Why People Fail? – Shocking! | Boss Mentality Part 1

Welcome to the growth mindset to change your life and your career, I’m Brian Maxwell, the co-founder of sales professionals of America recruiting – and I want to congratulate you because the decision that you made today to get started has just changed the rest of your life and here’s.

Why, in my travels all over the country, I get the opportunity to meet with men and women for many different walks of life and do our surveys and our statistic: gathering and data compiling we’ve been able to come up with some very unique outlooks on the reason Why people succeed and why people feel and really it will blow your mind once you find out what it is, they’re really separates that happen to have not, could it be from upbringing or a temper that you live in a roughened? Well, what we found is that if it was based on where you grew up at the neighborhood did you were raised in or your income level, then every single person has ever come that neighborhood ever come from that poverty level or open toe similar conditions.
Would I ever succeed? We know that to be untrue.
Now many men and women will come from fairly diverse and very hard beginnings that have achieved tremendous things.

So we know that it’s not based solely on where you grew up.
How much money your parents had growing up and what’s up in mind, we also know that is not based upon any race or gender.
If that be the case, then a man has monopoly on success that we wouldn’t see a many of these successful women mbci today, and vice versa and women had the the key or the role map or a secret to success, and I mean we see no man Of tremendous accomplishments either, so we know that nothing to do with race or gender, also political perspective or religious point of view.

Those who things are totally unique to the individual and they can all have an effect on how you interact with other people or how you go about your day.
But there have been many people from all different religions and from many different type of backgrounds.
That are all succeeded, so we know that has nothing to do with political background or on religious preferences whatsoever.

Now what does it all come down to? It all comes down to your ability or your inability to adjust the way you think I’ve heard people refer to it as stinking thinking and that’s true.
Many people walk around with a woe.
Is me top of an attitude or I hear people say you know, and I’m at this point in my life right now.

I just don’t believe that I can change, or I’m too set in my ways, and I want to share something with you, which is a changing.
Your habits are changing your mind.
State is how visual and it’s smoking or drinking okay.

It really is, and at the end of the day, the brain, the physical manifestation of the mind, is the super computer.
It’s far more powerful than any other computer out there, okay, but you just have to learn what defeated: how to program, how to put the settings in the right mode or in the right way that are going to help you springboard yourself from where you are now To where it is, you want to be so the only thing that I ask so I this video and that you have an open mind and that your ears are receptive for what it is.

You want to hear, and one of the things that I ask you is you should never ever ever believe solely what any man or woman ever tells you all the way through homework due to research and educate yourself to make sure that that would you believe to Be true, you can validate it with some Fang and no effect from anybody else’s experience back from how you applied it into your life, so buckle up, let’s get ready and you enjoy this ride.

Hi, I’m Brian Maxwell, and I hope you enjoyed this video I’d, also like to thank you for stopping by the fact that you’re here watching this video says a lot about you and I have a free gift that I’d like to offer to you.
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Again, i’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the top .

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