Hi, I’m Katie Mira’s author of earning her business and I am brewing solutions with these awesome guys, , alright Carly’s car gals welcome back.

We are so excited to be here still with an incredible guest that is just pouring out some incredible truth on the microphone.
That’s going to get the chance to listen to any of that five liner! Well, it is broke up and in the past, waiting on you to go reach back to and put in your cup bracket bone up, make sure you hear it because that five liner was fired.
There was a lot of great information in there.

This is a great story if she’s breaking it down, for you guys to really understand the woman’s mind.
What psychology of a client is: don’t miss the five liner.
That’s something that’s super important, but we got this fresh news and Katie.

I know you have a lot of stuff coming up.
I know that you know.
Currently, this coronavirus is kind of price slowed you down, but at the same time it’s sped you up in a lot of other ways.

I know that you’re believe if I’m not mistaken, you’re going to release your book earlier than you anticipated.
Is that correct um? So it is available for pre-order right now and it comes out September 1st.
Where can people judge that for every order right now, yeah Amazon? It’s amazon.

com, as well as Barnes & Noble, really any major book retailer.
That’s online.
You can find him.

I’m gon na definitely get me a copy and then I’m going to send it to you, make you sign it or all those things towards the end of the year.
So if you’re there we plan on being at a lot of these things.
So you know that’s the key we’re going to do that.

We want to meet a lot of people.
We’ve interviewed to.
It definitely include you, it’d, be really nice to have a sit down and do like a like a real time of our shows.

You know in person one because the whole idea of our show wasn’t do all the stuff in person.
Obviously, but with the coronavirus we’ve learned to adapt to use these new technology to get people online and do that, so we planned on going to all the conference’s throughout the summer throughout the fall and of course that didn’t happen.
But no this book is really exciting.

It’s it’s people, if you, if you haven’t, had a chance to get to know what kt is go, go to her website.
It’s it’s Katie, ma re s! Comm! I have it when you put that on it, you can see it check this out, go to her website check around it has BIOS on it has talks about what she’s doing what her purpose.
Is it even talks about her company that she currently has and how she can help you get to the next level? And speaking of that, you know, I know that this is something you’ve been having.

You know your own company for a little while, but you you know, you were with other people, and it looks like you just recently went on 100 % by yourself.
Is that right? So I’ve been 100 % by myself for a few years now, but definitely worked with and alongside some of the greatest, when I started to go, you know dip my toes in the water of entrepreneurship for sure, yeah, you’re doing a great job because it it’s it’s.

It’s coming, it’s not coming off as cocky.

It’s not coming off.
As you know, I’m the you know, I’m the greatest.
It’s coming off this.

I want to help people.
I want people to be able to understand, give people a better experience at whatever their, whether it’s in a car industry, whether it’s whatever you’re talking about it, translates everywhere sells people people.
So it’s just understanding that terminology and understanding the people and their mentality and you’re doing a great job with that.

I’m gon na.
Thank you yes, but you have all or what I would consider contagious confidence all right.
There is a confidence.

Thank you being a competitor.
That’s what you have a contagious confidence that is literally what you’re trying to do when building other people with their brand and their experience is having confidence to even do it just to step up and give it a try step up and try to challenge yourself and You’re doing it in a in a confident way that becomes contagious.
It’s one thing for everybody to listen to one person in a room, be the great person inside of the room.

It’s another thing for you to leave that room greater because of the person that displayed their life before the entire audience.

You know, or the show also one person you’re in front of and again it’s contagious confidence that Katie has.

That might be.

I don’t know the next book that might be her next show, maybe it might be whatever she wants you to have yes contagious confidence, and is there something about that or something about like, because I’m sure you, like anybody else right before you get on stage, you Probably get a little bit of that floaters, you know like okay, I’m gon na write but you’re not a bit a lot you’re wearing nervous.
You know I could imagine I’ve been there.
I know what it’s like, but not at the level you have, but I’ve been there, and I know I do it’s a really unnerving feeling, especially you know these people, you like how they gon na kind of they gon na, come off.

Are they gon na, like what I have to say you know, am I gon na stumble through my words, but then you do it.
Even if you stumble through your words, even if you mispronounce stuff at the end of it, you realize wow.
That was amazing, but that confidence comes out because there’s something inside of you, you have this.

You know it’s like it’s like Rocky Balboa, going into a ring, and just knowing you know, if you just have that in you, you no matter how many hits that come at you.
You understand that I have the right.
I’m doing this for the right purpose.

I have confidence, I’m talking about the right.
You know the right purpose.
That’s what I love is me.

I don’t you just help.
You know that.
That’s the thing, that’s what it is, and I was you know, I’m just a human, I’m really not anybody’s amazing.

Anybody can be amazing, I’m just a human I’m just trying to be a human helping human, I’m just willing to take a little bit more risk to put myself out there and and that’s all it is like I mean everybody has a story.

Everybody has something they can share.
That will help someone else, I’m just one of the few that you know decided to share my story, decided to be vulnerable, decided to be, I mean I’m so self-deprecating on stage it’s not even funny.

I make fun of myself all the time I am literally just another girl helping other humans with other.
That’s all I am, and I’m that’s really it and it’s cool that you’re like that.
I’m glad that you’re telling that to people, because a lot of people will see like you know it’s you see the confidence on stage.

