When You Lead Your Team on the Battlefield, You’ll Have Followers

Hello, Noah wall share with conquer you and in this video about leadership I wanted to talk about.

If you leave your team on the battlefield, you’ll have followers.
When your team sees you, go up and address an irate customer or go down and put a deal together or rebuild the relationship or identify the objection that the customer is facing, that’s keeping them from going forward.
Your salespeople, your staff, is going to believe in you.

They’re going to follow you, they are going to believe that you are competent and they are going to trust your skills and your abilities.
So whenever the opportunity arises that you can fix a problem, go down there and give your very best, we all know no matter what role you’re in.
We can’t make everybody happy, but when you go hands-on and you address the problem and give it your all, you will create followers from your sales people, from your staff and from your customers, they’re all going to believe in.

You now think about a sales person who goes to a manager with an objection and the manager says: okay, perfect, let me go down and talk to them now.
Once again, we don’t want to give too much will create complacency, but if they go down in a dress that customers objection and extract, what the true problem is and put the deal together, that sales person not only learned what the leader, what the manager taught them By doing it by showing them that, but they also believe in their capabilities and that they are adequate to be their leader, now think about the same scenario where a salesperson goes up to the manager and says hey my customers.
Have this objection and the sales manager says tell them this, and if they don’t want to do it, then they can leave now.

What kind of leader is that is that somebody that the team’s going to get behind and follow? You know do this and if they don’t do it tell them to leave? No, that’s not the type of leader that people are going to follow.
So whenever you have the opportunity to get in the front line, to go down to the battlefield, to talk to customers, to fix problems, to create solutions to objections that will make you be the leader that your team will follow.
So make sure that you are always the leader that your team will follow once again: Noll Walsh, conquer you .

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