What To Say When A Customer Asks For A Price Over The Phone

So checking in live here from from Fort Walton Beach right now, I’m at VW, Subaru or Fort Walton Beach give a quick minute.

Let a couple of people jump on in here, in the mean time, for those of you that are watching this a little bit later.
As we have people that are filling in the filling onto the to the live, is that uh, one of the things that’s been coming up? A lot is sales people asking you know Brian.
What do I do when I have a customer that calls it on the phone, then the customer is asking me for price.

You know how it is person calls in they’re trying to do everything they can to avoid coming into deals with the deal with the salesperson on the phone it was going on.
I see we got.
Let me see what’s going on see we got here, show me who you are view on the uh.

If you in, let me turn this thing around, so I can see these uh there you go what’s up, what’s up, what’s up William, how you doing brother, let me know what city you checking in from got my man, William, William Collette.
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Man talk to you to your managers and whatnot Richmond.
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Okay, what’s that near William James Ville, all right anyway, let’s get to it.

So what we talking about man is um.
You know I had a lot of people asking me: what do they do when that customer calls in on the phone, and they just want that price? Hey listen, you know, I’m trying to you know all get all my eggs in one basket and I don’t want to come in blah blah blah blue all my recognizance to get the numbers now.
Y’all know that it sells people, one of the thing that most dealership management’s teach their staff is to never give a price over the phone.

As a matter of fact, even when a person comes in in their life in the dealership and they’re asking for pricing right up front, most managers are teaching salespeople to nah, give a price.
So what are some of the silly things that salespeople say? Customer is live on the lot and they say hey, you know I just want to get the price.
Well, you know price is something we don’t need to worry about right now and blah blah blah and price is the last thing to be concerned about was more important.

Is that you you’re happy about this and happy about that? What’s up new fell, live money, gaming Network Mitchell, styling? What’s up man from Sweeney, Chevrolet, Boston, Massachusetts, eighties bands, I see her so persons there they asking for pricing.

The salesperson is trying to do everything they can to divert it.
Now we got to remember something: you know: people are intelligent and whether they are intelligent or not.

Many believe that they are so when they’re asking for a price.
They know that they’ve asked it and when we try to dodge it and avoid it, you know what it does.
It brings more attention to it.

One thing they teach your marketing.
If you want to bring attention to any particular thing, do a strike through it or act like you’re trying to cover it up and for some reason, it’ll attract people to it.
Curiosity killed the cat and one thing about human beings.

It’s like we resist anything that would persist, and we all want what we can’t have.
So the customer comes in asking for price and what we’re doing we can to avoid it guess what it makes them want an even more now the attention is heightened on it or on the phone.
We expect to get this person to come into the dealership and do what we want them to do.

But when they’re asking us on the phone for a price or to do something for them, guess what we ignore it and we don’t do it.

What what they want us to do, but we expect him to tell it’s nuts: it doesn’t work that way.

So one of the things that I suggest when a customer calls in it, you take that phone call and they’re asking you for price on a vehicle.

Are they coming to the line? They ask you for a price the best way to handle this? Is this every day when you come into your store um, if you aren’t, hopefully you know, you do walk your lot, but when you come in the very first thing you want to do walk your lot, see what your vehicles are and what not and really can Every day on your two or three top-selling vehicles at your store, not the overall brands, top-selling vehicles, but at your store – and if you don’t really know what that is, go talk to the management will talk to them and they’ll tell you about.
If you do and don’t guess at this find out what your top three are now, when you walk you lot, you want to find out where those particular vehicles are, and you want to find the highest end that limited-edition version of that vehicle.

Okay and you want to, hopefully you got your notepad or your book Lee with you, and you want to write that down.

So if your top three selling makes and models of that at your store, walk your lot find out what the highest end of that particular make and model is where it is and write the price down on your and your pad.
Now, when you go back inside, I apologize, I apologize.
We had a little technical difficulty so but um when you go inside your dealership or, like I say, from your phone okay, you want to go onto your website.

Then you want to look and see.
What are your base model prices on that particular vehicle, or even if you have some pre-owned, some Seventeen’s or some 16s or some fifteen, maybe not 17s, but see all right Godley? I apologize.

Oh, I don’t know.
What’s going on, I have to log in today Wi-Fi I was doing it from my phone.
You know how you getting one of these offices at the store.

