3 Ways Dealerships Can Find Better Sales People To Hire

And today’s competitive buying market dealerships, now more than ever, require that the members of their sales team be better skill, be far more equipped and better prepared in order to give a positive buying experience to the customers that are coming into the dealership and convert prospects into Customers at a much higher ratio – hi, I’m Brian Maxwell – and I want to share with you three methods that you can use in order to bring in better skilled salespeople that confer at a higher ratio and create a better buying experience for your customers.

Many general managers tell me Brian, we do an okay job of bringing in and hiring people, and they do an okay job at converting sales.
But in order for us to afford better marketing methods and to be able to increase the dealership and the business as a whole, it’s going to require that we bring in better skills, better informed and more equipped salespeople in order to interact with the customers that are Coming into the dealership, I mean: let’s face it: no general manager wants to spend any money on recruiting or sales training, because that’s why they pay the general sales manager and the sales manager.
Three ways that you can you three methods for your management and for you to implement it to your dealerships that you can begin to bring in better people.

Are these number one is the ad many times the marketing department at your dealership? They probably advertise of one of three ways: either digitally online in print or over the television.
Now a lot of thought goes into the marketing strategies and the methods, messages that are given out to the community to get them to come into your dealerships, either sparking interest in your product or to take someone that has an interest in the product and convert them Into a customer when, in truth, the same type of methods and thought have to go into recruiting and bringing in sales team members, because I believe that it should be as much attention if not more paid into the quality of the people you’re bringing into your dealership.
Then you are the customers that are coming in, because you can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on digital marketing, offline marketing and television marketing.

But if you have the wall person helping the right customer, the results are going to be the same, and it’s not going to be a sale.
You lose money and time have it.
The wrong person help the right customer so make sure that when you have your act created, it is worded that attracts a specific type of a candidate.

It generates interest from the quality type of sales, people that either have been successful interest or that, if you work with that, a bit successful interest or create a profile of the ideal candidate that you’d like to have at your dealership and that all starts with the Ad, when will qualified and quality sales people in Iraq? Where are they online? Where can you put your opportunity out in front of them that will spark interest and get more qualified candidate? Pcs dealerships are number one make sure your ad has professional copy, making sure that it is placed in the right ways that attract the right type of people, and that is much attention and detail.
Should I pay attention to detail, goes into it that does your marketing profiles that go out on the internet or on TV, because the one either one of them all can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars in missed opportunities each and every month.
The second step is the interview, or, should I say, the qualifying prospect when customers come into our dealership there? The process we greet we identify where the needs are.

Should I say, identify we qualify, identify a problem.
We didn’t reach, select enough an option.
We demonstrate it etc.

Now interviewing should be the exact same way.

Many businesses dealerships nationwide, when they they just don’t have the resources.
The managers do a good job of sitting, people down and asking questions and doing everything they can to kind of weed through the pretenders to get to the contenders, but with with customers in the dealership and fires to be put out and deals to be worth.

They just don’t have the time or the opportunity to really get into the to the psyche of the candidates.
The way that you really need them be in today’s competitors will be in today’s competitive market, so your interview process has got to be similar, like your qualifying.
A customer, you know what are the needs of this individual coming in? Is it just to pay an electric bill or a light bill, or they sick and tired of walking over the dollar is picking up done, are looking to launch their career to new heights? These are several things just like when we give a customer a demonstration drive they’re going to be able to test out the vehicle to fall in love with it to really begin to assume ownership.

The same thing should happen with candidates.
How much time the money would it save your dealership? If you have the opportunity to be able to watch candidates, interact, see their mannerisms, see if that 20 minutes that they gave you that positive and motivated and just loving Cara’s attitude is real and still exists.
After a week many times it does okay, so the interview process should be treated exactly the same like when we qualifying customers matter of fact, remember you should give as much effort and attention to detail it’s not more into the quality of the people that are coming In as you do, the customers that are coming in and number three training training and more training, many general managers tell me that Ryan.

