When to Work Harder and When to Work Smarter with Noel Walsh

What is up, Facebook live, no walls coming at you tonight on June 19 2018.

It happens to be my mother, Debbie Malone’s birthday today, happy birthday to you, mom.
We all love and appreciate you and happy birthday to everybody else out there who is tuning in tonight’s.
Live stream is a very special live stream.

It’s something that I’ve gone through in my own career and I’ve gone through even more recently in my career, because I was actually talked to my mom today for her birthday and we talked about how we are both were both doers and how we’re always pushing ourselves.
Past our limits and we’re always trying to do more than we can really focus on and accomplish it’s just the way we are it’s just the way that we grew up, and so tonight we’re gon na talk about when to work harder and when to work.

Now we all hear the phrase all the time work smarter, not harder.
Yes, this is true but often times it does take hard work.
It does take grit.

It takes a little bit of grinding.
It takes a little bit of hustling to really get ourselves to that point where we can simply work with our wits and with what we know that works, and really you really have to carry all those hard work traits along with you the whole time you can’t Just give up on them when you find out processes and systems and strategies and ways to work smarter, you still have to have a compassion.
You still have to keep that in your side, pocket in your holster the ability to work hard, the ability to roll up your sleeves, the ability to get dirty.

I see all the time when I go in and train dealerships and I hear salespeople and they say well, I you know I really used to respect the owner because he or she was here all the time they were hands-on.
They knew what everybody’s numbers were.
They knew everything that was going on and now all sudden they’re just they’re, not hands-on at all they’re, never around they’re, just they pull in their fancy car in front of the building and then they they just go in.

They do their thing and then they’re out.
So we always want to have that hands-on.
We always want to have that hard work, because we might have to go back to working harder and we have Jim Weber with us right now, as well as Andrea made me.

Thank you both for the for the comments, and I know you’re both hard workers and you’re, both smart workers also and so tonight.
What I want to share with you with some different strategies that I’ve used recently what I used when I was actually on the sales floor and when I teach my clients, through my in-house training, NWA sales training, as well as my coaching NWA sales, coaching and training.
As well as conquer you online virtual sales training, and that’s that we want to know, we want to learn, we want to have that ability.

We don’t want to be too proud that we’re afraid to put in the hard work we want to put in the hard work, but over time we want to do things to work smarter and I’m going to share some of those strategies and processes on ways to Work smarter now, when we start out working hard.
What we’re getting is we’re probably cold, calling customers.
We might be door-knocking we’re trying to contact everybody in our network, we’re trying to utilize social media, we’re trying to do all these things.

We might not have the right processes or systems in place yet that are gon na make all our efforts effective.
But the fact is we’re taking action, we’re doing things we all know.

The best way to usually learn is to learn.
The hard way is to learn yourself, but I’m going to share some strategies with you that you can implement to make sure that you are doing that hard work now when it comes to cold, calling, try and get your hands on the right list to cold call.
These would be people who use your service department, who are just in there recently who’ve used your body shop who have purchased there before and they’re sales person is no longer around who have inquired numerous times and have many notes in your CRM about inquiring about different Vehicles, these are people that we would want a cold call, it’s easier to cold call.

Somebody who we’ve got a higher percentage chance of doing business with than just cold calling out of the Yellow Pages.
Believe me, I’ve been in the business long enough.
I’ve I’ve known people that that’s how they were trained, they were handed a phone book and they said start with da’s start calling everybody start calling all the businesses and call call call well.

The thing is that can be draining.
That’s a lot of hard work.
We don’t realize that when we make a hundred phone calls, we only get ten pick ups, we get your rejected nine times and we get a possible appointment out of that.

Absolutely how how draining and how straining that is to us and how much that makes us wore out.
So if you are gon na, do the cold calling cold call on the right list on people that have a higher percentage chance of doing business with your dealership or your place of business that have done business there in the past now another thing of hard work Is door knocking now I do door knocking in my business when I go and do training or I’m speaking at a conference in other states.
I always make sure I take a couple days to go and reduce myself to let people know who I am and what I do.

I do door knock now.
The most effective thing is is to try and door knock on businesses where you might have an end where your cousin might know somebody who works there, where somebody, you know, know somebody who you know knows somebody who works there, who gives you an inn who gives You an opportunity, if you don’t have that, and you know always utilize your network.
That’s part of hard work.

Let people know what you do.
Why you do it? Who you do it for who your ideal client is and what you do for people who refer business to you? But even if you don’t have people referring you to businesses or places a business where you can go door knock, what you want to do is do research on it.
Also, one thing to do is is show your face in the same places.

This would be going to the same restaurant for lunch or for breakfast, when you go out get to know the waitresses get to know the cooks get to know the host and the hostesses that these people talk to a lot of people, things that people talk about.
Doing is they talk about vacations? They talk about their kids, they talk about the recreation.
They talk about big purchases like cars, gage, Minh, trains, houses boats.

