, let’s a lot of connections happen inside of the case.

There’s some stuff.

I wanted to talk about this morning.
You know um, let’s see i want to say: what’s up you got terrell, you got randy j.
What’s up everybody joseph? What’s going on my friend good morning, good morning, good morning, so folks, brian norris, yesterday i put out a post and brian norris.

He um i it was just basically hey.
I just had some questions.
You know.

If there’s anything you guys can do to help us improve our whatever it was.
I can’t remember exactly the words of my post, but brian said i love what you guys are doing, but i have a good question for you now he said: can you go over the difference between relational closing and informational closing? I love that topic.
So we’re going to get into that matter of fact: lou’s been stewing on that too.

So i’m going to let lou hop on to that.
So what do you want to talk about first? Well, so, let’s, let’s identify on two different sides of what it is that we are talking about, and you guys helped us out as well we’re going to be reading the comments and seeing what it is that you think those two actual uh comparisons would be defined.
As what do you consider relational closing, and what do you consider informational closing at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to what it is that you identify it as, and so i i compare this alike to having an in an actual relationship with A person because that’s what your customer is, they are a person, and inside of that i could finish.

Reading writing books.
I can finish putting um ideas out here in social media land people can have their opinion and their thoughts of me.

They can have a lot of information concerning me.

They can rattle off a lot of stats.
Maybe right, but you know me yes, so all of those things if somebody said something that was counter that um that persona even my past, right, even the the horrible ugly things in the past um.
You know the character of me because you know me all right.

So that’s a relational thing: uh, no different than than the relationship that you have with the spouse, a child uh, your god.
The the important thing is that you know who you’re talking about, and you know what you’re talking about you’re making me think right.
That’s what we’re here to do right, i’m saying that’s so elite.

It really is such a dealership toolkit for us to know this type of information you have to have, because if you don’t you’re not going to exo and gloss it out, you know what i mean.
I mean just saying it’s all about your next step.

Come on that was awesome, but car guys cargos.

Think about that.
The information that you give a customer may have absolutely nothing to do with what it is that concerns them.

I want you to be understanding that um, the the same god that created the heavens and the earth does care just as much as he’s powerful.

As a matter of fact, his full power is inside of his love.
Right hell is that, so, if you truly care for your customer – and you truly love them, then you want to know what it is that you’re there to deliver for them.
You want to make sure that you’re bringing them what it is that matters.

So we, when we train people, we make sure that we’re not saying hey, don’t just tell them about a feature.

Make sure that you tag that feature to a benefit.
It has to have a actual benefit to their life.

Otherwise, you’re just saying words, and so it’s important that you make sure that you identify what is that relational selling, because some people don’t even know what we’re talking about.
Don’t even know what that is, and you know and here’s the thing and i’ll be honest with you.
I know exactly what it is, but even though, when brian brought that up to me, i still wanted to be like.

I want to make sure i’m clear about this, because i did actually i was like relational is like relationship right, you’re building it based off of you and you’re selling yourself you’re selling, what you’re about you’re building more rapport while informational is more about the product and Having information about it, doing that, that’s what i assume brian meant, and if brian, that is what you meant please put a thumbs up, but that’s what we’re going with just you know so inside of a relationship um when you’re having referrals, that’s not based off of Just information: that’s based off of relationship when you start building um a reputation, that’s not based off of the information.

Nobody really is looking you up to say man who sells the absolute most cars.
I want to talk to that guy.

As a matter of fact, you’ll notice that a lot of sales people will kind of dodge that guy or not sales people, but a lot of customers will kind of dodge that guy because they feel, like man, you’re a great sales person.
So i don’t really want to be sold.

Um they’ll, actually kind of help go target, the lower guy on the totem pole at some times.

You know what i mean because they feel like they can get over on them, but the person that builds their lifestyle in sales by having relationships with people are the ones that are able to communicate that information and it actually be received.
So the my in my personal opinion, relational closing, is 100, the dominator of any informational closing, because the information is always going to change and is always going to adjust and it is always going to be recalculated.
The relationship is something that can always evolve, always build.

Always always grow, though it is changing in that way that if that relationship can actually be cut off, the the the downpouring of information is constantly going to keep coming.

