On everyone, fredon arts, subprime hero, wow, it’s already the third week of october 2020.

So today this week’s whiteboard quote of the week for the third week of october is the individual who says it’s impossible should move on.

Excuse me should move out of the way i messed up again, but that’s okay! Folks, that’s what we do here.

You learn from your mistakes right.

The individual who says it’s not possible, should move out of the way of those who are doing it and that is by trade, trisha cunningham.
I didn’t mess that up a couple times, but that’s okay, folks, i’m gon na.
Let that get out the way myself.

That is so key a lot of us as we start to do things and we start to venture and do things that are not what we normally did things that people around you are not doing like trying to grow or looking for things or keeping writing down Their goals, or whatever it is putting out social media videos you’re going to find that there’s going to be people who tell you.
Why are you doing this? It’s not going to work or you suck at it right.
Whatever the situation is, there’s going to be that situation out there, those people, man if they would just get out the way and just encourage you or just get out the way, and if i was to tell you something is just ignore those people matter of fact.

If you don’t want to ignore them, or if you can’t use it as fuel use it as something that makes you go, you don’t want to prove them wrong.
I know that these videos are going to work.
I know that by me putting down my goals.

Every single day and trying to reach my goals, i’m going to get better at what i do.

I know that every single day, if i spend time reading something educating myself, i’m going to be smarter than i was yesterday – that’s so important.
It’s very very key.

This quote right here: it’s right on point: the individual, the individual who says it’s not possible, should move out of the way of those who are doing it.
I’m just saying you keep doing it.
Folks, people are going to get out the way people are going to start watching matter of fact, they’ll join you i’m feeling arsenal sub prime hero.

This was this week’s whiteboard quote a week.

You’ll have a good one.
Let’s brew! .

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