Why We Do What We Do…its a Choice! Cadillac of Fort Walton Beach Grand Opening

He is Barry, I’m feeling very excited and has done a great job for us, helping us get our sales team strains and I would like to introduce mr.

Brian Maxwell, high energy and all this stuff, but I had a very difficult phone call with my son this Morning, you know, I believe, and my son he’s having real bad issues.
He was telling this morning like that, not to be so positive that it doesn’t matter what anybody else says to sway you or what you believe right and so any boss, like max said – and I said Brian he’s doing it say yes, sir, I said so what You guys say: how’s it right, you’re, right and one of the things people ask me Brian, you seem so laid back.
You go in how you get these results.

You do because you know a lot of people didn’t want this traditional.
You got this even get these results.

The times have changed.

People touching and one of the things I realized was that Wynette happy gravity to them.

Hopefully, that’s why if they are results focused at the auction right, her great little platform came across the store to say so he said, don’t tell me about the detail.
Tell me: is it a boy or girl and at the end of the day, people that still managers as team members period? One thing I would ask for many things like prior to when you got started in this business.

Somebody would find to the bar at your house: jester stores, hey.
What do you think about people in automotive city? Stop, don’t hide your wallet.
I would never want to do that right there, for whatever reason so happens, whether we get fired, whether we have some friends lying to us about money, they want to go get into it.

We do about this cheating and stealing.
That’s the only way to make money when people think of all all the more socially car sales.
That’s big, you think my car says you know we big bodies mean, I think, about the overweight guy, with the Platt hairs on kind of short top smoking, a stove with some glass on fast talk.

That’s how a lot of people actually do, but right now, in this era, it is literally up to everybody in this room to do everything we can to change the paradigm of people.
Here’s what I mean by we come in and we do the same things every day it becomes routine.

It becomes redundant.

Okay, so to us, then it’s just another louder, it’s just another day, just another customer in here complaining about pricing today, but please I just ask that just think about it, like this, every single person had come into one thing: we have no idea of what exactly This moment of they’ll come at your visa.
Could it be their first meal today by moving on the first, be able to get right up to get married got a new baby coming into the family? Maybe just got an inheritance off on a big loss.
Every one of them to get something everyone so one thing that everybody it isn’t challenging yet, but if you got managers beat you down, you got people at home, saying hey, you put it on its way easily.

But one thing I do with every single person is just love and respect that, when you with and when I say, love over me out and endearing falling of but its meaning, what is it about what you do? One thing that you can say you truly love, is it the handshake? Is it degree per person and seeing them smile? Is it to watch the person get into $ 50,000? What is it is the fact that you do get money? You love your children triggers pops.
Seeing hey my parent or my spouse goes out there and kicks it from a grip.

They earn what they nobody gives them any.

What is because every day is a choice when I go to stores – and I see that the hub, you know where every store has a volunteer, sale, strength.
Okay, they weren’t hired by the dealership they’re, not paid by the dealership, they’re anointed by themself, and what their job is to do is a grab.
A group of individuals, keep them someplace secluded area and help them understand why? Okay, hey, listen! It’s okay to sell, suits! All right look at me: I’m good guy.

No, I’m doing the same thing.
Yeah no he’s got twenty, but you eat the peels.
You know they he’s going out drinking with.

You know every store and what always laughing next time you have.
That person comes up to what they don’t like always ask.
Why are you here right now, because it’s all about a choice right? None of us have a ball and chain on those days like it’s a choice every day you don’t like leave if you like steak and get it done, but at the end of the day we have an opportunity to not just improve our quality, make a seriously Other you in this gang of me, we play same thing so, with this step, one organization, I’ve, never seen a feeling all around the country, never seen the organization so focused on making sure that you get what you need and even though it’s seen by his company.

Firstly, not set one choose the employees like the customer, because that’s what you are, that’s what you are okay, so it is new venture with his new organization and even though the really seems the same, you might be saying team members and faces at the end of The day every day, when you wake up, it is a absolute choice.
It is an actual honor to be involved in an area where you actually have a two-fold win.
You get a chance to help.

People feel better make smart safe behind decision, but you also get to earn a substantial income if you like, if you make 3,000 a month, somebody else makes it if we have the same building with the same product, same managers, whose fault is it? How can we ever blame another person for our inability or inadequacies to be able to produce that’s not being an adult, that’s being a child? Children can take care of sir, but all of us in this room are intelligent, beautiful, capable adults, or else we wouldn’t be here.
Okay, so you will see a lot of me.
Am i doing the duck? Yes, do I believe it every time I see any to sit there for eight hours.

Talk to you about this, any other knows have a conversation about a family and that alone can change a person’s activity.
Result bedtime.
So is it traditional? No.

Do I play by the rules? No do I play by anybody else.
Star Trek! No, but in my results, yes, okay, so you so one thing to be a service to you.
Please reach out to me.

Email me text miracle Goldblum or you pull my tons and tons of tons of books, but other than that.
Let’s work together to continue to transition and change other people, not just any or Walton rescue or wherever else, to step on organizations off, but across the country.
As step one grows in business, I’m really fortunate to be a part of this whole thing and a major good people.

So if there’s anything that I can’t say in life, if you do was easy, your life will be hard okay, but if you do was hard, your life be easy.

How do you start your day? Do you wake up a rep cellphone to go to the beach and see who got shot, who died of an overdose? What celebrity got caught on camera? Do you wake up in the morning hit the snooze button saying you want an extra 15 minutes in the dream world that can do nothing to affect your reality or when it’s time to get up.
Do you get up put both feet on the ground say today.

Is gon na be the best day I ever had? Let’s go get it done now.
Ask yourself which one of those are, and I can tell you this one way, we’ll use you far better results together but I’ll.
Let you decide which one works best for you.

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