Who is Noel Walsh and what does he know about sales?

What is up everyone, NOLA Walsh in the house, gunslinger conquer? What you chase today is the last day of the month.

The month of May, I always had great months in may.
Maybe was my best month ever I did 37 in 2014.
That was right before we decided to make the trip out here.

I was speaking at a conference in Las Vegas in July, so we made a family trip two weeks, the st.
George Utah zion national park, all the Red Rock.
If you don’t know who I am, why I call myself the gunslinger know what NW and hay is know, what conquer what you chase means I apologize.

That means you don’t know me, and I was talking to my good friend Ben Gay, the other day just about a week and a half ago, and he said people need to know you.
People need to know your story.
People need to know who you are what you’re about.

So let me give you a little background about myself.
Ok, so I’ve been in the car business for 18 years, I, through high school being a younger child, a younger kid maad growing up an adolescent.
I worked in the prep department, the wash rack, both where my stepfather was a service manager to Chrysler dealership in twin, falls, idaho and also in a Ford dealership, briarwood forward in saline michigan, and so I traveled back and forth.

We would live with my mom and Twin Falls.
Idaho, come out to Michigan every summer I was known as the kid from Idaho, with the ceramic East and bat okay, so I had a name for myself back then it wasn’t gunslinger, but I worked 18 years in dealerships 16 of those years I sold.
I sold three thousand cars made two million dollars in Commission.

The reason I always communicate this to everybody is because it can be done and towards the end, I was making a hundred and nine thousand dollar selling cars and probably applying myself at fifty percent.
So I think back if I applied myself, I wasn’t starting NWA.
I wasn’t living a more open, free, fun life.

I could have easily made three hundred thousand dollars plus a year.
This business has that opportunity.
You need to realize that when you’re in any kind of sales, any kind of retail but especially car sales, that’s my background.

You need to realize the potential that lies ahead for you.
I know guys it sells 60 70 cars a month that make 200 250 300 thousand dollars plus a year all over the country at different stores, small stores, big stores, domestic imports, High Line luxury, whatever the case is they’re making money.
So the car business has that to offer, in my time my last 20 months and sales I traveled when we moved to st.

George Utah in September of 2014, I traveled to Ann Arbor, Michigan sold cars, the last two weeks of the month.
I did this until March of 2016.
I was still selling 15 to 25 cars a month and last year I made 150 thousand dollars selling cars.

Once again, I want you to know.
I work 25 weeks last year and made 150 thousand dollars selling cars.
That’s because I built a thick client base.

I built a clientele that love me: there’s 12 a’s to influence in life and the 12 days addiction.
I got my customers to that level of addiction where they were addicted to the service.

I would give him they were addicted to the process I had.

They were addicted to the feeling that i gave them when they came in and they were addicted to buying a new Ford or a used vehicle off, Knoll, Walsh and varsity Ford.
This is what you need to create with your customers.
You need to put them first, you need to step yourself up a game.

You need to act mature, you need to put their wants and needs first, and you need to give them convenience because that’s what they came in for don’t try and sell them.
What you want to sell them? If you do, if your one and done that’s fine, I’m hopefully going to speak nada, but my session is called how to get a stray cat and turn it into a loyal puppy dog yeah.
We can all get that one mini deal off the internet.

Get that deal get that straight, can’t put that saucer of milk out in a stray cat, but eventually we want that loyal puppy dog that sits in our arms that we pet that we love if you’re not busy today make yourself busy.
I always say: busyness creates business, so follow up, follow up with people who you talk to emails, that you have people you talk to two months ago.
Ups, you head over the weekend, follow up with everyone in your database.

Go to your CRM.
Go to your notes.
However, you do it is up to you, but talk to people get out there.

Talk to them.
Hang the carrot out.
There create a genuine value.

Hey it’s! The last day of the month, my managers great at putting deals together the last day of the month.
If you come in here and you’re serious, i still got this vehicle or i’ve got a vehicle just like your I’ve got one that just got marked down or they just came out with a new incentive.
Get them in there to see you it’s the last day of the month.

It’s busy busyness creates business.
You know how it is when you’re selling cars and there’s nobody in the showroom and you could be given a car way to a customer $ 10,000 under cost.
We’re going to think about it, we have to see the price isn’t right, but that same vehicle, your sticker price and they see people buying, left and right, desk or filled people are coming in and out of the showroom the PA is going crazy people getting paged.

That’s what you want to create today’s your day.
I know some of you are closing here soon, but today is the day.
In fact, I think I put on the last thing on kagra, you chase sales pros and it’s 1 p.

eastern time.

It’s actually one p.
mountain time where I’m at three p.

eastern time, so a lot of you are closing down but create that appointment, create things like hey.
If we get your credit application of your store lyles, if we get that credit application called in that way, if the deals get worse tomorrow, we can still, if you decide you want to do it, it doesn’t commit you to anything, but we can still get you Qualified for that deal the deals I haven’t seen the deals, that’s good before, in a long time, I’ve never seen the deals.
That’s good! I’ve never seen these payments, that’s good, get the customer excited.

That is your job.
Enthusiasm sells.
My dad always taught me that the number one thing in sales is enthusiasm.

When you’re enthusiastic, you get, the customer excited.
Remember we’re getting to the busy season we’re getting where we need to step our game up.
We need to get the momentum going.

