Everyone whiteboard quote of the week for the third week of september 2020.

, how you doing this is fred, leonard’s, subprime hero and here’s.
This week’s whiteboard quote of the week the way i see it.

If you want the rainbow, you got ta put up with the rain.

Dolly pardon great quote great great quote: i love that it makes so much sense.
A lot of people always think that everything has to be good, all the time that you have to.
If, if it’s not always good hitting you – and it’s not light, always touching you, then it, then it’s just going to ruin you right, but that’s not true.

You know.
In order to grow, you got to put up with the good and the bad.
You know the bad a lot of times is what gets you to the good just like failures, a lot of times, people look at failures or something bad like it’s horrible, but that’s.

Okay, just remember, failures are like rain.

You got to have the failures in order to see the rainbow right.
You got to see that rain coming down.

That’s what reflects the light into it causes that beautiful rainbow out there.

I see melissa just jumped on you understand what i mean by rainbow right, rainbow motor sales up there sisters of savings.
I appreciate you jumping on, but this is this week’s whiteboard quote of the week.

It resonates with me so much you know.
I talk about finding the light all the time and it’s the same thing, no matter how dark it is, and it’s always going to be some darkness around you just look for that light and dolly parton has a good way of putting it.
I love it.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quote this week.

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com go check them out.
I’m fred’s a subprime hero whoa, let’s brew! .

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