Sales Professionals of America Recruiting Review – Andrae Randle-Virgil

In front of me, I have mr.

Andre Randall Virgil.
Andre man tell me what you thought about this week of training.

I thought it was excellent prepared to the last place.
I was that I had no training like this and I really feel that this is going to help me out a lot more considering I did okay without the training, but with the train.
I think i should be at the top.

I should be number one or number two at least, and I want to be nothing less than that excellent excellent.
What you’re gon na do when you get out down the dealership floor, I’m gon na go for number 1.
I’m gon na try said as much cars as possible and i’ll try to make as much money as I can yo brother.

I believe you got the ability to tell and do anything you want to do just stay sharp.
You know, stay persistent and follow the process being great drink thanks .

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