They do everything they can.
So let me pick this back up, so what I said is you want to find the the they’re, the most high-end of those particular makes, and models? Okay and I’m you know what I might just start you’re staying over.
You see Bob wait for everybody to come back in.

I apologize family appreciate, appreciate you guys coming back again, what’s up friends? Alright, so so you got those! You got the three most high-end vehicles.
Okay, then, you want to go on your website and you want to also check your pre-owned section if you have fourteen fifteen and sixteen to this particular brand or if you don’t what your base model prices are.
So now, when a customer calls in – and they say hey, I want to get a price on this.

Okay, as opposed to trying to deflect it.
What you tell them is you have to educate them and inform them so hey Brian, I mom.
I, sir.

I just want to get a price on blah blah blah a particular vehicle excellent.
So, where I got the vehicles, I got a range in the price anywhere from 17, all the way up to thirty to five.
So to help us find the one that’s going.

You know be best suited for you and narrow it down.

We just need to get a little bit of information from you.

I mean really most of my customers that have gone online.

Like you looking for information, they typically want to be able to see it put their hands on it and get as much information as they can.
You know so when they ready to make the decision they have it all.
So I have an available start this afternoon at 2:00 and one Samarra morning at 10:00, which one of those work best for you to come in and look at the vehicle and get some information.

So if you notice what I did is, I gave them a range.
Okay, give them a range, give them a range from whatever your internet prices on that particular model, all the way up to whatever that highest price is now here’s what that does.

But I’m asking us for a price and that’s giving them a range.
A we’ve satisfied what it is.
They asked us to do B, we’ve also given them a fairly wide margin and C, and we also educate them in listen in order for us to narrow it down to find one is best suited for you just need to get a little bit of information from You you know most people that go online.

Looking for information on our website, just like you said that day before they made any decision, they at least wanted to see it put their hands on it and get any extra information.
So when they’re ready to make the decision they have it.
So I have an available time slot this afternoon, there too or once a morning at 10:00, which one of those work best for you to come on in here.

So you can check the vehicle out and get any additional information that you want.
Okay, begin, we answered the question, we gave them the range and then we explained it to them, and anybody that has good adult sense.
It makes sense.

Okay and we let them know, hey other people that went online just like you, they at least wanted to see it put their hands on it and get any extra information that they can to help them when they ready to make their decision.

Okay, that’s a big deal but as opposed to us, avoiding an endogenous.
The same thing with Mike comes in a lot: they come in, hey man, I’m looking for some prices on grand caravan or on a Chrysler 300 or a Volkswagen Jetta, excellent man.

Well, the good news is our Jetta.
I have a ranging in price from 18 all the way up to 29 7, so to help us narrow it down to find the one that’s best suited for you.
All we need is a little bit information and most people that go on our website.

Looking for information on vehicle, just like you have, they said that they at least wanted to see it put their hands on it and get as much information on it as they could.
You know so when they were ready to make the decision they have everything they need.

So I have an available time this afternoon, at 1:00 or tomorrow morning at 11, which one of these work best for you.

So what we’ve done? We explain we jut.
We gave them what they wanted, we gave them range.
Do we explain how we have to narrow this thing down now, after that? We also let them know, hey other people that went on the site, just like you.

They at least wanted to see it and put their hands on it and get as much information as they could.
So when they’re ready to make their decision, they have everything they need.
So I have an available time this afternoon at 3:00 or 1:00.

Tomorrow morning, at 11:30, which one of these work best for you now, the reason why I you give them when you’re talking us on the phone and they’re asking you for price.

That’s a buying question obviously, and the next step we want to do is get them inside.
Most people are afraid to come inside.

They don’t want to do that, but when you let them know hey, other people went online.
Looking for information, just like you, when you do that now, you’re associating because as human beings, we all want to belong, that’s why you have Christians, Jews, Catholics, Buddhists, you have Democrats, Republicans libertarians! You have.
I mean you just name it.

You have sports clubs, you have all types of stuff.
We all want to associate, not to mention one of the most important teams that we all have, which is the family unit.
So if you really think about it from birth, we are brought up in a team atmosphere or associations and making decisions and getting our info from other people, family, friends or whatnot.