I know that training is very important and we take.

We do our best to carve out a few minutes in our sales mornings and our sales meeting in the morning.
They have to address a few things, but we got customers that are coming in.

We got deals that need to be work and we have fires that need to be put out, so the managers just don’t have the time to really give that TLC to each and every timber team member the ways that they need to.
As a matter of fact, when you and I came into the business, it was more of a throwing out their secrets, one type of mentality today, dealerships that are live about that same features where mentality are finding themselves living by the same faith as a matter of Fact, a lot of general managers are telling me that now more than ever, the fate of their position, their leadership role as general manager at that dealership, is weighing heavily on the success of conversion of sales by that sales team and by the increase in profit.
So making sure that you either have a qualified sales trainer hired and on staff that can spend at least an hour every day with every team member.

It’s not 30 minutes with every team member going over skill building steps, whether it be greeting whether it be qualified, whether it be the walk-around, whether it be the follow-up, whether it be converting social media, the client, whatever it is, repetition, repetition, repetition.
By constantly hammering the proper process that methods into your minds of your salespeople, they become more confident and the process with customers seems to flow a lot smoother because it’s kind of like an athlete when you’ve done some so many times when it happens in the game.

You don’t have to think about it.

It’s a natural reaction.
Sales is the same way when you repeat it: a process, a repeated process on a feed of the process so many times when it’s time to you to do it, it’s done like it’s, nothing, so training, training, trains.
Now, sales professionals of America recruiting one of the many benefits that our dealer clients Express to us that they have.

Is that number one when we come in, we make it to where none of their managers have to step away from the desk and stop processing.
Are don’t have to leave a team members alone, risking the customer, leaving or missing out on an opportunity, because they’re going through resumes and doing interviews we come in and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

We bring skilled and qualified sales consultants that are targeted by specific demographics industries and groups that fit the profile of successful sales professionals that we’ve experienced nationwide, and so it is very, very targeted.
All of that.
Heavy weight is over their shoulder and they can sit back and just make the best selection best suited for their dealership.

Another great benefit that they have is the fact that every qualified candidate is invited to a week-long sales training class held at your dealership.
That way, throughout the course of the week, the management team is able to better evaluate candidates.
They’re able watch them interact with one another they able to watch mannerisms and see if all that hoopla and all the hype, the person came in with it’s still sustainable as they go through training as they go through role playing as they get put out there and Inundated with the successful selling process to dominate at the dealership, then, at the end of the week the management team can make much better hiring decisions based off being able to demonstrate or receive a demo is that I say better evaluate qualified candidates that was at the Dealership and the third now by providing a week-long sales training for not just new, but any other team members that may be struggling in a number of areas or to just.

You would like to have a refresher course they’re all able to be in this training class and guess what that is only added value to you.
You get to have team members all performing at a very similar process that are that have been refreshed that are out there with confidence that are giving positive, buying experience at high convergence to your customers for your dealership, which ultimately will affect your bottom line.

Profits and can increase cash flow, so it’s absolutely a win-win for both parties.

My dealer card can focus on what they do best with the solvent people, transportation problem we come in and we do what we do best.
We can solve your sales team problems and look.
I know I’m more than understand that the last thing you want to do any general manager want to do.

It’s been any resources on any recruiting and training.
It’s the last thing you’ll ever do, but it actually could be one of the best things that you could do for the business for the sales team and for yourself, if you’re open-minded to an exploit to a conversation of how you just made benefit by having qualified Salespeople boss to you have been evaluated during a week-long training class and at the end of the week yourself, your management team, or whatever it is it makes the hiring decisions are better the better it value, are able to better, evaluate and make more educated decisions check.
Your calendar shoot me a message and let me know when is the best day a time for us to talk.

I’m Brian Maxwell here to just extend a helping hand to you and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership for additional information of how sales professionals of America recruited and go to work for you visit our website.

Spin us an email or give us a call again, I’m Brian Maxwell.
I want to say thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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