Selling Cars Digitally with Jim De Luca and Noel Walsh

What is up come on Yoochun, Jim DeLuca, and we apologize for being late, but Jim actually had a blizzard to drive through, as you know, there’s a blizzard going on on the East Coast and out here in st.

In fact, I’m getting baked and I’m getting Sun saying I’m getting I’m getting too dark, but tonight we have Jim De Luca, who is a digital, social, media, digital marketing, digital sales, training expert.
And we want to hear from you and hear what you have to say about what questions you have about, how you want to grow your social media, marketing, how you want to grow your digital marketing? What you’re doing this works for you? What you would like to learn better and Jim, and I are gon na – do our best to help you Carly.

I see you’re there what’s up Carly, how are you and Jim go ahead? Hey Carly, I’m Amy Noll.
Thank you very much for having me very excited.
This is oh, you did for me at digital dealer, so this is her one more time.

I lost you a little bit there.
I’m sorry about that brother.
I said I’m very excited to be here.

It’s actually my second livestream and the first one you recorded at digital computer 21.
Yes, absolutely, Oh perfect! So yes, so number two yeah enough! One was pretty successful and notice.
It’s been great, knowing you in and having you a part of my my friendship, a part of my network and we’ve only known each other, since we met each other at digital dealer, 20 back in January of 2016, and honestly, I trust you with my life.

I feel like I’ve known you for 10 15 years.

In fact, we shared a room together at UM NOLA at nad day, and you know I’m I’m not always big into that type.
As I trust you like, like no one else, I think the world of you and it’s been great great know one year and haven’t you uh, be a part of my network.

Oh thank you for learning about this.
Absolutely so we’re talking about doing it.
Digital and sales, and so you just got out of training today, so you’re awfully fresh and awfully uh.

You know this is what you do you’re well rehearsed.
This is what you do so as far as doing it digital.

What would you say is elementary steps for the average person well, first and foremost, my specialty is the automotive space, and the most important thing that a person has to do to be successful in the digital realm is to consistently put out relevant content.

That’s going to engage to grow their call.
I think it’s enough for a start, just to use people as you possibly can, and within three to six months.
You’ll start to get see, attribution and ro man, and you follow it religiously.

The days of sitting around staring out the window waiting for the up costs to arrive are gone and that’s why so few salespeople are really making any good money in the other space, because you’re still relying upon the dealer to drive traffic for over 100 years, dealers Have been telling their employees that you run a business within a business and you have no overhead and that’s true, but now for the first time you can have a marketing distribution and publishing platform.
That’s also free, so come up with some clever content.

Publish it use Facebook extend once you master Facebook into other platforms like Instagram and YouTube and grow your following and sell cars and make a ton of dough.

And if anybody wants any specific information they’ll be happy to share what dealers pay big bucks for free today perfect.
I appreciate that and I just posted the question on here from Carly lembo and she said: what’s the difference in your opinion, in digital sales in Canada than here in the than here in the automotive industry, I don’t really think there’s a whole lot of difference.
Canada actually has a higher per capita usage in social media and more people per capita on Facebook, then virtually in any other country in the world.

So I think from a marketing perspective.
It’s not a whole lot there that you’re a culture of personality.
So it’s easier to build a following in the States than it is in Canada, but I, for example, if I go to digital dealer or nade out, I’m recognized by a lot of people.

If I go to an event in Canada, nobody cares who I am right.
So it’s just a different culture and it’s harder to build a following gear, from a technological perspective or from a implementation perspective, there’s not a whole lot of difference.

Okay, excellent and I like what you’ve shared so far, and so you you shared some nuggets.

What would you say, you’ve stated Facebook, what would you say if somebody’s a novice and they’re, just starting in car sales or starting in business, wordy what platform do you think they should start on and how? Well, I see a lot of people making a mistake by using their Facebook account is opposed to creating a Facebook page, it’s much more difficult to kind of page that it is on account.
But once you do, you have resources on the page that you simply can’t have on the account.
So a really good strategy, if you have a decent following on Facebook, is to build your Facebook page and then share your content from your page to your account in an effort to grow followers.

Another way to grow followers and to build your brand is through groups like conquer ye, chase, sharing content there, where they have an already huge organic following is going to help.
You grow your your following and to build your clientele.
A lot of people may say: well, one of why would a guy in Ontario need a follower you tour in California? Well, once again, it’s all attribution when people are looking to follow a page, they look at the amount of followers.