If you pay attention, one of the biggest punishments of a human being is solitary confinement.
Unable to associate with other people and so think about yourself, you ever heard of a movie coming out and you didn’t go see it, but you ask somebody that you knew or who you respected.
They told you the movie sucked and you didn’t go, do it because they said or you didn’t go to that restaurant because they said or you went because they said it was good and you didn’t like it at all or you went.

It was good and they told you it was good either, which way it is okay, but you want to learn how to let people know hey it’s: okay, others that went on there just like you.

They at least wanted to see it put their hands on it and get as much info as they could debate to help them out when they’re ready to make their decision okay.
So I have an available time slot this afternoon.

At 2:00 I mean or 1:00 tomorrow morning, at 10:00, now bars giving the time starts of this afternoon at 2:00 a 1:00 tomorrow morning at 10:00.

It lets this person know I am busy when salesperson say hey, so you know.
When can you come in tomorrow, excellent I’ll, be here all day? There is no sense of urgency and then the six levels of influence, scarcity and urgency are two of the most powerful influences on decision-making and so by me giving them hey.

I got available time this afternoon, the two-on-one tomorrow at 10:00, ALS, you know, I’m busy.
I’m not just somebody just sitting around all day and you can come when you want.

If you can come anytime, you want.
That does not create a sense of urgency.
So I want you to know.

I’m busy I have the time starts and if I give you these two options and if neither one of those work best for you, guess what and you know when it’s better now, you have to tell me what the best time is and when I have you Verbalizing out loud, what the best time is for you well Brian, either one of those times work.
The best time for me is gon na, be one o’clock tomorrow.
Now one thing you learn about getting somebody to verbally commit.

This is why good salespeople practice? What to say great ones, practice what to ask when you can get a person to verbally commit something the likelihood of them, keeping that commitment it’s fairly strong when you get somebody to verbally commit to something or in front of someone else, it increases higher and if You get somebody to verbally, commit and in front of somebody else and write it down, guess what through the roof? Okay, so hey! I got available time this afternoon there or tomorrow morning 10:00, which one Burgess works best for you um.
Well, you know what about tomorrow.
At 1:00 excellent – and let me ask you this other than a natural disaster.

Are you confident that you’ll be able to make our appointment tomorrow? Now, you may say, Oh other than natural disaster, but guess what I want to ask you other than a natural disaster.
Is there anything that will keep you from coming in and keeping our appointment tomorrow? Here’s? Why? Because my time is valuable and I want you to over stand that because, obviously, if my time is valuable, that means I help a lot of people and if I help a lot of people, guess what that means, I may be able to hell buuuut.
It’s kind of like if a family member was going to get a medical procedure.

I doubt if you want to go deal with the doctor, who has nobody waiting to deal with them, so your people can get in and out or do you want them to deal with the doctor that has somewhat of a waiting line? Why? Because of the success rates of the other procedures, they’ve done, and so we are customers and people are the same way if a person’s going by vehicle they want to buy from somebody who is who’s, helped a lot other people, and maybe one of the best in The building – and that should be you, but it’s set up by the perception and the things that we say.
So when we talk about a customer one, the price on the phone – that is a buying question, and so when we answer that the next thing you want to do while we have that is, go ahead and focus on time again.

So customer called ring ring, hey um, you know thank you for calling ABC dealership just Brian.
What can I do to help you? Hey Brian, called and get a price on a the 2018 of Chrysler 300 excellent? Well, I got those ranging the price from eighteen.
Five all the way up to thirty-two nine and so to help us narrow it down and find the one that’s best suited for you just need to ask a couple.

Questions get a little bit of information and I’ll get you everything you need or to help you out matter of fact, most people that go on our website.

Looking for information like you did told me that they wanted to see it and put their hands on it and get as much information as they could.
So, when they’re ready to make the decision, they got everything they need.

So I have an available time slot this afternoon at 1:00 or tomorrow morning at 11, which one of these work best for you to come in tomorrow morning, 11:00.
Now let me ask you other than a natural disaster.

Are you confident that you’ll be able to be at our appointment tomorrow now? The reason why I ask that is, I want them to tell me yes other than a natural disaster.
I’m confident I will be at our appointment tomorrow again that verbal confirmation too many times our salespeople, say: hey you want to come in tomorrow, 1:00.
We don’t tie it down with a specific time once they say yeah I’ll, be in tomorrow.