So these waitresses talk to people put them on a program to where you can give them a referral, or you can give them some kind of bounty, whatever legal and you area to refer business to you, even if that’s getting people’s names, a handful of names hey, I know this really good car salesman hey.
I know this really good car sales woman.
She specializes in this she’s, very professional.

She comes in here all the time he comes in here all the time.
Everybody knows him, everybody loves them.
This is so that I’ll have him call you, we’ve kind of got an affiliate partnership program going on I’ll.

Have him call you, but when we are gon na, do the door knocking we’re gon na do stuff like that, we want to always pick high-percentage situations that yeah door knock and cold, calling are always low percentage, marketing, low percentage results, but we want to put in Full effort to the right people for the right reasons and the right things will happen at the right times, always remember this – that we have to stay consistent.
We have to try and approach the right people same thing with social media oftentimes.

I teach this all the time, build a business page with business pages.

You can see the analytics you can boost.
You can do ads.
You can go after a specific demographic, a specific audience for very light spending.

You can do this to promote yourself, your product and your dealership, but all with your name first face forward rather than having just one generic business page for your whole dealership people see something there.

They might even see your video, but they just call the number and they end up getting Tammy or they end up getting Johnny.
Now that video and everything that you did has helped somebody else.

It’s gon na help.
You place a business, but it might not necessarily help you, so you want to get a business page once again.

Try and get people to like that.

Try and promote that growing pages organically I’ve seen has had the biggest impact so make sure that you grow a business page that you do it tastefully.
It’s all about putting the right content on there, try and get people to to like it, try and promote it.
There are many different strategies: I’ve got some trainings and might online training and courses there’s tons of videos talking about how to do it.

Oftentimes, the best way to learn is see somebody who you want to be like and see what they’re doing, but I always recommend posting on your business page four to five times a week.

Maybe something about your about your ad on the internet or in the paper or whatever you guys as specials, are whether it’s used vehicles, whether it’s leasing, specials, whether it’s rebates, whether it’s last year’s models, whether it’s a brand new model advertise that a couple pictures, and Preferably video testimonies from buying customers and then maybe once or twice a week, a demonstration video where you’re doing a video where people get to see your personality, people get to see your knowledge and people get to see your passion.
That’s why videos are so powerful.

Videos have really taken over the last two three four years, especially on social media and because people get to learn you they get to find you out.
I see a lot of you who have joined right here, thanks for the share gym and after absolutely Andrea.
But I see a lot of familiar people on here is that’s because – and I appreciate every one of you and you’re here and and sometimes you might disappear for a while, but you always find yourself back because of the videos because of the content I share because Of the professionalism, because the way I hold myself, I put myself in a situation in a scenario to all of you to where you know, like trust and respect me, and therefore you, Let Me Entertain You you.

Let me teach you and you’d like to join in with the culture the network that we’ve built here that joins in weekly.
That is all of what it’s all about Anthony Santangelo.
Thank you very much.

I appreciate that these are all ways to work harder.
You need to be what I would recommend on social media.
You need to be on Facebook, have a business page link it with Instagram, it’s very easy.

You can post an Instagram and it’ll go to Facebook.
It makes it very simple, same thing: if you have business pages, you can do this, so it goes to your business.
Page also have automated, like I just signed up with buffer.

I’ve used HootSuite in the past, have automated.
So you can send your text, your your post out to multiple platforms you’re using the same thing, it’s hard to always create new content.

But if you aren’t posting enough, you aren’t getting seen enough.

You aren’t being seen as the specialist enough.
So that is something that comes with it.

That’s the hard work.

It’s not going to pay you back right in the beginning, you aren’t gon na.
Do a facebook, video and get 50 phone calls to buy a vehicle off you the next day.
But if you do this consistent you’re, getting it out to the right people for the right reasons at the right time, you’ll see the right results.

That’s what it’s always about is doing that.
I definitely focus on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn from there.
If you want to work more platforms, Pinterest is drawing a lot of a lot of traction, as is snapchat Twitter’s, been along for a long time.

A lot of people think that Twitter’s gone.
I see some people that do very well on Twitter.
I wouldn’t count Twitter out, YouTube’s, always a factor there.

Once again, you can create these videos, you can share to LinkedIn.
You can share it to your business page.
You can share it to Instagram up to a minute and then you can create this into a YouTube.

Video that you can use for further links, especially if you just went out there and you shot a video like I said, a demonstration video once a week, often times you might have or twice a week you might have somebody who says hey I’d really like to See the the features and benefits of a of a middle-of-the-road of a middle of the line, Ford, Fusion and so you’ve got one of these hey.
I’ve got one right here.
Here’s this model da da da da and so Anthony Santangelo, said your consistency will give you the results you want and absolutely putting in the time being consistent, you will definitely see the results.

You do the right things for the right reasons to the right people at the right time.
The right things will happen, Matthew, Struble, thank you.
You got me all choked up there.

I love you too bud.
I appreciate that, so we at times always need to know what we always need to know how to work harder, how to work hard.
We always need to know how to work harder, but what we want to do is, I always say, on your sales.

