Morning to you, it must be 5 a.

Eastern standard time on this beautiful thursday february 18th.

I’m your host brandon hardison and we’re here for hardison’s tips as we do every morning and i know you’re getting dressed trying to get it out.
So what we try to do is help our brothers and sisters in major account key account up and down the street retail and home or automobiles just so you can get your juices flying.

So, on the last video we were talking about sales training, creating a buzz on the showroom floor, so people are going to observe if i’m waiting for service waiting for parts waiting to see.

If and i i’m watching what’s going on, so people are going to observe so pay attention to inventory how many units sold each month what’s the number of auction purchases, how many customers trade in a vehicle when you stay up to date on the stock, you know, What’s available to potential potential buyers walk the lot study.
The lot use the consumer relationship crm software to track your inventory.

The important things to know is what you have to offer to clients that includes a complete understanding of how the service department works.

What season salesperson asks questions until you’re sure you understand the best way to create a service buyer for life, learn customer relationship software, your crm.
Please know it don’t skip this part at all or you’re going to be burying yourself.

Crm software helps schedule.
Do research communicate with potential buyers train every new sales person on how to use the crm tool when a salesperson is proficient with the crm? They reduce clerical work.

That means that they can focus on getting leads and selling cars mobile crm apps.

Let sales teams stay in touch with how they’re out of office it’s also useful when new, hires or learning about your inventory crm software is effective and efficient.
It holds staffs accountable for assigned tasks and always be professional sales.

People should look act, behave in a professional manner, clean crisp, professional, look, invokes value or confidence in your abilities to a guest presentations, extend to your office organizational desk.

Let’s see how we can get this looking presented right.

Customers may assume your messy desk.

You don’t really care for them at all, because it’s all disarray professionalism includes how to talk about other car dealers without beating them down.

Customers don’t want to hear a beat down, focus on providing mature, knowledgeable exchanges and listen to your customers.
There more you talk, you have two of these one.

These we’ve all been through it, but the best way to learn is to help a customer is by listening.
Pay attention to detail.
Ask questions, get a better clarification.

You’re, the consultant, the more information by questions you have.
You can find the right product solution for them, but the ball is in your court.

Knowing when to talk and when to be quiet, is your superpower as a professional sales consultant once again, brandon hardison, with hardison’s tips on this beautiful thursday, the 18th of february 2021? So as in parting, you folks get on out there and you make it a champion.

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