Motherfuck, oh hey! So, what’s up my friends, we it’s midnight midnight midnight midnight.

We are on that car guy coffee, late broom get choose, so it is especially 6:19 it’s Friday and this brew has been brought by think a group.

Yes before you add think so.
We are excited to be teamed up with such a great team of forward thinkers like the team at think, a troop, and you can check them out, think agribe.

They are anywhere that there is social activity happening and their main mission is to help make sure that they bring solutions to your dealership to your store and brew up solutions for you.
So they are definitely car by coffee approved and we are excited we’re.

Definitely a bank a group approved to buy them.
You know they love us, we love them.
We think they like great into the great individuals that we enjoy food solutions with, but with that , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , Hey, what’s up and welcome back we’re just excited to be hanging out with you ruined Some solutions: late night we just went, live a little bit ago, our young men, our sons, had an incredible gift from an edible solution, airy that we were proud to make new connections with during this last piece of ruin that we were able to do in this.

Last series, man so exciting, still so much still coming right now, we’re currently still talking about the wisdom that Katie marason dropped on all of us inside of the first four parts of her five liner and there is still more to come.
Thank you so much Katie.
It was once again, it was a lot of fun to interview you, your your energy is infectious.

I really had a great time hearing about your story about where you came from about what you’re trying to do about your current book coming out.

Congratulations on that earning her business folks, if get that on Amazon, you can pick it up for your order right now.

It’s good! If you know it’s pointed towards the man, she wants the make the milk salesperson to really read this or the male perspective, to read this book, so they can understand what it’s like, how to earn her business right.

That’s something that’s very important psychology.
You know.
I always I was talking to Lou about this, the other night when we got into little breakdown talking.

I was talking about how huh like how we were lucky, because we were kind of trained on that already like when we got into business.
They talked about the psychology between that how important you know how important it is to gain the trust of the female buyer.
You know in the way you can gain the trust of the female buyer.

It’s not much in it.
The craziest thing is just by telling the truth yeah.
I think I only got really good at closing people, because I had to straight shoot Tiffany all the time you have to make sure that I close Tiffany well, anything that ever had to happen until eventually you get the don’t cute car guy me still do to This day, you know what I mean, but she always knows always good guy bro, but a message: , .

Okay, now we’re back.
Let’s hope that it holds up this time.
We do apologize for them.

You know for the difficulties man, man all right, so what what it is is.
I think that our – and it’s not an excuse me to apologize for this folks, this thing’s only like seven months old or something like that.
Having issues I’ve actually been calling with the tech support support, but we got to prove to them that there’s something wrong with it first, but that or we’re just gon na have to order the road caster that I’ve been dying to get so may have to do.

That so Lucy Jason.
Thank You Michelle for giving us the information.
Sound is jacked.

He says yes, Jason men are thought to be the hunters.

Women can hunt, also don’t take them with you, you’ll be eating alone.
Hmm still true, I mean think of a pride right.

A group of lions, the females, are generally the ones out there.
Hunting and big, pretty male lions are just eating it up.
You know what I mean, but that is that’s great wisdom from a great guy.

You guys already got this drone yeah, but five minutes ago or before we started the show Jason we released a little live.
You can check it out in the car, got coffee Paige, they actually got.
They actually already got the blades on there.

It’s already ready to go they’re just there once she’s, not inside right.
What once you get the batteries charged? That’s got lights, you guys can do it right now.
I think it flies itself.

Bro, it’s pretty rad, bro audio.
Again it no thing.
I’m gon na switch.

The mic straight to this, so you keep talking.
Will I do this switch? I will start with mine being switched no seriously just wanted to be excited and share that excitement that we have for the rest of the week with you.
All Maris is releasing the last piece of the five liner and we’re also gon na get a little bit of time to share some fresh news with her.

So and we’ve been having a great time all week, saying that our audio is off again.

Did we just undo that it’s okay, car guys car cows, sometimes as technical difficulties, and you have to operate? What do we do when dealer track goes down and solve transportation he’s still making? What do we do when there’s no internet in the store? We solve transportation problems, what happens when there’s no coffee, while we brew solutions right? What do you do when there’s no customers? Well yep pick up a phone.
What happens in the phone lines are down? You grab a cell phones.