Job is an actual sales career.
Don’t look at it as a job, so come in with the mentality.
The ability to work hard always keep an open mind.

A couple people stay to that.
In fact, I’ve heard that a lot today on a lot of other posts have an open mind, always have the will.
The ability don’t be too proud to learn more or to always focus on gaining more knowledge.

We all know that knowledge is power, but we also know that knowledge is powerless without actions so put in the hard work put in that time, learn how to work hard, learn what to do stay consistent and then you can start working smarter, so ways to work.
Smarter, are I always say you can figure out to go just about anywhere on your own.
You probably get lost, you might get lost in the woods.

You might not ever be seen again, but you can pretty much try and figure out where to go on your own.
It’s always easy to stop and ask for directions or get the map and have an actual road map that shows you how to get there.
Why? You should get there and when you do these things, what happens and how to know that you’re getting there, and so we we always want to learn how to work smarter.

One of the things that I did is when I got past my own.
My own pride, my own ego early in my sales days and I started kind of dropping every year.
Those of you who know that what I’ve shared in the past is, I came out like a ball of fire as the top used car sales person at this dealership.

With thirty five salespeople, I did the top used car numbers.
I mean really good money as 21 years old had like no overhead.
Well then, I’m getting married, I’m buying engagement, rings, I’m buying my house and I start making less money, and I couldn’t really figure it out and I complained on a million things like we always can, but really it was me.

I thought I knew too much us a little too arrogant.
I was a little too cocky.
I was skipping the steps to the sale.

I was getting sloppy.
I was taking shortcuts, I wasn’t being as effective, I wasn’t being as genuine.
Well then, I switched over to new cars about my third year in, and so I started watching the top salesperson there.

His name was Bill Branca.
He still sells he’s about my father’s age.
He still sells he’s still very successful.

He’s had health issues, but this guy.
This was back in the day that we could program our cell phones.
This is when you really very few.

People gave out their cell phones you’re talking early 2000s, the customers, not maybe 50 or 60 percent of people had cell phones – it’s not like now to where every 10 or 12 year old and up has one, but this guy always had his his desk phone on Him and he would be out there and I don’t care if he had a delivery coming in.
I don’t care if he had four appointments coming in.
He would talk to every single customer, even if he knew there are other people’s customers.

He would talk to me too him.
He would ask if his Noll taken care of you or they showing you the right vehicles.
Everything happened.

He would try and take that deal from you, but what I learned from him was – I really learned that etiquette, but what I learned from him is that he never quit working that he never waited around for things to happen.
He was always out there making things happen and he was very thorough with his customers and when he sat down with his customers, his only priority was to make a deal happen.
He wasn’t completely focused on Commission.

He always did well, but was to make that deal happen and was to be in that customers presence and he always really worked hard on doing that.
He was very successful, always sold.
A lot of numbers always had a big following even with different mistakes.

Health problems all this kind of stuff that we’re all gon na go through in life, and he was always taking advantage of every opportunity and he was never waiting well.
What I did is I started watching what he did.
I started following how he did I started following how he took he talked to his customers, because he was pretty much 80 90 percent referral repeat now.

He still takes many ups as anybody else, but he is still 80 or 90 percent referral and repeat business, and it’s because he took care of his people.
He was in the presence and then, when I learned in sales, this is really where it clicked and I went from a five figure to a six figure income along with some other changes.
But when it really clicked was when I stopped worrying about how this customer could help me and what I can make off this customer and what kind of Commission I could make and all this stuff and I started focusing on the customer and truly wanting to serve Help the customer get what they want need.

Everything finally came together for me in sales in a consistent way, and it was kind of like it grew.
You know I was talking to my dad.
The other day we were talking about business, my dad’s, the one who initially trained me and got me into business, and you know he said you know you start out crawling.

Then you start to walk and then you start to run and really when you work smart.
It things just kind of take off and that’s what my sales did, and it was really just a few adjustments watching what the best always be willing to learn and really focusing on the customer in front of me.

And how can I want, or how can I offer the value, the satisfaction, the convenience to the want need that they are looking for and when I did this, everything just changed and I started getting all these referrals just coming in calling emailing.

I would always get 100 % surveys without even asking the customer, or a lot of places do stuff some stuff that you aren’t even supposed to do to try and get these good surveys that everything just kind of started taking care of itself, because I took care Of them and see referrals wait work.
Two ways is when I refer you to somebody, and you say Noelle thank you for referring me to soand soul for this problem that I had they called right on time.
The staff was friendly, they’re right there when they said they’re gon na be the price was less than they quoted me and they followed up with me.

Thank you so much now.
That’s a compliment to me so for me to refer that business.
That became a compliment to me and people see value and me the referral that we never want is hey.

Did my god.
Did my person call you from ABC for the problem that you had well, we called twice.
We left a message.

We got a tax eight stating that a technician or somebody was gon na, be calling us at the end of the day.
We never got anything.
I had my wife call back.

