Let’s Talk About It – “How to Handle Price Objections”

What’s up my bad, we got lost last, so I just decided to switch it back up.

I got this new.
This new camera set up and didn’t really know what I was doing.
I thought I was being mr.

hi-tech man, but what we’re talking about here and I know more people gon na – be jumping in it.
What are you saying when a customer objects using price when they say either the payments are too high or the price is just too high and again this is an obstacle that a lot of salespeople do run into and when they do run into it, most salespeople Shut down or they become extremely confrontational, with the customer you ever been in that setting before, where you and your guess, y’all been talking, everything is going real good, you show them the vehicle.
You go out there, you’re going to demo drive with them, and then you come back inside and it’s almost like you have know who this person has turned into you don’t know who they become.

You thought y’all had a good understanding, you thought y’all were cool, but now they have just straight flipped out on you and that’s more common than not, and what typically happens is when we present a customer within our oxygen and they object with price.
If we’re now prepared how to handle that, what ended up happening is it’ll come off as confrontational a lot of times.
Okay, like somebody will say.

Well, you know.
Oh my god, I just can’t afford those monthly payments and you have a sell for instant well.
Why can’t you afford them? You know it’s not too much, there’s nothing! You can do this, you can do that and whenever it turns into a confrontation, that’s never good, always equated it.

To like this, one thing you have to realize is: every single customer has what’s called an internal buying system, an internal buying system we all have one and our internal buying system is the thought processes and the checks and the balance as we go through before we Make a buying decision now I equate our internal buying decision to our political views and our religious beliefs.
Can you imagine somebody trying to convert your political views or your religious beliefs in a matter of minutes or after just meeting you without really knowing? What’s going on? No and it’s the same thing when we’re dealing with customers with their internal buying system, so as the professional you should know, value is extremely important.
Any experience now for the cust.

It should be all of our price, but let’s talk about how to deal with that number one.
In order for you to be able to intelligently, educate somebody on how and why this particular product or service is worth their investment and how you can justify to them.
The savings or the benefit that they will receive what far outweigh the price.

In order for you to get them to be willing to listen to you, you have to be willing to listen to them.
Now you might say well Brian.
What do you mean? That means that, early on early on during the conversation you have got to realize one thing: there is no such thing as getting to person or getting to know your guests too much anything outside of you know not asking about any sex life or anything like that.

But at the end of the day, this is the second largest purchase next to buying a home.
These people will appreciate the fact, unlike any other place, they’ve been to any other dealership, they stopped at.
You actually gave a damn enough to want to know who they are and do me a solid if you ain’t hit that like button, and so we can make sure that we get more people in our industry just learning how to do better, because the better we All do to better; it is for all of us, so please hit that like.

Thank you, so you want to make sure that you, first of all just realize this one thing is, can always be able price for them.
That’s not an issue with us.
It’s all about value, so when somebody comes in and they have an issue with price number, one like I was saying, no questions are too personal, anything outside of their sex life, political views and religious beliefs.

Other than that you want to know who this person is.

You want to know what they’re gon na be using it, for you want to know who else is gon na be driving in it with them? You would like to know some of the things that they did in a previous vehicle and, if they’re gon na be doing that in this one, how often they plan on doing it? How long they’ve been doing it? What made them start doing that? What they do for a living? How long they’ve been doing that? What made them get into that? You can never go to the test with too much information, but I think we all know that you can go with not enough information.

So we want to make sure that we’re we’re interacting with our folks that we are, you know, asking them the relevant questions and we’re listening with the intent to understand here’s, why it’s important if we listen attentively now, when any issues do come up, we’re better educated, We dealing with hit that like button, if you just came in here, hit the like button, so in the better acquainted it better acquainted, you are acquainted the better, you know: what did you dealing with the better? You know what objections they have you the easier.

It is that, when you do presenting with a solution the more customized it is to fit exactly what they looking for so you’ve gone on on the demo drop of the person you come back and they hit you with the price injection.
The price is too hot.
Number one: the first thing you want to do whenever you hear the price is too hot, is always acknowledge that you understand how they feel hey.