What happens when the cell towers are down? Will you write out mailers? What thank you cards right? You can help us out really quick.
I’m gon na turn off something here in a moment, but turn is my cup we’re gon na try to use just one Mike.
Let’s see if it works, if you can hear us, that’s a good thing, if not, ladies I’m gon na click, this thing off give us one moment you how about now? Can you hear us now? Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now any sound? Is there anybody out there zero sound, no sound, so you can’t hear my accent.

It’s good cause it sucks.
Yes, can you eat, so you can’t hear us now.

Yes, awesome! Okay, so that’s we’re gon na have to but we’re bypassing the box and we’re going straight to the mic to this.

So it says it’s set up ready to go.
It’s like an objection.

Yes, sir! So problem solving.
We that’s what we do.
We in the in this in the cafe we’re brewing solutions, and we just did it right now.

So there’s a delay yeah.
There is a delay in the messages i’m sure i think there’s about like a five-second delay at minimum.
So i appreciate you guys for helping us.

You guys are so awesome.
Thank you.
So we got this alike rockin.

So that’s all we need right now, so we’re good to go all right.
That makes me happy.
Gisun is oh, you got something to say.

I got ta get up, I agree because it doesn’t matter woman, man, race, does it none of that matters? The only thing that matters is who the person really is – and you say no, two women are like no two people are alike, everybody is different and that’s and it’s very wise words.
I believe that everybody has their value in the world right, so you just have to figure out what your value is and expose that about yourself and then that’s, but that takes yourself.
People can tell you and give you all the love and tell you how great you are, but until you believe it yourself and you and you learn to Luke’s, pose your true gift.

You know it’s it’s tough man, but yeah absolutely well.
Let me see see, tighten elbow, he talks, he does type like see, talk right, that’s why we love the dude man, Jason you’re, a great guy man.
I appreciate you so much no need for these headphones right now.

None but he looks cool in him, see and that’s the coolest part about the headphones.
He looks cool.
It’s a nice setting all that stuff.

Like he’s in the studio, you guys go back deep enough in our videos.
You can find one of us doing the we all the world one we’re like sitting here like, but do it well, no that was Lana what she did saying that was the we are the world, but only Michael Ashley, Michael that Michael Jackson’s heal the world, which Is very similarly make a better place for you.
Yes, those good words.

You know it’s true, so it’s like deep word right now when you’re doing your swords into plowshares guys, that’s some deep stuff, that’s real great great lyrics, but we definitely need to heal the world.
I ain’t convinced, but the way that we heal the world is one broken heart at a time, and we are definitely better together in unity requires one very simple mantra: to help us to get where it is that we’re going so car guys and car gaps.
First things: first: now we need to make sure yes chose to do what it is that we do to get above the problems move to release ourselves, hell it of the wait.

What’s that we can put on ourselves yeah with unforgiveness its truth, though man, it’s traps us always from focusing.
Let’s do it now car guys car gals on three? Let us forgive focus fly one.
Two three forgive focus fly.

Alright, we already keep growing and brewing solutions.
Get yourself alright, so we’re here and what a great time once again, Katy Maris Wow, we’re gon na read a drop part 5.
We got to the fifth question, but is there a more parts? Well, they’re, always another part.

There is a fresh news, no session.
I tell the head to drop for you all and she’s, explaining all of the cool things that she’s working on right now.
She’s, of course, an author she’s a keynote speaker and, as things get ready to start releasing and people start being able to come together again right.

You’re definitely gon na get to see some more of her out there and doing what it is that she does and enjoys, but just know that guys that she is a person that is brutally honest.
She says what it is that she’s thinking like you want any person to really be, but she doesn’t really hold back and when she does that, so that people can understand especially car guys right, the know-it-alls that we are right, hey what the vantage point is of The customer experience so that we can make sure that we tailor it from there now she went through basics.
This crazy experience in buying a car, which is what inspired her to even get into the car business and wanting to help people brew solutions accordingly, because of how horrible that experience was, I mean she had done the one thing yet just don’t, but she it’s just.

She was her experience what just because they were bad.
I mean it was more than just bad.
They were just she felt light in nature.

They don’t understand that the salesperson or salespeople and she’s right a lot of people don’t understand the female.
They don’t understand.
The female buyer, you know and what what their, what their mentality is? You know, and I don’t know I hate here’s, the thing I’m saying I mean you may believe me mate.

