Here’s Why People Struggle Selling Cars at Dealerships

Got ta get clear: what’s good, what’s going on decided to go live today, I’ve been a little bit since I went live and while on here, what I want to talk about really is why it is that so many people struggle working in car sales that they Dealerships and it’s not, the answer is not as difficult as most people would think it is.

They may not want to hear it, but it’s actually pretty pretty simple.

You know the main reason why I see so many people.
I see we got people that are in the room.

What’s up, let me know who you are when you come in the room hold on to me.
Let me show this thing: didn’t he what’s up? What’s up, let me know who you are in the room, all right.
What’s up Batman, how you doing Irene and I’m glad y’all came in what I’m talking about today is just uh.

It’s really what it is that messes people up when they get in and let’s let’s talk about it when you get started, you know you’re all excited they telling you gon na make all of this money.
They’re gon na hook you up with this training, and then you come in and they’re black.
It’s like you’ve been thrown by the wayside and really left out to the Wolves to do what you got to do, and I’m sure that you all on this lab right now realize I get message after message out the message from people’s in Brian.

I watch your videos Brian.
I love your videos, Brian this, your videos and stuff.
They really help me, you know what else can you do to help me out and I tell people the same exact thing.

It is absolutely insane to expect that we gon na be able to improve how people invest in us and our dealerships if we’re unwilling to invest time and the resources and ourselves what’s up, see it, how you doing Oklahoma City, I see but really think about this – For a minute, how many times have you yourself seen a co-worker cuz, I mean, obviously, if you own this video you somebody who really focuses on improving your skill set.
What’s up Victor, how you on T fire Brandon if you’re on this Lobby is somebody that doesn’t focus on improving your skill set, but you know watching YouTube videos, that’s great! That’s cool and that’s really a start, but I always explain to people the real information that really takes a person to the next level.
You’re, not gon na find it in a six or a seven minute, video on YouTube.

I would love to tell you that you do or that you would, but the top producers in this business that I work with, that I’ve met that I might have even trained have done something that 99 % of the people in the business won’t aren’t willing to Do and what that is, they truly take the time to invest in these skills and invest in what goes into a mental rolodex, and by no stretch am I saying that anybody on here needs to buy anything that I have it that matters.
So many other things out there that can help you out, but think about the balance of life.
Life is really about balance and it’s like, if you take advantage of your time, take advantage of your resources.

Take advantage your opportunity and take advantage of your skill.
Eventually, life is gon na, say hey it’s time for us to withdraw all that that you took out.
But when you give up your time, you give up your skills.

You give up your attention.
What happens is life says? You know what you can definitely withdrawn that deposit and if you won’t here, make sure you hit that like button, because it just helps a lot of other people in the business jump on and join us on.
And I thank you and I appreciate it, hit the like button, but so life is about balance.

So really ask yourself and obviously maybe not you but just look around how many people do you see that are actively looking for resources to actually build their mental rolodex up, which is what increases the skills.
Knowledge is cool, but knowledge without the experience will never equal wisdom, and so one of the things I always tell people that the do is: have you expecting your general manager to step up and train you every day or your sales manager? Or you expecting your team? Closer to be able to train you and give you everything you need to be as effective as you can be, you’re, sadly mistaken.
You know why, because it many times most of the people that sitting behind the desk, they don’t even know.

It’s not like these skills that I’m much better than you they’ve, either been there longer.
Some of them have kissed the right.
You know what and y’all know what I’m talking about the people that you say, honey hell did they get into management man? They can’t close.

The door, but they sit behind the desk, telling you all of these wow things they go say to somebody here said dude.

If somebody said that to me, I’d punch them in the face or walk out.
Why is because they don’t even know they have no idea, but there are resources for you now watching youtube videos, but if you’re watching the videos making sure that you’re not just watching it once that you’re watching it every day that you writing.

That down the information that you’re going through and that you’re cycling it through and always equated to like playing volleyball.
You know the more the more skills and more confident you become on how to handle certain things.
It’s like most people are terrified to go greet somebody.

Why? Because the whole time that they store, nobody taught them they’re saying: can I help you and how you doing at or the worst thing you could say to somebody to start up a conversation.
The first thing we should do is welcome them to our dealership.
You know why, because 9 out of 10 other people are saying, can I help you when they say no, I’m just looking now you’re like damn the management told me not to let this person leave.