You hear you talk, you see your videos and it comes and not that you come off cocky.

You come off as I’m not worried about this everybody’s good.
Well, we all know, and just us like us, our own videos.

We go back like oh, my god.
I said I said y’all too much.
I said I said you know I kept saying literally many times or whatever it is.

You can but we’re our own worst critics.
Everybody is their own worst critics.
I believe that you’re also the only competition you have is with yourself and with yourself what I mean by that you can yeah you can strive, you can see this person on stage this person’s got a podcast and he does great job Glenn.

Lend me four example.
I love women.
He was an hour away from I want.

I was starstruck when I met him at nata this year.
I stopped him and I said company to meet you.
I was like.

I need to know who you are, but no he’s amazing he’s fantastic.
He is and he’s one of the hardest-working guys doing what he does and that inspires me so, but then you know I don’t I don’t compare myself to him at all.
Do I look at him and look for like mentorship and see what he’s doing to kind of Judge about what I should be going towards? Yes, but I do it completely different than him, but I do get true to yourself, but he’s not my competition.

My only competition is me, it’s like I have to wake up every single day and be better than I was yesterday.
I have to be better now what’s two minutes ago.
That’s the only thing I can be better than it.

I don’t have to be better than going.
I don’t have to be better than you know, Joe Rogan’s podcast.
It’s not about that! It’s about how much better can I be today? How much better is this show gon na be better than the last show? You know and that’s all I need to worry about and if you can worry about and focus on yourself, it’s like on that level.

You know I’m not talking about when you’re introduced and when you’re helping people when you work when you work on yourself and your constant look, I’m in growth mode, I’m only thinking about right, even if it’s just a little bit, you know it’s all that matters you’re, Not worried about as I used to drive into some of my corporate jobs, I would you know I’d get in the card be an hour commute.
You know, that’s the 45 minute commute.
I live in the city.

It’s I’d always ask myself.
Well, how am I gon na be 1 % better today? Just that one sounds like what am I gon na do just just a little bit and and every day I believe we can be a little bit better, but we don’t need to stress ourselves and be the best.
We just need to be a.

We just need to wake up and realize it’s a new day be feel blessed that we have this opportunity to be a little bit better and just focus on how you can do that.

That’s right and right, observe and move on to your own petition.
With being that that that that part of being best right, so there is a motivation you have in there and being the best version of you right, but not being better than the person.

Next to you, I’m not in no, and it’s not possible not better than the person.
Next to me there you need to be the best version of that.
I am never gon na be as incredible as Ken and Katie is never going to be.

As incredible well know and we’re going to each make make each other better by being the best version of ourselves, you know what I mean and that’s, ultimately, what we want to get to is brewing solutions with people that are those type of solution.
Ares no doubt and have the heart to say hallo, let me give you the confidence to be the best version of you.
If you can take anything away from this talk, if you can take anyway, anything away from this brew, take away folks that you can be better by listening to somebody that fully understands how confident they can be in themselves and that will unlock the door for you To be the best version of yourself and thank you, and I said everybody is a source of inspiration.

You know, and and that’s just it it’s just whether or not you’re willing to see that person as inspiring and whether or not you can take part of their message and make it your own and like we’re always growing.
If you stopped throwing, you might as well be dead, and so that’s just that is the key to life.
I hear you you’re either ready to retire and just fade off into the sunset.

Where do you wanted to have come? I haven’t thought, maybe 80 years old and still like this gray, hair great going at it.
You know and I’m not because of the money, because I want to constantly grow.
The money is gon na come, but it’s about constantly growing.

I don’t want to sit there and just stay off into the sunset I want to enjoy life.
I want to help other people enjoy life, and I want everyone around me just having a good time and that’s that’s.
You know and Katie.

I appreciate you coming on this morning which, on the show I thank you.
I know that we’ve been doing this now for about hour and 40 minutes, and I appreciate everything I know time is the most valuable commodity in the world.

So your time means a lot to us and we appreciate you giving thank you for finding interest in me.
That’s that’s it.
That’s incredible! Well interesting about you is that you have something that car guys and car gals can take advantage of, and your target audience is car guys.

So we want to make sure that you all have the opportunity to get what it is that she’s brewing up, put it in your cup, let’s wrap it up.
If you don’t get better.
Oh you get better and for some bad Katie who’s life has is an example of everything works together for the good and she is making sure to make that grew in the lives of others and we’re so honored to have you.

It has so thankful for this fresh new segment again folks, don’t listen to what it was that she spoke about inside of all those five liners and you’re gon na get a good look, love that get that learn her business book sharing her business.
You better make sure you do that.
Oh it’s right there! If you guys want a pre-order, is right.

Now I’m ordering minds head phone.
I mean I’m soon as we get off of here.

I’m ordering it and I’m I’m gon na hold you to a signature, and I want a personalized messaging that thing and I’m looking forward to it.

Katie is there anything else you want to say before we get off here today.
Nothing honestly! Thank you.
You guys are amazing and if anybody I believe time is the most valuable commodity.

Just like you and I believe that anybody who spent the time listening to me, I have to thank them, because I thank you for spending that time and developing yourself, then believing that I have something to give you and if anybody we’re friends now anybody who listens So direct message me reach out to me on my website: 

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