Listen, I totally get it.

I understand why you would feel that way, but help me understand something.

What exactly are you comparing the payments to or what exactly are you comparing the price to and if you hear the baby in the background, that’s my grandson Grayson in my uh, my fiance’s grabbing them up right now, but you want to find out what exactly are They comparing the price or what are they comparing those payments to in that way, if they are comparing it to another dealership, guess what it gives us the opportunity to be able to learn more about it if they are comparing it to something they saw online.

But what if they’re, just comparing it, set around thoughts of mine? So when somebody comes up with the price objection, the first thing you want to do is: let them know, look hey.
I totally appreciate that I can get out style.
You will feel that way, but please help me understand what exactly? What exactly are you comparing these monthly payments to? What exactly are you comparing this price to just to make sure you’re, comparing apples to apples, okay and I’ll go ahead and uh I’ll uh I’ll uh I’ll? Make sure that I answer in jest your question? So what does that mean? Are you comparing the price to okay? First of all, now, if they tell us okay, it is another dealership.

We can learn more if it is online good.
We can learn, but if it is just from their own mind, that’s fine too, but the second thing we want to do we want to make sure is that we completely isolate that price.

Is it okay? So you know what that price is huh.
You know what I could totally get that and I can understand how you feel that way, but help me understand.
So what exactly are you comparing this price to or what exactly are you comparing these monthly payments to now? The next you want to do all right, so let me ask you this.

If I stand, you know, if I understand you completely, and I believe that I do, if price wasn’t an object or price wasn’t on the table at all, how would you feel do you feel that this will be something this vehicle? This truck this with this car? Will be something that you and your family would enjoy, taking your trips in you and your family would enjoy going out to eat it.

You and your family would enjoy riding in.
So first of all, we want to do is find out what the comparing the two.

Secondly, you want to make sure you identify their price, really.
Is it if price wasn’t an option, the price wasn’t an option and you could drive this home immediately.
Do you feel this truck or this car, or this SUV, is something that you and your family would enjoy using? So now, if they say oh yeah, we would enjoy it.

The next thing you want to do is now isolate because let’s talk about that payment or that price objection, if we’re talking about an objection on the monthly payment, okay on the monthly payment, typically somewhere in the process, you should have asked them.
What type of monthly budgeted are you hoping to stay around? What type of monthly budget are you hoping to stay around as opposed to what type of payment are you do? Would you like to pay a month or how much would you like to pay a month? It’s not about how much they would like to.

They would like to pay nothing, but it’s about what type of monthly payment or what type of monthly budget are they hoping to stay around until so.
Hopefully, you’ve asked that earlier in the process.
So, let’s just say they said they want to be at 585 a month, but the payments that you bring out our 725 okay.

Now most sales people will continuously try to push the 725 monthly payment, and this is where they would fall short because you’re not going to convince somebody that wants to be a 585.
Why they should.
Let me see the value in the 725 if their mind was bent on it, but you may have a good chance or a good opportunity of being able to educate the person that wanted to be at 585, and these payments are at 7:25.

Just how easy it is for them to be able to take care of the difference between the two of a hundred and forty dollars so as opposed to trying to sell the 725 dollar payment.
What you would do is educate them on a 140 dollar difference and just how that how easy that can be.
I call it to be call it the reduction to ridiculous, because look at this think about it like this.

They want to be a 585 and I’m just using this as an example.
They want to be at 585, the payments at 725.
The issue is into 725.

The issue: is there 140 dollar difference 140 dollar difference; okay, that’s what it is.
So, let’s take $ 140 and we divided by 3, when you divided by 3, comes out to less than $ 3 a day, that’s less than a dinner dinner, their energy drink in a Red Bull, that’s less than a monster, that’s less than a Starbucks coffee! You know what I mean think about it are y’all able to see me cuz.
I keep seeing where’s Brian are y’all able to see me on here on the make sure I’m coming through loud and clear.

I don’t know how my I guess some people about it.
What’s with the kanye west thing and stuff like, but ok, thanks April, so what you’d find out? What they’re, comparing that to the same thing you want to do is make sure it’s really about price and asking hey.
If price wasn’t an object, that there was no issue, do you feel this vehicle this truck? This SUV is something your family would enjoy.