Unless I get somebody to talk to him, but now I said, can I help you? They said no so now the only thing you can do is stalk them around a lot and really mom and everyone really we set the stage by asking.
Can we do for them what we were hired to do? It makes no sense, or when I see somebody greet a customer and then they want to start literally walking the lot with this person that they just met.
They don’t know their name.

They have no idea.
What they do for a living, they don’t know who the vehicles for they don’t have any idea about any of that stuff.
But yet, and still they say: oh yeah man, the person just wanted to walk around and you can’t close what you can’t control that’d, be like somebody knocking on your door coming in your house, taking your remote control, walking into your refrigerator, walking into your refrigerator and Making a sandwich and kicking your kids off the TV.

That would be crazy.
No, you don’t let anybody come into your house and do that.
Why? Because that’s your house and you maintain control.

It’s the same thing at your dealership.
That’s your house! That is your domain! That is where you provide for your family and by no stretch should you ever allow anybody to come into your domain and dictate policy, because they don’t know the process.
Most people buy a vehicle once every three to five years.

This is what we do every day.
So when you allow somebody to come up – and they say I just want to walk around and look at stuff, okay cool.
So let’s just say you do looking stuff and then you find a vehicle they like and they want to see it.

But guess what you? Don’t have any keys on you so now you got to leave them outside, go search for the keys, come back out if it’s hot, outside the cars gon na be a sauna.
If it’s cold outside it’s gon na be an icebox when in reality he should have brought him in and set him down and started setting the stage, and I’m not talking about sitting down saying what color you want.
What car you want forget that car for a minute talk to a human being to find out what this human one’s and see it’s a lot of things.

There’s so many things that people do, that really complicate the situation and it doesn’t have to be that way.
I mean do each and every one of these steps I mean right now on this life.
I could go so deep and so in-depth with it, but I kind of want to open it up to you guys and have y’all.

Ask me any questions that you might have.
I saw I missed a lot of comments that was coming up and I apologize, but you know any any questions you got.
You know come on come on with it, that’s what that’s what we here for you know so, but yeah you can’t close.

You can’t control at the end of the day at all retired, looking about trucking.
Finally, I learned so much more myself excellent and at the end of the day, we need more educated customers and any of y’all on this life that works at a dealership knows.
The internet has taught people how to over complicate the situation a customer comes in and they don’t want to tell you anything, but yet they want you to provide present them with a solution that’s best suited.

How can I provide you with something best suited, and I don’t even know what you’re looking for you know and that’s kind of the oxymoron order.
You know the tip attack that goes on in the business.
We need more people to educate customers that and listen at the end of the day.

The only way somebody can help you is by you providing them with information is by you telling them what it is you’re looking for and being as transparent as possible, but those days are being able to rip people off that.
Just it just doesn’t exist like that anymore.
It doesn’t at all with the banks and the finance institutions.

You can’t do it, you know.
So, when you go into a store, you’re gon na, buy it if you’re looking to buy something share.
The information with your sales consultant, you guys work together to help you find something that works best for you and as a sales consultant.

Our objective is to be friendly, but we’re not their friend.
You know if they wan na you know get into politics, thinking why CNN Fox and take it to the ballot box if they want to get into talking about religion, ain’t gon na be place of worship on Saturday, Sunday, whatever day that they attend.
We are there to help solve the transportation problem, but you can’t do it unless you really know what it takes to do it.

Everything from the greeting to sitting somebody down to when you’re doing the vehicle selection will too, when you presenting and when you’re doing a demo try to when you come back from it and you do your service walk prior to sitting down talking about numbers.
You know, I see sales reps, do things like go on the demo drive with a person build value in the vehicle and then the first thing they say when they pull up is let’s go ahead and see if we can make the numbers work? That’s crazy because we just built up the value and now, as the professional, we want them to refocus their attention on the numbers.
Will it go to render anyway absolutely, but why would we take it there ourselves, the purpose of taking a person on the service tour? After the demo drive is because they’re prepared for you to sit down and start trying to hammer them after the demo drive they’re prepared for that.