We say well great, thank you I’ll see you then.
Ah, I’m gon na ask you one more time other than a natural disaster.
Are you confident you’ll make our appointment? Well, yes, I am okay.

Well, here’s what I’m going to do in the next few minutes.
You’re gon na get a text.
Would you just be confirming what we spoke about? I’m also going to shoot you an email and in the email it’s gon na be scheduled on the calendar.

All you got to do is click it, and it can remind you because if you do use Ealy’s guess what from elites you can go in and when you put it in there and schedule it and shoot the invites now, you can also do it on Google Calendars as far as with your Gmail and pretty much any other CRM system that you using ok.
So when somebody calls in asking a buying question about price, one stop avoiding it answer it by giving them the range.

Listen good news.

I’ve got them ranging the price from seventeen five, all the way up to forty three nine, so to help us find the one that’s gon na work best for you just need to ask you a couple of questions and I’ll get you all the information that you Need, as a matter of fact, most people that go on our website, looking for information, just like you did, they said they typically wanted to see it put their hands on it and get any extra information that they needed to help them with their decision.

So I have an available time this afternoon, at 3:00 or 1:00 tomorrow morning at nine, which one of these work best for you, okay, this afternoon, at 3:00 excellent.
Now, let me ask you other than a natural disaster.

Are you confident that you’ll be able to make this three o’clock appointment great well in the next couple of minutes, you’re gon na get a text message just confirming what we spoke about.
I’m also going go ahead and put this on on my calendar in my schedule, and I’m gon na shoot it over to you.
So you have it on yours, alright! Well, listen thanks for giving a call I’ll have the vehicle have everything ready for you and I to check it out and I’ll see you three excellent boom you’re done.

Okay, try it a it’s a pattern interrupt and what a pattern interrupt is is when people call they’re expecting the resistance on getting the price, but you don’t have to do that.
Why? How can we expect them to give us anything and we’re we’re unwilling to give them a small thing, which is really a big thing? You know what.
Why would I want to come into your store and deal with you if you didn’t want to do the simple things that I asked you for the simple thing that I asked you for okay, so if we’re really customer focused, we really are.

Then, let’s focus more on how we can give the more things we can give to this person prior to us asking them for anything when we do ask them for something: it’ll increase the likelihood of us getting and it’s called the law of reciprocity reciprocity.
Are I PR OC ity study reciprocity, every person, that’s in the sales profession that is uh performing at a high rate over stand, the law of reciprocity, so you got manmade laws and then you do have universal laws and whether anybody believes in that or thinks this Hocus-Pocus is irrelevant to me, all I know is whatever this power is.
Is that with it? I cannot fail and without it I cannot succeed.

So over stand the law of reciprocity, but when these people ask you give them a range and after you give them a range, let them know other people who are going on the website.
Looking for information just like them wanted to see the vehicle and put their hands on it and get any extra information that they could so when they’re ready to make their decision, they have everything they need, and I have available time this afternoon at 1:00 or tomorrow Morning at 10:00, which one of these work best for you, so you can come in, take a look at it and get any information that you need and if you notice it’s all about information, I didn’t say the word buy at all.
I didn’t say anything about selling nothing.

It’s all about information because think about it before a person makes a buying decision, don’t they need the information and we so focused on selling selling selling selling selling.

What the hell are we selling? If they don’t know, they need the information so that you can make the decision and if we think that, just because we’re talking and telling them the information that that does something think about this.
And do me a favor hit me a like, or if you fight with what I’m about to say, hit the number seven I’m gon na go.

I’m gon na share some with you and if you really agree with this, I want you to hit number hit number seven um hit number seven with me as far as with us, giving these folks what they want.
Okay, asking people to do something for us without us being willing to do something, for them is a back and forth tussle in which we, as these salespeople lose because they can take their money and their credit and go anywhere that they want.
Okay, shoot me a seven if you value what I’m saying so, if they call in give them that give them that range okay, but then, after you give them that range, let them know how others have felt and what others did and then let them know hey.

