Good morning to you, 5 o clock on the East Coast July, the 3rd pink Monday hope you had an outstanding weekend, but now it’s time to grind it and get to work so Brandon, Hardison and president of champion strategies with AIDS, harness ins tip.

So, let’s get to it and unpack it, I entitled this one.
You are smarter than what you think you are now.
How much do you trust yourself? Do you trust your own judgment? Do you trust and believed in act in your own way of intuition, because male and females have this thing called intuition? I can remember the moment when I started trusting myself one day.

It suddenly occurred to me that every deal that I ever got signed or every deal that I hadn’t lost, I knew within the first one were two sales calls.
What would be the outcome, and I call this intuition – you can call it gut feeling whatever you want.
I sometimes use that phrase too, but this was an important moment for me important, because I realized that I could should trust my own judgment about deals, because I’m with the guests than anyone else, I reached the point around five years into my selling career, which was Way back a few decades ago, it was a freeing revelation, because I knew that I could put my faith in my gut intuition then, and what my sales management might want me to do.

I stopped trying to convince myself that I could close every deal.
I stopped trying use willpower and positive thinking and hope, because hope is not a strategy to close a sale, and I started paying more attention much closer attention to what I discovered in each deal about each prospect.
Early on from the first interaction with the qualifying asking the high-gain questions, because people will tell you the truth, if you ask them and if we’re listening in one to hear it so last week my intuition flared up again, I happened to be at a local city.

Council meeting in the small community that I lived in and there was an announcement that was going on, oh if they were gon na vote for banning fireworks.
As you do know recently, we just celebrated our fourth of July and because of what was going on, they wanted to ban the fireworks even simple, little sparklers and stuff.
So naturally, when I heard about this, I knew that the ban was likely to pass.

So my intuition was telling me this.
My brain was telling me that, because I’ve seen many committee type discussions before in business and also local government, I said that you know what let me go show up and give my two cents, because in civics this is what you’re allowed to do when you’re a Member of a community, so, regardless of what my intuition was telling me, I went to the City Council meeting.
I spoke hard heartedly about why the ban eats to make sure that our young stewards, gon na appreciate America’s Independence Day with fireworks.

I had hoped were a lot more people being there, but you go to your next local City Council meeting and see how many people show up and not that many people were there and that’s a sad thing.
But that’s another story.
Yes, I didn’t agree with my intuition, but I did so because I was speaking from something from my heart.

Now here’s the thing I deviate back when we’re selling products when you’re selling services we know our product.
If we did, our investigation needs a self-assessment right selling is a missionary work.
Now, I’m talking to the people that have key accounts, major accounts up and down the street in the home.

You do a lot to get to the decision-maker or decision makers when you’re selling, so you need to trust your own intuition, because I got around to get to this person.
I asked them some high-gain questions.
I’ve invested a month-to-month whatever it may be with that, but we need to trust ourselves because when you don’t trust, your intuition you’ll find yourself pushing people to buy yourself and when you push people to buy you’re, not in a good situation.

If we listen to their needs, wants and desires now we walk them through the process hand-in-hand because the more they feel comfortable that you care about their needs wants and desires, and you offered a good product presentation solution than a demonstration you’re usually going to win out.
So you want people to want.
What’s your, so you want people to buy from you, because you showed value by putting all of this together, find out what people want.

Listen to their truth, so spend your presses sales time on the people who want and are more likely to buy from you and you’ll start closing the majority of feels a 50-percent closing rate is better in total.
If you just follow this, one tip that I just gave you along now, you may say: well what happened to the meaning.
Well, the board did not go for it.

They banned it anyway.
So my intuition told me it was going to happen, but my heart said: let me go out here and just try so for those folks that are getting prepared and going out to hit it remember you have the intuition, when you’re engaged with that decision-maker, make sure That you are listening and asking high-gain questions and please, at the end of your 10, 15 20 minute cue, a back and forth investigation needs assessment, qualifying whatever you define it as what most sales people do not do is recap recap.
Let me make sure I’m having a good day.

Let me see if I got everything that you said that you wanted done by doing this, you accomplished two things customer on the other side of the desk.

The decision-maker knows that you were listening and the second thing you want to make sure whatever you’re going to bring up as a solution, you want to make sure it hits every area that’s out there.

So if some of this makes sense right, an artisan – that’s always in party – will check you out tomorrow morning, going out there and make you a champion.

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