There’s an unlimited amount of information.

That’s already out there there’s an unlimited amount of information.

That’s on its way, but there’s only so many relationships, that’s why we want to make sure to encourage you to live a lifestyle, that’s rich in relationships and focused on relationships over revenue focused over people focused on people over profits right.

It’s so important that a customer understands that you care about what concerns them, not just that you know something really cool and you want to make sure that they know all about it because a lot of times those really cool things about cars or about uh big Purchases rvs all that stuff people don’t even use half of that or even know about it, and nor do they care.
You know it’s the craziest thing, it’s the information for most people.

So if you got a customer who’s specific about what they’re purchasing, they already know, everything you know it’s just coming down to.
Does this car have that equipment that they prefer to have you know, so information is great to have don’t get me wrong.
You want to be you want to have product knowledge.

You want to have the skill you want to be able to explain how things work on a vehicle.

That’s your product that you’re selling whatever it is that you’re selling, but i could tell you what made the biggest turn for me in the business was when i got really good at relationship building when i and i’ve always was good at that.

You know, and that’s probably what was my bread and butter in this business probably would help me maintain gross sell more cars.

Get repeat get referrals was my relationships that i built people absolutely loved me.
I was like their son or i was their brother or i was their.
You know their best friend whatever it is i had to be.

I became, and i truly felt that way, because i’m deep down we’re nice people deep down we’re human beings, so be a human being.
When you do that, and you actually ask questions not just about hey what color car do you prefer but hey stuff, like you know, do your kids, you know, do they need the space in the back? You know, i noticed that you said you had two kids.

Are you looking for car seats or you know when you start getting into that type of stuff, and you start to make them feel like you really care about what’s going on in their lives and what would really be best for them, not just information, but for That relationship that you’re building with them that you’re going to be their car guy for life that i’m going to be their subprime hero whatever it is.

You got to do that and when you do those things much like randy says: relationships convert to referrals, big time and and that’s where the business gets easy folks, we all we work so hard and we and we do everything we can to set appointments when someone Shows up, we do everything we can to help them purchase a newer vehicle right.
So, if you’re going to do all that stuff, why just sell them a vehicle and let them leave? You can do that with informational sales closing and all that stuff, no problem shut them down, make sense logic, send them on the way, but are they going to send you anyone, probably not? Are they going to remember your name most likely not right, so why make this business harder on yourself? If you know that every fresh person that you sell is that much? Is it’s not really that hard, but it’s harder than a referral it’s harder than somebody coming in because bobby said to come, see you that you’re, the man and that you’ll treat me good right.
I mean good.

I don’t even know what you’re going to get me.
That’s what bobby said you’re the man or the customer who bought a car from you two years ago or six months ago, and their wife wants a car now or their daughter needs a new car or their brother needs or their mom whatever it is.
If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do and build that relationship, they’re going to come back to the store because they got a good deal most likely, but they may not even come see you i’ve seen this.

Yes, they’ll come to the store and just say i just need to speak with somebody, because you guys treated me good.
They don’t remember the sales person, remember that or they don’t want to go back to that sales or they don’t right because they didn’t build a relationship.

I know that you’re that process at that store that place will get me what it is that i’m needing.

But i kind of don’t want to talk to that.
Guy again had seen that i can’t tell you how many times and it’s heartbreaking for the person that you know is on the side of man.
They didn’t come back to me.

That was my guy right.
What it’s, because that that you, you didn’t, take the time to make sure that they knew that you cared about them more than their transaction.

I i can’t tell you how many cars have been.

Cars have been sold after we’ve said goodbye to people, but they’ve come back to say you know what you guys shot us straight.

You guys told us the truth.
You told us what we would be running into you kept it real with us and we thankful.

Thank you for that.
Inside of informational selling depends on the type of person that you have in front of you always okay.

Some people are completely not about getting that relationship.

Some people are going to make sure that you do not create a relationship with them.
That’s why there are systems in place inside of our industry now that take the relationship completely out of the equation human to human.
There is still, though, a relationship that the human purchasing has with the computers or the entities.