You may agree with me.
You may disagree with me, but everybody just wants to be treated like you care it doesn’t matter if they’re man or woman so come on Katie’s right.
Yes, we need to think that way, but if I think that when she says she wants to be thrown at the Met, no it needs to be universal.

Everybody needs to read it her book because it’s not and I think it’s deeper than she thinks it is.

Maybe I think you know, because it’s you know earning her business is earning everyone’s business.
You have to treat everybody with compassion, empathy think about what they want and and don’t just because somebody’s there doesn’t mean you soon things about them.

You know like that’s the thing like somebody walked up to her and soon that she had to have her husband to help make a decision and all this type of stuff, instead of asking there’s a difference.
There’s a way to ask that question.
There’s a way to assume that question like hey when we should we’ll probably get your husband or does your husband need to be part of this decision-making process or or you or do you buy all your cars by yourself, like the you know, like my wife, does, Whatever right, there’s a way to do it without sounding like a jackass and because you don’t have to because we all want to know if who all the decision makers are, because nobody wants to sell a vehicle without knowing who is gon na, be there to buy The vehicle, like you like hey, do you need to have your like when I see a younger person I’ll say: look most people who come by they usually look at a vehicle and they bring back their parent or they bring back an uncle or somebody is that Something that you’re gon na be doing today or is it are you or are you gon na, be able to make the decision by yourself? That’s not me trying to be rude.

That’s just me just trying to be an investigating, salesperson and make sure it’s right, or I could say, hey man, you price you’ll, get you dad now.
That is wrong.
Just like say: hey she’s, proud of your husband here right.

No, that’s rude! That’s not the way! You ask that question and you it’s how you ask a question in that: may all the difference so make sure you do that.
You know Jason types like he talks right and then Derek man was too.
He was rocking the only God that I know he hasn’t.

Forgive focus flasher; he was rocking it tonight on the think to are you yeah yeah? It looks so dope too and I’m so jealous, because I don’t even know why sure I want that shirt like so much cuz.
I you know we have this.
I even got the black one like this.

I got still weirdest he’s still rocking the headphones.
Yes, he is, but you know we’re having a good time just sent me singing.

We are the world at 12.

That’s what I was trying to get my setup and when I listen to it real quick, I could probably it’s on which I could get it on here by the way it’s all set up.
It’s almost like it’s an epic by itself.
You know what I mean kind of think of it.

That way, you know and then, like we love how we with the logo on the arm and then P brew the brewing solutions inside their little thing.

That’s that’s classy.
I love it man, I’m glad that you like the shirt but yeah you’re exclusive right now, you’re like that you’re, the guy you haven’t, we don’t need the actual.

The actual will forgive focus vlog.
I don’t even have that shirt it’s coming, but we’re waiting.
I can’t wait to rock it.

You know I’m saying just like.
I can’t wait to think.
That’s right appreciate you guys once again, folks, if you guys are needing any help with your deals.

If you need a little boost a little boost at your store and you want to figure out a way to do it, you find a company, that’s willing to sit there and listen to what you have to say, can figure out something they could tailor for you.
I think a group, before you add and by the way Evelyn and what’s going on Evelyn Ridge maker by the way, Evelyn and Justin.
You got something coming into mail here in the next couple days by the ways and more so for Evelyn.

But there is a couple little things in there for you, too big j-dog, the shirt is dull and we got mr.
Joseph, though, will the shirts be sold very funny that you would ask that speaking of there is a store, it’s called the car guy coffee dot Store – and you can get all of your cool amazing, hallway you’re talking about that address – that’s running across the bottom of the screen.
Right now, do it there.

It is back at you, my friend keep doing big things and they are crushing.
I’ve saw numbers that he’s been driving man, it’s having a good time.
That’s what makes the business I ask something swag coming your way.

I think that group that I’m gon na love it before you do think ad group guys I that’s I don’t even we got ta talk.
What’s up with that, we figured out we’re gon na throw that on there you know, saying we’re trying to brew it up.
Right, I am see ya.

What’s up guys, what are you still doing? Hep hep? Yes, you get too bad right.
So I had a cup of coffee.

Yes, you drink some car guy coffee, you know root it sound of gruesome solutions.

Well done guys got my CGC short sweet, so glad you got it brother man, team, Michael, has been a great supporter, and I appreciate that man, so what man need a? We need to talk with him sometime soon for real.
I really sit down with you, Michael for sure.
Bro said I didn’t get swag days back.

You have us you ever Jason.
You focus there.
You got here.