Even if you open up door, you watch they don’t start walking to the area where y’all were talking it because they’re ready to go to battle with you.
Their defensive walls are ten feet high and three feet wide.

So if, instead, you go to sit down and start talking numbers with them after you come back off the demo drive and you decide to say: hey, listen! Folks! Let me show you our service department, where you’ll bring your vehicle when it’s time for you to get it worked on or getting your service appointments done, come on a beer.

As you can see, this is one of our service advisors, Stacy introduced a seat or tell them hey missus.
We got free Wi-Fi, we got condiments over here we got 24-hour key drop-off.
We have shuttle services if you have someplace to be while your vehicle is in.

Is getting serviced and whatnot educate them on that introduce them to the service manager, introduce them to an adviser? Now here’s what that does.
It’s called a sales pattern interrupt because most customers are trained to believe after a demo job, it’s time to do battle.
So when you bring them in and you deviate from that – and you actually take them to do something that they haven’t expected because guess what if you go to nine out of ten dealerships, nobody is giving a customer a service and a dealership tour after a demo Drive people think that needs to be done after the sale, which is insane to me.

You want to use that prior to even presenting the final numbers, because the what you want to do is you want to get them to lower that defensive wall and the defensive wall is ten feet tall and you give them that service drive.
It just might drop at the nine feet tall if it’s three feet wide, it might take it to two feet wide.
Maybe one and a half one of the walls still be there yeah, but our objective is to drop it low enough where we can peek over the wall and see what’s going on in their back yard.

What’s really going on and most salespeople are so in really focus that they say I don’t want to waste time.
I want to do straight to the point and that’s why they stay broke period and I’m telling you the truth.
But most people don’t even know this because they’re being taught by people who are also media good performers at their story.

I tell when I deal with dinner groups and dealerships and, as you know, I did what I’m all over the country by the time they called me.
I say you know what I never understood why a dealership will take.
One of their reps will sell in 15.

16 17 cars and have them train somebody else.
How can somebody who hasn’t even learned how to sell their way out of the store teach somebody else how to think like a boss in the cell like a pro? How can I and they work under the same exact roof matter of fact, that’s not ambition to me.
I don’t want to be like to do that’s working right next to me, I want to be like the one who did what I did and sold a way out and it’s possible it’s possible unless your aspirations are going to management.

Why in the world, would you ever only want to listen to somebody who’s working right next to you make sure y’all hit that like button? If you on here, why would you ever want to be like somebody, that’s selling right next to you on your rule, Sir Isaac Newton said it best.
If I see further than others, because I stood on the shoulders of giants, what taught me how to be a beast on the floor and put up 20 or 25 units a month? What taught me how to be a six-figure earner? It wasn’t from the guys in my store, I learned from other people who did what I did and had branched off, where they were making five six seven times that amount of money by still presenting and training people on the skills.
But these people did it at such a high level that they got bigger than that story, and you can do it too.

You have to ask yourself: do I want to be like the guy see every day? Who is right? Nick my bad, my bad, my bad.
We had a clear grad, a clear cut out a quick cut out, but that I mean really what is it, and so you know one of the things.
I always tell people to reason why so many people struggle people will pay 150 200 dollars a month for a cell phone people will spend 15 to 20 dollars going out for lunch and dinner or breakfast every day between Starbucks coffee, lunches, cigarettes, all type stuff, coca-cola’s Monsters, whatever people will spend money on the weekends going out to hang out and party and kicking butt, ask somebody when was the last time they invested $ 1 in their mental programming and forget’ invested $ 1 invested time.

Ask other people, because you’re here right now so you’re one of the people get what I’m saying for Charlie.
Please keep game.
The game is really it isn’t not designed for you to do what you do every day and for you to end up successful and have the money, because if you keep doing Q always done you’re gon na get what you always got.

Y’all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and getting different results.
I mean again expecting different results, and so you know it’s just like me liking people that I mean I get hundreds of emails, I’m sure y’all can imagine on a monthly or weekly basis, and I tell people I say: hey, listen.
Have you in checked out the free short on I’m training that I have offer right now: nope, okay, well, there’s the lead goes, click on a jacket.

You can look and see.
They didn’t even take the 20 minutes, but something that is totally free.

That goes in-depth.

