Do you feel you have what it takes to be a sales trainer over the last couple of months? Every week, i’ve gotten at least 100 requests from people asking me hey brian.

How do i become a trainer and work with you? How do i start my own sales training company brian, i feel like i’ve got what it takes and i know what i’m doing and i can get out there and help change people’s lives the same way.
You changed my life and guess what right now you do have the opportunity to be able to sell your way to training success, because what i’m doing is on december, the 15th i’m holding an online extravaganza, it’s the boot camp of all boot camps.

Where i teach you not just how to be a trainer but to set up a successful training business where you’re booked anywhere in the country you want to be you get a chance to make more money than you ever have before, and the most beautiful part of It all you get a chance to help people transform their quality of life.

Here’s a few benefits of being a trainer number one.
When you see that light bulb come on in people’s eyes, that’s priceless number! Two! You have the opportunity to put yourself in a financial position that you probably could have never even dreamed of and number three.
If travel is what you like to do, guess what there’s more than enough opportunity for you to be able to travel and see different parts of the country and different parts of the world? If that’s what it is, that motivates you and floats your boat.

I remember when i was first getting started and i was out training and i was looking to learn.
How do i get better? How do i book more deals? What do i need to do and everybody that was offering a program was charging five thousand dollars? Ten thousand dollars and at that time, to come up with five or ten thousand dollars just seemed impossible, but you know what i did.
I did everything i could do.

I picked up every penny.
I could find i scraped it together and i invested in myself and luckily i did because it has paid off thousands fold.
I’ve got that five thousand dollar return back many many many many many many many many times over, but i still remember that feeling and so what i’ve done.

I said you know what, when i’m in a position where i can help people when i’m in a position to where i can put folks and help them get set up, where they can transform their life and enjoy the benefits of this awesome.

Uh career, like i do i’m going to do it, i’m going to make it easy for them.

So what i’ve done for a limited time from right now, till november, the 30th? Anyone when you download how to dominate at the dealership, because, if you’re in automotive sales – and you don’t have it you ought to – because it is one of the most effective money generating online sales training programs available for anyone in the automotive industry.

It takes you from a to z, not just green, the customer closing the deal, not just the steps in the road to the sale, but i’m talking about the insider methods and ways for you to be the number one producer at your store be a 10 000.

A month earner every month and watch it happen like clockwork it’s available for you through the audios, the videos, the sales training manuals and the word tracks all are downloadable on your for your phone for your laptop for your uh home computer.
Whatever it is, you can listen to them.

When you’re in the car.
You can look at the manual.
You can read the word tracks, even if you’re with a customer and they they ask you a question and you say ah and you step away for a second guess what it’s right there.

So imagine having a personal coach having me on your shoulder at all times, while you’re at the dealership.

That’s what this is.
You also get to how to drive facebook leads, which is not just talking about.

Oh, this is facebook, and this is what it does.
No, it gives you the step-by-step methods, i literally grab you by the hand and show you how to set it up and take off like a rocket and get your post and get your information in front of targeted people who are looking to buy from you at Your dealership, you get the online traffic search where you learn how to leverage not just facebook or instagram the most popular platform.
But how do you capitalize on this on snapchat? How do you snap capitalize, on whatsapp? How do you leverage these other social media platforms to have people coming to you looking to buy? Do you know the national closing percentage of greeting somebody on your lot is 25? Do you know that the closing percentage, when you have people calling in emailing you texting? You want to do business with.

You goes up as high 60 percent.
Smart money says targeted, whereas the highest percentage and guess what i got it all laid out for you on the platter.

You also have access to two monthly coaching sessions with myself and other hard hitting producers around the country.

These aren’t your bottom of the barrel.
These are the cream of the crop.
Folks, who, just like you at one point, was trying to figure it out who, just like you, was wanting to make more money who, just like you, was looking for an opportunity to be able to springboard themselves to the next level.

Luckily, they found me online.
We connected, they did the steps that it took and guess what they have never looked back and if you’ve been on any of my other lives, you see the real life people that jump on and they tell you i’m number one in my dealership have been for Six months, you know, i made twelve thousand dollars this month during covert during the pandemic, and it can be you now since we’re talking about coaching.

The boot camp is going to be on december, the 15th, but guess what for anyone that acts right now and downloads dominated the dealership? You have free access to the online boot camp, where i teach you how to sell your way to being a successful trainer, and within that you get everything that i use how to book the deals: how to how to price yourself the agreements, the invoice templates.

The word tracks you have access to everything and i’m even gon na help you book your very first deal for you to be able to take off.
On top of that included, you get the how to turn your passion into profits online course.
Now this program by far, is ahead of its time, because you don’t have to figure out.

How do i identify where my strong suit is? How do i go about setting up the structure where people can find me and book me and how to turn passion in the prophets is all there for you.

This program is 997 dollars and guess what i’m gon na give it to you for free, i’m gon na give it to you for free.
Why? Because i remember when i first started – and i wish someone was there to just grab me by the arm and guide me, but you know what i did what i had to do.

I invested and i gambled on myself and it paid off.

You have the opportunity to do the same thing.
So when you download dominated the dealership, you get the hotter, dominated dealership online course.

How to drive.
Facebook leads online traffic surge program.

You get the 100 success tips which is 10 videos of of some of the most powerful, successful um affirmations that you can share with your spouse, your children every day to get your morning rocking and rolling you get access to two monthly coaching sessions with myself and With other super achievers, where you hear inside tips and methods and strategy, you also get access to how to turn passion into profits, and you get free access for one to the online extravaganza boot camp.

How to sell your way to being a successful trainer.

All of this is included just when you make the decision to act now for access to all of these programs the how to dominate the dealership, complete program, home study courses, all inclusive, the hotter term passion and the profits all inclusive the the month.
Two monthly coaching sessions for the next 90 days with me all inclusive and access to the boot camp to the online extravaganza, how to sell your way to being a successful trainer.

You also get access to the private mastermind group, where i’m gon na send you over your access to be able to get in it.
It is only for those who have taken the steps like you’re gon na take click.
The link got started.

You have access to this private mastermind group and within it i share information with you.
That’ll make it so easy for you to capitalize and springboard yourself and your business straight to the top it’ll blow your mind.

So click the link in the description go over get started because it’s only a limited time and if you’ve been following me, you see me all over the country, helping thousands of people transform their lives and their selling ability, and you have the opportunity to do the Same you can truly be your own boss, because you are the ceo of the best business you’ll ever own and that’s you and boss stands for bold, outstanding and self-sufficient, regardless of who wins the election.

Our day-to-day lives won’t change very much, and if we’re waiting on somebody to come, save us we’re, sadly mistaken you have the opportunity to transform your life and take yourself to the level that you deserve to be at.

All you have to do is click that link in the description go over and get started and listen if you’re wondering man.
How do i know if i’ll win? How do i know if it’ll work, i guarantee you, it works, but you have to work it.

I’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership, .

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