groove, brought by think ad group y’all know what time it is yeah what’s going on, everyone fell in our subprime hero today is 8 8 20 20.

wow time’s, going by fast.
Take advantage of every moment.
Do not waste it.

So today my quick tip, my quick brew is actually pointed at you.
Managers out there all you, finance managers, sales managers, desk managers, if you’re going to work a deal, work it.
If you’re going to submit a deal submitted every person that comes in every customer.

That brings um an application to you.

Every sales person has to say it brings an application to you.

Do not just look at it and give it back to them and tell them.

You can’t help it.
Let the banks make that decision.
What i always say is submit everything submit every deal.

You got as long as they have income and they can prove it submit it.
Once you submit those things, let the banks determine if it’s a yes or no.
What i can tell you from my experience and the reason why i believe i’m the subprime hero is because i submit everything and i’ve seen a lot of people.

Who’ve come to my store that were never even submitted.
They were just pulled credit pulled by the dealership.
Never sent to any lender and guess what i sold a lot of those cards.

That’s all right! You all can keep doing that.
But what i can tell you if you take this one tip that i’m giving you today and you submit everything.
I promise you, your numbers will go up.

This is foreign hero whoa.
Let’s group .

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