As something that can help help them make more money and then, if you tell people, hey listen, if you think that was something imagine what you’re going through an actual program designed to dedicate each and every second to breaking down every step for you and not just Breaking it down giving you what to say the word tracks, the sales training manuals, the checklist to give you everything, not only that to even teach you and provide you with videos, books and resources to use Facebook to drive leads, but not only that teach you how To leverage YouTube to attract customer all of these things is something that I offer to anybody that just watches that twenty to twenty minute or so video, it’s all made available.
But you know what there’s like they don’t have time for that, but every month they’ll say Brian.
What can I do to make more money and that’s the thing you find? Why is why they say it’s the one percent or three percent of the five percent, because the other ninety five percent of people they’re too busy being on Facebook and looking at a couple of videos and believe that’s gon na make them Pro? No, it really requires real study and dedication and why in the world, would anybody want to leave a dealership to go work and I would be waste job, that’s the same cuz you can give yourself a pay, raise or a pay cut anytime.

You feel like it.
You need an extra three grand you going out of town next month.
Go get it Christmas! Coming up, you want to get your son to come for the GI Joe with the comfort grip, go, get it, but a person will stop that and sacrifice that to go back to something where they’ll make fourteen fifteen sixteen dollars an hour.

Knowing that, no matter how hard they work, that that’s all they’re gon na get and wonder why they still struggle financially the game working, a Jo B, which stands for just over broke, is not designed for you to win.
A career is where you can set the plan for yourself in sales is definitely a career, so he won the right track, but you got ta, make sure you’re getting the right information in you know and like I say, even if you don’t look and read or Do anything with anything I have find somebody that you do trust somebody that has been giving you nuggets of information, absolutely free and, if they’ve been giving that information to you for free, imagine what’s in any program that they might have a small, a small investment on.
Imagine the depths and the cool thing about that is you could listen to it when you want you can replay hell, you can buy it and share it with everybody at your dealership and help them save a couple bucks.

But what you’ll do for you? It’s something about that Karma’s, the more you give out the more you give back and folks.
The reason why I do well at my age the reason why I’m able to do this and share this with you, because I get it.
I totally understand the more you give the more you get back.

So you know one of the things I will say to help you stay successful is keep filling your mind up with the right tools.
Make sure you hone your skills.
The YouTube videos are great but find you somebody who you trust, find somebody who you know.

Okay, this person’s been sharing things with me that actually work and, if they’ve been giving it to me and this small, this small bit.
Imagine if they gave me the whole enchilada where that could take me to so, but if you’re somebody who is ready, you say, look man.
I got a few minutes and I’m willing just but something’s gon na help me out I’ll check it out.

Click, the link in the description go on over, don’t cost you anything just a few minutes of your time and if you like it and you believe in it – and you really firm value in the videos that I’ve been sharing you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage Of the rest, and like I say it will impress one hundred fifty two hundred dollars in a cell phone a month.
That brings us nothing back in cable in Starbucks and we unwilling to invest in ourselves.
How can we ever expect anybody else to wan na invest in us? It’s the ability, a willingness to invest in ourselves and increases our value where others are willing to invest with us.

You know what I mean, so you know check that out.
I’m gon na go to these questions, so why do most dealers allow environment of mediocrity? Do exist, they don’t it’s not that they it’s not that they do is that that was Derek, read away.
That’s not the case at all.

Is that the amount of people that are willing to accept mediocrity are far more abundant than anybody? That’s focused and driven and like I say I tell people are trying to be real with yourself.
If you say I want to be successful, I want to make more money how many books, how many trainings, how many videos, how many resources have you literally invested in to help you get there and most people to tell you zero they’ve invested nothing but yet big, But there’s some reason: one day: they’re gon na wake up and they have it.
I tell you: that’s not the way it works and I’m giving you this from the bottom of my heart and that’s why I say as much as I would love to work with you.

If you decide to get started and you you know you go through and get down with my program, we work personally together, but even if you don’t want to do that, you work with somebody else, but I’m someone who’s successful at what you do and follow that Method missile: it’s not the dealerships allowed mediocrity, it’s just more mediocre people than it is exceptional.

That’s all, and I’m not talking about from actual human being standpoint cuz.

Nobody is better than anybody, but from a skill point may come on.