I have an available time for you.
When can you get and which one of those and if neither one of these work they’ll give you one all right guys the name of the game and I know y’all, know y’all are you’re grinded, but I share with people all the time that selling really is Easy when you know how to do it, it really is and, like I was getting started saying earlier, we just want a rush rush rush and sale sell, sell when, at the end of the day, we need to slow down because here’s the reality, those people that We talking to, we have no idea of what their education level is.
They have a sixth grade education, eighth grade 12th grade a little bit of college master degree a PhD, and so when we’re just sitting there talking, we really believe these folks are comprehending what we say, but people learn in different ways.

Some people are visual, which means that we showed them a numbers sheet or a pencil.
They can see it, they get it.
Others are auditory where you’re showing on the pencil, but they have to see it.

You know to be able to really grasp it.
Others have to see it hear it, and you need to break it down now by me, not knowing they’re the intelligence level of this person that just came in today.
Cuz I’ve only known her for hour hour and a half, and even with that, how much can I really dive into their intelligence level? I have to incorporate every method of communication that I can so when I’m presenting numbers search them and when I’m speaking with them, I’m speaking I’m using my hands and I’m writing so it’s like when you present numbers to somebody you present them with the pencil show Them what the price is, they may object to the price immediately.

You know what hey listen.
I understand.
I totally get what you feel and if I was in your shoes I would probably feel the same exact way.

But I know we spoke about what you get on this particular vehicle.

But let me share with you what you get with it flip that sheet of paper over and that’s when you write down one of the first things you get is you’re gon na get our three year 36,000 mile basic limited warranty right through here 36 K, basic Lem War and that’s W ARR set that pencil down now what that means that, under our basic limited warranty for the next three years, a thirty six months, if anything goes on in that vehicle, with the exception of the tires, that means that the windows start working.
The radio goes out, the power windows on the power locks start acting crazy.

You call me you text me or you email me.
I’m gon na get that vehicle brought in here and we gon na get everything fixed within that vehicle.
Anything defective interior or an under that hood, that is, from a manufacturers part you don’t have to worry about any labor.

Any repair calls we take care of that 100 % for you as a matter of fact, also included for the first 12 months or 12,000 miles.
If your brake pads go out, and most people have no idea – or I never even offered this if your brake pads go out within the next year, you call me you text me, you email me if you’re pushing in and it’s not stopping the way you want I’ll get it in here and our technicians, I’m gon na, get it taken care of for you for no expense out of pocket at all.
For you also for the next 12 months or 12,000 miles.

If your windshield wiper blades get a little dull as a matter of fact, what I’ll do is I’m gon na schedule it in the next eight months? I’m gon na give you a call or shoot you an email for you to bring it in and let me go ahead and swap those blades out for you absolutely free, but also you get.
This is where you pick the pen back up as our five-year five-year 60 K, six sixty thousand mile powertrain warranty.
Now you may know what a powertrain warranty is, but I’d be doing you a disservice.

If I didn’t share it with you, what that means is that, under that powertrain warranty as far as your engine, if anything goes defective in your engine and that’s the block, there is the gaskets the seals any of the internal lubricating parts.
You call me you text me or you email me I’ll, get that vehicle brought in here and our technicians are gon na, go to work, get it fixed and get you back up on the road as soon as possible, and you know how expensive it can be To get an engine repaired or replaced in today’s market, so luckily for you for the next five years, you don’t have to worry about that because I’ll get it taken care of, but also if your transmission starts acting funny.
If you’re, accelerating going through cycles and you’re, hesitate if you’re shifting gears and it’s giving you an issue, don’t waste time call me text me or you email me.

Let me get that vehicle in here.
We don’t get that transmission fix.
Okay and that’s the axle the assembly, the case, all the internal lubricating parts of that transmission are all covered and we’re gon na get it fixed for you.

All you got to do is call me, but on top of that you have a drive, train warranty in that powertrain.
Now you may know what a drivetrain is and that’s your front-wheel drive, your wheel will drive your all-wheel drive or your four wheel drive.
So, in the event you drive with some friends and some rough terrain, you hit a log or a ditch and your drivetrain goes kaput.

All you have to do is call me or email me or text me.
Okay, I’ll have our technicians go to work, we’ll get your drivetrain fix.
Put you in a loaner car and get you back up on the road now also included with that, but a neck.

Three years you get our 24-hour seven-day-a-week roadside assistance.
So if you got triple-a or you paying for it to yourself on counselor, keep that money in your pocket where it should be because if you or anybody in your family is driving this vehicle, they run out of gas.
They get a flat or if the vehicle just goes out, you call me or I’ll get one of our guys to come out.

