hey, hey, hey fellain arts, subprime hero, this week’s whiteboard quote of the week for the first week of may 2020.

There are two mistakes one can make on the road to truth, not going all the way and not starting buddha.
Wow i mean seriously.
How true is that you know a lot of us pretty much all of us.

We have these things that we want places that we want to go people that we want to meet huge goals, that we have these ideas for right.
But a lot of us decide not to take that first step, not to even begin.
That’s a mistake.

You know you should always try whether it’s learning about it studying about it asking questions about it, then writing down your goals and going towards them right and a lot of us.
We start something and then we don’t finish it because it gets a little bit difficult.

Well, you have to learn to embrace the uncomfortable.

You know i’ve talked about that before on a few other, my videos so make sure you do so.
If you have something that you want to do.

Take that first step.

Ask people questions figure it out, go on the internet and learn all right.
I love this quote guys buddha’s so right on this, don’t make those mistakes in your life.
Those are two crucial mistakes, not finishing and not even beginning fred, le narcis subprime hero.

Let’s brew .

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