Hey brian maxwell, coming at you welcome to car bears in the raw, where i lay out the ins and outs in the house, mans of the automotive industry, on the sales side and what you can do to be more successful, make more money and be a lot More prosperous now this video is more so.

This podcast is tailored more so to uh to management, especially more so general managers, dealer principals and owners of stores, and it’s really a big watch out all right.
Because 2020, we’ve seen what happened: pandemics, um they’re, giving out a lot of money to help businesses stay afloat.

Customers are coming in, but it may have slowed down some.

So it’s not the quantity, it’s more sort of quality.
But one thing i want you to realize if you are a general manager of a dealership, if you’re a dealer principal a partner, managing partner.

Beware because, what’s going to happen, is in 2021 the government is going to be coming and they’re going to be recouping a lot of that money that has been put out, and you know where they’re going to look at it.

I’ve already gotten it first hand.
They come into the automotive industry and here’s.
How do you know that the federal trade commission has been popping in on dealerships looking for files out of place credit applications, customer ids and copies of ids and license left on copiers all types of stuff? And do you realize that they’re giving out 43 000 fines per file to stores now i’m in stores all the time and i walk in and i see a copy of a driver’s license laying around um i’ll see uh.

You know there may be some file folders that are laid out and again the individual may not realize just how critical it is, but i assure you one of the things you want to do make sure you start researching about hiring a data breach coordinator as a Matter of fact, it’s mandatory for every dealership to have one – and i assure you, they’re, coming also number two: what type of identity protection or data brief protection? Do you have for your customers, information? That’s in the database.
You realize data breach.
Right now is one of the hottest things that’s going on with hackers and hundreds of millions of people are being having identity stolen every day, every single day, home and title information they’re, taking people’s information buying houses with y’all they’re doing this right now now one of The things that happened as of late, i had an organization company reach out to me uh because of what i do who i am, and they know how many dealerships and dealer groups i work with, and man they showed me something that they are doing for dealerships That is protecting dealerships, but not only dealerships.

Most importantly, it’s protecting the dealerships customers which in turn helps that dealership, because when your customers know that you’re going above and beyond what others are doing to protect them, that loyalty.
It builds that loyalty and guess what you can be one of the first and few that can promote that for your store.

This company is called identity max and what they do.

They have one of the best products i have ever seen available, what they offer the dealerships and it doesn’t cost a dealership any money, there’s no software integration whatsoever, but what they do.
They offer protection each and every customer that buys a vehicle from that store protection.
On their identity – and that’s not just for the person buying it, that’s what every member of their home they are from home and title protection, meaning if anybody steals the identity of their foot and does something with their title or by the home, they’re protected and, most Importantly, they are the only company that is offering a rewards program where, when a customer buys a vehicle from you, not only do they give their view, they have that identity and their home and type of protection for six years for every member in their house, then, On top of that, they have access to the rewards program, which has over 600 000 hotels and retail stores, we’re not talking about bob’s burgers, we’re talking about your subways, your chipotles, your marriott, your your your uh, your your best westerns um, every hotel chain.

You can think about it and those are all hosted by an organization who is the 800 pound gorilla in the rewards program and that’s velocity rewards.

So you have identity max velocity, rewards combined, and can you imagine this a customer coming into your store, they’re deciding whether they should buy now, and you can explain them? How you are are the only if not one of the only dealerships in the area that when they buy this vehicle, offers them and every person in their house, identity, protection them and every person in their house home entire protection for six years.

But not only that if they like to go to subway three times a week and it’s them and their significant other guess what imagine, if you going to lunch two for the price of one, how much money would that save me imagine instead of going to a Hotel paying top-notch prices if i can guarantee them that they’ll get rates at hotels at different places and restaurants that are cheaper than what they get on priceline, travelocity and videos.

Whatever you can offer a customer, i was getting ready to leave your lot or somebody.
You have on the phone trying to get an appointment.

What, if you can guarantee them that you can show them how they can save a guaranteed ten thousand dollars on any vehicle they purchase on your lot and is literally guaranteed without the dealership spending any money without any software integration? What would that do how many customers that have been driving off the lot? Do you believe that would keep how many people that didn’t come in for that appointment? Would that get? How many times has a customer asked for a price reduction? But you can say: okay, listen.

We can reduce it, but you’ll lose the value enhancement program, which is exactly what it’s called called the value enhancement program.
Yeah we can.
We can drop price uh a thousand dollars, but you’ll lose the value enhancement.

What does that mean? Your family won’t have their identity protection for the next six years.
Your home and title won’t be protected and all of those rewards for those restaurants, those hotels, the grocery stores you got ta, go to guess what you won’t have that either so you’ll save that dollar.
Today, but you’ll lose this ten thousand dollars in savings over the next six years.

What do you think that’ll do? Will it get everybody know, but if they can increase the percentage of those who walked out or if it could keep you from having to drop price? What type of value would that earn? Guess what i know it’s a lot of information to soak in at one time, but i encourage you to please shoot me a message.
Let me share this information with you.
I assure you, the dealerships that have listened to anything that i’ve said and that are actually using.

This are having a 70 percent warranty penetration in their fbi.
Department have an increase of their bbc leads of 20 and better and closing percentages are up 17.

The average increase in gross is in the highest in the 900, so i assure you it’s worth at least taking a look and listen.

So please, if you watch this and if you’re a gm, a dealer, principal manager, i know you’re a busy person.
Um and i know usually you use the people coming at you as opposed to you reaching out to them.
Just shoot me a message and let me send me an email give me a call.

My number is principal 904-438-8856 partner that have looked at this and have listened have said man.
This is a no-brainer.
This is where everything is going, and this is where it’s going in the next four or five years.

This is where it’s going, so you can get ahead of the curve.
I assure you, you’ll be happy, you did so remember the name identity max one of the only companies that is offering this type of protection.

As a matter of fact, they are blowing lifelock out of the water.

Lifelock is what everybody’s familiar with, but guess what people spend all my money on lifelong? I have to do all the work.

Imagine your customers having protection and having access to over 2 000 agents that are there to work for them to protect them.
Protect their bank account their credit card.

Most importantly, they’ll protect your database where, if you ever have a breach, you never have to worry about being sued.

You never have to worry about a customer coming after you, you never have to worry about the ftc.

The government, coming after your store and hitting you with the fine, the highest one, that i’ve heard uh, has been 1.

3 million dollars for the person having.
I believe it was something like 35 was out, but that could be you, but it doesn’t have to be shoot.
Me a message or give me a phone call.

Let me get you this information.
I assure you it’s worth a look at least to look and listen, and this is where we’re going so you might as well get ahead of the curve, and one of the cool things is dealerships that get on at first have access to potential exclusivity in their City for a year, so wouldn’t that be great, if your only store in your area that can offer identity protection, home entire protection and rewards program and guess what over 80 percent of people that were polled out of thousands said that they look for a better deal.
Rather than the best price and rewards plays a huge part on their decision-making, so imagine if you’re able to offer identity protection, homelessness, protection and rewards for your for your customers for the people.

Your btc department is speaking with about getting in hey, come on in.
Let us show you how you can save up to 10 000 guaranteed on any vehicle.
You purchase, hey, listen before you leave.

Let me show you how you can save up to ten thousand dollars on any vehicle.
You look at imagine what i can do shoot me.
A message give me a phone call: i’m brian maxwell appreciate you checking out car business in the wall and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership over and out .

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