What’s up everyone, frelin arts, subprime hero, wow, it’s already the second week of february 2021.

It’s the love month right! It’s the month of love, this month’s really important month to me here in a couple days.
It’s my wife and i it’s uh 16 years of marriage anniversary and then the 14th of course is valentine’s day so much to celebrate when it comes to love and heart, it’s a lot of things going on.
So i’m going to use this quote this week by jimi hendrix all right.

When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace, jimi hendrix was a musician.
He was a great poet too.
I mean a lot of people, don’t know that.

But when you go and read his lyrics, they were deep.
A lot of people said: oh, he was all on these drugs psychedelic doesn’t matter.

His words were really meaningful.

He was in a part of the world when it was crazy.

Vietnam was going on a lot of crazy stuff in the world.

World was changing, people were changing women’s rights, black rites, all kinds of stuff were going on during that time, jimi hendrix definitely understood what it meant to be loved and he loved to love people.

So that is the key to everything in this world.
Folks quit worrying about how great you’re going to be or how much power you have.
What it’s about is about how much love you give the more you give the more you’re going to get and love is a big deal in this world.

Make sure that you love and you love and you care you do all those things, the more that you can do that when you leave this planet you’re going to leave a legacy of your heart being a good person and that what better way to be remembered Right of somebody who loved who cared, who did all the things that he was supposed to do so make sure that you guys do that.
You know jimi hendrix one more time.
You kind of swaying this way, man when the power of love overcomes the love of power.

The world will know peace.

So that being said, you all have a great monday.
I see you out there michelle.

I see some other other people throwing some targets signs out there saying it’s right on the money, good stuff.
What’s cracking brother what’s cracking over there folks this week’s whiteboard quote of the week you all go out enjoy this valentine’s week, make sure you love the ones that you love and you let them know how much they care about.
It doesn’t have to be your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever significant other.

Also could be your mother, your brother, your sister, let everybody know that you love them.

Everyone who’s watching! Right now i love you have a great week.

Let’s .

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