Good morning to you, friday august, the 14th, halfway through the month we’re looking for some tremendous selling weekends, big outstanding ones for all automotive dealerships that are out there.

This weekend, i’m brandon hardison president of champion strategies with today’s hardison’s tips.
Why it’s five o’clock? So, let’s get rolling when you’re in a new car salesman, training tips that promote honesty, trust integrity will help you rise quickly to the top being a new salesperson in a new job.
Sometimes it’s a career change for a lot of folks because you never dealt with customers before can be exciting.

Your entire career is in front of you and there’s so much opportunity to succeed and learn.

You have books full of car tips and trainings and manuals and subscriptions and your manufacturer will have certain portals on site and magazines.
You have no problem understanding the industry that you’re in and the manufacturer that you’re representing but selling in general.

You may be a bit confused by the way the customers interact with you at the dealership.
So i’ll say that shortly i can give you all the tools about the industry, the knowledge, the history of the manufacturer, but you have this called the customer that all of us at one time another has to deal with.
You know that you’re an honest person, you have good intentions but for some reason, they’re treating like you’ve already done something wrong uh.

What what’s that all about? Well, i just want to let you know.
The frustration fact is that, like many trustworthy salespeople, you have to overcome a stigma that has been in our industry for decades long before you’re even thought about.

So the car buyers you’re meeting with, have either been burnt in the past by sketchy dealerships or they have a wall up based on stereotypes that they’ve picked up heard, read, seen videos about, and even with a gallup poll they’re saying that many customers perceive honesty and Ethics and professional car sales people to be pretty much at the bottom of the list, uh somewhere, where there’s telemarketers members of congress lobbyists attorneys so forget those sales, people, training tips how they were taught.

How can you get to your goals and dreams and get past that customer package get past that preconceived notion of how they think about you, the car sales person, so here’s a tip for you when you have that that customer do you make them feel comfortable as Quick as they can, or are we still going through that awkward moment right at the beginning, chances are that your institution that you’ve read from your oen some people like to do jokes.
Some people like to be themselves some people like to use sketchy language, remember they’re.
Looking at you, representing that name, that’s up there so never get too personal treat them professionally.

I know all of you have a greeting or a welcome with the guests.
Just stick to that.
Customers will tell you how they want to purchase a vehicle, but the thing about sales people.

We don’t want to listen.
We just want to sell, but if we listen, we greet them, we invite them into our dealership our home.

This gives us a better opportunity to have a conversation, and when you have a conversation, not an interrogation, they will, being the customer, tell you how they want to purchase a vehicle or at least bring up those questions.
Those pains those things that they’ve experienced at some of the other dealerships and they’re looking to overcome because they’re going to purchase a vehicle.

My thing is: is it going to be from you, so some basic things right up front, get the customer’s name first and last: ask them: how would they like to be preferred as far as called and then what does your dealership do special? I know some dealerships have free coffee, free water, free, soda, free snacks, lavatories, let people know let them feel at home, because i guarantee you, your counterparts are not doing something like that once we can relax them now, we need to let them know how we do Business in our dealership, that’s something called an early managerial introduction emi if you can get a manager in early before you start asking specific questions about why they’re there, the manager can take some of that stress off of you, some of that unknown, that the customer is Worried about because they read they heard they’ve had a bad experience before and we can start working as t.

Excuse me, in other words, here’s what we’re trying to do the manager can let the guest know how you purchase at your store.

You, the salesperson who’s.
One of the up and coming rising stars will get all the information present a vehicle to you.

Take you on a demo drive see if you like it, i being part of the management team.

We work with the numbers.
That leaves you an opportunity to really ask some good high gang questions.

Thought provoking questions, questions that they didn’t get from the other dealership, not just questions one through ten, but when we have a conversation, we find out more about them their job, their family.
What they do with recreation, not just the money and the payments we’re trying to really find out how this is going to fit into their world, not just today, but down the road as their family and their needs change.

And then the last thing for this day, at the end of your conversation, whether it’s five minutes, eight minutes whatever it may be, are we recapping? Are we recapping, mr customer, miss customer? Let me make sure i’m having a good friday.

You said that you were looking for this trim level on the model, because you said, if you can remember to just do that before you do anything else.

The customer knows now that they are important, because you were listening because you’re throwing everything back plus it gives the customer an opportunity to adjust if they have to well you’re close.
But this is what i meant make your corrections.

Restate it again basic little things that sales people forget about so we’ll be back with the next session of going through some more.
But if some of this made sense get on out there and let’s have some fun, if you’re in the industry role play got to practice, brandon artisan president champion strategies, as always in parting, go out and make a change.

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