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We do want to thank John Fairchild, who came in yesterday at noon, for our live series to give you what’s going on on the service side and the automotive dealership, and today we’re going to continue on next week, Wednesday at 12 noon.
We have another special guest that won’t be dropping some tips to you, but for today let’s get right to it, because I have to get to work and I knew you have to get to work.

So let’s talk about something that customers run into all the time, but we still have a frustration of doing it consistently and that’s giving a great product presentation.

Walk-Around sales people in general should know that a walk-around isn’t just a presentation.
It’s a chance to discover the customers needs and turn your product or service features into a benefit that the consumer really wants needs now.

Learning good selling techniques takes practice practice.
If you ever watched it in my videos, we practice we learn how to give a good walk-around sales presentation, because it’s essential in the process.
In other words, you spent time asking questions about their pains, needs wants desires.

Your job with the product presentation walk-around, is to show them how your product, through a feature advantage.
Your functionality benefit presentation is going to alleviate that pain.
It’s gon na give them that pleasure point.

That’s your job when it comes to the road to the sale, I’m finding out, so many dealerships salespeople are not even doing a walk-around doing.
If you know something about my background, this is what I strive for.
I work in perfect with organizations.

I don’t care how big how small I have Award winners from Ford from Lexus from Volvo that their people are number one in the country.
As I speak right now to you, working with a group out of Atlanta, Georgia called Jim Ellis they’re number one in the nation in Volvo they’re number one in the nation in Porsche they’re number one in the nation when it comes to OD for CP, o walk-arounds.
Why do they sell more because we put emphasis on the presentation walk-around so before we can attempt to do that? Product knowledge is the thing, but if we don’t get the managers to work with them to practice any particular situation, and it’s not that hard.

Let me go back to it.
If I ask the right questions: here’s my ammunition when I present the walk-around, I’m only going to talk about the things that the guest said that they’re important to them.
So do I have to regurgitate and tell them everything on that footprint, no just the things that they said were important to them, so to do an excellent walk-around sales consultants need to remember the thing that the customer wants more to know about it.

In other words, it’s still about, what’s in it for me, so other thing people said well, how long should I walk around? Take a walk around if you do it perfectly, even if you have two or three people we’re going to be driving that particular vehicle, if you get them all involved, it shouldn’t take no more than 15 minutes maxximum now.
Are there gon na be some things that made maneuver that yes, but here’s the secret the more you can get the customer or customers involved in the walk around and it takes longer guess what Bravo they have purchased their vehicle.

They seen that now I don’t know what you mean by that.

Why don’t you get them involved mr.
customer to explain to you how our bliss car, blind spot monitoring works right? How about you having a seat and we’ll take your spouse over here and let’s move back and with your peripheral vision, can you see now that would be your blind spot now some manufacturers, while the vehicle is still off not moving at 510 miles per hour? You can demonstrate some of the technology, maybe on your phone Bob there’s some technology, maybe inside the cabinet, does something, but the more you get customers involved with any part of the walk around open.
This touch, this close this push this you’re in the right way.

As long as it’s done and a feature advantage benefit concept, that’s what most people are short on and then the last thing for the morning for the tip.

How do you know that the customer has understood what you said to them as you’re doing this walk around now? I don’t know about you and maybe there’s something out there.
That’s new – and I just don’t know about, but I’ve been fortunate and I have a couple of advanced degrees, but I’ve never taken a mind-reading course.

So if you’ve taken one helped me out, but I can present something feature advantage benefit on walk around and if I just continue to go to the other thing that I think is important to you and that customer is thinking because you were too technical.
I don’t know what in the world they were talking about, but because they’re nice they’re not going to stop you they’re, just gon na bury it and move on always have a tie-down, always try to tie it back to what the questions when they danced you at The beginning, if you could help them, here’s what I mean now that I’ve described this technology package to you remember inside you said your current vehicle did not have it.
Can you see how this technology package on your new vehicle will alleviate end it with a question? So now they can say yes, I can see this is what I’ve been looking for or if they say well, you know what I still don’t get it.

It gives you another opportunity to explain that part of that walk.
Around walk.
Arounds are crucial if you did not ask high gain questions.

Walk around, doesn’t make any sense if you just wanted to throw them the keys and do a demo.
You should have done that at the beginning, but if you’re taking the time with the guests and sitting them down and asking high-gain questions about their needs, their wants the desires about their next purchase.
Please make sure when you bring the product make sure they understand that this is how our product, your next product, is going to alleviate overcome.

Give you that pleasure point.
That is your job as a professional.
That is not your managers duh, I’m not saying that you’re not going to sell a vehicle if you had completely hidden or the product presentation walk-around, because people will buy a vehicle in spite of the sales persons lack of professionalism.

But if you value sell yourself the dealership, you work for the manufacturer that you’re, representing all of this, puts you in good shape to earn more money.
Well, we just get paid on flats, I’m talking about over the lifetime of this relationship.

With that, gues repeat: referral business.

Now, if you don’t understand what I mean and you don’t stay in one place because you’re always hopping around well that’s a subject for another time, but Brandon Hardison you’ve got to get to work.
I got to get ready to get to work.
Thank you for stopping for today’s edition of Hardison’s tips.

I’ll see you tomorrow, at 5 am.
and as always and party, go on out and make a champion.

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