You know.
I know most general managers and stores and we went shot by shot.
It wouldn’t even be fair, it wouldn’t be fair, but yet they hold these top spots.

Is it because their skills are super great knowledge, just they’re better than everybody else in that environment? That’s it! A person come into this over that’s what’s up there, and then you probably are somebody who does above average, cuz you’re investing yourself.
Somebody asked me: how much did your training listen as far as as far as investing in the training Oscar meant go check out? The free stuff, you know what I mean and I’ll ask it, is you say, is it affordable and you know, how can you not afford it because if you don’t pay for it now that you’re gon na pay for it five or ten years from now, because There’s a thing called inflation and then this horrible person to make it now imagine how hard it’s gon na be in five over ten years.
That’s why I always tell people we can’t afford whatever we want, if we find the value in it, no different in the customer, the store right, how many customers that you have? We ought to slice the price down so much where you pretty much giving it away, and this person is still saying give me more.

Give me more give me more.
Why cuz they didn’t see the value in it, and you have to ask yourself: you have a family, you have responsibility.
Is there a price tag for that? If somebody told you you’d be able to provide for your family a hundred thousand dollars a month, but you’d have to invest $ 10,000 right now.

Would you do it? Would that be a lot of money? So it’s all you know it’s all relative.

So can a person that sells seven cars a month afford any trainings that offer the trainings that are offered dude are far less than freaking going grocery shopping.
So if a person go to winn-dixie, Publix Kroger’s and you know drop 100 and some change, you can definitely avoid something.

Well, here’s the difference.
Any investment you making anything that’s available definitely brings back to you.

So it’s not like your cell phone, where you just give out our cable you just give out.

You know we said, make the investment upfront good point.
You either pay now or later, and that’s what people don’t get there.
You know and if they think about five years ago, when they said man, I won’t like to get better well between that five years.

He – and I say this on other videos – you might have heard it.
Our cell phones require maybe six seven eight program updates every year and the reason why that is to update the technology or the software.
So it works better with all the updates that are going on in the technology and society and the computer was created based off the human brain.

So if a cell phone requires six seven eight program updates a year to perform at its peak, imagine the amount of software updates the supercomputer needs in order for it to perform at its peak.
So you’ve got people in 2018 running with the same software from 2012.
They haven’t learned anything new, they haven’t read any books ever attended any trainings, they haven’t been willing to invest any video programs and they wonder why other people seem like they’re, kicking their ass in the rat race.

It’s because what you don’t know is people are praised in public for what they practice v is a private.
You may not see the person, that’s in a room that dropped a hundred dollars that dropped five hundred or like Derek Penn away that DRA invested $ 5,000.
In their own development, but that 5,000 may bring them back fifty or a hundred.

So is that expensive again, it’s all relative, but if a person has cable in their house the iPhone 10, the newest Yeezys, you know they have all of these things going on the Netflix accounts, the who lose and all of that, but yet have not invested $ 1 in a book in a program in a training they clown into me, and they deserve to be exactly where they.
I have no sympathy for that person if they’re an adult, nothing.
Somebody just don’t know, hey, listen, I’m here to share with them.

But if you know man, you deserve what you get, and I know those of you that aren’t on here aren’t those type of people, but you don’t get what I’m saying.
But it’s about consistency.
It doesn’t happen overnight and that’s the thing about life is smart.

It has a way of really putting up certain walls in front of people and most people gon na hit that wall they’re gon na tuck tail and they’re gon na run.
Other people don’t hit the wall, bounce off dust up and come right back and then it goes then others are gon na run and the Groupon gets smaller and smaller and smaller.
But then you don’t have those few.

That’s gon na keep dusting off and I’m gon na keep hammering and keep hammering and guess what eventually life lets them through that wall.
It says all right, good job, you really wanted it.
So now, I’m gon na take you to another level.

You still won’t have a set of challenges, but you’ll always know how to get to this level and that’s what happens.

Somebody throw a post up on Facebook about the cars that they did a ship.

Nobody calls.

If they don’t do it again.
It doesn’t work.
Somebody goes out there and talks to three four five: six customers that don’t buy anything and guess what that process doesn’t work and really sales, especially automotive sales like baseball.

