Negotiation is an ART

only one goal wall share with conquer you, and we were on the block course closing and capacity, and this is one of the most important modules that we’re going to talk about in this block course is we reach our way to the end, and It’s about negotiation and what I wanted to share with you in this training module in this course is negotiation, isn’t art, so I teach the art of sales approach, relationships and trickle selling.

My first keynote speaker role speaking for a large automotive supplier company, a large automotive vendor company was based on the art of sales, and I came up with the concept of sales is in art, the approach, the relationships we build and trickle selling and what I’m going To talk about in this module on the course negotiation is exactly these things.

First, I want to cover in this module.
Customers say they dislike negotiating, although 9 out of 10 customers want to negotiate with you either on the price, the terms the interest rate or extras, and we have to realize and remember how to properly handle the negotiation with the customer.

We are the negotiation experts, that’s what we are here to do.
That’s what we do is.
Sales professionals and its sales experts is being in control of the process of the negotiation.

Remember you always have to keep asking for the money if you just drop to their level.
They’ll always want more and too much will never be enough.
So remember that you have to keep asking for more and keep asking for the sale and keep asking for the money in a way that is approach right in a way that the customer understands standing on the relationship that you built and slowly trickle selling them more.

Because we try and sell them the whole ball of wax from the beginning, we push the customer away, it’s our job to pull the customer in reinstate the wants and needs and convenience you offer with your product service and the deal at hand.
The customer found you online, the customer found an online price.
The customer wants to deal with you feed off that understand that and know that keep the customer engaged through negotiation, never neglect them.

Never let them go home and think about it before its time and let the relationship you built continue to sail forward.
That’s why we build relationships not in a selfish way, but we build relationships strictly on negotiation, respect what the customer wants respect what the customer needs! Respect what the customer wants to accomplish hold your ground understand where they’re coming from understand what your goals and objectives are in the deal and when you negotiate – and you have all these factors in mind – left to right right to left, you’ll, understand their mentality.
You’ll understand where they’re trying to go where they’re coming from you’ll use the relationship that you built to take the deal to the next level.

So you too can negotiate like this true Sales Professional.
You are whether you’ve been in the business for two or three days or 20 30 40 years.
Understand it’s not what we want.

What the customer wants when we understand their wants, needs the satisfaction inconvenience that they’re looking for we play off of and utilize the relationship that we built with them.

We will be the master of the negotiation once and again, always in forever.

No walls, conquer .

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