You have to sort of determine the value and the relevancy of your page.
So, regardless of where these people are it’s going to help you build value and look like you’re an authority in your field and build a following, which will ultimately lead to sales perfectly.
I’m gon na hit you with two questions here, because they’re two good ones that two people III think highly of them respect.

Well, the first one is Luke McGraw Tucker Luke.
What’s up my brother, what’s your favorite online site to promote on Facebook and YouTube? Well, I think that I’m a really big fan of YouTube, I’m only recently getting into to Instagram, and my personal philosophy is from from a marketing potential, and you have to understand something for me personally, I’m kind of like the mechanic that doesn’t work on his own Cars, I do a lot of work behind the scenes for my clientele and help them build their organic, calling it help them build their marketing platforms, but I would think, as a third resource for the automotive space, it would be Instagram in the business space in general.
Over well mainly, it would be LinkedIn, yes, probably the big, a big donut, calling it’s a great publishing platform for blogging.

Like for all the magazine articles that I write, I usually will type it a version of it on LinkedIn see what type of engagement I get and then edit it to grow the engagement and then publish it in a magazine in another form of incarnation.
So it’s a great proving ground for honing your writing skills, it’s a great proving ground for getting involved in groups and in gathering content and really to determine the relevancy of your content because it is crowded with experts yeah.
So if you can master din – and you start getting – you know six seven, eight ten thousand likes or views on an article it can, it can really be game-changing, can really change your career.

I wrote one article called: should you close your effing eye department, which essentially put me on the map all over North America? That’s how I started to get to be requested for writing into magazines and I got on.
I don’t do their lives so many times, and programs like that CBT Network, all because of one article that radically changed my career and it was LinkedIn that drove that perfect.
We’ve got a lot of good questions coming in, so I’m going to go to Matt Crain from the power of great podcast.

Thanks for having me on a couple weeks ago, Matt, I appreciate it always enjoy the time with you and his question is posted here on the screen.

What’s more important with social media, the content or engagement and after you put into your two cents, I’m gon na put in my two cents also, I think that’s a great question, but it’s almost like taking an egg.
If you get great, I don’t know how you would get it any other way.

I think in large part, Google and Facebook is driven by content.
So I would, I would go content all the way and if you got good content, you’re going to get engagement, oh – and you know my thoughts on this, are I used to think that I shared a lot of good content and it kind of put my name On the map, when I was doing the sales and the sales, training and people started to kind of catch, a whiff of me and know who I was but I didn’t engage and I didn’t get a whole lot of likes.
I you know: that’s back before the videos were huge on Facebook.

You know you would share YouTube videos to Facebook.
That type of thing I didn’t get a whole lot of likes or comments, because I didn’t engage with people and, as I got more engaging, I saw my audience grow.
I saw my views, girl, my likes grow and everything else grow, and so I’m a huge fan of engagement, just like when we’re sitting there with the customer when we’re engaged with them and we’re truly finding out about them and we’re in their personal space, we’re in Their professional space – you know they become more trustworthy of us, so I’m a huge fan of engagement and this one I don’t see on the site on the be live here, but I do see this one from Jeff Gillingham, who set up the couple week ago, interview With Joe Girardi F, I will never forget that in fact we’ll do that again.

Next time I go to Michigan we’ll make sure we make that happen.
I got Joe Jr’s number and I made sure that I made a lasting impact.
I always learned that, and I teach that you know find out who the decision-maker is and court them, but Jeff Gillingham said.

Would you use just your name on a business page or add the dealership name? Also, I think they’re two distinctly different things.
I think like for me personally, I use my company name because I’m driving my company Reilly myself as a celebrity or an individual, but most of the content gets attributed to me, so it has worked well for me so far.
I think every individual sales consultant should have their own page as well as the dealer.

So not entirely sure.
I understand that question, but if you are working at a particular dealership I would certainly – and we want to drive the traffic there – then a deep – that your dealership should be a large part of your page.
No, I agree completely and let’s give some shoutouts here: Tyler Eastman, Matt crane, Carly Lambo, Tyler tangel Alan Pope Liz Lou Sandy McNichol, Jenn, Dunnigan, Jeff, Gillingham, Matt crane, if I didn’t say it already: Luke McGraw, Tucker, Orion, Grove, Jordan, Thomas Chris Wiebe, everybody who’s on your Andrew sales, Clio, jabu, Frank, Riviera, Jamison, Johnson, everybody – we appreciate you being here let’s blow this thing up, do not be afraid to share, do not be afraid to invite.

