Why aren’t you leasing??? What’s your strategy on creating residual Business???

Hello, all of you, a digital dealer, 24.

My name is Noah Walsh and I’m from nwa conquer what you chase sales training now a little bit about me.
I have a 16 year history, 16 years experience in automotive retail sales, and I also have seven years experience.
Training salespeople, consulting with dealerships and also bringing in processes in leasing.

What I would talk about my presentation at digital diva 24 is leasing, how effective leasing is and how much leasing brings retention to the dealership, not only to the salesperson not only to the sales department but for future fni products to the service department to the parks Department and everything else that your dealership offers now I see, leasing is so neglected around the country and people think that there’s no money to be made in leasing and that leasing is so complicated or their state doesn’t favor leasing.
I can tell you: I teach leasing around the country across the United States and leasing is very valuable.
That’s how I was able to create a client business and live in st.

George Utah, where I live now and still go back to Ann Arbor Michigan, where I sold vehicles for 20 months and only worked two weeks a month.
Now, if you want to hear more about my story and how to at lease is effective, as I did, and the number three for store in the nation did join me at digital dealer 24 for my presentation on leasing and how to create retention in your store.
Thank you very much.

Noah Walsh, .

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