What To Say When Your Customer Says “Your Price Is Too High!”

One of the biggest issues that people are telling me they’re running into is the prices too high.

Now the price is too high.
The reason why this happens is because in automotive sales or in sales in general, but we’re in automotive.
Let’s talk our motive in automotive sales, it is the refusal of the sales professionals or the sales consultants to accept the reality, which is price will always be on every customers.

Mind price will always be on every customers mind, but our responsibility as sales professionals is for us to help influence whether our customers feel that the price asked for the vehicle being purchased, that it is a fair deal and that the benefits the usage, the the gains That they’ll get out of ownership of this vehicle far outweighs the price being asked or we in influence.
Our customer is the feel that the price that we are trying to sell them this vehicle, for that is not worth it to them.
They don’t see the value in it, they either have no, they don’t.

They don’t want to see it at that price.
As a matter of fact, they think it should be discounted even more.
So it is our responsibility to influence that you know you have to think about something if a person took time out of their day to come in, spend an hour or two hours with you going back and forth and they leave out, and we truly believe that They left out because they just didn’t want to buy anything.

That’s shame on us because I I think, I think, a lot higher of human beings than that, and I believe people know how to be where they want to be when they want to be there.
And so every second that they’re spinning sitting there they’re trying to help you help them come up with a reason to do this to buy this, and so the prices to.
I is nothing more than another obstacle that people put in front of their way to say: oh, my goodness, I know I want to, but I got ta try to get myself every reason that I can why I shouldn’t and as sales professionals it’s up to us As the experts to help them realize it’s, okay, it’s alright, you know, let’s do it and let’s get another thing clear so and we can move on it.

When are your sales person say you know I just yeah.
You know I just wouldn’t feel right.

You know putting somebody in something that you know they just they just couldn’t afford since when and see.

This is why there’s so many broke people in the world that are truly unhappy.
Nobody can tell me they’re not having any money that they’re just SuperDuper happy, because their morals are just so high and I’m not saying that we should live a moral is life at all, but what I’m saying is not having any money and struggling.

Nobody could tell me that you just walking around positive all day, so here’s what I mean when I interject.

That is because when we say you know, I just wouldn’t feel right, you know putting them as something we didn’t put them in anything.
You don’t pull a gun out, you don’t pull a knife on.
We don’t force these people to authorize these agreements to say yes I’ll take it.

I feel like I can afford to pay $ 800 a month since when do we become the parents of adults that are coming in just asking us for help of them buying a vehicle? You know.
That’s that’s ludicrous to me.
So if you’re somebody that says that, how can you possibly put somebody in something that they don’t believe they themselves can afford now, if you’ve been honest and upfront, and this individual makes a decision, that’s their decision, you should applaud yourself for being someone that was skilled Enough to help this person go down the pathway, because I tell you right now: these mortgage companies – they don’t call people and say, hey, listen, you know what um I don’t feel like.

You can afford this $ 1,200 payment on it.
Oh listen! You want it.
You authorize it.

Okay, now understand you know you are gon na be obligated to make this payment.
That’s the only thing we can do, but to deprive somebody of their right, their god-given right or whatever beings right.
You want to.

You know, use to discuss this.
Their right to make a decision for themselves, I believe, that’s wrong.
So if you have some type of a reverse or something like that about selling – or you know, they’re being money and the deals that you do – listen get out of sales period, because this is not a non-profit business.

If you just enter to help people and that’s just your commitment, there are a lot of places that people can volunteer but – and this you got ta be kiddin here.
So, let’s, let’s lock back into it, so the price is too high.
So one of the things that you have to do in your sales process, you have to be on the offensive any time a salesperson is on the offensive they’re potentially losing now for years, they’ve trained about overcoming objections, so we waited to the end.

We try not to discuss certain things for years; they talk about, don’t discuss this, don’t talk about that! Don’t talk about that as if the consumers are so stupid that they’re not gon na, be thinking about this in their mind or noticing that the salesperson is trying to hide all this information, and it’s like when somebody trying to hook a friend up on a blind Date – and they says oh you’re, really like my friend they’re great with kids – they love their parents, they have a great job.
They know how to cook they’re an Alan some artists.
They really love poetry, just any other.