If you bad in 300, which means hitting three out of ten you’re, a superstar you’re a superstar, and so that means seven, people aren’t gon na do business with you that day that day, so why do we go into this? Expecting it to be flip flop? Do you know even the strongest closer the strongest is gon na do 40 % and that’s the best now, if their generate my own business coming in, that goes up to 60 %, but you got other people that sit out there with the phones and they’re on, Say that on Facebook and Instagram at a place that has a product, but they won’t shoot a video won’t make a post or post an image.
It’s insane and then they say man is slow check this out for all the artists on this and for those you more watch it later.

You didn’t invest, we don’t have to invest $ 1.

00 in the construction of the dealership.
We don’t spend $ 1 in the investment of the of the vehicles, either amazing dollars worth of inventory.
We don’t pay any of those employees in there and how we wage, but yet we can utilize all of those resources with our own dollar investment and reap the benefit.

Your store will never tell you to stop bringing business in.
So you have to learn how to utilize the system and create that business within the business make that staff, be your personal staff make that finance department, those business manager work for you, utilize the store, learn how to leverage it because La Traviata that should be icing On the cake, but you got to put one foot in front of the other one and go get it yourself and I’m telling you that it’s more than possible.
I see man women.

This is the one business where you can have a GED and make a six-figure income.
There is no other industry like it, but so many people are used to kind of going brain-dead at a job and doing the same routine every day, then, when you put them in an environment where they have to think they have to be reactionary, they interact with What other intelligent human beings? It’s too challenging? They tuck tail and go back to the place where they complain, and I can remember one of my first deliveries of a build, a fern home delivery.
I did those who were too old a guy and he had a old shaggy dog to with him.

You know one of those older guys were him in the dark kind of resume and I’m not delivering the vehicle, and he knows my we’re signing the papers.
His dog is just over there, just moaning like crazy, just moaning – and you know, I know better, didn’t, say anything while he’s signing these papers that could mess up my deal.
So I went to finish this run and I asked him.

I said sir whoa: what’s up with your dog, it seemed like his hurtness in pain or some somebody monotron.
He said he just over there laying on a nail and I’m like laying on a nail.
You know why doesn’t he get up and move? He said because it’s not hurting them enough to move is just hurting him enough to make him moaning wrong and that’s kind of how a lot of people are.

They don’t like the situation in it or they don’t like the way the results are, but it’s not hurting them enough to do anything and then, by the time, it’s hurting them enough to do something.
It’s too late.
So don’t let it be too late.

Let’s see what we got, uh-uh see your car sort of taking back a break.

What is the rebuttal for a person that says they don’t want to come inside and see? That’s that that is the see see if you are setting it up.
You don’t ask a person, they want to come inside when you go out and welcome to you’re like hey, welcome to ABC dealership.

My name is Brian.
You are a surgeon, so hey, listen.
I appreciate you, or is this one of your first time here? Are you here to see somebody in particular my first time here we’ll listen, awesome choice which one of our vehicles would you like some information on? Well, I’m I like the Dodge Charger excellent.

Well, as you can see, we got several options available.
So let’s do this.
Follow me inside I’m gon na.

Ask you a couple of quick questions and I’ll get you all the information we got on the charger.
Follow me you see and when you give human beings, you ask somebody open-ended question.
I mean a closing question: do you want to come in the only to answer? Yes or no was me, you want a 50 % chance of hearing no, and so you don’t ask man, listen to me.

They jumped in their car, they made rights and left’s and got on the expressway.
They didn’t get there by mistake, but the moment we give them the option.
Ah, no, I’m okay, why do you think they say? No, because they know what happens in most dealerships.

They get bombarded, they feel pressured, but that’s not how we do the way I try to educate people.
It is so different, which is why the people I work with in the dealerships I work with they have such high results.
It is not the same thing you don’t you know going on said.

Can I help you and how you doing you’re not bouncing car, no car with somebody, you know you’re, not taking them on some weak-ass demo drive and doing a whack presentation.
You learn really how to present with minimal information on the car, but it sounds big, but you have to learn how to do that.
Many people don’t know the questions to ask that are not relevant that are not necessarily car related but are relevant to the person it can help you learn more about would be looking for the reason why people struggle, because they just don’t know what the space is So you know, I believe that uh, you don’t have you know, listen to the word check, are saying or go ahead and check out the training and don’t cost anything.

