Monday Motivational; “What Are You Waiting For? What Are You Afraid Of?”

 hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today.

What I wanted to bring up on today’s message on conquer today is first off.
I hope you and your family had a very happy easter and you enjoyed the holiday and on today’s episode on conquer today, we’re going to make this a motive, monday motivational and on this monday motivational.
I have to ask you two questions.

First, what are you waiting for? Second, what are you afraid of so first off I asked you: what are you waiting for now? I see this happen so much to people.
I talk to whether it’s individuals, whether its dealers, whether it’s businesses, they’re always waiting for something.
Now i can tell you one thing that I’ve seen in my life, everybody who I see wait rarely does their situation.

Rarely does their business rarely does their production change.
They are consistently and constantly waiting.
What they are doing is they are rusting they’re waiting on their excuses and they continually come up with excuses why they are waiting.

Why this isn’t the day this isn’t the week.

This isn’t the time i hear sales people all the time.
Well, wait till I sell more cars and then I’ll join conquer you and, I think, to myself conquer you is going to help you sell more cars.

How are you going to sell more cars? If you don’t change what you’re currently doing, on the other hand, I talked to owners in GM’s and business owners and they say we are going to be interested in conquer you when we hire new salespeople when we’ve trained new salespeople and I think to myself shouldn’t You have something implemented in that you are familiar with so when you bring on new salespeople that you are familiar with it and you can get them taking action and using it in implementing what they’re learning.
So I want you to ask yourself this: what are you waiting for, and so, secondly, what I have to ask you is: what are you afraid of and first I want to ask you as an individual and as a business owner.
Are you afraid to invest in yourself? Is that what you’re afraid of is a business owner? Are you afraid to invest in your staff? Are you afraid that that money you spend? You won’t get a return on that money? Are you afraid that the training that they learn, that they’ll learn so much that they’ll go on to another dealership and they’ll, take what you paid for them to learn to move on to another dealership, and I asked you this and I want you to think about This, because that is the worst way we can think I’m afraid to spend the money, because I might not get anything in return.

Just like anything in life, you will always get out what you put in so whatever you’re going to get out, whatever you put in and same thing as a business owner and obviously if people are not using the training, they are not going to get anything out Of it, they’re not going to get anything out of it, but on the other end, if you don’t put that out there for them to learn off of, they aren’t going to get anything out of it.

So I want you to think about this on today’s episode of conquer today on a Monday, motivational is first.
What are you waiting for? Second, what are you afraid of think about this? Are you holding yourself back, don’t wait for tomorrow, for what you can do today? Always go out and conquer you.

I hope you had a happy easter, always enjoy your family and always conquer today, .

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