Let’s blow this thing off the roof, we have a digital marketing expert here.
This is what this guy gets paid big bucks to do.
Not only is he handsome? Not only is it his birthday today, everybody wish Jim DeLuca happy birthday, but the guy is full of content, full of knowledge and full of experience, and so, let’s blow this thing off the roof, and I don’t see any other questions coming through here and set Dustin Said engagement, so I brought it out and – and you talked about YouTube and we’ve never had this conversation before, how do you recommend people get their YouTube out there? I mean that’s something that I used to have a big YouTube presence and a big YouTube following and I kind of switched over to Facebook, because I feel that they had the best platform.

And you always told me that Facebook gets you fans and friends.
But YouTube is where the business happens.
How would you recommend somebody gets their their message, their product, their service on YouTube effectively? Well, I think, and I’m a huge fan of Facebook, and I think he can drive traffic with it and I think their ad targeting is absolutely unbelievable, but they rank a video view, for example, as three seconds and theoretically, one could be scrolling through their feed.

Stop on a video for three seconds, with zero engagement and they’re, counting it as a view, whereas on YouTube thirty seconds and when YouTube breaks a video, they look at the aggregate amount of time that people watch it.
So if no loss does a three-minute video.
I watch it for two minutes and 38 seconds.

Another person watches it for one minute and 15, another 1 minute and 10 they’ll look at the aggregate time, which is the amount of minutes that was watch divided by the kind of viewers and that’s one of the driving factors for the ranking.
So much partner work to get it, but once you do, it can be found organically on YouTube, so somebody’s making an inquiry for a product or service that they’re looking for they’re gon na find that video, if it’s properly optimized and it’s never going to become invisible Or become irrelevant in the feed so for driving traffic to a website for building a brand for having what we would call evergreen value like a video that you do today is still generating traffic and generating brand awareness and generating sales three years down the road.
It’s YouTube all the way, but it requires a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of hard work to optimize a bit and that’s a formula that I shared on LinkedIn.

If anybody wants to see it, I wrote an article recently called how to end your dependency on auto trader, where I shared our formula for rank videos.
Now that being said in a perfect world, where one more person was willing to sacrifice the ego gratification that you can get on on a Facebook, I would do live stream feature videos that would drive the traffic to YouTube so give people little nuggets of information.
That’s ultimately going to get to medically and I have a much longer shelf life than a facebook video.

No, I like that and I’ve got a question for you but Andrew sales here, and you might have just answered that, but any tips on properly properly optimizing on YouTube.
Absolutely like I said, there’s an article that I wrote on LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn is under my name.
We could spend the whole live stream talking about optimization, there’s some basics like yeah a transcript and that’s what really prohibits a lot of people from doing a YouTube video is.
It requires a written transcript.

All your keywords that Google can use to index your video and that’s where a lot of people fall apart, but go to LinkedIn.
Look at the article: how to eliminate your dependency on auto trader and you’ll, see our formula yeah! No – and that does make sense, because you can have a great video on Facebook and it’s going to be popular for a day two days – maybe a week right and you can go through and refresh it, but it is kind of gone right.
It’s almost impossible.

You can’t index it, you can’t you can’t search for it to our YouTube they’re there in the slot of where you place them or the slot of where you you posted them, and you can search them and you can search them on Google, so it does make It a lot easier and so Seth Dustin just said: read: Google Utley to learn proper video, optimization, okay.
I appreciate that and so we did have a question.
I was trying to get some more engagement going and I had a busy day today.

So I couldn’t get as much going, but we did have a sale or a question from Jameson Warbeck about digital marketing and his was follow-up, and this would be great for me also because I get a lot of leads from from online social media.
What is your strategy for? Follow up, digitally one-word Bom Bom, the the ability to convert leads and the ability to provide follow-up with a tool like Bom Bom and again, I’m talking about the automotive space.
It’s absolutely mind-blowing, because BOM Bob, which essentially embeds a video gift into an email and within that email, you can create a personal template that reflects your brand and actually have icons that link to all your social media pages and all your videos.

So it’s taking all your data and all the information that you have to share and putting it into an email in an easily accessible form.
So we night ago going to walk with the client.
I would do video for null, for example, in the title bar of the email, the subject line, and then I would send that to you.