You’re you’re got a package that went home and yeah it’s been promised.

Are you that’s right? That’s what it’s all about you keep doing.
Your thing guys appreciate it back at you.

Man keep having fun down there rocking those units.
All right, perfect man, one Munda bah-bah-bah thing – is boon, devar thinking thinking, I’m thinking for a big day right now, so so yeah man, crazy, crazy, crazy times.
We’ve had a lot of fun.

We just got them getting interview today by Melanie Borden who’s.
Actually gon na be we’re gon na be releasing her show here in the next.
We will let you know we will let you know you know, we’ve.

We are constantly interviewing people and having fun, and it’s kind of like we’ve done so many interviews that it kind of gets me like cross-eyed a little bit’s like who’s.
Next we’ve already have vlogging Gordon.
We got a lot of great information and it’s really really neat to be able to drop all this, but you know I knew I know we have Sean Hayes in the book somewhere, Arizona Hayes we’ve already recorded that maoli maoli darren bumpers.

Coming on to my yep, we have, of course, Evelyn is already ready to drop, but we want to make sure that we mix it up a bit right, make sure that we get a full-fledged blend: rock n rollin.
We are completing this series right now who said that when did you meet Melanie, I did meet Melanie.

I totally met Melanie woops, I’m I’m speaking.

I see that my bad sorry about that, and this is real, and this is raw so but Melanie is coming out, but we didn’t want to release that immediately behind this particular series on Cargill, coffee, where we had a katie marriage, so car guys car gals get The car gals to jump up in here and brew some solutions up with us, so we always have a big mix-up.
Everybody up in here, which we we have.
We’ve been having a good time having all of the solution areas jump on the mic, but we got a cool little mix, that’s coming for you on this case series, but guess what we have another series that is gon na be coming right behind that that we Are trying to fill up the right line up for so usually the way the series would work is we’re gon na release five different episodes of five other solution, Ares that are basically accomplishing a particular subject matter right as subject matter experts, this next series is gon Na be the best trackers, okay, where we are highlighting the things that it takes to be fast, trackers inside of this business and what it’s taken for people to fast track inside of their own career.

So we are really really excited about that, but it’s impossible for us to make the connection from the rise of the solution airy series to connecting all the way over here to the fast trackers, without that entire midsection that we’re still in right now, which is the New connections we are connecting with so many solution, Ares we’re having a great time given a platform.
I’ve been so lucky and and having so much fun and really meeting a lot of really just like-minded people and people who are on the same kind of mission that we’re on you know just constant growth.
Where you know everybody’s, you know doing things that are causing them to be a little uncomfortable, causing them to really feel great about themselves when they accomplish something.

You know that are just feeling like.
Okay, I’ve done that before it’s something they’ve never done before.
You know with you know, with Melanie: it was such an awesome interview today with us.

She interviewed us and it was a really cool show.
We got to talk a lot, so yes, perfect right up our alley, so we just we just spat out whatever we wanted to spit it out right, but it was.
I think it was good stuff.

I think we hope so because another guest sits there.
Just listening to us just keep going and we were like oh wait.
This isn’t our show yeah basically told us what she wanted us to do.

It was fun and Melanie is a great host and just such a nice person and then after we got then we talked a little bit longer and she talked about things.
That’s going on kudos to her knew that so you know what that is they’re doing it.
Indoor haysom’s, oh no, oh yeah, man, so, okay, anyway.

Sorry about the background noise, but hey! You know what it is right: children, loving all the strong female guests, guys yes and can’t wait to have more the more the merrier.
I think we got to do it.
First time around on our gal coffee, it did help to kind of mixing it all up inside the cafe ruin solutions.

These dealers that are making things happen inside of their community.
Don’t let it hit the ceiling, that’s what we’re hoping doesn’t happen.

You got it fine.

There wasn’t right now outside all right, they’re gon na go try to may not be as long as we usually are, because we they didn’t man Jason.
Let me tell you something: they had that thing fly up like this and there’s something out there for me like just like that.
Okay, this is brother.

I know these are kids, they give it like they can do they like yeah yeah, no big deal they’re like we’re both engineering, kids.
They do engineering classes in high school man, so they’re like they by the way the propeller, the whatever they replace it.
Like the two seconds they’re like yeah, let’s go: it’s getting ready, go down, man, it’s getting ready, go down, it’s pretty cool! All right.