It’s like a train that train starts up hhhhh then it just you just hear pounding pounding pounding, picks up momentum.
The torques going the horse powers there get your torque get your horsepower, get your momentum moving forward! It’s your time.
It’s the busy season summer is the busiest months may was always my busiest month, but I always had great July’s and great artists.

Even when we go vacation, I always still have a killer July and June’s a good month too.
So don’t count, but always remember where your focus goes.
Energy flows so focus on what you want focus on the prize focus on what you want to accomplish.

That’s where you put your energy.
We just got back into me and my wife and we take my daughter, who’s 10 and my son gets to play in the play area, but we go to the gym.
Now we have higher energy, we are in the pool for two or three hours.

Yesterday, you can see the pool behind me here.
We are in the pool two or three hours yesterday.

Where focus goes energy flows we got back into working out, we have more energy, we’re thinking, sharper or thinking brighter.

We’ve got better ideas, I’m doing better things.
For my clients, um, another thing I wanted to point out is: I had Jake Davis asked when you get that phone up and you just can’t get a man they’re just starting to look.
I’m just doing my preliminary research believe me, nice little cars and ann arbor, michigan, there’s like four universities for hospitals.

I dealt more professors and doctors and you can shake a stick at the first thing.
They’d always do hmm we’re just here, starting our initial research, and we would just like some information from you and take a look at a few of the models.
But we aren’t doing anything till May of 2019.

But we just want to get a grasp of the market, so what you need to do and same thing when you get that customer start build a relationship over the phone? Hey, sir.
I understand my wife always gives me a hard time.
I always get my wife.

A hard time she’s too diligent of a shopper.
She puts too much energy in it or she makes too quick of a decision or I make too big of a decision spin it into reality, make it reality but use the story allegory.
One of the twelve eight stories sell people want to hear a story that relates to them.

They want to hear a situation that somebody else had and they made a decision and so empathize get to their level.
I understand sir or ma’am.
You just want information right now and I’ll give you all the information you want.

Actually, you can probably find more information online, but now that we know are contacting each other now that we have somewhat of a rapport somewhat of a relationship, you have somebody who you can call on.
So that’s very good right there.
One thing I can tell you ma’am is: if coming to the dealership and see me now when I was building that relationship, I was building that rapport.

I asked them things like.
Oh, where do you live, oh cool? Where do you work? Oh, how many kids do you have so now? I know where they work and they live.
Your office is only five minutes away.

If you can spare 15 20 minutes on your lunch break, I can have this vehicle pulled up for you and that way I could give you a proper demonstration and we can take it for a quick spin.
Give them a reason to come in get them a value to come in, get them excited about coming in, but you need to take the extra five minutes to build that relationship, always whenever you think you’re done with the customer take the extra five minutes.
I know when I’d be super busy on days like today, and I appreciate, if you’re, watching and you’re busy, but there won’t be the replace you can watch that too.

But at the end of the month, when I just kind of rush somebody off the phone guess what those are the people who didn’t call me back.
Those are the people who didn’t return, my email, those are the people who did make their appointments.
But when I spend that extra five minutes with that person and i truly empathize and i created a common ground – i created a rapport.

I created a relationship.
Those are the people that i sold because they felt indebted to me and the more i got them to talk about themselves, the more they felt like they know me because i know a lot about them and in that rapport that relationship building process I’m doing the Needs and wants analysis, I’m figuring out really what convenience they’re looking for, is it to pack the whole family up and all the gear to go up north? Is it to get gas mileage? Is it to carpool? Is it to go, off-roading find out what they really want, what convenience they’re really searching for what they really need? We need to do this.
Another thing I forgot to tag hunter, but talking about controlling a customer when you do the pencil okay, so you do the first pencil and you guys hit them a little high or they were coming in.

On the 269 add on a new one, you flip them to a used one in your bedroom at 419 or you giving their trade appraisal, and I love everybody and believe me, I love it.
I dealt with a very intelligent and I dealt with all types of customers, but a very intelligent customer.
They probably did 10 hours of Reese, Sir John, their trade, and so I love when everybody’s, like just hold their truffle on their trade hold on their trade hold.

On their trade in a perfect world that sounds beautiful, but what we need to do is we need to show them reasons why they’re trading is that value? Okay, some people do a walk around with the customer.
Some people go on a test drive which is very intelligent in the trade in with the customer, the car, the customers actually trade man and oh so, the this button doesn’t work on the radio and the back window rolls down a little bit slow and oh there’s This tear on the seat, but you don’t want to people, are smart enough that you don’t just want to bash down their trade, because that’s what they’ve been running their family around in I’ve worked.
I’ve been in the business 18 years.

I’ve been in those guys at you know you pull over that play with your family.
I mean think about saying that to a customer think about saying that to a customer you pulled up in that sleigh with your family.
You know I get the mentality in the mental warfare of trying to beat down their trade in.

But if you just do subtle, hints like oh ok, so there’s this little tear here, where you’re going to be getting that fixed and then print off three or four different sources of what their trades worth and then print off the auction report of what you can Buy a mat at the auction and then show them a used car that you’re looking for ok, sir, so great example right here so in a mont ratings.
But the same thing can be handled with the pencil in a different way.
So, sir, so KBB is 12,000 on your trade-in good good condition we’re at 10,500.

Your vehicle is not in really good condition, because we’re going to need to put a set of tires on it.
We’re going to certify that vehicle or average cost for a certification through the company, for the repairs that need to be done and for the marketing is going to be about.
Fifteen hundred dollars is what it cost us to get.

The .

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