You would open it.
You would see a three-second gif of me.
You click on the gift and it links you to the video and our conversion rates now are around 80 percent from lead to conversion to appointment.

80 percent.
It’s absolutely mind-blowing! So here’s a perfect example of how this works, because you get notifications whenever the video when they receive the email, you get a notification when they open it.

You get a notification when they play the video or click on one of your social media links.

You get a notification, so if you send a video to a potential client that you haven’t heard from in three days and you get a notification that you just watched your video for the third time.
That’s a perfect time to call him up he’s going to think you’re a Mentalist to go.
You know, hey know.

I was just thinking about yeah.
I sent you a video on Monday haven’t heard from you, but learn.
If you got it, you know was gon na, say well, Jim you’re, not gon na believe this.

I just watched your video and that’s the most powerful follow-up tool that we’ve seen today.
No, I you know, I don’t have Bom Bom.
I haven’t use Bom Bom, but I’ve had people who have engaged me with Bom Bom and I know you’re a filial for Bom Bom and it is very effective.

You know because it comes through on text comes through on email.
It comes through, it’s very effective.
The message is right there and you know people love video and I started out when I started my sales training.

I was writing blogs and articles posting them on my website.

Posting them on LinkedIn posting them on dealer elite, most amount of all these different areas, and now I see that people love video.
What do you think is the most effective form of marketing of connecting of engaging with people on social media and digitally? It all depends on the platform that you’re using blogging on a website is still very powerful because of the keywords.

So people are searching organically for for a subject matter.

They’re gon na find they’re gon na find that blog post.
So I don’t think I think blogging.

If your effect and you’re good and you’re you’re good at copyright and you’re you’re you’re talking about subjects that people are interested in and there are free tools out there that can give you.
Those keywords like uber suggests – or you know just with the Google AdWords account.
You can find those keywords that are relevant to your industry, find the subject matter that people are searched before and drive a lot of traffic to a website through a blog.

But again it’s not nearly as exciting or nearly as its sexy.
As a video and a video is much easier, you know they say if a picture speaks a thousand words.
A video speaks a million words it’s a minute, so I would say a balance of images, balance of video and a balance of a blog posting.

Yes and so your thoughts – and let me ask you this question because you are, you – are the expert, so I’m gon na leave it all up to you tonight, but I noticed when I make post, especially when I post to groups like it seems like I could Have the best article in the world right and it could be from my website it could be from LinkedIn.
I could have a great video, but sometime what what gets the most engagement is is a me right, because memes are short, they’re, sweet, they’re to the point.
What do you think as far as is a salesperson, because we’re different we’re we’re on that? The training the vendor end? What do you think as far as a sales person as far as memes, would that attract or distract their potential clients or potential audience? I think means is a form of entertainment and engagement and motivation are great, and you know if you have brand awareness and you’re backing it up with memes.

Like you know, hardcore closer, for example, uses them very effectively.
They can be good, but there’s also a lot of people saying you know, stop with the crappy inspirational quotes in the form of a meme there’s a bit of a backlash going on with those right now and I think they’re waning, in their effectiveness and waning in Their popularity, but there’s a lot of really cool tools now that were actually embed video into a still picture, so you’re getting the best of both you’re getting stay.
For example, you’re standing in front of a pool party, you can have an image with the waves rippling in the background and use that to create your meme and that’s driving getting really good engagement.

But it depends on what platform you’re talking to the bubble.
Facebook is perfect for means because of the rate which people go through the feet right recently, they gala about a month and a half ago picture and picture feet element to it.


Facebook change their video algorithm.

Where now the videos are rolling with sound and you can scroll through your feed and still watch the video in a pitcher and put your thang format like I’m, an old school TV Facebook did that, because a lot of people were too Network boosting their posts.
We’re getting the engagement that they had hoped for.

They are alive because of the fact that they were only watching the videos for three seconds, and even when you boost the post on Facebook, it tells you how many 3 second views you had, as opposed to the aggregate amount of time that people watched your video Right, so how much can I sell in 3 seconds now, if I want to get 10,000 views on a video in one day, that’s the place to go and do it if you’re looking for ego, gratification and views right, but without really determining the relevancy of the Views then, Facebook videos, where it’s a long-term engagement to drive traffic and it’s still YouTube, but that being said, YouTube is very competitive because I recently read, there are 1 billion hours of video consumed on YouTube every day.
Well, that is wrong.
That is a lot and you know what’s funny is I know some people that live by YouTube like that’s, where they watch all their TV, and I know other people that have been to YouTube in a year, especially after Facebook.

