Hey guys, matt damos here with five tips on how to create positive momentum in your life.

Are you ready number one, always feed, strengthen and train your mind start reading a book 30 minutes a day, an audio book, maybe just on your way to work and back home.

Maybe a positive video, something that’s going to teach you something new or maybe even challenge.
Some of your old limiting beliefs, number two feed, strengthen and train your body.

Energy is your greatest asset, the more energy you have, the more results that you can create every day, both in your life and those people around you number three find a great role model.

Learn from people that are already getting results in whatever it is that you’re trying to pursue number four proximity is power.
It kind of ties into number three, however, this isn’t just reaching out to them, but this is actually hanging out with those people who are already getting massive results in the area that you want, and the fifth tip is always give much more than what you ever Expect to receive i’m matt damos, and this has been your mentor moment.

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