When Departments Clash; What I Saw at the Dealership Yesterday

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What I saw at the dealership yesterday and what I wanted to talk about in this module is departments clashing it’s when service and sales don’t get along it’s when sales and body shop don’t get along it’s when sales and Finance don’t get along it’s when new car Sales and used car sales don’t get along, but when we have these clashes throughout the dealership, all that does is hurts the culture.
It hurts the morale, it takes away from effective business doings and it looks tacky to the customer.
It’s almost in a sense offensive to the customer that they come in to spend money, whether it’s in the parts department, the service department or buying a vehicle or picking up an extended service plan.

And they see this clashing going on almost like a sibling rivalry and they’ve got to be a part of it.
So we have to remember when we work in a business, especially when we have so many different departments and personalities and moving parts.
We need to make sure and know that more important than anything it’s that we all get along for the greater good of our customers and of our employer, because that’s who pays us is our customers and our employers are the ones that pay us.

So when you’re in sales you’re in finance you’re in BDC, you don’t have to be best friends with everyone in every department.
But you do need to do your best to make sure that you are getting along and being professional with all the other different departments and, more importantly than anything, what most people want.
More than anything is respect the other departments once again, Doyle Walsh, with what I saw at the dealership yesterday, .

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