Because I go, I go more in detail with the word tracking, then let me go back to some of these other ones.
I think I miss and I apologize cuz they’ve been coming in kind of fast.
Thank you.

Jeff appreciate that autos are Boston from the Beantown.
Thank you, I don’t mind making the calls, but I hate when I’m being forced.
I and I get it I mean, or the fact that I matter is, is I think, those days of dinner ships just focus on prospecting calls is dead because isn’t it not just about the phone? Everybody knows they’re, not picking up a number that they don’t know.

Why cuz they avoid and bill collectors or somebody they don’t want to talk to and everybody’s, have to check your email every day.
But the one thing that everybody does check every day is text in social media, and so, if the dealership is want you to touch people, take that name and do a search form on Facebook.
Do a search for them on Instagram, shoot him a message that way.

Trust me, it works and they won’t be upset.
Thanks ed, you ever said you know it won’t be upset, they won’t be upset so utilize social media and text messaging to reach out to people rather than just the phone.
You have a lot higher rate of success and when people say hey, can I get your phone number, so I can call you crazy in the society that we live in, you could change one word in that sentence and watch how it shoots up your results.

Let me say: listen, let me get your contact number, so I can text you any updates.
We got on this particular vehicle watch.
How quickly I’ll give you a number, not realizing that? If I can text you, I can call you, but changing the word call to text it’s a lot more modern and especially when you’re dealing with Millennials, who prefer to communicate that way.

Rather than talk to somebody on the phone they’re intimidated by salespeople, so I didn’t want to talk to you – that’s why the name of the game is putting information out.
That brings people to you that draws light to you at your story of what you do.
I mean: do you think the fact that you’re on this live with me right now happen by mistake? No is because there’s so many pieces of information out there that validate my credibility to where you’re willing to spend time with me and people were willing to do the same.

It shows you that the methods that I use work or, as you wouldn’t be here or watching this right now, so it’s just all about learning how to do it and learn how to drive business to you guess what, when you’re driving business to yourself man, you Don’t care what’s happening on the line at all every once in a while? You might have some down time ago kept you one whoop-dee-doo, but the game is to work smarter and harder.
You see a Lucretia Joan.
Do managers whole gross for who they want to hold girls for uh, meaning do some managers go harder on a deal for some reps than others, or some fortunate, as that is yep yep, which is why it is imperative for you to learn how to hold your Own, how can we ever expect somebody else to work as hard our money, then we will of ourselves.

This is just what I’m trying to bring to people it’s a boss, mentality, it’s taking that employee mentality and throwing that shit away.
It’s a boss mentality! That’s what it requires it requires you to boss up and as a boss, you take responsibility on learning what it takes to build value with this person to improve the experience it doesn’t matter what the hell piece of plastic and metal car they looking for, because, no Matter what dealership you whet? There are other stores in your city in your surrounding area selling the exact same thing, so they don’t have to deal with you.
We have to give them a good reason to deal with us and it is not about who’s the cheapest, because in most situations, people don’t even buy from who’s the cheapest.

And let’s talk about that for a second.
In order for a customer to know who’s really got the cheapest price, they would have to drive to every single dealership in that area, spend two to three hours with every rep in those dealerships go on all of those demo drives and then get presented.
Some numbers, I’d be getting a credit, ran to find out what the best price is by that time, that beacon, gon na drop a hundred points they’re trained in that they had as well have additional miles on it.

It’s gon na decrease the value you see.
These are the things that, when a customers say yeah, I’m trying to get the cheapest price, explain it to them.
You know what and I want you to feel happy about your investment too.

As a matter of fact, I don’t even give you directions to the other dealerships or Chevy stores or a Mercedes stores or whatever in the area.

Okay, but I’m help you so you can find out with the best prices.
What you’re gon na do.

You’re gon na drive 20 miles you going over to ABC Dodge and when you get the ABC dodge you’re gon na spend time with another sales associate they’re gon na show you some things.
They’re gon na take you on the demo, drive, explain maybe an hour two hours there, they’re gon na run your information and then they’re gon na present you with an option and then, when you leave there go another 10 miles to a DCE dot and you’re gon Na go through the same exact process so the week since there’s five different stores in the area you gon na do this five times.
It may be 10, 12 13 hours, but you know listen in order for you to get the best price.

