Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies with our ongoing series on public speaking, so we’re going to pick up where we left off on the last video talking about ways to you being your best and your audience will follow.

You pick up your back of the raw materials whatever it may be, so remembering speeches can be very intimidating experience.

There are many ways that one can remember material and i would like to focus on what i believe are the four common areas to remember.
Memorizing reading from complete text using notes using visual aids.

So let’s look at each one of these in a little detail.
Memorizing in my opinion, is the absolute worst way to keep track of material, especially for public speakers.
People are preoccupied with trying to remember the words and not the ideas behind it, whether you bring a little attitude or not as a result, normal voice inflection disappears with memorizing mental blocks become inevitable when memorizing, it is not a matter of.

Will you forget? It’s just a matter of when you will forget also reading from complete text.

Listen to someone read a speech or presentation is hated by the most people in the audience.
People say: if that’s not all you’re going to do, you could have sent me an email.

Why did i have to sit and listen to that speech and you know they tuned themselves out so below are some reasons why i believe people really hate poor readers, the speaker loses their normal voice.
The text isn’t spoken language.

The speech isn’t stagnant.
There are no little eye contact and eye contact to a speaker.
Front of the room.

Speaker is very important.
The speaker is also scared.
Many speakers read because they’re afraid to try anything else.

They know that failing is one of the options if they read this note now, don’t get me wrong.
There are times when speeches must be read many times it’s necessary to read policy statements, company announcements.
Also, some speeches must be timed right to the second.

Once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies with the ongoing public speaking workshop hope.
The ideas that we presented helps you out and, as always in party make it a champion day.

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