She left another message.
They sent another text, nobody ever called back, so we just found so and so now people are gon na devalue.
Your recommendations, they’re gon na devalue, who you refer, so you always want to realize that repeat and referral business.

You have to work the smartest with it’s, not all about the hard work.
It’s about working, smart about, saying the right things.
It’s about doing the right things for the right reasons, for the right people at the right times, and the right things will continue to happen.

Now, when you do this and you consistently work smarter, what you’re doing is you’re creating processes and you’re creating systems so now, rather than having to go through and get lists and try and find people to call to sell vehicles, you can just call your customers check With them ask them how things are doing, ask them how little Billy’s soccer game was ask them how little Sally’s dance recital was and by the way.
Well, I’ve got you on the line.
We’ve got a great program right now on these vehicles and they’re saving people.

A lot of money and in most cases I’m able to drop people’s payments and put them in a newer vehicle.

Who do you know in your church? Who do you know on your kids, little league team, whose parents who do you know this? Who do you know from work minimalize, the source of where they could give you a referral, and this will open up their mind so that they can go to other sources in their head and say well, no one from my church, but I was talking with this Other dad and he was saying how his wife just can’t stand her minivan they and they’re getting a camper.
They need something bigger to tow that right now people can say hey.

There was this guy, and all I know, is his name’s Chuck, but he works for this he’s a foreman here.
He does.
This, gives you a name, gives you an end? Hey.

Do me a favor if you could get his name telephone number and email Hannah? One of my business cards tell him I’ll, be calling him and, at the very least, what I’ll do is I’ll give him some different options.

Some different programs to see if we’re competitive, with his other options with the other vehicles with the other dealerships, with the other places he’s looking to do business with, we always want to tell people that we want to give them options.
This is working smarter.

I want to give you options.
We all like having options, although we all hate having too many options, but we all like having options now getting back to working harder.
So I showed you ways to work harder because it is going to take consistent, constant hard work to build your business.

Now, your business will grow fast when you start working, smarter and start selling smarter, but you keep those hard work habits now.
One thing that I noticed with my own career was: I sold cars and lived in Michigan.
There’s old cars in Michigan lived here in st.

George and I traveled, and I did that for 20 months, and I came back here and – and I really had liked all a lot of my clients.

I hadn’t had my online training yet because of the prices that I was charging.
It was okay when I lived in Michigan but to travel out to mission and it changed and now all of a sudden, just like a lot of things when I teach with your customers, you know if you take somebody from a 200 other payment and put them In the same vehicle – and it goes up to 500 now, all of a sudden you’re taking advantage of them, even though they don’t realize, there’s some super smoking deal or they had $ 5,000 equity or what have you they put down a bunch of money.

Some reason they’re getting taken the same thing goes with anything right.
So now, all sudden, my train is going to double or triple because of the of the commute and the expenses of that, and so a lot of us kind of somewhat parted ways.
So I started rebuilding my business and at first it was all social media online approach strategy, and I did that, but I’m a people person I like to be with people.

Although you see me online all day, although you see me creating content for online and for my conquer you training my online virtual training, I’m a people person, so then I tried to switch that strategy to going and working the Las Vegas market, always door-knocking along the Way but working the Las Vegas market, so I joined the Chamber of Commerce there and I’d go there one or two days a week and I started joining some Network events here going once or twice a week.

Well then, I started doing more and more things.
For my business started getting more active and certain social media platforms, and it got to the point where I was doing so much that I would have a basically a crash day to where I was just completely exhausted.

And I just couldn’t figure this out because I’m the guy that never runs out of energy well, the problem was, I was trying to do too much.
I was trying to do too many things for the wrong reasons.
So when you do this – and you just focus on hard work through that, I probably lost a lot of sales and clients through the way, because I was trying to get so much done.

I didn’t focus on the things that were most important in front of me.
So that was working hard, but not working smart.
It created a lot of traction.

It created a lot of a lot of waves.
It created a lot of energy out there.
They got my name out further, but I was losing that low-hanging fruit oftentimes, because I was trying to do too much other things.

So sometimes we can get to where we were so hard that we aren’t really working effective and when we do this, we can be working so hard that now, all of a sudden we’re kind of cutting corners, we might be a little cloudy.
We not be might not be taking care of ourselves as much.
We might not be as good with our follow-up.

We might not be doing the things that we need to do to the right people at the right time for the right reasons, because we’re doing too many other things.
So that’s when we want to switch to working smarter and we want to always have that ability to work hard to do the right things, but we want to make sure that we aren’t just throwing all this energy out there, hoping something sticks to the wall.
We want to do the right things for the right people at the right times for the right reasons, and the right things will happen and that’s really what we want to focus on.

It’s not always a thousand phone calls a day.
It’s you know, I would rather have 10 quality phone calls than a thousand phone calls with two quality prospects every day, and because I can really pour my energy in that.
I can really investigate and identify what they’re trying to do, and I can really keep that flow of momentum and energy and confidence moving forward.