That’s helping deliver them a product.
So if you have a brand in front of you and they’re purchasing it via carvana vroom, whichever there’s a certain level of trust that that customer is having with them to deliver them the product that they want and that they’re not going to give them any lip About getting what they want when they want it right or anybody trying to convince them that what they want is not legitimate now, sometimes what a customer wants is actually not in their best interest.
Sometimes what a customer wants is not uh going to be better for them.

Sometimes they do not know what is the better uh direction for them? The more excellent way if you will right – and so that is why the relationship is so important period and honestly – and let’s think about this folks and i’m not trying to cut you off, but the thing is, is that relationships period in life in general are key.
You know so, if you’re going to choose a relationship over anything else, you’re crazy, because you know i’m gon na tell you your your wife, your mother, your father, your best friend your cousin.

All those relationships are so important to the development of you to who you are as a person, because when you really dig deep, all this who you are is information that you’ve gathered from all these people.

Well, the best information you got was from great relationships.
So you can get honest information from them, whether it’s good or bad.

All this stuff is so important.

So when you start with the relationship, the information will come.

If you start with the relationship product will come.
If you start relationship, customers will come.

Okay, so remember that build relationships, build relationships with everybody that you meet, be a good person, be a human being be empathetic, be be somebody that loves and cares for other people.

If you’re in sales, you could be a hammer and not care about other people.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ve seen them, but do they really love what they do? No, not really right.

So when you, when you love what you do, you tend to love everybody around you and they tend to feel that it’s magnetic and it becomes huge.
So, yes, brian, i appreciate you for asking that question man, it’s a great question relationship or information.

I’m gon na go relationship every single time, because information is simple.

Relationships are harder to build, but once you have them they last you a lifetime, and as long as you maintain your relationship it not only will it make you money, but it’ll make your heart, bigger and bigger and bigger, and there’s nothing better than people coming.
Seeing you hey, i’ve been buying cars from this guy for the last 15 years right.
You know that what a great feeling that is, i always only buy it from fred.

I only buy from lou.
You know, so it’s important to do that.
You know i have some people posting on other sites that we’re not popping up here.

So i want to say hi, i’m sorry that we didn’t mention your name.
We have charles higgins, charles it what’s going on yeah charles hit! That’s why we got your daughter, her car yeah, awesome, hope, you’re doing well.
My friend hope you’re doing good charles, i know charles he uh local guy here grew up he’s good friends with one of my friends wesley also he’s also a guy folks.

If you guys are needing something done around the house, we need some help.
This guy’s a handyman himself him and wes dibs – could do some amazing, amazing, stuff man, um he’s he’s just a good dude he’s a local guy that i really appreciate.

We also got jake bishop on here jake, my man hope you’re doing well.
My friend, you got richie bello michelle street.

Well, we’ll be talking to you in a moment.

Relationships are key.
Melissa says good morning: aaron grunke, oh wow, what’s up aaron how you doing all the way up from hawaii hope, you’re doing well, aaron, it’s good to see you and it looks like we had bill and and and some other people jump on here, bill baxter.
What’s up bill baxter, my man, mr hammer, that’s another guy talk about relationships that is a relationship selling mother bumper.

If i’ve ever seen one because this dude unreal folks, if you guys, are not following bill, paxley you’ll see every day he posts at least one car deal, i mean it’s gon na happen.
He does like it.
I think he averages at least one a day.

So he’s a 30 car guy plus a month guy every month, since i have no idea where you get the clients from the way that he discusses the way that he we went from having customers right tried to spend some time with bill baxley next time i Talked to fred he’s talking about, he has clients coming in he’s like.
When did you start getting clients? You know, and it was just an adjustment in the way that he um approached his business, and that was something that i that i will never forget that i heard my friend saying that he picked up from someone else and like i’m, calling him clients.
I got to work with bill for a whole like three months.

I i had left um my first store.
It was the mitsubishi store, a hyundai store, sushi store and i left there and i went to the pinkum store and they sell lincoln mercury’s back then you know so i was like okay cool, i go in there and they were selling a lot of cars, but These people, that the main, probably four or five guys that worked there were 20 to 30 car guys every month month and month, now very professional.
They know their numbers, they were they had these meetings every like twice a week and they were early.