Ok, then you want to isolate between the payment that they want to be at and the one that the bank is saying that they require and you want to educate them on the difference.
Okay, it’s always the difference, and whatever that difference is you take it and you divide it by 30 days in the month, once you divide about 30 days in a month now, you have a real day to day picture of what it will take.

What could be standing in between them and their dream? Vehicles was like.

I’m pretty sure that the last thing you want to do is let a Red Bull standing between you and the vehicle that you love, while between the vehicle.

That’s gon na help out you and your family.
You know you have to really be willing to to talk to these people about it.

You have to be willing to educate these folks, but the only way you’re able to do it is, if you know, okay is, if you know all right so I’ll.
Take some questions right now.
So remember we’re talking about the price objection when they hit you with the price objection first find out what they’re, comparing it to.

Second make sure that is real and ask them other than the price.
The price wasn’t an option and you can get this immediately.
Do you feel that this is the vehicle? That’s right for you of right for you and your family a right for you and your business.

Then you want to make sure that you just isolate as opposed to trying to sell a higher payment and all right our trying to beat the manager up and make something out of nothing of trying to push and push the car out.
And you know in a way that’s almost impossible for them, it decayed on the difference and you want to use the reduction too ridiculous.
Okay, so I want to make sure so, let’s answer some more questions and for those of you that are on here and you do like the word tracks, okay, inside of the inside, of the the the description matter of fact, let me make sure I share that Inside here I’m gon na post, I’m gon na share a I’m gon na share some information with you with y’all.

Let me share a chat on here.
Let me check something I wan na make sure I catch it all right, but inside the description, it’s gon na be a link for you to be able to go over and check out just some of the word track.
Some of the cool things that are available essentially to draw facebook ads – that’s one of the ones that everybody has really been raving about as far as a big neighborhood walks them through get some set up within 24 hours and they actually start driving Facebook Ads.

Facebook leads to their dealership or to their social media pages.
It’s ten videos on that, also how to use YouTube and if you’ve, never been trained at your dealership, the sales training manual there’s hours of automotive sales training.
If you like the YouTube videos, then you will really go bonkers over the actual online automotive sales training course, which you download you have access to immediately.

You can go back to whenever you feel a lot of it because you download it and is yours you own it so just make sure that you check it out I’ll you I’m going to check out the online training, I’m just adding this on.
So people can go to it and check it out all right, okay, so just making sure that uh that we good we on there give me some other questions.
What’s some of your best objections for trade in price, that ones are good, that’s the easy one too! I’m portraying a lot of people go to Kelly Blue Book and let me explain this to you: Kelly Blue Book is actually owned by auto trader and auto trader buys and sells vehicles so the next time.

Somebody wants to object to you because went to Kelly Blue Book, never get up say so.
You know what I get it.
A lot of people go to Kelly blue, I mean you Kelly Blue Book and that just shows that you’re intelligent doing your due diligence and doing your homework, and you may already know this, but Kelly Blue Book is actually owned by auto trade and auto trader.

They buy and sell vehicles, so I know what they say: that we should give you for your vehicle, but let’s see what they would buy your vehicle for and let’s agree on one of three things: no one.
If what they’re offering is higher than what I’m on for you I’ll take you over there to sell that vehicle and pick up that check myself cuz, the quicker you can get, that done is the faster you can start enjoying your new one number two is: if What they’re offering is different from what I’m offering by give or take a couple hundred bucks I’ll go to my manager and I’ll fight and I’ll make it right, but the third one is: if what I’m offering, is actually better than what they’re offering.
Let’s just agree that this is a good option: okay, boom, and what you do is you turn your computer screen around and you actually look at the Kelly Blue Book site and you get a cash offer and you be amazed at some of the some of the Questions that there’s you’ll be blown back and some of the things that they asked did you smoke in the car? Do you have on the maintenance records all of this type of stuff that people don’t have to answer when they’re going to get a dealership quote, but when they’re considering buying it it’s a lot more detailed out.