That’s what sales does those of you in car sales right after you sell a vehicle? I’m sure all of you have heard this first thing your manager will tell you is go out and get another one.
That’s because you’re hot you got the hot hands, you’re saying the right things.
You’ve got the confidence.

You’ve got the swagger you’re on your game, you’re, knowing your product you’re, knowing your competition you’re.
Knowing your process, you want to keep that going and oftentimes.
If we’re just doing the work, the work, the work, the work, seeing very little results, we look at work, is straining and is, is really wearing and is is big bearing on us.

So we always want to make sure.
Like Andrea media said, quality over quantity – and I talked about these on live streams before, but that’s what working smarter is working harder is trying to do a quantity of things.
Working smarter is doing the quality things the right way, the same way every time in expecting similar results than we’ve seen in the past.

Of course, we adjust it for maybe different kinds of buyers, maybe different kinds of products, maybe different kinds of people, maybe different kinds of scenarios, but we do what works the same way every time and we can see similar results and thank you very much Anthony.
I appreciate that the best time to sell a car is right after you sold one absolutely and Andrea me said Anthony’s serving others, always absolutely.
Thank you.

Brittany foster always glad to have you yes and Anthony Santangelo settle s ly, especially our female clients, provide them options and it will make the closing process easier.
That’s the other thing I was talking to a corporate trainer today of a store, I’m looking just on board here soon of a dealer group, and we talked about how you can’t sell things.

The way that you did in the in the 70s and 80s – and this gentleman’s been in the business for quite a while – it’s very you know very worthy, very intelligent.
He knows the business very high levels he’s a corporate trainer now and we were talking about how you can’t sell things.

The way you did then in the 70s or 80s, and that’s so true, and sometimes that’s true with with with females and so know the difference.

In your customers same thing with with young people, you know with with young people when they come in, we might not know they might work for Google and make 150 thousand dollars a year and they might be wearing some silly t-shirt with some meme on it, and Some jeans, and just some regular shoes and not think really anything of them and everybody wants to run, but the young crowd really likes to be treated like everybody else’s treated.
They want to feel like they’d, be treated the same if they were there by themselves, as if they were there with their mom and dad, and that’s really what they want.
They really want the respect.

No one likes to be hard closed or hard sold.
No one does I always say that no one likes to be sold, everyone likes to buy and everyone wants to feel like it was their idea and when you go in that with that approach with that mentality for every customer and maybe adjust it for the buyer, In front of you for the demographic that they might fit for the personality that they portray and if you go in with that approach, you’ll be amazed.
How much people will tell you.

I remember when I sold vehicles and there was nothing more annoying than I hello.

You know welcome to varsity Ford.
My name is Knoll Walsh.

What can I help you find today? Nothing, okay, excellent, so you’re here to look at vehicles today correct, yes, excellent.
What kind of vehicles did you have in mind? I’m sure you’ve been doing some research, like most of my customers, do a little bit of preliminary research.
Are there some certain models or some certain vehicles that you had in mind that you want to look at, not sure? And so when we have that customer, it’s just painstaking.

It’s tough, because it can take us 5, 10, 15, 20 minutes to just really find out what they’re there for and oftentimes we can get frustrated.
So then, what do you get? You get a you get you get a clash of the prides right, you get everybody trying to take over the scenario and you get the salesperson that feels that they’re being disrespected that they’re kind of being tugged along and then you get the the client, the customer Who maybe feels like the sales persons being pushy, so we want to go in with the right approach for the right reasons, understand what they’re looking for have.
Empathy is one of the fastest ways to create a relationship to let people you understand what they’ve been through.

You feel bad for them and you aren’t gon na.
Let that happen – and I can say I you know they’ll say why did this salesperson do this to me when I bought my last vehicle, and I say I can’t tell you that because that wasn’t me, but one thing I can tell you is that won’t happen When you deal with me, I hold myself as a professional, I’m not looking to sell you one vehicle, I’m looking to sell you ten vehicles and I’m looking to sell everyone.
You know 10 vehicles as well, so I’m going to give you the red carpet service.

I’m going to make you feel like the king and queen that all my clients are to me and I’m gon na make sure that we do good business for many more years to come, because there’s nothing more beneficial than having a professional in our life that when We have want or need for something that that professional covers that we know we’ve got to go to person that will take care of us for the right reasons, and that is working, smarter and so like.
I talked about sometimes we’re tempted to just put in that work put in that work put in that work put in that work, that’s good, but make sure you’re still working smart and on the flip side, when you get your process and you get your systems down And you get your sales game down, make sure that you aren’t losing that grit, that hustle, that hard work that passion that persistence, that consistency, because without hard work and smart work, you’re gon na have small results.
If you just work hard, you’re gon na get wore out, you’re gon na miss a lot of good opportunities.

