Why Offering a Lease Option Could Help You Sell More Cars

All right, what’s going on Brian Maxwell here with my man Chris Holderness, over at Chrysler, Jeep Dodge of Crestview, and the reason why I’m shooting this video.

I was sitting here and we were going over some stuff talking with Chris and he’s just coming off.
One of his biggest sales months – and I asked him what was he doing and what he shared with me was like a story.
I just wanted to make sure I share with y’all, so I wan na my ask Chris a couple of questions: have them kind of share with you what happened? Pay attention – because this is just an extra way to help you add more artillery to your weaponry, which will help you be more efficient at your store, close, more deals and make more money.

So, Chris, you were telling me about a situation you just recently had with a customer of yours, and you know the solution that you provided and what we’re talking about here is speaking about flipping people from buying a vehicle and more so the benefits of leasing it.
Let’s say your payments are an option or an issue our length of time in an area they may be in the military, or something like that when it’s a better option to suggest a lease and let’s face it, a lot of salespeople.
Most of them never talk about leases.

There’s like a taboo, that’s been on the lease game from way back, but in reality it is the difference that you can equate to like between renting a house and buying a house when you rent a house at the end of let’s say three years.
If you are making more money you’re in a better situation, and you want to move into a better neighborhood, you could turn in those cases and hey.
I appreciate it man, but we’re moving on or if you like, the neighborhood, you want to stay there.

You have that option when you buying that house in three years, whether you got a pay increase or a decrease, it is what it is.
So Chris tell appeal, tell us tell everybody – and this is you know all my subscribers here on youtube – tell them about.
You know the experience you just have with your customers and what was going on total about all right side.

A couple customers come in.
They had a pal I’ve only so much, which is about 8 grand said look in that cars.
They had a lot of miles on it, no matter what it was.

You know most $ 8,000.
Cars are between 80 90, even a hundred thousand miles on it, which will affect the cost of the vehicle.
All right.

Three years, three months or even six months down the line, he’ll come back and cussed me up and down the street because the cars broken.
Why? On earth would I want to sell somebody that kind of car right yeah, but you wanted a cure to a payment of 250, maybe 300.
So the first thing I came to my mind, was kind of a lease option.

1 cos eels military! He’s me, if he’s military and if he’s deploying for more than 180 days, he’d, come back in and turn that lease back in and be free and clear of a car payment that he no longer has or Hakeem and used because he’s overseas.
No, no Chris, I’m and fold so much I’ll, really pay attention to what he just said not think about this is for any military customers that you have they’re coming to your store.
If you heard what he said, if the customer is being deployed for more than 180 days, they can bring that lease back at any given time and it’ll report.

As you know, commitment fulfilled it’ll be a booster on their credit and that’s under.

What’s the actor that’s under it’s a civilian, not civilian! It’s a sailor and soldier act.
The Sailor and soldier act so again for military customers and added value.

Is that hey? Listen in the event that you get deployed with this lease option, if you can deploy for more than 180 days, you can bring the vehicle back in to me.
You turn the keys and guess what it boosts.
Your credit by showing that you know you satisfactorily paid off the vehicle.

You can walk on your deployment when you come back.
It makes it even easier for you to be able to get it to your next lease or the next vehicle that you may want to purchase so, and that is under the sailor and civilian act.
So so after you, what exactly did you say to him that helped him over Stan or should I say understand why that $ 8,000 vehicle may not be the best option, because the sales folks, let’s face it, that is our responsibility to help to educate.

Okay, we are the experts supposedly.
So what is that? You said to him that got him off of the $ 8,000 vehicle and in that 250 payment that they didn’t want to go anywhere over to be interested in Elyse with the payment? That’s $ 100, more than where they actually wanted to be overall cost of the vehicle.
The absolute mean overall cost.

When you get into a new car, you have warranty Chrysler’s gon na pay for everything in that car for the first three years, 36,000 miles all right and if he goes over his lease and he wants to extend it – he’s still covered with powertrain.
And that’s the thing people look for cost.
You know whether it’s five dollars or $ 100 – it’s money out of their pocket.