Live has been so popular in all the videos on Facebook I mean I.
I believe that Facebook has the best platform on the market right now.
As far as everything that it offers right, it’s a little bit of LinkedIn.

It’s a little bit of YouTube.
They own Instagram, it’s a little bit of that Instagram also, you know what was bought by Facebook what two years ago, four a billion dollars and it’s worth 100 billion now.
So I really want to make sure that everybody in, in fact I made a post about this.

I got a lot of bad in fact you jumped in on this a little bit too.
I got a lot of negative remarks and comments, but I got 145 comments.
Just a post on on insta on Facebook, about Instagram, but if mr.

Graham went from 1 billion to a hundred billion dollar business in like two years and I’ve seen that Facebook has picked up a lot of Instagram stuff with Instagram has the story is now Facebook Has the Facebook messenger which I haven’t done yet? I haven’t even watched one yet because I spent so much time on social media, but if you’re in sales – and you want to build a like – I brought this up earlier, but you want to build an audience.
You want to build a following.
What would be what would be your funnel of how to start that with social media and where you would lead it again? I’ll just tell you the formula that I use it’s the Facebook page right.

If we throw too much at people and they see how laborious it is to get a video ranked on YouTube, they’re going to shy away – and I love sales people – I am one myself but anytime, you put a step in a process.
You get the drop off rate.
The beautiful thing about your Facebook is that most we’ve been already have an account, so they can create content on the page.

Share it to an account, grows our followers so with then again that takes consistency.
That Kate takes effort and it takes scheduling.
I always tell people that um.

You really need to have a schedule in order to have any form of success in the automotive space, because its retail and it’s very reactive, if you go to work every day, is take some time today.
I’m going to do a video, a little walk around video or behind the scenes, video, that’s the video that never happens so work is scheduled.

We’ll have a plan say this is the type of content I’m going to create every day and then, if you get a VBAC or you get enough or you get a phone lead whatever the case might be soon as you’re done that go back on schedule now I just posted a question here and this is from Mike Saracen and I think he knows you Danny you.

I don’t know if you guys can hear me, but I can’t see no, my apologies.
I love that set just put in the comments whether or not you want me to go ahead and answer Mike’s question.
If you guys can hear me, okay, there’s a number of reason.

My son’s a videographer and we’re in car dealerships deal with sales members and one of the first things that we do to get their comfort level up is to do meet the staff videos and we get everything from the guy that jumps up in front of the Camera blows out a perfect cake on his first try to a guy, that’s hiding in the women’s washroom, because he’s absolutely mortified.
So that’s number one.
It’s that fear of the camera and the fear of capturing that performance or that talk that’ll, be you know forever on the worldwide web.

The other thing is it’s hard work.
It requires effort, some people are uncomfortable, putting it out there, but the beautiful thing for guys like Mike guys that are creating content.
Guys that are doing absolutely wonderful videos is he’s, got a really shallow talent pool to compete against.

So I would thank God every day that so few people are embracing this technology to market themselves, because those that do are just going to crush their competition.
I see it happening every day, guys out there kicking ass, getting leads converting appointments using video, providing a better consumer experience than they could ever the money.
Mule D I starts now: 10 % of the guys are selling 90 % of the GAR partners.

The rest of the guys are staring out the window waiting for something to happen, and let me tell you something: it isn’t happening.
Pepperberg scope is still alive and well it’s not as prominent as it once was, because everybody has livestreaming be one of the beautiful thing and it has a completely different audience than any other live streaming feed.
So I know a lot of guys that will do you know two streams simultaneously, one on Facebook and one on periscope and achieve really good results.

I don’t think it’s ready to be dead and buried.

Yet Krista is a tend to think.
We have foreverGreen videos.

We have a pretty sophisticated rig.
We’ve got a tascam mixer that bolts onto our SLR camera, which is state-of-the-art, but for most people the iPhone 7 is absolutely breathtaking: video quality it actually has 4k and image stabilization and we’ve recently got into using gimble’s that essentially use a gyroscopes to stabilize the camera And we’re having a lot of fun experiment with them, but I think for Joe average a I phone is fine and and speaking of rock stars, teenage astir joined us and he sent me the most awesome.
I believe it was a bomb bomb video, but if you ever get an opportunity to get one of his video emails and look at how he has done all of his referrals, social media accounts attached to it.

