Yo, what’s going on everyone, froelin arts, subprime hero, this week’s whiteboard quote of the week for the second week of november 2020.

Every moment is a fresh beginning by t.
s eliot folks.
What a great quote! It’s so true! It’s much like my opening on my quick brew.

Take advantage of every moment because it goes by fast right, that’s exactly it! So, no matter what you did, you know whatever you’ve done in the past, no matter how good it was, how bad it was whatever it was.
You need to just let that go and understand that this is another moment for greatness every moment that you’re alive every second that you have a moment of breath in this world.

You have an opportunity to be great.

You have an opportunity to start fresh and new.
Much like our country, just did our country just re-elected a different president or not re-elected elected a new president folks, some people are not happy about it.
Some people are i’m in the middle.

I’m just happy that that’s over with this way, our country can take a deep breath of expel this election move on move forward and be able to grow together folks, because this country is a great place, no matter who’s in charge in that white house, we’re still The greatest country in the world – and we all need to move forward so take this moment right now to just let that go and let’s go.

Let’s keep growing folks, let’s make the rest of this year.

It’s almost over with 2020 folks, it’s almost over with thanks, matt you’re handsome too brother, so but it’s almost over with so get through this year, fast spread through that finish line.
So you have all that momentum going into next year.

Do it right now fresh beginning? If you don’t want to do right now, you got another moment.
Do it next moment and then now right once again, guys every moment is a fresh beginning, t.
s eliot.

I love that quote.
You all have a great one for ellen are subprime hero.

Let’s brew! .

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