They don’t want to spend on a car.
So you put somebody in a new car.
They’re gon na have full-blown warranty for the next 38 months of their lease, so in other words, as opposed to just presenting on lower price you’re you’re more focused on actual customer cost savings, because most people are only talked to come into a dealership focused on price Price price, as opposed to okay, you might walk out of here with a cheaper price, but how much is they actually gon na cost you in the long run versus if you’re more focused on how much you can actually save on cost in the long run, you’re Out the door one day, price may be a little higher, but your long-term lifelong cost savings will also be higher so um.

So after you explain that to him, what was the option that you presented to him was a lease option.
Of course I mean the option.
I showed him was.

I need this much money out of your pocket for today, but in the next three years I have another customer.

That’s gon na come see me for another lease option right, so that’s! Oh! So did you catch that? That was also a good way to create repeat business, because at the end of that that that lease term guess what they have to come back in and see you and turn their back here.
And one of the reason why I want to wanted to share that.

With you, let’s really recap real quick, exactly what we talked about, we’re talking about, presenting a lease option as an alternative to people who may be really really payment, focused or especially, if they’re, in the military, if you’re in the military, a benefit of at least one Of the benefits is the fact that, under the sailor in the civilian act, if you’re deployed for more than 180 days, you could bring the vehicle back in turn it in and guess what you have a good reporting which boost your credit, which makes it easier for You be able to buy something in the future.

Okay, um.
Another thing is, at the end of those three years, any event that they increase in rank or the person gets a better position, because, when based on when I was speaking with Chris, he had a really good insight and I agree with it, which is that most People’s lifestyle changes every three years.

This thing about yourself, y’all watching this.
Would you agree with me that today, you’re better than you were three years ago, life has improved for you somewhat, even at least slightly so in an a3.
Is it be the same so going off that three-year cycle improvement? Um? You know another of our releases if they do get that better put in position, you know they get an inheritance, but they hit the lottery whatever.

It is at the end of that three years they could say.

Look I love it.
I want to go ahead and keep it or you know what man really enjoyed it, but I now want to upgrade to that or I like this or like that.

You always drive us some new state-of-the-art technology cost savings you covered under one of the best one of the best warranties in the business, with the basic limited warranty for 36 months 36,000 miles, which covers everything.
With the exception of the tires.
If the windows start working, the radio stops working, the power/lock stop working whatever it is.

You call text or email that sales rep they’ll get that vehicle towed directly into the dealership, and the customer has to worry about paying no labor no cost at all.
Keep their money in their pocket where it should be, and that you know your actual, a basic limited warranty do the rest and also when you’re talking about warranties, make sure you presented in a way that’s beneficial.
You know, instead of thirty six thousand thirty.

You know 36 months bumper-to-bumper, which again is allied the bumpers.
Are cover, learn what your warranty packages are and explaining like a powertrain warranty.
Most people know what Soul Train is, but they don’t know what powertrain is.

So a listen.
A 5 year, 60,000 month, a 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain warranty now here’s what that is.
Ok what that means that if your engine has any issues and that’s the hairs to blot the gasket, the seals, all the internal lubricated parts, they have any issues, don’t hesitate.

You call you text, you email me: we don’t get that vehicle brought in here and we gon na take care of all of the issues, all the repairs, and you know how expensive it can be to get an engine repaired in today’s market.
Luckily, for you, you don’t have to worry about that for the next five year 60,000 miles, we gon na take care of that, for you also your transmission, that’s the axle assembly, the case all the internal lubricating parts.
If your shifting gears – and it’s give me an issue or if you’re cycling through the gears and your automatic – and you know it’s hesitating, you call or you texter, you email me – I’m gon na get it in here and we’re gon na get that taken care of And you really want to explain it like that, but it’s being focused on how you can help your customer make a smart, safe, buying decision by either educating them on cost savings benefit and value do not believe the hype that is all about price.

We all overpay for something that we have in our house or that we use and we’re gon na.
Do it again.
Why? Because the value of ownership in it far outweigh the price of it, and this is the same way.

So my man, Chris Holden, is out here Chrysler Jeep, Dodge of Crestview awesome.
Remember: military people, lisa is an excellent option.
Look up that sailor, a civilian act and how that can help you out and hopefully again another video share.

Some insight with you help you close more deals, so Brian max will be on the lookout of the upcoming webinar, how to dominate at the dealership and remember to Like share and subscribe.
If you haven’t already, if you have thanks and a salute, I see you at the dealership.

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