I highly encourage you to check it out.
It’s the vehicle, that’s somebody that your dealership offered on my on Kelly Blue Book just answer as many of your questions as you can and watch what happens, you’ll be blown back.
I offer the dealership was given a much better deal.

What auto trader our Kelly Blue Book would actually buy four versus what they should be getting it from four for my dealership skip.
Let me see, let me go back to move on to my bad, I mean to skip questions as they come through yeah.

We see you oh yeah, smooth.

Okay, all the struggles differ for a new salesmen and new dealership to a new citizen and older dealership, yeah smooth yeah.
The struggles are the same, and you know what it boils down to it.
Don’t matter if you’re a new store or your new prions, so sometimes being a new or old store can be bad, because the reputation of the store may precede you and then being new at a new store.

Again to be the same thing, because there is no reputation, but at the end of the day, the objective should be the same.
Whether you knew what a new one knew it at all, which is the quicker you hit the ground running the quicker you get them skills up and folks.

I don’t know how fresh this enough, which is that man I see it everywhere.

I literally see it.
I see young people, I see people in 8:30 late 40s and I see people in a 60s and in a 70 and I get it at the end of the day.
Everybody is just trying to get as much as they can coming out of as little as they can.

You know I totally get that, but I have realized in my travels and my 41 years on this planet I turned 41 last week, which is that you cannot.
You can’t skip, there is no, you never get a chance to pass go.
There is no way to cheat the process, it’s just not it’s either you pay the price, you dig in, you pay your dues and you get it done or you do struggle and that’s why those people that that do fall through the cracks and every once in A while just just this gets really really lucky, that’s why the news and the media is only because they know how rare it is.

How rare it is it don’t matter where you are, what dealership you have what part in the country you could be at the best store in the world and it’ll seem like the worst store.
You can be it that’s my egg here soon that was weird okay, um the link to the course to me.
Let me figure out how to talk on good.

As you can see, I don’t necessarily get on here and and post very much when y’all talk to me to walk me through how to post this on post a link on here.
Let’s see if it’s possible me to do we back we back smoothly back on there, we back we back so man.
I want to be able to share this thing.

Non-Stop, see um.
Let me just uh.
Let me give it to you right now.

If you go and check it out, I’m just going, is it really long yeah? What you want to do is real simple.

You can go to tiny TI NY.
Url dot-com, /yy Y Z, T oj d.

So, just if you want to go check the course out, you go to tiny URL, calm and STI ny URL comm, /y y Y Z, T o je d of being able to share link but I’ll, also post it up in the UM.
In the description too, once the life is over, and so I highly highly encourage you man, this is it’s bigger than just about.

You know giving something to learn how to move a few units.
It really is about being better and Sunday there’s over a hundred success tips all in video that you can listen to every day.
If you want to drive people from Facebook, if you own it every day, it’s available on there.

If you want to live with, you too, that’s available in there.
If you want to start capitalizing on the sales and interact with people that’s available on and inside of it, and also the one of the most important things.
Is you and I get a one-on-one strategy session once you sign up you’ll, get an email from me, setting up the scheduler time for you and how to get together to be able to uh to put together your strategy session.

So here it is.
The link again.
Is tinyurl.

com? That’s t i NY.
You are el comm, /yy Y Z, T ou JD, so tinyurl.
com /yy Y is Z, t ojd! You can go straight to PayPal, it’s all through PayPal.

As soon as you get through paying it’ll immediately.

Redirect you to the download page.
So make sure that you can open a zip file? Okay, because if so many hours of video and audio has been compressed in a zip file, plus you will get an email with the link for you to download it.

So if it redirects and your phone doesn’t have this face, for it don’t worry within five minutes after that, you’ll receive an email and with the link for you to download the program and they’re yours, you have act and if you have children, let’s go children.
Listen to the success tips.
If you have a spouse or someone, you love, let them listen to the success hips, just it’s not as bigger than just about moving units and helping ourselves get better.