It was stunning.
I went around the dealership that I was working at today, showing it to everyone, but again back to your question Chris an iPhone, but one thing that I would highly recommend it absolutely recommend is a microphone.

People have a very high tolerance for poor video quality, but a low tolerance for poor audio.

So if you’re doing a video outside there’s wind noise and there’s traffic noise and whatever your engagement is going to go in the toilet, absolutely for sure get a mic.
That’s specially made for an iPhone or an Android device because they do have a special pen on them, but absolutely get yourself a good quality mic.
What we recommend all of our clients is just a little road, lapel mic and in Canada there are about 105 bucks on Amazon.

You can have it tomorrow.
Well, the number one piece of advice that I can get having history shop literally hundreds of car dealers and I’m always shocked by the result.
They ask you tell, regardless of whether it’s a text, an email or a video somebody asks you a question.

Give them the answer.
Don’t play games, don’t try to convert them to an appointment, simply answer the question because I guarantee it your your competitors aren’t, but a video message can be like a bomb bomb.
Video can be embedded into attacks can be embedded into an email and there’s there’s Cole.

Video too, which is one of their competitors.
I personally prefer Bom Bom, but it’s just such an easy way to embed that gift Drive your engagement from VIP from an email and convert leads ourself.

That’s a that’s, a very good question and that’s totally up to the individual.

What I recommend is that they practice maybe a hundred, but it’s a very personal preference.
We spend probably a couple of grand a month on boosting various things for our clients.
They give us a budget, we boost it.

We boost our own stuff.
We’ve had very exceptional results that you can have such a specific, targeted audience for so little money.
If I were back on the sales floor again – and I spent my time there, I would be budgeting having a monthly budget for Facebook Ads.

Absolutely again, that’s that’s another great question and it’s a very hard hard one to answer, because it’s an in it’s a very individual thing, depending on how engaging some people are guys like Knoll and Allen.
Dickie are just naturally engaging and they can use social media to drive them that get really large rates for training.
Other people that it’s not going to be as effective at it.

But what I always tell my clients is: don’t look for ROI.
Look for attribution.
What kind of what sales can you attribute through your social media efforts, rather than saying I spent X number of dollars on an ad, and this was the ROI that I got celebrated the birthdays on the weekend.

So hey there’s one of my one of my guys Rob parent.
Oh here’s, another important thing that I think everybody everybody needs to understand the value of creating your personal hashtag.
If everybody would just let’s go on to their club or Niagara Chevy dude and see the amount of content that my buddy Rob Perrin has put out there.

The first thing that you’ll see is is a Twitter account called by two five star reviews, followed by his images.
He essentially has created a filing cabinet of his information on the global arson, actually a filing drawer on the global filing cabinet.
That Google is so that’s one thing that everybody should really master is the use of a hash tag, because people will see all your content compartmentalized into one spot, and our Rob has done a really good job.

At that I didn’t really.
I just see the whole question Liz.
Sorry, that’s it that’s another great question set each individual social media site has the has a optimum number of hashtags and if you go to my eh, it’s digital route to a sale and like it there’s an article that I shared on there.

That tells you the optimum amount of hashtags for virtually every popular social media platform, so them rather than experimenting or playing a guessing game, go to the digital road to assail calm like it scroll down the feed and you’ll, see that article clearly identify how to use Ash tags appropriately for each site and it can range anywhere from 1 to 30, no digit.
It’s I it’s on my website.
Great now is a landing page and some transitioning, it’s a Facebook, page digital road to a sale.

It’s not one word thanks Liz! Any other questions guys please fire away, I’m happy to answer them.
Let’s make good use of this time.
Hopefully Noah will come back and that they all about me and my company.

I share content from the best trainers, the best digital marketing experts.
So it’s a really great resource for people that want to learn and not have to do a lot of organic searches just to have it all in my feed.
Well, my company’s called digital road to sale and essentially what we’ve done.

You know I’ve been doing training in the automotive space for over 20 years, primarily in sales and in in F, and I and I realized the number of years ago that the techniques that we were using were becoming redundant.
And so I took the conventional Road to a sale and I digitized the entire process, and that’s essentially, the information we sell to dealers today is how to take your current process and digitize it so that you can start the rapport building process.
That’s online trader, W 2 % will decide which vehicle they’re going to buy before they visit there.