There put gas in the car help you change the tire and if the vehicle has to be taken to a shop to a store, no matter where you are in the United States from Alaska all the way over to California, if your vehicle breaks down we’ll, I Will get it towed to the nearest Chrysler dealership? Absolutely free, no worries, no concern for you or anybody else in your family that will be driving this vehicle.
Now I’m not gon na go through all of the warranties, but you know when we’re talking about things with these folks we’re making it big and you’re writing it out, like that, uh the the roadside assistance three years robbed of our miles row 24/7.
Roadside assistance put that pin down and explain it.

How many reps I mean that don’t know what the warranty package is and say.
Well, what’s the basic warranties there come on the vehicles, they say: oh three year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper.
That’s a lie.

The bumpers aren’t even covered somebody in the automotive sales game started that crap years ago, because I used to say it to 36,000 mile bumper to bumper versus the way I described a three year 36,000 mile basic limited warranty.
Where are we and then I go through the spill, and I listen to the 36,000 mile bumper to bumper and they listen to my explanation now.
If I’m selling and another person is selling to the same person, or should I say helping them by the same person who do you think, is gon na build more value as they go through what they get me and therefore the more value I build, the more Justified the person will feel as far as making that investment at MSRP or as close to it as possible.

The person that minimized that man, this person’s gon na, feel like they got to get this thing discounted to feel like they’re, getting something they feel like they’re.

Just giving away money they’re not getting anything in return, and now then we minimize that year year to three year 36,000 mile bumper to bumper, you got a 5 year 60,000 mile powertrain.

Remember something y’all before you started at the dealership.

Did you even know what a powertrain was I know before I started, I knew what Soul Train was.
I had no idea what a powertrain was.

So if sales reps in the dealership you’d be amazed, how many of them don’t excuse that phone call if sales reps in the dealership have no idea what a powertrain is or what’s included in it? How in the hell can John you chunk, you probably know, and do you know how big that is to tell somebody that if their engine goes on, that’s the block there is the seals, the gaskets, any internal lubricated parts.

If anything goes out, all the repair cars are covered by us and you know how expensive it can be to get an engine repair to replace and today’s market.
Don’t you write, you know you got to learn how to get that get to him when we go exactly so I’m building value in real cost saving.
This isn’t bullshit.

This isn’t some hocus pocus.
This is real, and so the reason why so many people buck on price and want you to drop it.
It’s because they don’t feel like they’re getting anything.

And so now we send them in there to the business manager, which is the finance manager.
And I don’t know why people still call them a finance manager, but we set them in there with the business manager right and so the business manager who’s only doing what they’re supposed to do, which is to offer extended protections.
The customer goes in there.

The business manager starts trying to to sell them extended coverage, they feel like.
Oh here we go again the dealership trying to get me they trying to sell me this bullcrap.

I don’t need always wonder why people why we all felt like the dealership always trying to get us.

They are trying to sell us this extra stuff.
It’s because our initial product specialist never told us what we got and so why the hell am.
I extend the bumper to bumper, I don’t care about dumb bumpers.

Think about many customers.
Think of 36,000 mile bumper to bumper means that the bumpers are protected.
Now you may say Brian that’s stupid.

We remember, we don’t know these people education level and don’t assume because you know what assuming does we both know.
Don’t assume man, I don’t give a damn.
I wouldn’t care.

If you told me, you went to ten dealerships, you never came to mind and I don’t give a crap.
If you saw turn signal nights on the side mirror of a vehicle ten thousand times.

You never saw it from me so get ready for ten thousand and one you know what I’m saying you saw the rest not about to see the best doesn’t matter what it is I assumed this is the first time they ever seen it heard about it and If I’m truly focused on helping my customer and I’m truly committed to doing everything, I can to make sure I can generate as much income as possible I’d rather over deliver, then under deliver any day of the week by overand.

Delivering is easier for them to justify their investment.
When you under deliver man, you almost got to give it away and there’s nothing more embarrassing as a sales rep, that’s a bag of customer to take something that you already losing on and then to go.
Beat our chest neck, like we closed the didn’t close the deal they closed, you you gave it away.