Yes, that’s there too and yes, you will be able to make thousands of dollars for the rest of your life.
But imagine if you talk to your children or if you helped your spouse or you helped one of your parents or your cousin, somebody else to learn how to do it too.

So your investment is bigger than just you.

It could really be changing the life of a family member, I’m sorry, it really could.
Okay, at the end of the day, it could so go to tinyurl.
com, /yy Y Z, T o JD tinyurl.

com /yy Y Z, T o JD and wait till you check out what it is.
That’s available.
Just come your mind over there and when we set up our strategy session, make sure you’ve listened to at least a couple of the programs that way we’re on the same page.

While we’re talking and we’re talking you’re putting together the plan to implement it at your dealership, so this is bigger than Jessa.
You know you listen in to some audio on watching some video.

This is you and I actually working together to help you get bigger help.

You get better at just start, so go to tinyurl.
com, /yy Y Z, T o JT another question: we got on hey if you had a question up on the other one and they are they were by there.
We go smooth.

I’m waiting to see you get started.
Man, smooth 10:02 – I mean he told me he was getting going Saturday.
I was looking for you.

We had a little bit there to go a little over 30 people last week that was on there, so szabo TV.
It’s a hope.
You heard of tinyurl.

com /yy Y Z, T o JD tower URL comm /yy Y Z, T o JD.
What other questions we got? What other questions we have? Why are we all here together, might as well love it.
I have fun doing your ask some questions.

My grandson is doing this thing.
What question is, do y’all have alright, so remember the price objection? Okay, when somebody objects, the price first find out what the comparing it to number two make sure that that’s the real objection.
Okay, make sure that is the real objection and that way, hey price wasn’t an object.

The price wasn’t an issue.
What do you feel the is right for your family and in the third isolate? Remember it’s the payment where they wanted to be adverse, the one that the bank or the lender is requiring.

What you want to do is the reduction to the ridiculous on the difference you take, that difference.

You divide about 30 days and, if you educate them on just how easy it is for them to start enjoying that vehicle, just how something, as as it is insufficient as a as a as an energy drink, could be standing between them and their dream crack or Their dream, car or their family going on a vacation or enjoying themselves all right so make sure you utilize that again, your netid, a smooth, that’s what’s up Brian dot Maxwell! It’s me on Instagram, but uh hey.
If you have again going over make sure you get registered while I know those have been overlooked at that doggone price and was like, they couldn’t believe that I’m giving it away for something like that.
But it’s really I enjoyed mixing it up and all the people that involved will tell you.

We have real strategy calls we really go through and as a matter of fact, if you, when you do start tonight, you will be getting a notification this evening, because tomorrow morning we have a mastermind group, it’s online.
You can listen to it either.
Why you on your way to your store, and if you don’t make it, you will get an email copy of the recording.

That’s if you, when you get started tonight, you become a part of a platinum, mastermind inner circle and that’s what myself and others from around the country that are hitters in the automotive industry we get together.
We share ideas, share tips and you know, like I said, we’ve got quite a few people that joined in last week we starting off a new week and my objective is to work with 30 people every week to really help them get going to get RocknRolla.
So go to tinyurl.

com /yy Y Z, T o je d get started.
You can download it immediately.
You’ll get an email from me to set up our time to get together.

Do our strategy session next week and now we’re gon na put some hustle behind our muscle, but other than that, that’s one to touch you one time come in and chime in live while I’m off the road.
Thank goodness I enjoyed this week off the road just past week this next week, we’ll be training but be local, then, after that, I’m back on the road again, so appreciate you guys with some time out.
The fact that you here on this video lets me know are on this stream you’re an uncommon breed and don’t let it stop and see it all the way through I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

All you have to do is just pick it up and use it and apply.
You don’t have to go through the years of turmoil.

The years of struggle that I did take advantage of the opportunity to really get ahead of the game go to tinyurl TI NY.

Url comm /yy y z, t oj d check out what i have available for you take advantage of it.
Let’s work together, let’s make this year your best year ever that’s my commitment to you and once you click on over there you’ll see exactly what I mean but other than that.
Thank you for taking time out, I look forward to seeing y’all on the next one.

All right take it easy, have a good night

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