After a couple more descriptions, you send us there.
Oh, my goodness, he probably looks like a werewolf, or I can’t imagine what she probably looks like why, because all of the build-up, when really I came in here to find out one thing: how much is it and what would it take for me to be able To have one alright, so the quicker and the more effective and efficient we can get a person there without violating them or offending them.
There are their intelligence, the better it is for us so by ignoring and invading this stuff and waiting to the end and the person brings up prices and objection now we’re having to explain and when the salesperson is explaining, guess what they’re doing they’re losing so being On the offensive, knowing that price is something that is going to be on everybody’s mind, start thinking in ways that you can bring up an objection, I’ll call it handling objection when you bring it up, guess what you control it you own it and when you control It you own it now you can educate, you can inform them about, what’s going on with it and then later on, if the objection still comes up now you have a point of reference to a moment in time where you all began a discussion on something and Now, here’s your opportunity to fully educate them on the benefits of it for them, and let me give you an example now, knowing that price is an objection on the mind of most people, okay, and knowing that we also, we want to find out what a person Wants to be on their monthly payment, what about, if you were talking to a person when you’re going through and you’re qualifying them, and you say something like this now John now a lot of our customers.

They did tell me that when they came in, they initially had a specific monthly payment in mind that they were hoping to be around, but when they ended up driving off in a new vehicle, they ended up spending a little bit extra a month because they were They saw a whole lot more in real cost savings in the ownership of this vehicle, okay or that sucked so John, a lot of our customers.
They did tell me that when they initially came in, they had a monthly payment in mind that they were hoping to be around, but when they ended up driving off in their and their new vehicle, they did end up spending a little bit extra.
Then they didn’t expect it because the vehicle that they drove off in and bought them far more and real cost savings and invaluable monthly payment.

Are you hoping to keep your yourself around now by bringing that up? Think about what we just did we just let them know hey, listen.
A lot of my customers told me that when they first came in, they had a monthly payment around in mind a specific monthly payment in mine, but when they drove off and they knew vehicles, they ended up spinning a little bit more than they expected because the Vehicle that they drove home in bought them far more in real cost savings and in value their names than they expected.

So, what type of monthly payment are you hoping to stay around that thing about what we just did we just let them know, hey, listen, how others have felt you know what I mean they.

They wanted to keep theirs in a specific way, but when they drove home and their new vehicles, they ended up spinning a little bit a little bit more than they expected, because the vehicle that they drove out in you know ended up bringing them far more in Real cost savings and invaluable type of monthly payment.
You know, are you open to stay around and when we do that – and they tell us – okay well $ 500, all right up to what okay? Now they give us that amount and we go in and we go through now by just planting that seed and we go through and we we roll through our presentation.
If we do our or you go to our the rest of our QA and our business of rapport and we get a bit with the management pick out a vehicle, we do the presentation on and go for a demo.

We come back and we present the numbers.
Now does that mean that they will not bring up price later on absolutely not not talking right now, I’m telling you now anticipate that they’re gon na bring it up.
We just wanted to bring it up a little early kind of plant a little seed, because now, when we present the numbers – and they say well – hey, listen, you know Brian net.

That prices is how I suspected you know what John I I totally understand where you’re coming from.
As a matter of fact, you remember earlier when I, when we were talking – and I was sharing with you – how a lot of my customers told me that when they initial, they had a monthly payment in mind that they wanted to stay around.
But when they drove off ended up spending a little bit more than they expected because the vehicle that he drove off and you know, bought them far more in real cost savings and in value than it expected so John, let me ask you this: if you can See we’re just real cost savings.

Real money cost same as involved as much as, if not more than the other people who have come in in a similar situation and drove home in this same exact vehicle.
If you can see that, if I can show that to you, are you at least willing to give me a few minutes of your time to at least learn more about what it is that you get now think about what I just did now? What is he gon na say no screw that don’t tell me about what else I get.
Of course, not greed as far as in with human beings is a huge motivator.

You know they’re gon na say absolutely show it to me yeah absolutely now we just got them to say.

Yes, that’s another positive affirmation from them.
They also just gave us permission to go into our our sub presentation, which you should always be prepared for by anticipating that price is gon na come up.

We planted the seed early we rolled through the process.

Noah’s gon na come up be prepared.

What is it that we roll into at that point at that point, this is where we roll directly into our warranty package.