This is really what you to do and after you get all of those prices from everybody, that’s where you weigh your options or you can go ahead and really tell me what’s going on.
I could save you a whole lot of time.
A whole lot of gas and a whole lot of headache and hearty and help you find what’s best suited for you, so which one of those ways you think is gon na work best for you.

We have to listen, learn how to present how to talk.
How to communicate should I say, cannot talk how to speak with people when they say well, I just want to get the best price think about it.
In order for a customer to know who’s got the best price, they got to go to every store, go through their time first and then get their information ran to get the best.

If I don’t lose the best price, you know, but a person doesn’t know to think that way if they’ve never been taught, which is why of you hearing things on this live right now he’s a man dude, never thought about that.
Go check out the little 20-minute online training and if you really think that’s something man, let’s go ahead and get started working together.
What not? What other questions you got back, let’s see, I miss a lot.

Oh uh.
What’s a good pay plan front and back one that pays you on time and pays you a lot Lucretia Jones.
Let me see.

Philips was so nice on Harvey cry, hey how you doing car Ari’s right by me to Nebraska line Patrick McCormick.
Are you gon na break Corey, Corey Phillips, the one that’s over there at Ojai on dad I put up two cars like Guinness and Mitsubishi.

You put up like two cars on his first two or three days.

She said.
Chesty carry checking in from Gregor a cure, Infiniti three four sup, my brother Brad for Colin Saturday.

It’s alright, but you know what, though, even though you aren’t just or guess what you all here, getting some information.
Let me see you got some new stuff Tucson.
I saw you in the house, please realize I saw you Tucson.

I saw you um, alright, so y’all I just wanted to go, live for a little bit here.
You know, sadly, guys will be.
You know get it done to be a busy day for you at your store, but guess what another thing I want to share with you this before you go, learn how to have a short memory, and forgive yourself you know: you’re not gon na get every deal, But you can go and give your best together and remember this when we go to a restaurant, our tip is not dictated by the quality of the food is by the quality of the service, and the gross that is involved in your deals is equivalent to your Tip and it is based on not necessarily the vehicle itself because, like I say, every store has adolescent so pretty on, but it’s on the quality of the service in the experience, and so in order for you to separate yourself, you have to be willing to do What others aren’t willing to do and that’s taking the time to invest in your in your mental rolodex and taking the time and stand there, throwing money away on monsters and freaking Starbucks’s and $ 20 a day on this and bullshit? Invest in something that’s gon na generate a return for you and, like I say it doesn’t have to be anything of mine.

I get most my stuff away for free anyway, but at least find somebody who’s been able to help you who’s, giving you jewels that you’ve been able to apply that you hear it and you relate to, and if you get something from that small snippet of information.
Imagine what happens when you go deep into it? Alright! So again I appreciate, what’s up margarita Gonzalez, how to deal with customer getting into the dealership and not just driving shopping the prices, the internet prices? We can’t we talked about that a little bit, but it’s not about asking them it’s about.
When you greet them, you welcomed into your life.

You give them your name, so they’d be willing to give you this.
You asked him.
Is it their first time there or they dare to see anybody it’s their first time tell them.

Thank you congratulate them for stopping by ask them which one of the vehicles were they like information on and then no matter what they say.
They listen.
Alright, excellent! Well, follow me inside.

If I ask you a couple of questions and then I’ll get you all the information on that particular vehicle boom.
It’s information, that’s not threatening all right so other than that post.
Your comments, if you have any other questions, leave them.

But if you want to check out, take a few minutes to check out that online training do so and stay chilly again man to do the best for you, especially if you got a family who is ever gon na work harder for your family than you who’s.
Ever gon na be more concerned about you making money than you and you’re unwilling and investing you how the hell can anybody else be willing to invest in you, so you know again like this video share it.
I hope it helps Finley from the heart all right.

So make sure y’all shoot me some messages, man like it, if you’re not subscribed to the channel, subscribe, hit the notifications as y’all norm, put stuff out every week and every day and other than that man, I’m Brian Maxwell, enjoy your Saturday rock out, and I look Forward to seeing you at the dealership over now Joe .

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