Anybody can do that, but only a real pro can get someone to be willing to buy and to do it where the individual, that’s helping to buy is able to be compensated and the person is able to get what they want.
That’s a real pro giving shit away and not make it my own matter.
If a person I know guys, I got 15 20 bills a month and barely cracking $ 5,000, then I know other ones who may be doing 12, but seeing six $ 7000 every month because they get meat on the bone.

Now, if you have it, where you got unit and Commission, you get commissions and yoonah bonuses, it’s the best of both worlds for you, but I’m kind of getting off tangent a little bit.
So it’s all about you know when they asking about that price.
Give them the range right up you’re, given the range explain to them, how others felt once you explain to them what others done set it up for them to come in invite them in once.

You set that up to invite them and confirm that other than a natural disaster that they’re gon na be there once they come in man.
Oh my sense, you talk to them and don’t matter still sit these people down.
It’s all about you’re, not bringing us in and sit them down, the more so go through each and every aspect of that vehicle, you’re, bringing them in to sit them down to.

Let them know that hey I’m different from everybody else.
I can genuinely want to help you solve your transportation problem, so the purpose of us sitting down and speaking, is yes for me to ask questions yes for me to learn who they are, but also to show you.
I truly give a shit about genuinely helping you make a smart, safe, buying decision, okay, and if you notice your commitment, you can’t guarantee that anybody else either in your store outside your store, isn’t willing to take advantage of these people.

So if you’re not doing everything you can to help these people, man then get out the game, because people say I don’t want to be too pushy, there’s a difference between pushy and persistence.
I know that there’s sharks in the water and I’m not being pushy if you’re still sitting in front of me, you damn straight, I’m gon na be persistent.
You know damn straight, I am a sales professional.

It is my responsibility to educate people on why and how they should and could make the smart say by decision not to allow them to sell me on why they can’t and why we just wasted two or three hours together that I’ll never get back.
My time is very valuable, as is yours all right, so just wanted to jump on it.
Real quick share, some things with y’all.

I got some of the team.
I got to work with.
I just said yo.

Let me get at my peeps, oh yeah, and by the way, if you haven’t registered, already make sure you register for my upcoming webinar, where I go over three ways to sell cars using social media.
Think about the fact that you watch my stuff.
Some of you downloaded a lot of you bought.

Many of you have been through a lot of my trainings, so does it work, obviously so come check it out register for the event, I got some real cool stuff that I give you that you’ll have access to once you register for the event.
Please do so.
What’s up Carrie, I saw you called me, I saw you called me, you know so just so you know I’m really working you, I’m really working! That’s my lady out there and in the Kia and Jacksonville that’s my real friend, so alright, what’s up right, alright, folks! So I appreciate it: thanks Jonathan appreciate it man, so if you haven’t already registered for the webinar check out the stuff, we got up there so on April 216, I’m really this isn’t some hey! You just do Facebook post.

I am going in-depth to give you the actual everything that I use and other people use that are driving 15.
20 25 deals into the into the store every month.
Thank You Kara.

I appreciate it.
Thank you.
She said she.

Let me slide.
Y’all know.
Y’all saw that but um other than that folks, hopefully um, you know you liked it like this video.

Let’s share it, I mean we got to do everything we can to get as much good information out, because if other people in our industry are out screwing it up and not doing it right, it only makes it harder for us.
So why not share it with our team members, I go to stores and I have people that have had their whole team’s and management watching these videos.
If you agree with them and you like them, and you feel like they help you if they help your team members and they’re selling, better guess what that’s more money coming in, more marketing being provided more spiffs being given.

So it really is you taking a bull by the horns being a leader that you are and helping other people on your team get to where they are and that’s serious rest, prosody and good vibes that you putting out there all right so salute to you.

Folks, as always, I love my friends, I’m happy to see you guys and you know be on the lookout but April 2:16.
I want to see you there and you know I know all y’all on there, the Johnsons DeShawn’s, the the other, carries Roy.

You know my man, I don’t want to forget anybody, William and everybody else does gon na be watching this later on, as it’s going on.
I don’t want to get the name of names cuz somebody gon na, say well, Bryan man.
I met you two years ago.

You forgot me: I got love for everybody, so let’s go get it man, I see y’all on the webinar or on the next lap.
I go all right hope.
It helps y’all I’ll talk to y’all soon, yep .

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