All right so when we leave that and we go into the vehicle selection, this is where you take that information and before you ever separate from your guests, you always briefly.

Let them know.
What’s going on, hey, listen, caleb based on the information y’all gave me.
I believe we have exactly an option.

That’s going to help you all and what you’re looking for, but here’s what i want to do, i’m going to go, give him my manager.
I want to make sure i got everything correct and i want to make sure it’s still here, because i know a couple people have been asking about it, and the last thing i want to do is get you all all excited about something.

That’s not even here anymore, so i’m gon na go jump on that i’ll, get it pulled around and we’ll step out and take a look at it.

Okay, in the meantime, if you guys, like any coffee, water, um, hot chocolate or cider from the curing machine before i step away coffee, please i got you covered anything for you is kept awesome boom, but before i stepped away i explained and guess what else i Used those two influences which are what scarcity and urgency.
How did i use scarcity and urgency than what i just was saying to that customer? I want to check to see if people have this talk, because what other people and the last thing i want to do, get them excited and it’s no longer there.
So you know why.

I say that because you want that person there saying: oh man, i hope it’s still here.
I hope it is still here.
Yes, remember you’re somewhat of an actor in this okay, that’s not what you say, but how you say it and your only objective is to move them where to the next step.

Okay, so we got the vehicle selection.
So now you got with your manager.

Okay, always get the keys and pull the vehicle around to show it.

The most rude and pathetic thing i see is when a sales rep walks, the customer out, has the keys and is hitting the panic button walking through the lock.

Oh wow, you have no idea where you’re going the customer’s following you and then here’s.
Why that another reason why that’s bad, you haven’t been out there to the vehicle to make sure it’s presentable to be shown.

What if somebody else had used it and went to lunch the previous day and left the mcdonald’s bag in what? If it was raining the day before and they did go on a demo drive with customers and it was mud and dirt on the ground.
And that’s on the floor mats or even worse what if the lights have been left on and the batteries did so, can you imagine walking somebody out to a vehicle you’re hoping they buy and the battery did? Do you think that helps or hurts your case? Big time and i’ve seen people do it, you go out there.
You say, look like you said, hey folks, so after you’ve told them you’re going to get with the manager.

Once you get those keys, you pop right back all right folks, i got the keys, i’m going out there, i’m going to get it pulled all around guess what it’s cold outside.
So what should you do turn that heat on? If there is a mcdonald’s bag in there, what should you do get it out of there if there’s leaves on it, get them off if there’s mud or dirt on them floor mats, do your best to get them out or drive it around there to detail and Say: hey man can y’all vacuum this real quick for me, i’m about to show if the battery is dead, guess what i can go back there to the mechanic shop, get a jump box, get it going without the customer being there to see that and that’s not Being um, you know that’s not uh, being fake or hiding things.
That’s me making sure that if i want to present it, i’m presented in the best and most favorable life for that guest for more information on how you can gain access to some of the most effective and power, packed automotive sales training downloads on the internet.

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I’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the top and at the dealership, .

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