What To Say To Qualify Customers- Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of North Savannah – Sales Training

Boom, Brian, you are Nancy Jim pleasure to meet you both.

Oh, you have my my junk names now, because I am terrible with names and I wan na make sure I got the most respect, but you might be famous or anything.
No, are you here to see anybody particulars it’s your first time coming.

Really, I greatly appreciate y’all stopping in.

I really do, Oh, which one of our vehicles would you like some information on excellent, but let’s go see, we have a ton of options available.
So why don’t we do this? It’s hot outside on the inside? I’m just gon na ask you a couple of quick questions and I’ll get all the information we got, so you guys can make any decisions.

Okay, follow me on the side.
Okay, now, which one like any coffee or water, all right, all right um.
Let me ask you you don’t mind.

If I take some notes, I just want to make sure that everything that we speak about accurate, so cool all right.
So how do you speak? Okay? Okay, no, yes, you a little something for business or personal use.
Commercially is okay, so so make it like a daily driver.

Yes, sir, in from work, you don’t want to do that company deal.
But what do you do for the magenta? Really hey? How about you been doing it now? There’s some pretty important people throughout history that have done country without me saying a name now, that’s something that you up we’re interested in as a young man or you got as you.
You’ve got older three boys now, what creative names did you all give all right now, the baby that you’re looking for? Obviously, you all be running with the kids and you will be primarily driving okay play sports now.

Speaking of that, are you all looking for a car truck or SUV right? Well, the good news is that you know Chrysler GM, have exceptional options and either one and the minivan series an SUV series, so we’ll speak a little bit more and kind of narrow it down and find out which one is gon na be best suited.
Okay, now, as far as in the building you rolled in with seven people, is a mister 2008 Nissan 2008 Nissan’s.

Let me ask your question.

Show Nancy.
Are you all looking to sell that? Because we make me interested in buying that I get quite a few requests as far as on three homes, a Nissan the Toyota, so we may be spent buying at Yahoo June.

7Th will do take a look at it.
Maybe you can take a quick spin and then I’ll get one of our managers to you know, get some numbers on it and at least tell you what we’ll buy it for as I go now as far as your vehicle.
Are you looking for a light medium or dark color, dark, color, okay, excellent, alright! Now, as far as any of the of the features and in the vehicle, what features do you currently have your Nissan that you definitely want to see in your computer? Why kids make such a mess? I was looking for something that’s a good question and I want to make sure I give you all accurate information on that.

So good, I’m gon na chop that down and I’ll get you the hassle on that all right all right.
So what features would you like to see something more safe, efficient for all of us? What an old family wall got the keys and bless us? We don’t want to be in different variations of vehicles, some do have it, and obviously there’s gon na be some options where they may not have it available, but depending on the information I give you all will see about given one that has that only it.
That’s important to you, okay, all right what else what’s happening with the budget? Are you going to stay around? I guess even easier way.

Um! What’s up famous, are you making on the Nissan? That’s congratulations! What you’re paying is on three out clean and clear? Okay.
So what type of monthly budget are you open to stay around now, because here’s why I ask a lot of my customers.
They told me that we needed initially came in.

They had a specific monthly payment in mind, but when they drove home in their new vehicles, they ended up spending a little bit extra because the vehicle bottom far more in value and in real cost savings.
They never explained.
So what type of money pledged are you over? Sir? I guess you know that could also depend on again.

So if we get something that would like make the difference of the mat aspects – okay, um, what’s the starting point for us – and you know typically most lenders like to see a 20 % initial investment.
Now I know in today’s current market that can be challenging for people, so what type of initial investment are you open to me? You know some refer to it as a down payment, but in reality any be a good edge.
Well, they’ll be looking at and driving around specially with your kids in it, it’s more so an investment right, you open it.

You get as much of a return out of your vehicle as possible.
So what type of initial investment are? You are laid all berries, and I can get that for you too all right once we narrow on which meal that we’re looking at.
As far as that, initial investment, are you all more comfortable with you know thirty, five hundred three thousand twenty five hundred, all right so two grand up to and then whatever the Nissan okay.

Thanks now have you open any other places? Okay, so y’all actually adjust our roster all right.
Well, you know one of the things about it.
It’s like you know, and today, Eastern Market, I told them Stan what’s going on what that is that you all are the judging jury.

Okay – and you know, there’s no such thing as good deal on the wrong vehicle.
Okay, and so one thing I will assure you in KMT.
My only obligation to you is that I want to make this the most pleasurable and the fastest buying experience that you’ve ever had.

Okay, and if I’m unable to help you find a solution that fits your family needs.
Shame on me, okay, and if you have to go someplace else, because we don’t have anything that works for you then shame on us all right as far as any additional options on the vehicle is, if anything else that’s important to you.
It is an option where we have a lot of people who have a request like that for someone that doesn’t have it you know and getting to put in nowadays.

Actually most of the vehicles have the option for that.
Also, oh, but I tell you what we’ll do before you all drive out here today.
I am sure you all will take you to and I will help you program everything up to you people.

So it’s synched up.
So you start listening to you jams.
What type of music do you all like rap over? Listen, we just set it up.

They got a really good 90s hip-hop mm great as hip great as his hip hop.
So we can get that program seemed up right before you and as far as the Carpenters, let me ask you a quick question: um, you know you do mostly houses.
Apartment complexes are what you say: carpeting where’s your main houses, okay, I’ll and if you own, the company, are you okay, I’m just working? Oh, maybe more than that and of course you know, being a homemaker, that’s a full-time full-time day to you all go to go to the market, don’t like that.

What about vacations yeah? What’s one reasonably, occasionally guess with that, really is awesome.
Yes, what is the secret? I’m in so as far as the widow, Jim and Jackie and Isaiah Isabelle say when I was my own hammer Isabelle, we gon na make sure that I do everything I can to get something’s gon na be the best suit.
If you guys, you have any other questions: ! Well, here’s what I’m gon na do because, based on everything you guys share with me, I believe I have exactly what’s gon na work for you, but before I get to talking about it and share it with you, I got to make sure it’s there.

There were a couple people asking about it before I left last night, so I’m gon na do this.
Someone running here with my manager make sure I answered all your questions.

I will go get the vehicle, get it pulled around I’ll, come back, we’ll, go out and take a look at your vehicle, maybe take a quick spin and then we’ll come back and check out the option for you all.

Okay, that’s really good question and the easy thing about it is that you all actually play a much bigger part in that whole equation.
Do you may realize the more accurate and and OnPoint the information you provide with me and the more accurate on point? I am will presented to you.
We can get this thing done, as you know, as quick as we possibly can.

That works all right.
Well, I’m gon na do this.
We will get with my manager real, quick, any time cousin, even coffee, water, anything okay, .

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