That means that we should be closing theoretically at about seventy four percent.
So if you’re not closing deals in your dealership, it’s a catastrophic failure on your part.
So if we can start the rapport building process and build likability online you’re going to get higher grosses and generate your own floor product, it’s a proven fact thanks.

Chris, oh by the way, I really appreciate all the birthday wishes and the fact that I’m I’m doing this at 53 years old means that virtually anyone can do it.
One of the thing you know is the fact that I could take I’m too old to learn this off the table.

This digital marketing and social media is the coolest it’s the most fun thing to do.

I absolutely love it and I love going to work every day.
We might have to do this again to all when we can.
You know both engages one another, because right now, you’re frozen in time.

We’ve got a question here about Highline versus mass-marketed cars and I think, generally, the level of sophistication and the amount of digital resources that the Highline people will use would be higher than that of domestic vehicles.
So I think that there is a difference.
I think that they Highland would appreciate a higher quality of content, higher quality videos versus a surely responsible video.

But the truth is, I haven’t, done a whole lot of research into that.
We just find that our video lead response platform generates tons of conversions, regardless of whether it’s over Sadie’s or one thing the internet hasn’t changed.
Is people people still buy from those that they know like and trust, and if you provide the service, that’s above their expectation, they’re going to come in and buy from you and video does that every single time? Absolutely we market ourselves to dealerships – and you know we’ve been doing this for a long time, so we have a lot of relationships, so we just still do some old-fashioned door-knocking, but one of the best ways that I’ve been able to build.

My brand is through writing.
For trade magazines, because that gives me instant credibility in dealerships and then I can take those trade magazines in their digital format and share that all across my social media platforms and on my website.
So we’re doing exactly the same thing that we recommend to our people.

We do recently we started doing a lot of video tips which I’m getting really good engagement on.

I’m constantly going to dealerships and find that they’ve watched my videos if they’ve got my articles cut out or they’ve got my articles highlighted so we’re working on it out there every week Joseph Walker do not get fake likes on your page.
There is an algorithm in place that will determine whether or not they’re, fake or real, and you can’t fool Facebook.

You can’t fool, Google and you don’t really want to fool your customers, so provide good content.
Dri likes organically target your audience, and you know, having a whole bunch of likes, isn’t necessarily going to make you a lot of money if you’re on the audience that you’re that you have isn’t in market for your products.
So we’re not overly concerned about the amount of likes that we get to our page, but what we do want is people who will use our service and find value in our content to follow us and like us.

So that’s why we’ve got a very targeted amount of content, very specific content that helps people to improve their sales in the automotive space in the digital realm.
That’s an interesting question because there’s not a lot of people that do what we do: we’re boots on the ground, digital marketing, training for the dealers, whereas most companies that do SEO and SEM and Adwords or or pay-per-click or Facebook Ads they’re doing it remotely.

I’m sure that there’s a lot of good companies out there.

I know that my good buddy Allen Dickie has a very good platform, that’s inexpensive, but it’s an online platform and it’s essentially self-serve the thing that makes my company truly unique, is ionic dealerships every day and we’re holding people’s hands and we are walking them through the Process we’re showing them how to do the videos, we’re coaching them, we’re helping them, create content, we’re monitoring, monitoring their platforms, and you know just basically going along on the right for them or with them.
I should say you know I subscribe to about 20 different resources.
Think with Google – and this is the podcast every day there are so many podcasts with good digital content.

I rarely listen to the radio anymore, I’m always plugged into one or one or another podcast and that’s a huge resource for me.
So, there’s all sorts of channels for information most of its free.
So if you want to self-educate that’s the way to go, if you want to hire someone, I’m just not aware of a whole lot of guys coming in boots on the ground thanks, but a first nice tree might not have a huge tech hilarious.

I Prieta as I as I sort of stumble through this hey Jared.
That’s that’s a great question Jared asked if I were back on the sales floor at a new dealership, what would be your game plan to be seen and bring bringing in your own business? If I were to be in any town or any City, I would follow gary vaynerchuk’s advice and I would look at myself as the mayor of that town.
There’s a little used car dealership in in southern Ontario that sells 500 cars a month and it’s called Haldeman motors and if you go to their Facebook page, which has 23,000 likes, there is no basically no content about the dealership.