Now your managers probably already know this, so maybe they don’t I’m sure that that medium will be shot and just how good? Some of you know your warranty packages, and the positive thing is that for those who didn’t know it very well, if you’ve been closing deals and you weren’t very knowledgeable of it sky – is only the limit for you, my friend.
So, let’s think about that now, when we’re talking about these warranties, okay, this is our opportunity where we could possibly not have to drop price.

When dealing with this person, we may be able to build enough value where that extra twenty bucks a month they trying to save or $ 25 or $ 50 or $ 100.
You know it just meant or $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 on tour overall cost.
If we indicate or reduce that, if we can do imagine what type of real value that builds – and this is where it goes into the warranty my friend now – let’s think about it – you know at your particular store when most salespeople – and I am all over the Us and as unfortunate as it sounds even in the UK over in those parts, you know what they do, the same thing when you ask most salespeople hey what warranty comes on this 2018 yada yada, yada they’ll say well.

You know three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain yep there you go, that’s it and that’s where they stopped and if you ask them hey, can you explain that to me in detail? They’ll begin sweating, real bad they’ll begin stuttering and they will be are now unable to do it as a reminder of Friday.
Hey listen, you know.
Yes, you know you and I’ve spoken, and I and I a listen today – might be the day that once I get, though this this video ask somebody just pick somebody out and ask him to really explain to you what what the warranty packages is, and you may Be blown away and then again as a salesperson, if you know you’ve been struggling at this part and you’ve been closing deals, you need to be a static, because now you bought the busted wide open, because if you don’t know what’s in the warranty package, do you Do we really expect our customers are gon na, go home and open up that door go manual and read it if people who make a living and provide for their families, don’t read it? This is what we do to take care of our families and we don’t read it: do you think the customer is using it for recreation or for whatever you say, are gon na? Read it absolutely? Not.

Yes – and I will tell you by doing this part alone – you put yourself on another tier of a Sales Professional, and it is something that you only have to master once, because it comes on almost every new vehicle that you sell.
Ok now I know that warranties range and they vary and they go in different ways.
But let’s think about this.

Ok, I’m just gon na use three year 36,000 mile for basic limited five years 60,000 mile for powertrain – and you know everything else would be fairly standard.
So you know the customer gives us permission to explain to them to show them the real cost savings and the real value that other people have gotten and how they may be able to.

So it’s like and listen now, John.

I know outside I touched on some of these things fairly briefly, but let me really go into what it is that you get with your 2018 Chrysler 300.
Okay for the next three years or 36,000 miles.
You see the basic limited warranty now.

What that means, John, is that for the next three years or 36,000 miles, if anything in that vehicle outside that vehicle, that’s the rear, dash cam! That’s the power windows.
That’s that’s anything under the hood.
If that’s everything, with the exception of the tires, if anything goes defective, you call me you text me or you email me: I’m gon na get that vehicle into one of our dealerships and we’re gon na take care of all of the labor and all of the Parts that it takes to get your vehicle back up and on the road for you, okay, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

You reach out to me, and we get it done now, also with that for an additional two years and 24,000 miles, or should I say for five years 60,000 miles you’re covered under the powertrain warranty now here’s what our customers really like about.
That is that for the next five years of 60,000 miles if your engine – and that is the block – the heads, the gaskets – that is all the internal lubricating parts within that engine – the water pump, the oil pump.
If any of those go out on this engine, you call me you text me or you email me and I’ll, get that vehicle in here and we’re gon na get that vehicle fixed and back up on the road for you without you coming out of pocket at All and you know how expensive it can be to get an engine repair or replace in today’s climate.

So luckily for you for the next five years or 60,000 miles, you don’t have to worry about that because yours is covered, but also for the next three years.

Your vehicle is covered under our corrosion limited warranty and what that means that, if any of your internal sheetmetal has any of the the natural type of a wear and tear from sand from mud from debris, from gravel from any of the the typical type of Road Causes any of the internal sheet matter that goes back begins to wear corrode.
You call me you email me, will get that vehicle in here and we’re gon na get that taken care of for you also any external sheet metal that may have some of the paint and some of the finish on it for the next three years.

You don’t have to worry about getting any of that touched up and done.

We don’t get that taken care of for you and that’s covered under the corrosion warranty.
Now, one of the things that really separates our vehicles from any other Chrysler’s is the fact that we really understand that one of the things that helps a vehicle maintain its value is how good it looks.

