Honda of Abilene Texas Maylee Willson – Sales Professionals of America Recruiting

Now, who do I have standing in front of me, Meili Wilson, all right, mainly you just completed the sales president of America, automotive sales training.

What do you think about training Meili? The training is fabulous, and but the best part of it was the motivation and the confidence that I’m walking away with excellent excellent.
What’s one of the things that you picked up that you’re gon na use seven cards, I’m definitely the confidence just.
I know what I’m doing and I just need to get out there.

Do it get out there and where I’m speaking of getting out there and doing it where you gon na be working at Honda of abilene.
Let me encourage you think you gon na be putting up in mind.
Eventually the headlock hey, listen, I got ta say it’s been a pleasure.

You’ve been absolutely phenomenal and I know you’re gon na do extremely well keep rocking out.
Okay, all right! .

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