You’re gon na miss a lot of big game and on the flip side, if you just work smart and you lose that hard work, ethic, you’re gon na learn to cut corners, you’re gon na get sloppy you’re gon na.
Take it easy and your clients will start to see that and they’ll start to see that you changed from the person that they trusted, that they knew that they liked and they respected, that they fell in love with that.
Their kids remember that they wanted to do business with and now you’re just doing, what’s easy and so always remember to keep the balance of working hard and of working smart.

Now, if anybody has any questions, please ask them now or any statements.
Thank You.
Denise glad.

You make it how hat-tricks get done.
That’s right! Those of you that don’t know a hat trick is three sales.
In one day, Tracy and Ross always a pleasure, don’t be don’t judge by appearances.

You never want to judge by appearances Tori.

I had in Frank Vasquez.
Basically said something similar, never judge a book by it’s cover, but a great story.

I remember – and I probably told this before I share this with my clients – often, but we were going out of town.
We were going on like a two and a half week vacation and I just came off I’ll, never forget it, it was May of 2007 and I was just coming off my first 30 car month and I did 32 and my partner did 33, and so he Beat me and we just had a horse race, it was a fun month.
First time I ever hit 30 and, like I said I did 32, and so it’s like the second or third we’re heading out of town.

In a couple days – and I remember I was in the showroom I was trying to get all my deals broke down, make sure I got paid on everything make sure I got all my loose ends tied up make sure I got all my mailings out all my Emails outs and all all my plates did all the stuff that I needed to do, and so I was doing that and I had an appointment that day also – and it was this company from from Japan, so I sold them a bunch of vehicles but they’re always I always like to make sure that I had.
I had a lot of dedicated time for him, because sometimes the communication was was kind of tough and I wanted to make sure that everything worked out and that we were on the same page.
And you know if you come up a big month oftentimes you just want to well me.

I just wanted to get things cleaned up and I wasn’t as worried about selling because I just came off this huge month and I was getting ready to go out of town, but this this big guy, this country, guy, comes in overalls, old white t-shirt.
Some cowboy boots – and I see the guy because the way our showroom was is when you walk, walked in there’s receptionist desk here and then there was a layer of cubicles all the way around the showroom, all the way around the perimeter and then on the the North side, I guess you’d call it there’s another level of cubicles next to them, so this guy kind of walked around real slow.
The girls at the front didn’t didn’t greet him and he walked around real, slow, just kind of checking.

Everybody out checking everybody out.
Checking everybody out and he walked all the way around, and I was one of the last desk over on the towards the entrance and so then he starts going back the other way and he said, can you help me and I’ve got a stack of deals? This big that need to get broke down.
I’ve got an appointment like an hour and it was always kind of tough like I said, because they didn’t speak, really good English, so it was always kind of tough communication and the checks came from Japan and it was.

It was always a whole process.
A lot of the times the people who are getting them didn’t have drivers left, so I had to walk them through the process.
They were a lot of work, but they bought ten or fifteen vehicles before they pulled.

The plug went back to Japan and dropped their operations here during the recession, but this gentleman walked up to me and he said he said: can you help me and so I kind of sighed, because I’m like I’m just trying to get things done, I’m gon na Be gone for two and a half weeks.
I want to make sure I get paid on these deals and I said, of course I can help you.
Please come in and have a seat, so it comes in and has a seat.

This was a true those of you in car sales know what we call a lay down right.

The lay down is when somebody just comes in and says hey.
I want that.

What’s the price okay, I’ll pay, so a guy comes in, he says: there’s this red truck out there and it was a regular cab, f150 six-cylinder automatic air-conditioning, nothing else, just a basic truck and he said I want that truck out there, dah dah dah dah dah.
I’m retired from Ford: what’s my a plan price, he said the red truck with leather and I said which one in it so I go out there and I get the stock number.
So I can pull it up on Reynolds and Reynolds, I said.

Well, you know.
I want to make this.
You know.

I want to bring this out right away, that that’s actually vinyl is it’s not leather, he’s like no? No, that’s why I just don’t want cloth, so I said okay, no! I just want to make sure that we were squirted away on that, and so I gave him this price and he he sits there.
Any kind of Cox has had both ways and he said yeah I’ll, take it and I said, okay, excellent, and so I get to talking to him and everything and – and so I said you know, I saw you walk around the showroom.
He said, I said what made you choose me these other 40.

50 salespeople.
What made you choose me, and he said you know I walked around and all these people they’re just sitting there talking other salespeople, they’re, chitchat and they’re sitting in their desk playing on their computer and he’s like nobody looked up.
Nobody gave me the time of day and he’s like, and I saw you and he said you looked like you had a nice face, you were smiling and I could tell you were working hard and I thought that’s who I want to deal with and so oftentimes, Like I say when we’re in sales, people are always watching us when we put ourselves out there.

People are always watching us, even when we don’t know that they are, and this guy just wanted to be treated like everybody else, and so I started talking to him and I said: okay, here’s your price with taxes, everything you’re gon na need a new license plate.
You didn’t ever trade in or anything.
I said this is you’re out the door cost right here.