Even if you weren’t on that day, you had to be at the meetings.
Um very unique place, um very business oriented, it was probably the most business business-ish dealership.
I’ve ever been to even the way you worked, your deals, you didn’t, you didn’t really work from the desk.

You worked from your own numbers and you had to learn how to close based off of the pricing.
So you worked on that yourself, but bill like you said he did.
He taught me some stuff and he he definitely was somebody i looked at that was like how’s.

He doing what he’s doing so.
I watched him.
I watched how i even listened to him close.

So bill, i always tell people my credit, it’s due to you, i i was so used to negotiating payment.
So when it came to negotiating price, i didn’t know the best way to negotiate price.

I listened to you one day and i heard you negotiate and you started off.

Let’s say that the price was 10 grand, i’m central generic round number 10.
000: hey folks! You can buy this right now, it’s just ten thousand dollars and they’re like oh, it’s high.
You were like okay, no problem what about 9900.

You were doing like a hundred dollars off at a time, while the average sales person, i know, would be like what, if i took a thousand off what, if i took two 000 off, you were like it might.
Even been smaller than 100, you did like such a small increment.

They said yes, though, and i remember going oh damn that was strong.

I was like, but it’s so simple, but you just didn’t ever get flustered and i think that’s what i got most from bill.

Baxley was watching him in the showroom.
He was always calm and cool.

Like a cucumber bro, i mean just straight up like got it like that.
You got to call ups from the showroom and he’d just sit there and just go got it and you like what you come in or if you did catch enough, you go out there and guess who it was for i’m here to see bill baxley.
Ah man, i just wasted that guided on that so bill.

I got a lot of credit to you, man.
I appreciate you because you did help me.
I was like i was only about a year and a half in the business i felt like.

I knew everything, but i didn’t you know i was really learning then, but i learned a lot for the three months.
I was there how to negotiate price, how to be a little bit more professional terminology that i learned from you that i wasn’t used to hearing at the other store i was at.

I went on and i left there and went to the kia store and i crushed it at the cue store.

I went there and just completely changed.
My whole game up became a much better closer.
I was working my own deals because of stuff.

I learned at the pinky store, am i playing? It was like really unique.
I learned so much.
I i have a lot of credit to a lot of people and bill.

Bexley is one of them, so i mean that’s that’s something that i mean.
We always want to make sure that we do it’s give honor to those that have ever deposited into any of our lives.
I i gained that information without ever meeting bill in person and uh.

That’s just showing you what what kind of good legacy there is when there’s people that are at the heart trying to build good relationships, whether it’s somebody that’s on the floor with you for three months, understand guys.
There’s some people that you’re you may be connected to for years and years that you run into for a short amount of time in the workspace just understand you’re there for a purpose.

You meet people for a reason and uh.

You have been chosen for this day and this time to do what it is that you’re doing so, do it effectively and build your relationships, so we want to make sure that we do end this ending the right way and asking you all the question.
What say you car guy cargo solutionary out there? What do you say about relational closing versus informational closing? What do you say about it? What do you think is more give us comments.
I’ve seen a lot of these awesome comments.

You got you know, randy’s talking about relationships convert to referrals.

This is the lifeblood of any sales organization.

Correct brian says in the world we live in relationships overshadow information customers, most of them already know what they want to buy.

I agree: randy is right.
Relationships convert to referrals, and he says the challenge of this topic – is the millennial generation.
This group of new buyers have not shown interest in creating relationships.

You have to continue.
You have to combine the two opportunities to attract a segment in the store.

Brian says information is important.

We have to show the customer, we do know our product knowledge.

I agree and there’s no doubt good folks.
You can’t just be good at one thing in the business of life, you have to be well-rounded.

You have to work on things.
I i talked about it all the time it’s called.
It’s called the will of life.

You know this is something i got from tony robbins will of life.
Imagine it’s a pie chart right six pieces in that pie.

You pick six important things in your life and yet you have to constantly be working on all those, not just one.
You can’t just work on relationships.
You can’t just work on business.

You can’t just work on this.
You have to work on it all.
So if you get into the car business pick six things out that are important, you have to be good at all.