And typically, one of the first things to go is the paint and the finish on a vehicle, and it begins to look dull and that smiley face on the front.
Grille tends to turn to a frown.
So, for the next three years, what you receive with your vehicle is our permit plate protection plan.

Okay, that means that your vehicle is covered.
So, if you’re out at Walmart again somebody let’s their cargo and scratches your car, if a squirrel decides to tap-dance on you a little bit with the most sharpest claws that can find if a bird, if south or lovebugs descends inside there get in under your paint Job and has it started to looking dull or be affected.
You don’t have to worry about looking up a body shop, doing any pricing on paying jobs, or any of that all you have to do is take your phone out and shoot me a text.

Give me a phone call and with your permit plate protection, we gon na get your vehicle shine, prime buff, and always make sure that your vehicle has the the showroom new look and feel to it, and that’s one of the benefits that you get with our permit Plate protection.
Now now I want y’all to think about something now, as I’m going through these warranties.

Okay, these are warranties that every single store offers to their customers.
It comes with it, but the people don’t know, and this is why, when deals going to finance and they fall apart, here’s what happens.
Remember we’re the the non trustworthy snake oil salesman that that’s always trying to take advantage of people.

So if we don’t tell them what they get, we say yeah three year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper, which is a lie because the bumpers are not covered.
So that’s incorrect also, but if that’s all we say, then they walk in there with the business manager which people still call the finance manager.
I don’t know why, but business matters, your business has much more of a non negative term than finance.

As far as on intimidating the person walking in there to deal with the finance manager, who’s gon na bring up all of these beautiful, extended warranty options, and now the person feels scammed, because why the hell would I want to extend something when I don’t even know What I get with it in the first place as a matter of fact, I’m out of here perma plate, what that’s an extra nine hundred dollars are five hundred dollars.

Why the hell am I paying that? I don’t even know what the hell that is now the business manager has to say: oh really, or they didn’t tell you about it.
Well, let me just now again they’re backpedaling they’re backpedaling.

If we spend it on a time with these people, the more control we have a front, the more thorough we are on our explanations with these people, the market of the far more beneficial it would be for them.
You and everybody involved.
So, let’s be straight up and down, I really do issue this challenge to everyone to make March the best month that you’ve ever had every month.

We should be striving to just be a little bit better.
Maybe we greeting people better, maybe we qualifying a little better.
We doing walk around a little bit better.

We converted a little bit better.
The follow up is a little bit better.
The social media game is a little bit better.

It’s baby steps, yeah, it’s baby steps, and it’s doing things like listening to this stuff right here.

That makes us get better by it man.
I challenge you if you take care of yourself or your family, and you know that you and these products, you know, I’m saying, are what it takes for you to better pays that really bridges.

The gap between you been on the street and you being able to put prime rib on your table and you do in and you’re not doing everything you can to equip yourself as best as possible to be as laser targeted on every opportunity you get.
Then we don’t stand it, we don’t have any right to complain.
We have no right to complain about our finances if we are, if we are unwilling to invest that time in ourselves to just at least learn what our people get, so we can at least tell them what they get.

If we’re truly customer focus we’d be doing everything we can to keep them as as warmed as possible, all right so this week, it’s all about the payments being too high.
We know that that’s going to price be in too high.

We know that that something is gon na come up, be prepared, don’t be shocked, but start thinking about it start going through it.
How do you know? How can we, how can we discuss that a little bit earlier? You know what I’m saying when we go on into finding out where they wan na be, and then how could we be prepared so that when they say it boom, it’s not a shocker, it doesn’t have us backpedaling stumblin.
We were already prepared for it, and then this is what we rollin, sir, the warranty packages.

This is where we roll into what they get with it.

This is where we really get a chance to show them.
What separates us from everybody else.

Remember what our mama’s used to say: it’s, not what you say, but how you say it, delivery is everything so give her to him with as much power, passion and purpose as you possibly can, and you watch the profits start coming in all right, but other than That you are a go, get them this week.
I’m gon na have some other ones coming out again.
I’m gon na do my best to shorten them, but the other ones.

I said I’d ever be more personal three to five minutes, but go get them y’all bust.
Ass and in this month strong and start the next one, even stronger have a good day.

Yo .

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