How are we gon na pay for it and he said I’ll just write a check, so I said okay, excellent, so he’s writing a check.
It was.
It was a bass truck, but it’s still 21 $ 22,000.

It’s still nice check two-stroke.
So he said this, and so I’m taking down some information, filling out the buyers, order and everything and ask him where he lives and he’s like.
Oh yeah, I’m over there on the lake in Belleville – and this is my address – that’s a nice lake.

My friend used to live there.
We used to do some water-ski in there and had a lot of fun there, and I said: where do you live on the lake? I said I know the lake pretty well and he said I’m on the I’m on the peninsula.
I said wow those.

I know that peninsula, I’m like there’s some really big houses on that peninsula and he said well, like I always say, if you want to live the high life, you got to pay for it.
So what I wanted to share what this was is one of the best money lessons I ever had was from a country guy in overalls.

Dirty t-shirt.

Cowboy boots walked around 50 salespeople.
Nobody reached out to him, including me, and I was super busy, but nobody reached out to him who wasn’t doing anything and the guy came up to me and I sold the guy a vehicle and I sold more vehicles to his kids and himself in the future.
But the guy just wanted to be treated like everybody helps the guy just wanted to be treated good and this guy’s living in a 750 thousand dollar house.

Okay, nicer than any sales person that worked there, 750 thousand dollar house and a lot of people might have thought they were too good to talk to him or he might not have the means or the resources.
So, like Andrea said and like Frank best guest said, never judge a book by it’s cover because you know the greatest novel might have the most boring awkward cover and the flipside the worst book might have the best graphics and the best catchiest cover.
So never judge a book by it’s cover.

You have to be flexible and use your poker reads with each client, as if you only use that one style, the cookie cutter, then you’ll lose many customers.

Absolutely yes, haven’t empathy and conquer what you chase absolutely.
Thank you.

Jim, I appreciate that.
Thank You Adam.
I appreciate that.

How do you feel after coming off a big month? You know what I learned coming off a big month, because I saw so many people do it Adam, and this is a great question and I did it early in my career is, I call it kind of that big month, hangover, and I see this a lot When I talked to some of my some of my Jam’s, some of my clients, GM’s and general sales managers and dealer principals – and we go over the sales, people’s numbers and I’ll see that they watched 250 modules of conqueror you training and they sold 19 cars and Oftentimes I’ll be friends with these people on social media and it’s all work.

It’s all focused it’s all this.
It’s all that well and it’s all positivity.

Well then, the next month I see that their usage drops down to 85 modules of contra you.
I asked the GM, the general sales manager, the dealer principal what they’re you know what someone sales month was well, he only did nine last month and I said well, I could kinda maybe tell that was maybe happening because their usage was dropped in a third of What they were doing in the past and their the attitude would that I see on their post on social media, are a little more negative or kind of like they’re, getting the wrong end of the stick and they aren’t portraying that positivity.
So the best thing to do when you have your, we can come off a big month, and this is why there’s these these phrases and these these quotes that we live by in the dealerships you know from hero to zero, and that is whenever I came off, That big month, I just wanted to keep it going, and that’s really what made me the best is is when I was at the dealership and for all the years I was number one of the big dealership is, I might only be the top salesperson five or Six months out of the 12, but I was consistent every month and I see people come in and they do 28 and then they come and follow it up a 12-2, where I would constantly, rather do 24 every month get my 30s get.

My 32s get my 37 s, have my big months, but have my slow months be at 18, 19 20, and I just always wanted more, and I think we kind of talked about this in the past a little bit too Adam is, I always, you know, made Sure that I had a lot of my paycheck going to a lot of different places, so I had to make money.
So it wasn’t that I got to that certain mark that we all have in our head where I’m like.
Ah okay, you know I can.

I can cool the jets now.
I can take it easy it made my I made my money and you know I made my nut.
You know I’m good and I got some money for savings too, and I can take the wife and kids on a vacation with it, but you know so.

I always believed that I wanted to just keep pushing harder.
So the way this our store worked is usually the first couple weeks were slow and we usually did 80 percent of our business the last two weeks of the month, and so usually our first weeks were kind of slow.
But that’s why I do a lot of my mail.

That’s why I’d reach out to my customers? That’s where I take my days off.
That’s why I send out letters, email texts, different things like this try and go by if a customer was close to their plate.
Came and I’d shoot him a tax or give him a call.

Hey your plate came in and I can mail it to you, but rather than you having to come here after work or what have you if you want and there’s somebody at the house, I can just drop it off or I can drop it by your office.
I’m going right by that way, anyways.
I know right where you work, but doing those things for the customers and just staying in front of them, and I did all this and I stayed busy all day and then come the second week and the third week.

I was just setting employment setting employment, setting appointment, setting appointments and making deliveries and everybody’s like man were you getting all these leads from like like who’s, which managers giving you all these like nobody else has these leads.
It’s like well yeah and you guys look at me at the beginning of the month when I’m spending six eight hours ten hours a day, marketing and prospecting my client base – and you guys are talking about the football game, the basketball game, your kids, flag, football game, You’re talking about these things all day and then come the middle of the month.
You got two vehicles out and you’re like wow.

