What’s going on everyone, freelance subprime hero, this week’s whiteboard quote of the week for the third week of november 2020.

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.
Don’t give up robert ii truth man, you know – and it’s something you’ve heard this version of this.
This quote in a million different ways.

Is that all the struggle you’re going through right now will build your character, and that’s so true, don’t ever get too focused on the struggle get more focused on the the endgame or the the goal that you have right? That’s what will get you there if you give up you’ll, never reach your goals, so you absolutely need to deal with the struggle struggle, strengthens you, the struggle, educates you the struggle, lets you have um.
You know love for what you’ve done, because if you didn’t appreciate appreciation for what you’ve done, if you don’t have appreciation for what you’ve done, it’s because everything was given to you.

It’s easy.

It’s so simple! It’s it’s! No big deal! It’s like when you buy your house and a few years later, you’re used to your house.
You know it’s the same difference, it’s nothing different than that.
You just got ta, remember to have that passion and think about what you love and what you’re trying to do.

Adam good morning to you, my brother, also man, i hope you had a great weekend folks.
You know i could tell you a quick story and i’m gon na get off here.
The story that i had was this weekend only hutton’s on saturday evening.

I was sitting out in a stand and i saw this big buck, but i saw it too late.
It walked away.
Later i hear gunshots, i figured it was gone.

I was like man, i’ve seen this same buck for two weekends in a row and i i didn’t get it and i was fine and i was okay with it.

The next morning i had to get up at butt crack before sun came up right so but crack it down, as i was gon na say so i had to get up around that time and what happened was i almost didn’t? I was like you know what i think, i’m gon na sleep in that that deer is gone anyway, i’ll just get one next season right that type of thing.

Well, i said you know what i got up anyway and i got dressed.

I went down there.
I got i forgave myself freaked the day before i said you know what i’ma focus on just having a good time out in the stand, and hopefully i’ll see some wildlife to have a good time.

Sure enough.

I get up in that stand.
20-30 minutes after i’m.
In that stand, that same buck that i thought was gone was still there and then i got to harvest it.

So folks, it’s it’s not about what you believe, because what we believe a lot of times our mind will cancel you.
It will cause you to shut down and not do things.

If you understand that struggle is going to happen, you understand no matter what look at the positive and things look at what might happen, then greater things might happen than you could ever.

Imagine don’t ever give up on yourself folks keep growing just like it says.
The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength for you tomorrow.
Don’t give up man robert two is a good dude.

You guys have a good one, a tool.
Thank you for jumping on here.
Also, everyone crush your week crush your day.

Let’s brew i’ll see you guys tomorrow on my quick brew, have a good one.
Peace .

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