Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, because you, the consumer, needs every advantage when you’re spending that type of money for a vehicle purchase.

So we give you some ideas and tips.
What’s the latest in the industry also, what’s going on and other retail ideas when it comes to dealing with our new normal, as they say with the covet, so, let’s get to it.
What we wanted to continue today was picking up from our last one talking about disruptors that are coming into the dealership, whether they’re third-party vendors or whether they’re people with ideas of how the future is going to be, and we were talking about the increasing chatter about Ev, the electric vehicles so picking up from there gm has already announced electric truck audi.

Bmw are moving forward with their evs volkswagen plans really for 70 different all-electric models in the next decade, so with all of this change happening disruption to the oems.

What does this mean for the dealerships and ultimately, what does it mean for you, the consumer, to a large extent, evs or electric vehicles are stole vehicles that need to be sold.
They need to be serviced, not that they’re any different too much from internal combustible engine cars and trucks, but smart dealerships will start to separate themselves when they provide vehicles in a customer.

Centric service buying way you’re starting to see, and if you look closely that dealerships are getting prepared, uh at the start, with charging stations getting their people uh computerized as far as how to deal with the electric vehicles.
All this is coming down the pike.
So, what’s the bottom line following many of the industry headlines, if you start looking and if you were looking maybe at the beginning of the year, you might think that the world is crumbling but to be fair, all dealerships can do is wait for the oems and The oems are waiting for the election returns in november to see exactly when are we going to push out more of these evs? It’s going to be a hardship for some.

Some people may like it but using california recently, as we speak on the time of this show they have rolling blackouts in the state.

If i have an ev vehicle boy, i i’m stuck, but we as a country will get there.
If green’s the mandate for the way moving forward, nothing is going to stop change in the people who demand more of that.

So we in the industry need to either look at this as doom and gloom and get out of the way or get prepared for this change because you, the consumer, are looking for.
So, while 19 2019 was a stronger year, still of a little bit of a roller coaster, but we did top 17 million sales again for the fifth straight year, 2020 with cobit has been somewhat of a challenge and we’re still doing the best.
We can to make sure that you, the consumer, still has the confidence to come into the store and purchase or purchase and do your servicing online, but is change coming down the pike? Yes, are the disruptors out there? Yes do.

We know what they have planned? Yes and your favorite manufacturer is prepared.
Also, the question is: when will we actually pull the trigger so just be prepared that by 2021 or by 2022, you will see so many new entries of electric vehicles that you’ll have an opportunity to choose from your favorite dealer? Once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies and spokesperson for shop, smart autos, giving you the consumer information that you can research more and as always in parting, .

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