I need to pull something together here and you want to start pointing fingers and wondering how everybody else got it rather than watching how they got it and assume that it was given to him rather than watching what they did and Stan sure I saw you were Here – and I was a pleasure to have you absolutely Adam victory, thank you very much Anthony.
I appreciate that.
That’s all right Stan.

Yes, those are some of the best customers Anthony.
I like it, don’t sit fat, oh yeah after a big month, don’t sit fat.
No! So when you come off a big month, what you want to do is you just want to keep that momentum going? You don’t ever want it, and I’ve shared this with you Adam on some of our coaching calls.

You never want to rest in your laurels.
You always want to push for more.
You always want to try and become better.

You always want to focus on things other things that you can do, and you always want to make sure that you are utilizing that because once again, what I told my customers when they came in is I don’t want to sell you one vehicle.
I want to sell you ten vehicles.
I want to sell everybody, you know ten vehicles so every time I got a new customer every time I sold somebody.

I was growing that growing that growing that I kept my processes down.
I worked a full day.
I work smart yeah.

I might come in a little late and leave a little early at the beginning of the month when it’s a little slow.
But you know what, at the end of the month, you’re gon na see me in an hour hour and a half two hours early, you’re gon na see me stay an hour hour and a half two hours late.
To make sure that I get my paperwork done.

Make sure I get everything caught up and another thing I’d recommend Adam is make sure you tie up your loose ends.
That’s another reason: people come out and they have that hangover month.
They have that bummer.

Follow up from a big month is because they’ve got so many loose ends out there they’re working hard they’re, not working smart, the customer says: can we get a free spare tire? Can we get this and you’re promising all these things? Then you take it to your manager and they’re like we can’t do this.
We have no room, we’re already losing money on the vehicle or what have you now you’re jumping through all these hoops? You got to try and talk your manager into this.
You got to try and talk your customer down from this, but tie up all your loose ends.

Do everything consistent work, smart and when you come out the first of the month, don’t ever take your day off you’re gon na take a day off like you, do Adam, take it off and go fishing, but don’t just mentally check out at work and be there All day make sure that you’re doing little things, even when you aren’t in the mood make sure you’re doing some little things make sure that you’re sending out some thank-you cards make sure you make of some phone calls.
Your son and some text messages.
You know a great thing to do was I was talking about the list and working hard at the beginning, go back to service and if there’s a way you can see all your customers that were in there if you haven’t don’t already have.

I just did.
I just did a course about this and a webinar about how to mine and prospect more effectively and save online spending, but have that relationship? It’s it’s only a four module course, but it’s 36 minutes of training, 71 training Q & A questions excellent course.
It is gon na be a la carte for everyone, but it’s also going to be on the conquer you platform for those of you that are on conquer you, but don’t ever think, don’t ever get too big for your britches.

Don’t ever think that your your laurels? Don’t ever rest on your laurels or think last month, we’ll just take care of itself.
This month, always be eager always be hungry, always be like you’re, like looking for your next meal and kind of have that that animal instinct, when it comes to starting your next month, is going right back at it and don’t pat yourself on the back too hard.
You might knock your wind out and keep the right mindset.

Absolutely yes, Adam very good.
The weeds will overtake the garden time.
Management is key and absolutely, but so I wanted to thank each and every one of you.

As always, it’s been a great live stream.
I know we’ve been kind of mixing up the schedule a little bit, but we are going back to every Tuesday at 9:00 p.
Eastern, a p.

central 7:00 p.
Mountain 6 p.
Pacific every Tuesday.

I will be live unless I’m going to be out of town, but I’ll give you a heads up.
I’m gon na do one every week there’s a couple trips and some training and some different places I’m gon na be going so I might not be able to make it every single week, but I’ll always give you a heads up and then on the second Tuesday Of every month we have our special guest Ben Gay, the third, his last videos blown up.
In fact, if any of you saw this car, don’t actually like the video today, it was funny about 20 minutes before the the livestream.

I was looking at my notifications on Facebook and it said grant car don’t like your video, but I’ve always liked grant stuff great guy, but you work hard, but eventually learn to work.
Smart working hard as cold calling door-knocking working a lot working the service i’ll doing all those things doing the low percentage things, but putting in that hard work, creating that work ethic over time, utilize social media, properly watch what the best in your dealership are doing know What the good deals are create your collaboration with the different departments.
So people see you as a go-to source and you have them as a go-to source work smarter, but never lose that hard work ethic and you too will go from crawling to walking to running to flying, and you too will conquer you conquer today, conquer what you Chase always and forever.

I appreciate every one of you being here with me weekend week out consistent all the engagement, all the statements, all the questions, all the additions that you all add.
I thank all of you for spending your Tuesdays with me, as does my amazing wife, Sarah Walsh, as always, go out and conquer what you chase.
Lowell Walsh, is out.

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