Let’s see we’re gon na try to get some of this out real quick.
This is Jason city where’s.
That act.

I just pictured is hilarious.
How did you open that? No, where did you find , , , , , , posing an engineer? Imagine trying to pose an engineer like our kids, a baby to reveal which they will if they want to be, I know they will and they love parent.
So it’s amazing to our guys.

You never saw him that guy with the right deal.

Listen your buddy! Thank you for that Jason.
Thank you that was touching.

It made.
My heart feel really good.
I had a good time in it was it.

There was an Acura store.
Yes, there was an engineer and I was pretty pretty amazed.
He made toothpaste right, he gave you went through this entire elaborate story of how to pulverize sand to the point to where it works, with making better toothpaste right and I was blown away by it.

But one thing that I did learn to to get from engineers.
It’s tell me about what you do.
They do some pretty complex, crazy stuff and not enough people really take it in and I’m not saying that I understood most of the conversations I’ve had with engineers.

But I just asked him to tell me stuff and they would download a whole lot of words.
And I would learn something and but I think the one that stood out the most was the toothpaste, polarizing toothpaste.
I mean I didn’t know until that day that it was saying that you’re rubbing all throughout your mouth um in order to get him mouth clean it that was educational to me.

Did you know that? No, but it was cool, but you know how he doesn’t: declare that he’s a toothpaste, wizard, a car guy, I’m not the car guy, so talk about car stuff and he’s gon na know that right well, but you’re, bringing some toothpaste in this mug he’s gon na.
Be like what is that, what is he it’s, the stuff you put in your mouth and you toothbrush it now.
I know when I’m sitting there and I’m like.

Oh that’s, I didn’t know they in there.
I do use the we do.
Use the charcoal toothpaste in my house, so it’s like it’s weird when you I’ve been using it for years now, so I’m used to it.

But when I first start using it, you would spit out like black you’re like funky, when I really needed a brush.
Now I’m used to announce, I’m always been using that kind of toothpaste, so I’ll just kind of that’s what you do so I don’t know if they have it in that, but I know that I doesn’t make sense that it has sand in there.
I’m sure it’s super fine, it’s super fine.

I mean I was I mean I was really a little bit.
Uh wow, that’s really cool.
I couldn’t wait to call Tiffany when the deal was done.

Like sign.
I just hold this guy and you don’t watch your two pieces major sing like yeah, babe how’d, you do how’d you great crazy, we’re talking about toothpaste we growing, so we need to talk about toothpaste, so no we’re.

Looking I’m looking forward to this episode coming up.
It’s gon na be really awesome so once she gets in, I said so three times and that’s the four time so hey, but no it’s gon na be really cool to have this episode come out.
It’s a it’s! The fifth question.

The fifth question is amazing: she’s gon na tell you what she says and you’re gon na really love it, because we did.
It was really cool and then you’re gon na hear the fresh news.
The fresh news is really really really really it’s it’s about her book.

It’s about what’s going on with her, so you need to hear about it.
But once again you need go check out her book.
It’s called yeah.

I have it right here that she’s the author of earning her business and she and I could tell it’s a big deal to her – that she’s an author now cuz she’s, like you know I was just weird.
I never thought you know, and it’s true you never know you always hope things happen, but to actually get there and see it happened.
It’s kind of like oh wow, I’m here.

So I know that when Lu drops his first book, it’s gon na be a big day for him.
He’s gon na feel much like that.
He’s gon na be like you know, and I can’t wait to be able to be there to support him and everything else.

Like that and then one day and the riders start dropping books like crazy lots of lots of nah, we got ta go got ta, go crash, guys, hey Jason, thanks for coming on here.
Man appreciate, you think, a group.
So we appreciate you.

We appreciate the think.
A group we appreciate Derek love, you guys, man, I can’t wait till we get to hook up solution.
Ares Russell rise, mount up whatever so night appreciates you guys and say night Jason.

So no man, we appreciate you guys so much thanks for doing it.
Late night group, the late group, the late crew, we do, we had a coffee, we had Melanie Borden in the room yeah.
That was me, and so she took us through she.

You know us changing the posture of being interviewed to us asking the questions.
She asks them some great questions that got us just rethinking of how we even got here, and we speak as though it’s almost as crazy long path.

Just because we’ve done a lot of stuff inside of this period that we’re in but there’s so much more to go, and we are so excited about being able to revisit these conversations to see where everybody is in the next 6 months in the next year.

