um car guys and car gals welcome back to the car guy coffee podcast.

This is lou ramirez, the car guys.
This is fred lennart’s, the subprime hero and the guy over there in that little box right there right there, that is glenn lundy, mr and we got some fresh news.
Big things are going on for glenn he’s got some dreams that are coming together right before our very eyes, and we are excited to be with him in the moment, while he brews solutions for the masses, okay to be elite, and i’m gon na shut them out.

Because i’m gon na i’m just so excited guys and i’m just gon na keep talking, i’m being highly caffeinated and ready to rock.
So i, like it, tell us what’s going on, what’s the fresh news going, what is it man? So what do i? What do i got new going on man? I got.
I got all kinds of new stuff going on man.

There’s three major projects that we’re working on right now.
The first is hashtag rising, grind elite, mastermind group.
I’m super excited about that um.

The reason i’m excited about that is, we’ve had the show we’ve done, 678 episodes of hashtag rising grind.

We have the group right, we have the group which has got 30 000 members.

We have you, know t-shirts and we’ve had some events like we’ve been able to do a lot of things, but by doing that, there’s been so many connections and networking opportunities relationships until finally, i was like all right: cool we’ve been doing this for like two and A half years now, so, what’s what’s the next level? How do we engage and help and serve more members of the group on a higher level, because it’s one thing to take in content right, it’s another thing to take action on content.

It’s one thing to get comfortable consuming about certain amount of content.
It’s another thing to be held accountable to take action on that content, and so that was a space that we were missing.
There were a lot of people that were like hey glenn.

Can you mentor? Can you coach, can i get more time with you? Can i ask you some questions and i thought well, let’s just create an environment where we can all come together, because i do you guys should probably you’ve heard it by now.
Right, like i don’t really like glenn, doesn’t really impress me very much like i’m, not really impressed with glenn lundy.
What i’m impressed with is like.

I love people and i i love seeing you know i i i love that you know i got a hundred people around me like i said earlier, that are helping feed me all the time with different stuff.

That’s what’s made me who i am, and so i wanted to create an environment where other people could have that they could have.
You know hundreds of people that they can go to that they can count on because i’m not i’m dangerous, dude.

Look i’ll.
Tell you real luke, listen to me dude, if you and i go just about anywhere and do just about anything, i’m dangerous at that right.
You want to go bowling, i’m dangerous! You want to go play pool you want to go, get in a fist fight.

You want to go like i’m pretty dangerous at everything, but when it comes to being an expert, i don’t claim to really be an expert in anything, i’m just really good at a lot of things.

You know what i’m saying, and so i like finding experts, i’m like oh you’re, the f and i expert come here shocking tyson you and i need to hook up because i can add value to you.
You can add value to me or i’m like oh you’re.

The expert in bdc development come here, josh, mitchell right and we have a relationship and so we’re able to do those things right.
You guys are the uh.

You guys are the for the people.

Experts right, yeah, exactly right, come on over here, just get on over.
Here on the squad right, so all right, that’s what i’m all about and that’s what the hashtag rise mastermind is pulling together all the experts, all the different people, so that we can be stronger man if you surround yourself with amazing people, you’re gon na do amazing Things that’s just the way it works, so i’m excited about that uh.
We also have the skill with speed automotive academy.

I feel like the auto industry has constantly been learning from itself for about 100 years right.
We all hang out with car people.
We learn from car people, we talk to other car people.

Do we don’t have really time for anybody outside of the car world because of the hours that we work and if you don’t get it like, you can’t be part of my crew.
You can’t be part of my tribe and, if you do become part of my tribe, you’ll, probably end up being in the car business, because i’m going to suck you in because the car business is sticking awesome.
So we just end up around car people.

All the time and – and i spent i finally got out – i spent some time with some guys that are building big business like 550 million dollar businesses billion dollar in revenue, businesses and they think completely different than those car people completely different.

So what i did is i partnered up with them, because they’re experts at building massive companies – and i was like hey – we need to serve the owners and general managers of the uh of the car business in a unique and different way by thinking outside the box And showing them some new new ways to create recurring revenue, and things like that, so we’ve got a two-day workshop in dallas texas, where we’re gon na shoot guns, drink, bourbon, smoke, cigars and learn how to build 550 million dollar companies sounds like a good time right.

Yeah that one’s gon na be fun um and then the last new thing that we’re not new but uh 800 club is um.

You know where i work with owners and general managers dealerships to help them scale their volume, their profitability, their employee retention, their overall dealership culture.

We do it all virtually we meet once a week via zoom.

We get together every four months for a little retreat and uh.

It’s awesome man, my 800 club dealer’s, been seeing.
You know minimum of 25 increase in sales in the first 90 days, uh we have multiple dealers that are seeing.
You know.


Increases year over year, uh – and it really just comes down to focusing on those four key areas.

You know: how do we scale our volume, our profitability, our employee retention, our overall dealership culture? That’s what i help them do.
So those are the three major projects we’re working on.
You know right now, on top of 5, 30 am shows on top of, on top of you know, selling gear, on top of raising seven babies on top of taking care of five ducks.

On top of having a cat on top of the dog, on top of my wife being pregnant with another one, on top of trying to take care of the basement on top of helping furman automotive going to tampa once a month for three days and on top Of that i’m working with liza myers for just the larger myers automotive group and her 15 dealerships over there in virginia on top of that, i’m helping place people in the auto industry in dealerships all over i’m moving them across from their families.
On top of that, i’m doing podcasts with my boyfriend, my boy lou and other people all over the country, and on top of that, i’m getting coached and mentored by the one and only dave meltzer, who’s, an amazing, superhuman and he’s helping me to to level up And on top of all of that, we’re connecting with people like adrian peterson, ray lewis and other guests that are gon na soon be on hashtag rising, and on top of all that, we’re making sure that we hit our morning routines hard with gratitude goals, time and Prayer time for the lord taking care of ourselves physically, spiritually on top of that we’re listening to audio books.
On top of that, we’re watching all the videos, and on top of that we’re trying to make the absolute most out of this incredible thing.

This incredible gift called life: mommy, that’s! What’s going on new with glenn levy and hashtag [, Music ], he still has the same 24 hours as all of us all of us.

That’s right.
Take note.

Take note.
That’s all, i have to say car guys, car guy coffee, podcast.
We are brewing solutions with a true car guy, 800 percent clubber.

We got the rising gl rise and grind elite folks going to different levels and finding out that they have a capacity for greatness.
Just like us all car guys cargos make sure that you get some more of this group.
Go listen to the five liner glenn has been blessing, the microphone the entire yes, it is on to the rest of our lives, car guys, car guys.

You know what to do as we leave the cafe: get ready to groo with us.
Glenn lundy join us as we fly on our way on to the next venture and heights of life.

One two three forgive focus hold them up, keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, ruin solutions all the time.

Thank you so much glenn for joining us in the fresh news.
We we we speak blessing.
We speak hope.

We speak light over everything that it is that you’re doing anything that we can do to help caffeinate the conversation and get people motivated and moving.

We are here to help you out, keep doing what you’re doing.
Thank you for inspiring us and the masses you’re an incredible man.

Thank you for joining us boys, honor and privilege.
I truly appreciate you guys more than ever.

This is glenn lundy, i’m a husband to one a father and i’m brewing solutions on the car on the car.

I messed it up and i’m brewing solutions on the car guy.

Let’s brew, that’s right call guys car guys go get you some enjoy your week.

Go make great things happen.

We love you all.
We are .
You .

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