Six of those you have to always be trying to get better at all.
Six of those you can’t just be a 10 here and a three here and your wheel’s going to be unbalanced as it rolls it’s.
Not it’s going to break up.

You want that wheel to be bounced.
You want to all be at like eights.

The thing is: you’re, never going to be a 10 nobody’s a 10 on anything 10’s.

What we all when you could be a 9 but there’s always room for improvement lou, and i talk about it biggest room in the world, the largest in the world, the room for improvement, so make sure you guys do that, so i’m not going to um we’re! Not going to stay on here much longer, we did want to throw this on here.
We do need to get to a next meeting um, but we definitely wanted to let you guys know how much we appreciate you happy new year hope that your first week’s going good, i know monday, kicked off with the bangs.
This is coming soon.

It’s coming soon.
Oh man and man, if there’s anything, we want to make sure that we do approach inside of this coming of season.

It’s to make sure that you think differently that you start to adjust your thought pattern.

We totally believe that 80 is going to be the mindset.
20 is going to be the mechanics of how you do the thing right, but where your mindset is is going to determine where you go, how a man thinks in his heart.
So is he and so the way that you think the way that you approach your business, um randy discussing the millennials and the generation is no different than making sure that you get a message to the people, the way that they receive messages? And it’s so key that, even though we’re going to always be changing the information and how we get it, that we learn how to build that relationship, because just because i don’t understand the language of my kids doesn’t mean that i don’t have to kind of learn.

It in order to communicate with them, while at the same time making sure a message of wisdom gets taught to them so that they can apply that information properly.

So i believe that it’s key that you have the proper information uh, but i have seen so many people have some great success, not knowing a stinking thing, but people like them think about it.
How many new guys have you seen, come in a store and make a salesman a month? I’ve seen it and it’s because they didn’t know anything.

They just had they built relationships because it’s all they knew how to do, and they did really well like they liked me, and you know, show them this once they started learning too much.
They started saying they knew everything and then that’s everybody goes through that too.
You think you know everything and then you kind of your sales do this, but then you open your mind back up, so i got ta learn again and then it goes back up and you just try to keep your mind in that level.

So folks, we do appreciate it make sure you guys work on that billboard.

Thank you for the comments, brother anytime.
We need to get you on the show.

Yes, i might even feature you feature you as like our as our car guy coffee approved guy here one week here soon we’ll talk about this definitely is we’ve got joe williams jump down here.

Thank you.
Michelle good morning, charles higgins, appreciate you, everybody who came on this one.

So thank you so much.
You guys have a great great day great week, we’ll see you thursday, oh um, i’m supposed to be interviewing michael cirillo, but i couldn’t get an appointment till three.
So i can’t promise you that it’s going to happen, i’m going to try to reschedule that at a different time.

I don’t think we’re going to be able to 3 o’clock.

I was supposed to be off that day, so i thought maybe we could fade it in somehow someway, but now that paul deimos my sales manager at the store he’s on vacation he’s at siesta key.
He just turned 50 years old, happy birthday to you.

Paul yesterday was his birthday um, so he’s down to siesta key enjoying his beach life right now.
So you know i just didn’t even think about that when i scheduled it, so i can’t take the day off.
So we’re gon na have to talk to mike and hopefully michael cerillo, coming soon yeah.

I’m looking forward to mike milo he’s this guy is awesome, he’s so much fun.
He’s definitely very first on podcast, very first on took his course on how to start a podcast.
Definitely has had a lot of influence on us.

We’ve uh, we’re so thankful for him and he’s going to be jumping in here and dropping some great information, so stay tuned for that figure out that time thing.
But yes, you could probably find him on clubhouse folks, yeah clubhouse is hot.
If you guys, like, i said, check it out, you guys have a great week brian.

Thank you so much.
Thank you so much if you guys have any other questions like that.
Please do ask we’re happy to answer them and what do you say we will take a whole show, so you all have a good one.

You guys take care, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you keep growing all right.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is frelin arts of subprime hero and you have been brewing solutions on the car guy coffee podcast.

Let’s brew, everybody we’ll see you all later.

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