Right in the next five years from now home, so I’m just so pumped up that we get the chance to have that talk.

She asked some great questions that really made us dig deep, which is what we love to do, but she’s doing what so many other people are reaching out to us and doing, and that’s just asking a couple car guys some questions about what to do on their Life and there’s many different formulas and thoughts and concepts and anything else, beliefs what what else, processes and tools that you can put inside the dealership? I am completely convinced, and we stay in the posture of saying it has to start at the heart.
You have to overcome the things that you’re faced with then inside of your mind, so that you can focus on accomplishing the tasks.

But doing your processes are key.
But you have to approach it with the right state of heart and the right state of mind, because if you have that, if you can hire somebody like that, then you teach them there.
Your processes, you can create somebody that is not just loyal to you, but is functioning and profitable for your organization if their hearts in the right place, and they have the capacity to see what it is that you’re at least pointing them to, but once they get On the other side of that, then their mind gets blown when they see great success right.

So it’s exciting to know where it is that we are and we are.
I can tell you, what’s really cool the coolest thing and you know I miss pretty much after this was probably wrap this thing up, but I really want to talk about the other night we were in here and we finished it up and I just was sitting Here randomly going to my phone’s: do this look at our first video right? So I pull this thing and it may not have been the first one, but it was like it was an early one super early like really early stage like we didn’t even have this thing here yet we didn’t have you know if the lighting wasn’t even the Same yet, it was like literally just one that one ring, probably all we had a time if we even had that at the time, but we were just doing it because we were just checking out and what we were doing like just spitting.
Just talking back and forth just likes to call it spit balling spit balling there you go we’re spitballing right, so we’re sitting there writing on the chalkboard back right, so we’re spitballing and we’re talking and it was it was a.

This is all on video and we’re and we’re talking about things, and then I started talking about Lou’s talking about things right and Lou was bringing up stuff.
That was like what he wanted to happen right where we want to go within and I’m like yeah and I’m this and I’m like you know what we’re gon na have we’re.
Gon na half aside the names that we’re going to have on our show interview, I named, I probably named three or four Pete in there Pat we’re past people, only one that I knew actually personally, but I don’t connected with them in you know, in a while, Adam Marburger, okay, that’s just one on name, but I named off a few other ones and it’s like whoa, it’s so crazy.

Those videos are like seven months old right and I look.
I look at those in like six months later.
Those things happened.

True Wow blew my mind.
I remember recording that, especially with those specific people – I remember I do remember sitting here and just listening to it, recording something going back and watching it in being super excited like dude.
This is for real we’re doing something here, we’re actually making something happen, and I could see it right and I’ll be able to get home.

So I’m on a 20-minute drive after I get out of the cafe to the house, I get home by the time.
I get home fred has now been able to listen to a good portion of what it was that we’ve done and is absolutely knowing bro.
This is gold, and I would say just like that.

This is golden bro.
I’m, like you understand, bro.
I think you do understand this, you don’t understand his stuff is gold.

I said I’m like did I? How many times did I say uh, it doesn’t matter, do it how stupid do this all the more real it is? The better and, like I remember like seriously like just wow blown away in that video, I even say in please, if you don’t like cuss words, I do apologize, but I’m gon na have to be noticed.
I have to be honest what I said.
I was like.

No, that’s what it was yeah, I’m feeling this man and I was I was so real.
It was, and I still feel that way right now.
I feel like that currently, and I felt like that then and it’s so cool to see that I had passion.

I knew my passion then, but I still love that I still have that same passion now, because this is something that I truly love doing.
So I appreciate all you all for coming out here lunch watching what we do, even if just one of you guys get something from this and you love it, that’s why we do this and I’m so excited – and this is all about helping while helping us also.
I mean don’t get me wrong.

There is something here for me and what’s here for me, is that I get to grow from this.
I get to learn to be a better person.
Learn I get to learn to be a better mentor for people.

I get to learn, learn from mentors.
I get to sit down and interview people that I wanted to just to be like a little bit.
You know learn, so I get to learn about how they think and what they do and I’m constantly growing with these interviews.

So I’m so freakin, lucky and humbled by only extremely and just happy I mean I can’t I can’t believe all the stuff that we’ve been able to accomplish since one 20, 20.
20 s three and five months ago tomorrow is five months old tomorrow is not today not like today is you know Friday meant almost Saturday is art our show’s fifth month to the T fifth month on the show and the growth that we’re having in this time.
I’m pretty excited about it and it has ever seen it’s just a silly thing.