What they’ve done is become a resource for everything, that’s happening in their community, so they share content about businesses.
They share content about community events, share content about entertainment, about charity, about the local barber shop or restaurant and, as a result of that, they’ve got a huge local following of people who would never consider buying a car anywhere else.
And if I want to know what to do in my community, I have one resource: Haldeman Motors Facebook, page Sani McNichol, who is my favorite mentor.

I’ve had a lot of mentors over the years and I would have to say one of the guys that really inspired my onstage training style was Paul Cummings.
I saw him at a at a company function that was at about 15 years ago and he he so inspired me that I completely reinvented my training style.
So he was someone that I really looked up to and recently both Noelle and I got to spend some really quality time with him in Vegas and he’s since become a friend of mine, Joseph Walker.

Absolutely I would run ads to get likes on your Facebook page because those are going to be genuine likes based on the content, because Facebook is going to do its cups in the feed and you’re gon na be able to target the audience.
That’s specifically looking for the type of content that you want to provide and those will be genuine likes.
So that’s it that’s a good way to do it absolutely and for as little as you know, 20 bucks a month.

You could probably pick up 20 or 30 likes per month, so we’re looking at less than $ 1 per light, and I think there’s really high value with that, but you’re gon na.
If any extra comes along and says this is exactly how you’re going to do.
The ad to get the best results – or this is exactly the type of content that you can use to get the results.

I’m telling you something they’re, only guessing it’s all guesswork, so you need to experiment.
You need to be comfortable with your budget and you need to evolve and try things based on the results that you’re getting in the level of engagement, but by all means I love Facebook ads of Facebook dark posts.

Oh Chris berry: you are smashing stereotypes of the elderly and social media.

Well, I’m hardly elderly Chris, but I appreciate the thought Mike upstairs and one of the best ways to find hot topics to talk about is uber see Kjetil free resources.
So you can find out what subjects that people are talking the most about.
You can use those keywords in your posts.

There’s a number of different resources out there that’ll tell you exactly what people are looking for and that’s how you would you would create content, create content that that is relevant to people, give people what they’re looking for and you’re going to drive engagement, you’re going to Build your brand and ultimately earn more business Liz.
That’s my personal email, no problem sharing it, but my actual business email is Jim at digital road to a sale.
Calm thanks, Diane Diane says 53 is not elderly, it’s merely middle-aged chadman.

Should you market yourself for market? The dealership you work for frankly, it’s one of the same.
If you want to create a brand within a brand that drives traffic to your store, that’s absolutely what we recommend absolutely brand within a brand Drive traffic.
They got to come there to buy the car.

That’s what we do and then you can combine the efforts of the dealers, social media marketing platform with your own.
If you’re trying to build your own brand and drive them to you, it’s going to be much more difficult than combined yeah I’ll, be one set.
Yeah, dark posts are a really cool thing to do, because, if you’re building an audience organically, the last thing that your follower is gon na want us to be bombarded with ads.

So Facebook dark posts essentially lets you market to look-alike audiences.
So you can target an audience – that’s very similar to yours, but they’re, not your followers.
So then you can test market your ads and see what type of results you get before you experiment on your own, following which will ultimately get you to lose likes.

So I don’t want to go into too much detail about it because it’s fairly sophisticated and when I say sophisticated, it’ll be difficult but again you’re, just targeting an audience that looks like actually advertising to your own audience.
Thanks, Chad, Chris Perry, that’s a great question, but it’s totally relevant to what your tolerance for risk is.
You might spend $ 20 on a Facebook sponsored ad and get no results.

You might spend $ 20 and get three deals out of it.
It’s all about your own personal tolerance for risk.

It’s all about your personal budget.

I, like here’s.
What I tell my guys rookies, that I’m training today, I’m gon na guide them through the process and recommend that they spend $ 100 $ 100 a month.
It’s $ 1,200 a year to guarantee you that they’re gon na get lots of sales that can be directly attributed to those ads because we’re going to target specific people looking personal, specific, specific products in a specific area and that’s the beautiful thing about Facebook.

It’s also kind of creepy, because they’re gathering all of that data and then selling it back to vendors like us, so we can specifically target people and give them exactly what they’re looking for okay, so null saying close this out and apologize for the technical difficulties.

I did my best to carry the ball here, I’m more than happy.
If you want to reach out to me at gym at digital Road to a sale, calm or text me at nine, oh five, eight six, five, eight, seven, three, four and I’ll be more than happy to help you and by all meetings like my page, digital road To a sale on Facebook and that’s where you’ll get all the best content that I share by my followers thanks s/o guys, .

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