Good morning, brandon artisan president of champion strategies with our ongoing public speaking workshop.

You know that i have a soft heart for those, first-time teachers being in front of the classroom, with your students do the best that you can, because that is our future.
You first time managers or supervisors.
How do you lead your team when it comes to bringing them around and keeping their attention, so they can meet the deadlines and are we doing the right things with one-on-ones uh public? Speaking for some of you, you said that you were told enough that you could speak well, so you need to get into public speaking and then the virus hit, and so now everybody’s inside controlling this box, or maybe you want to have public speaking as part of Your overall communications course there are great two-year four-year institutions.

There are people that just specifically deal with public speaking, all of them for a cost so peruse through you’ll, see many of them out there or maybe you’re someone who just likes to go through and find out information and content and see if you can incorporate it Into what you’re currently doing so, whatever the reason why you’re here we’re doing an ongoing workshop on public speaking and some of it may pertain some of it, may not some of it.
You may say: hmm never really thought about before.

So, let’s get right to it! Today and tomorrow i want to focus on how to improve your public speaking skills, so today we’re going to start it off by simply just reminding you that, even if you don’t make regular presentations in front of a group, public speaking is a useful skill very useful To have from making a speech at a friend’s wedding to inspiring a group of volunteers at a charity event developing your public speaking skills can increase your confidence and help you overcome speech related anxieties that most people do have even those who live with social anxiety, disorder Or sad can become confident speakers with traditional anxiety treatment by working on public speaking skill development, and one of them is voice control.

Your voice is the most important tool you can use as a public speaker.

One simple way to improve your voice by learning, to breathe, fully and deeply from your diaphragm, so diaphragmatic, breathing or belly breathing is essential for assessing your most powerful voice.

It’s the technique that professional singers use to make their voices sound so fabulous and enables them to hold notes long after most, people would have been out of breath, but that comes from practice and there’s something called diaphragmatic breathing practice tips.

So you do some of them by breathing and and out in and out, but here’s how you specifically do it.

This type of breathing allows you to better control the following aspects of your voice and they are tonality or quality, got ta.
Have that tonality pitch higher low and volume before your speech place one hand on your abdomen and breathe into your hand, count to ten as you inhale and fill your stomach and then count to 10 again, as you exhale very slowly, very methodically, remember to breathe from Your diaphragm, as you deliver your speech by practicing that will give you an opportunity to hold on to words as emphasis uh longer than other people.

Can another thing is body control by simply looking at our body language, it’s your body’s way of helping you communicate to the audience or to your team members without using words.
It’s the combination of facial expressions, gestures movements that convey what’s going on in your mind, but when we practice strong, confident body language, we help the presentation.

Now, all of you had that family member that auntie that uncle that dad that mom and all they had to do was give you that look, and you knew exactly what was going on.

Well, the same way here, if you watch anyone who’s in front of the audience like actors comedians even people uh, giving a presentation uh even people of the cloth, but they do it with this body language to put the emphasis on what they were just saying.

So, by practicing this we stand up straight if you’re, physically, capable of standing up straight then make sure you stand tall and straight during your presentation, assume the power position.

If you’re feeling stressed before your presentation just take a moment to stand in a powerful position, doing this for just a few minutes, will raise your testosterone and increase your self-confidence while reducing stress and anxiety and that’s what you’re looking for one of the most popular poses Is the superhero pose? We all have seen it put your hands on your hips.

Keep your chin up.
Looking into your face plant your feet firmly on the ground.
Shifting your weight from side to side can fill out your audience view, while they’re watching this pose, but all we’re talking about is simply using body language to emphasize or to reinforce nonverbal communication.

Now, once again, are there a whole lot of things? We can do yes, but we just want to look at a couple of them this morning tomorrow.
We’ll take a second part.
Look at some other things that can help you when it’s time for you to be in front of the room, whether it’s teaching students working with your team members or actually doing it for the big bucks.

So once again, brandon hardison president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

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