It’s our niche.
Our niche is the car world.
It’s a big world, but it’s not that big of a world.

It’s it’s a! You know what I’m do.
You know what I mean by that like to try and I feel like just that alone is perfect and I’m so lucky that we have that I’m lucky to have.
You know a partner business partner, a brother and all that stuff.

In this, let’s see Michelle just Michelle left a Michele if you’re still on.
Thank you for coming by pleasure.
Scott skirts Tim.

What’s got me better, be what are you gon na do for an encore? You did another one today.
I appreciate you thanks.
I saw that video I had a chance to watch it all yet, but yes, I loved it.

Thank you very much for inviting me to your show and it was an honor and I’m looking forward to doing future endeavors with you.
My friend I want to see the rest of that we will watch it later as we’re doing the drop so there.
So yes, so anyway, yeah so guys.

Once again, we are so very, very lucky to be doing what we’re doing and having fun and we’re lucky to finally get our first sponsors as they finally we’re lucky to have our first sponsor, because it was.
It was not amazing.
It’s the perfect partnership.

Looking forward to having this partnership for a very long time, I mean seriously Justin Theroux Derek Perez.
Thank you solution and reads seriously.
To me mean the partnership is lovely and I’m so excited about it not trying to over plug, but we are definitely trying to give that top package love to our think ad group team, because they really do help challenge you in how you approach, how your marketing, Your own business and how you’re reaching people so because of that it is a completely sound collaboration for us to have, because all that we’re trying to do is help you think differently than the way that you’ve maybe looked at business every single day.

You know you can’t always you know in the car business go to work with, you know a snapback and some people don’t wear jeans and some people don’t wear shorts and not everybody is going to do things that the way that we do it.

But when we deliver our message, maybe sometimes it may not get received sometimes because we don’t look like the typical car guy, which we can easily dress it up, guys, that’s an easy thing for us dude, but the number one that we always always suit right over Here right now, I’m ready change that wardrobe.
Let’s do this, but the number one thing that we are always wearing, whether it’s a hat on our head or another or anything we are wearing a smile, and that is infectious and we bring that with us to people that is lucious.

I who why? Because we are hit him with that CC contagiously comfortable, Oh Senor, Gomez de carga.
I got our coffee, Susie said contagious contagiously and it’s exactly what we do is what we’re trying to share.
It’s all about the love, Derek, Oh Derek, still on Derek love.

Partnering up with you, man, I’m looking forward to a long relationship.
Man, hey it’s a great partnership, it’s mutual! When we all get together, though we got ta have everybody’s gon na.
I can’t believe I cannot wait.

Yes, we got to all be wearing those, but then the next day we’ll wear these then wear that think adds.
But yes, man, it’s it’s been fun and I feel very lucky, like I said I feel very lucky that I’ve had this opportunity to do what we do and we’re gon na be able to keep doing this and we’re gon na be doing it bigger and better.
Looking forward to seeing all you guys at conferences, one day, we’re looking forward to just dropping in there emcee animation, bringing life to the party having a good time and all while helping people grow.

So this whole edutainment thing is for real.

That’s right and that’s all we want to do is entertain you guys and have a great time and have fun and then go to bed and sleep so great, even if it’s just for the 3 to 4 hours that I get every night, I usually not gon Na fall for peace, if I yeah like, if, if I get 5, I’m feeling like wow, but you know that’s what we got to do right now, because the word needs to be out there.
The word needs to be about good car deals.

The words needs to be about people training the right way.

The word needs to be out there about people sharing ideas.
The word needs to be out there about just love and other people just help.

You know, like I told people today, I was up to think you know the think tank and when I was there, what I said was the one thing that I know I’m really good at is helping people, so I think that everybody deep down that’s the best Thing that you’re good at deep down, that’s why we should even have a business right.
I mean why doctor should be a doctor is for the sake of helping somebody why mechanic should be a mechanic for the sake of helping somebody yeah.
You know why a pastor should be a pastor in a bagger at the grocery store should be bagging right there there to help we’re all here to help him everybody’s gon na play their role.

Well, then, I am convinced that it doesn’t matter what role you play.
There’s an equal importance, the hand can’t say to the foot.
I do not need you and though the surgeon may do a high-dollar job, for maybe many people right.

There’s may be many people that get on to the surgeons table, but the person that dug the ditch that helps to get the water to that surgeon’s office has helped many many many people and is just as important to keeping our ecosystem of civilization.

Moving in the right direction, so we all have value.
We all have something to bring to the table.

We all have a solution that we can brew, especially if we approach it with the right heart and we try to approach it with the right heart and at least hit deep to make sure that some of you car guys and car Gauss reach deep inside of Yourself to deliver a solution to this world, my new podcast card, I’m Pepsi podcast, sponsored by a new company, think he’s cracking up right now watching us.
I know gosh, but no thank you guys do not miss this brew.
It’s super important to listen to finish this thing out, because if you started it you need it.

You, my mom, always used to tell me.
We always finish what you start.
She was failing.

He says a waste leader, she that’s not like them.
My mom, my mom, would never talk to me that I don’t know if she could hilarious if she could try to speak well, she’ll be real fun to hear that yeah.

But anyhow, that being said, thank you guys.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Jason Jason was an amazing guest.
The think AG group was an amazing guest.
I mean that’s how we started the relationship.

It all came down to us meeting.
Really it was Evelyn got us hooked up.

We sat down, we talked the rest.
Is history man and we’re gon na be talking? I can’t wait to talk about what we’re gon na be talking about a couple years.
It’s gon na be amazing.

We don’t even know, but we haven’t even seen yet the rise of the solution.
Aires that’s fullest.

We go coffee, coffee, coffee, every time, bro cuz, you don’t drink coke, warm right, but you can drink coffee, hot or cold Wow, even iced blow mine.
You can’t a warm coat come on.
That’s very strong dang, I’m just sayin.

Some coffee wins every time.
It’s like rock paper scissor.
If you go Coke, Pepsi coffee come on watch this, both of them all day.

It’s like you know, I’d like that right.
That’s that’s why today, that’s the equivalent of that just like coffee and you Lewis, so you just use loose.
We love you, we love you too.

Thank you so on that straight poopoo, so, but folks get rockin.
We need to launch this brew for you guys to listen to for you guys and gals to listen to, and we appreciate everyone love.
You guys, love everyone out.

There you know, what’s up check out this quick little, hey, oh by the way Jason here will be next week, we’ll have that okay be looking for the intro videos, every Sunday be looking for it, so you need to come out and watch it because we’ll have It released on this Sunday, 100, No , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], whoa, oh here, to leave so folks.
Thank you again for joining us with this live announcement of the new podcasts that are going to be coming out.
This brew has been brought to you by the inc, a group, okay and let’s make sure that you are constantly if you’re, not sipping.

Solutions on the car guy coffee podcast make sure that you’re finding a way to feed your mind and your heart in order to actually be ruined solutions in your community.
All right, if you don’t feed yourself success, you’re gon na rot in mediocrity.
Okay, so do not facts.

Do anything less than pursue being the best version of you two days so that nothing don’t do that.

It’s all that matters, don’t do so right.
Go! Do that! Go! Do that.

Please go do that because your only real competition, like he said, is yourselves you.
The only thing you have to compete against is what you were like a minute ago.
What you were like yesterday, the easiest ways just yesterday be better than you were yesterday.

So how do you wake up today, even if it’s just a little bit better a lot of people trying to take on a huge load of stuff pick one thing and knock that out? It’s done.
My wife made a great analogy today.
She talked about the windows of our house, she goes, you know if I really said I’m gon na clean all the windows of one day.

I just would just not do it.
She also what I do is.
I say I’m gon na do two windows and I mean knock all these windows out in a week.

She does two a day, so she goes.
I know I can knock out two and like it, you know no time and it doesn’t make me feel like.
I might be doing it all day, so she schedules is about that whenever she does it smart, I was like wow, that’s actually a really good time and we try to total dumb things.

That’s why we’re closer she’s, the strongest she’s, the strongest mental person in the world, forced us to reach deep with logic, but yeah.
So teaches me to how like teaches me to get better at things which makes me think of every angle in the world.
So very blessed so folks, thank you, don’t forget, forgive focus, fly, keep growing and always be brewing solutions, and this is Lou Ramirez, the car guy.

This is feather noises subprime hero and we thank you for joining us on the car guy, coffee podcast.
That’s true think a group .

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